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Season 3

The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman

Oscar is keen to recruit the retired Steve Austin to capture a group of criminals, who are looking into the secrets of bionics. Steve refuses until his son is injured in an airplane crash at which point Steve agrees to help if his son's life can be saved via bionics. Jaime arrives to help Steve's son come to terms with his new abilities, while Steve is keen to rekindle their romance. The three then find the criminals and bring their operations to a halt.

Bionic Showdown

With Jaime helping new bionic recruit Kate, an enemy agent who also has bionics has come to light and the people behind him are determined to put an end to the OSI. Oscar then calls on Jaime and Steve to find the agents and end their work.

Bionic Ever After?

Jaime and Steve are to marry, but Jaime's bionics begin to fail. It's soon discovered that its a virus developed by enemy agents threatening her as the agents attempt to use a nuclear missile. Steve comes to the rescue but not before he is also stricken with the virus. The pair eventually recover in time to stop the criminals and, twenty years after first getting engaged, Jaime and Steve finally get married.

37 :03x01 - The Bionic Dog (1)

Jaime is stunned to discover the existence of a bionic dog called Maximilian. Rudy explains that the animal was used to tests the bionic implants before they were tried on humans. Yet Rudy is worried because Max's behavior is becoming erratic and he suspects it's got to do with the his bionic parts. Jaime is sensing a bond with the dog so she helps it to run away to avoid an autopsy.
Guest Stars: Ford Rainey as Jim Elgin | Taylor Lacher as Crosby |
Co-Guest Stars: Carlene Watkins as Judy McHugh | Al Hansen (1) as Trucker | Jay Fenichel as Doughnut Man | David Himes as Animal Handler
Director: Barry Crane

38 :03x02 - The Bionic Dog (2)

Upon learning that Jaime has taken Max out of the lab, Oscar and Rudy reconsider the decision to end the dog's life. Meanwhile, Jaime has returned to her hometown hoping to convince his friends that Max doesn't mean a threat. However, when the dog is about to prove its innocence, something makes it lose control and the German shepherd runs away, with Jaime's on its trail. Jaime and Max arrive to a forest where she reunites with an old friend, now turned into a forest ranger.
Guest Stars: Dale Robinette as Roger Grette | Ford Rainey as Jim Elgin | Lee De Broux as Bill Tyler (as Lee Jones-DeBroux) |
Co-Guest Stars: Will Hare as Harley | Al Hansen (1) as Trucker | Jack Garner as County Sheriff | Jason Johnson as Old Man
Director: Barry Crane

39 :03x03 - Fembots in Las Vegas (1)

Oscar, fearing an attempt to steal a powerful energy weapon invented by recluse Rod Kyler, sends Jaime to protect the man and his work. But when Jaime meets him, her enhanced hearing reveals something about his girlfriend that leads her to suspect trouble has already begun. Has an old enemy returned, or has a new one learned his secrets?
Special Guest Stars: Michael Burns (1) as Carl Franklin |
Guest Stars: James Olson as Rod Kyler | Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan | Melinda Fee as Tami Cross | Alex Courtney as Dan Mayers (as Alexander Courtney) |
Co-Guest Stars: Stanley Brock as Stage Manager | Jeannie Wilson as Nancy | Nancy Bleier as Gina | Lorna Sands as Billie | Lisa Moore as Ellen Andrews | Michael J. London as Security Guard |
Uncredited: John Houseman as Dr. Franklin (archive footage)
Writer: Arthur Rowe

40 :03x04 - Fembots in Las Vegas (2)

Carl Franklin blames three people for the death of his father, and he means to do something about it. Employing his father's robotic technology, he has stolen a powerful weapon and launches it into space. With it he will rain destruction down on the country unless the government hands over Jaime Sommers, Rudy Wells, and Oscar Goldman...
Special Guest Stars: Michael Burns (1) as Carl Franklin |
Guest Stars: James Olson as Rod Kyler | Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan | Melinda Fee as Tami Cross |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeannie Wilson as Nancy | Nancy Bleier as Gina | Lorna Sands as Billie | Lisa Moore as Ellen Andrews | Doug Hale as Launch Director (as Douglas Hale) | Paul Tinder as Asst. Launch Director | Ted Schliesman as Lt. Rogers
Writer: Arthur Rowe

41 :03x05 - Rodeo

Jamie is sent in to keep her eye on OSI scientist Billy Cole, who insists on participating in a rodeo competition.
Guest Stars: Andrew Prine as Doctor Billy Cole | Jason Evers as Radnik | John Crawford as Crowley |
Co-Guest Stars: Thomas Bellin as Janos | Don Gentry as Teak | Rodolfo Hoyos, Jr. as Carlos | Linda Wiser as Lab Technician |
Uncredited: Tony Margulies as Stable Hand
Director: Larry Stewart

42 :03x06 - African Connection

Jamie must switch a computer element which has been rigged to swing an election, to one which will give the correct results in an election which involves a ruthless African dictator who needs to be removed from power.
Special Guest Stars: Raymond St. Jacques as Azzar |
Guest Stars: Charles Walker as Rasan | Dan O'Herlihy as Harry Walker | Don Pedro Colley as Duma | Joan Pringle as Leona Mumbassa |
Co-Guest Stars: Kipp Whitman as Serrano | Marc Alaimo as Hopper ("and") | Roger Til as Robaire | Renny Temple as Englishman | Ron Trice as Meko | Bob Minor as Major
Director: Alan J. Levi

43 :03x07 - Motorcycle Boogie

In hopes of retrieving a stolen computer tape from the KGB in East Germany, Jamie enlists the help of motorcycle dare-devil Evel Knievel.
Guest Stars: Evel Knievel as Himself | Bernard Behrens as Major Petrov | Spencer Milligan as Schmidt |
Co-Guest Stars: Jon M. Benson as New Guard | Chris Anders as First Guard | Erik Holland as Second Guard | Dennis Williams as Lab Technician | Patrick Gorman as Mover | Dirk Olthof as Policeman | Peter Hellman as Door Guard | John Brandon as Promoter

44 :03x08 - Brain Wash

Jamie overhears that Oscar's life is in danger when Callahan reveals top secret information while having her hair shampooed at a beauty salon.
Guest Stars: Michael Callan as John Bernard | Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan ("And") |
Co-Guest Stars: Sam Chew, Jr. as Mark Russell | David Watson (1) as Benny | Pepe Hern as Antonio Pinedo | Gregory Elliot as Office Boy | Larry Duran as Gardener | Richard Sarradet as Agent | Fred Roberto as Man (as Federico Roberto) | Lady Helena Walquer as Jenny

45 :03x09 - Escape to Love (aka A Matter of Love and Death)

A scientist's son from behind the Iron Curtain may be messing up his planned rescue after he falls in love with Jamie.
Special Guest Stars: Peter Mark Richman as Col. Dubnov |
Guest Stars: Philip Abbott as Dr. Arlo Kelso | John Reilly as Hober | Mitchell Laurance as Sandor Kelso ("And") |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Richardson as Lt. Pruska | Ed Sancho-Bonet as Rodi
Director: Alan J. Levi

46 :03x10 - Max

Jaime leaves Max, the bionic dog, with her friend Valerie while she undergoes some routine bionic checks. But when her nephew Bobby takes the dog for a walk, men kidnap the pair. When they can't get near Bobby because Max protects him,. they kidnap Valerie to force her to reveal why the dog is so special - something she does not know...
Guest Stars: Neile Adams as Valerie Breuer (as Neile Adams McQueen) | Christopher Knight as Bobby | Bill Fletcher as Hobbs | Sandy Kenyon as Dr. Yvon Sanders | Rudy Solari as Jack Carson |
Co-Guest Stars: Sam Chew, Jr. as Mark Russell | Bucklind Beery as Andrews | Pete Dunn as OSI Agent
Director: Don McDougall

47 :03x11 - Over the Hill Spy

Oscar convinces a former OSI agent to assist Jamie when she tries to apprehend an elderly Soviet spy who was assumed dead, as he is a threat to the U.S. national security.
Guest Stars: Richard Erdman as Terrence Quinn | Jeff David as Vilmos Vanovic | Michael Thoma as Boris Slotsky | Norman Alexander Gibbs as Man (as Norman Gibbs) | Felice Orlandi as Juan Robles | Whit Bissell as Wolfe |
Co-Guest Stars: Rick Beckner as Manning | Dante D'Andre as Maitre D' | Eve McVeagh as Middle Aged Woman | Mary Jackson as Martha (fitter) | Alana Stewart as Carol (as Alana Collins) | Michael Quinn as Delegate
Writer: Joe Viola

48 :03x12 - All For One

Jamie hopes to stop a computer whiz who is stealing thousands of dollars from OSI by enrolling into a college.
Special Guest Stars: Franklyn Ajaye as Benny |
Guest Stars: Roger Perry as Dr. Thomas Tharp | Henry Kingi as Mango | Gary Barton as Stubbs | Viola Kates Stimpson as Mrs. Simpson |
Co-Guest Stars: Joe Al Nicassio as Mr. A. A. |
Uncredited: Daniel Zacapa as Raul
Director: Larry Stewart

49 :03x13 - The Pyramid

While trapped inside an underground pyramid, Jamie and Chris are warned by an alien sentinel of the impending doom that Earth is facing.
Guest Stars: Christopher Stone (1) as Chris Williams | Eduard Franz as Ky | Gavan O'Herlihy as Jim Burns | Henry Kingi as Inca Warrior |
Co-Guest Stars: June Barrett as Laure Kane | Branscombe Richmond as Security Guard
Director: Barry Crane

50 :03x14 - The Antidote

Jamie is injected with a deadly poison as to force her into revealing the location of a secret conference in order to receive the antidote.
Special Guest Stars: Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan |
Guest Stars: Christopher Stone (1) as Chris Williams | Hari Rhodes as Waiter/Doctor (as Harry Rhodes) | Suzanne Charney as Waitress/Nurse (as Suzanne Charny) | Brett Halsey as Dr. Hamilton | James Blendick as Chief Inspector Ball | John Myhers as Dmitri Zhukov | John Milford as Henderson |
Co-Guest Stars: Danny Wells as Yanos | Linda Wiser as Sarah
Director: Don McDougall

51 :03x15 - The Martians Are Coming, the Martians Are Coming

Dr. Rudy Wells and Ray Fisk are taken aboard a flying saucer while working on a project which can track a UFO.
Special Guest Stars: Lynn Carlin as Norma Fisk |
Guest Stars: Jim McMullan as Casey (as James McMullan) | Jack Kelly as Ray Fisk | Frank Marth as Bill Robbins | Frank Aletter as Spencer |
Co-Guest Stars: Ruth Manning as Cigar Smoker's Wife | Phil Hoover as Patrolman | Amanda Davies as Nena | Barbara Iley as Television Commentator | Cynthia Songe as Second Reporter | Warren Miller as Harger | Jon Locke as Cigar Smoker | Brent Davis as 1st Reporter | Paul Coufos as Pilot
Director: Larry Stewart

52 :03x16 - Sanctuary Earth

When a satellite de-orbits unexpectedly, Jaime investigates and discovers a young woman who claims she rode the satellite down! She explains that she is a princess hiding from enemies on her home world. Jaime does not believe this until a pair of sinister twins show up, wielding unusual powers...
Special Guest Stars: Jim Hager as Verm | Jon Hager as Dier |
Guest Stars: Christopher Stone (1) as Chris Williams | Helen Hunt as Princess Aura |
Co-Guest Stars: David Matthau as Belden
Director: Ernest Pintoff

53 :03x17 - Deadly Music

Jamie, working on a top secret project is chosen as the victim for a group of scientists who have invented a device which can attract sharks while underwater.
Guest Stars: Frank Converse as Commander Jed Kimball | Henry Darrow as Anton Dasovic | Charles Lucia as Ritter (as Chip Lucia) |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Henry Klempt | James Crittenden as Chet Marsden ("and") | Roger Cruz as Frank Dade | Darrow Igus as Reese | Michael Boyle as Crewman | Gregory J. Barnett as Steve (as Greg Barnett)

54 :03x18 - Which One Is Jaime?

Peggy Callahan, secretary to Oscar Goldman is mistaken as Jamie and kidnapped by a group of terrorists.
Special Guest Stars: Brock Peters as Jake Stratton |
Guest Stars: Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan | Sam Chew, Jr. as Mark Russell | James Sikking as Ray Burns |
Co-Guest Stars: Marcus Mukai as Colin Lee | Robert Feero as Eddie Dwyer | Regis Cordic as Roger Fowler ("and") | Adrien Royce as Julie | Peter Zapp as Roger
Director: Jack Arnold

55 :03x19 - Out of Body

Jamie is aided by the spirit of a young American Indian who was framed and subsequently injured for the theft of a new deadly weapon. His spirit rises from his body to help search for the real criminals.
Guest Stars: Nehemiah Persoff as Dr. Philip Jennings | Richard Lynch (1) as Denton | Antony Ponzini as Mauro (as Anthony Ponzini) | Charlie Hill (2) as Tommy Littlehorse ("And") |
Co-Guest Stars: Allan Kolman as Jacoby (as Allan Magicovsky) | Barbara Baldavin as Nurse | Jeannie Newburn as Mother (as Jean Newburn) | Agustin Vallejo as Father
Director: Ernest Pintoff

56 :03x20 - Long Live the King

Jamie poses as a social secretary for a Middle Eastern king, hoping to foil a possible assassination attempt on his life while he is in New York City.
Guest Stars: John Reilly as Sam Sloan | Carmen Argenziano as King Kusari | Charles Cioffi as Colonel Mostada (as Charles M. Cioffi) |
Co-Guest Stars: Madison Arnold as John | Lou Tiano as Nick | Rene Assa as Kia | Stanley Brock as Wally | Dov Gottesfeld as Sharokah | Rachel Bard as Lynette | Elise Caitlin as Beth | Brian Burgess as Mr. Byron
Director: Gwen Arner

57 :03x21 - Rancho Outcast

Oscar wishes to recover some stolen plates before counterfeiters can put them to use. One man, Petey "The Weasel" Regan, knows how to find them and can get Jaime into the armed outlaw camp where they are. Regan demands a full pardon and then takes Jaime to plates - and then flees. Jaime must continue the recovery mission on her own among people who will kill her if they even suspect who she is...
Guest Stars: Keenan Wynn as Gustave | Don Calfa as Petey "The Weasel" Regan | Diane Cary as Madeline Boylin (as Diane Civita) | Henry Kingi as One-Eyed-One |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Easton as Colonel | David S. Cass, Sr. as Janos (as Dave Cass) | George Cheung as Second Agent (as George Kee Cheung)
Director: Ivan Dixon
Writer: Arthur Rowe

58 :03x22 - On the Run

Jaime resigns from the O.S.I. to find her own way through life. But later, Oscar informs her that the government has decided the risk of her capture is too great, and so it intends to move her to a special compound for retired agents - a place she can never leave. Outraged, she runs for it, instead...
Guest Stars: Christopher Stone (1) as Chris Williams | Skip Homeier as Senator Renshaw | Andrew Duggan as Deputy Director Bill Parr ("And") |
Co-Guest Stars: Linda Wiser as Sarah | Juno Dawson as Agent Harding | Mariel Aragon as Reiko | Johnny Timko as Tommy | Robert Benedetti as Balloon Man |
Uncredited: Kenneth O'Brien as Traveling Salesman | Hannah Dean as NSB Woman
Director: Tom Blank
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Adventure
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 14, 1976
Ended: May 13, 1978
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