Season 1

1 :01x01 - Pilot

The Donnellys are four young, working-class Irish brothers involved in New York City's organized crime. Detectives investigate Joey Ice Cream, a life-long friend of the Donnellys who introduces the four brothers, setting the scene for the series.

Kevin Donnelly feels that he's on a hot streak, but when his gambling begins to add up, the eldest Donnelly brother, Jimmy, is forced to kidnap the bookie that Kevin owes money to. When the news of the kidnapping spreads around the neighborhood, connecting the Donnellys to the incident, the youngest brother, Sean, pays the price for having the Donnelly name. Meanwhile, Tommy Donnelly, the most reliable of the brothers, has to sacrifice for his family when Jimmy's plan lands Sean in the hospital.
Guest Stars: Sonny Marinelli as Detective Sunny | Greg D'Agostino as Italian Maffia Muscle Soldier | Chris Bauer as Huey Farrell | Lenny Venito as Benny Cool | Christopher Shand as Unknown | Allan Steele as Detective Collero | Frank Page as Richie | David C. Roehm, Sr. as Gurney Patient | Mark Margolis as Sal Minetta | Lauren Bittner as Mary Ann Maxwell | Sean Cory as Store Owner | Ned Eisenberg as Detective Frankie Stein | Daniel Manche as Kid in Madras Shirt | Lee Sellars as Man | Paul Calderon as Detective | T.J. Stanton as Kevin (Age 8) | Lance Michael Schaefer as Sean (Age 7) | Jude Moresco as Another Guy | Audrie J. Neenan as Gertie (as Audrie Neenan) | Jay Spadaro as Michael Hogan | Richard Petrocelli as Italian Soldier #1 | John Cenatiempo as Italian Soldier #2 | Glenn Taranto as Counter Guy | Elizabeth Gillies as Jenny (Age 9) | Dylan Hartigan as Young Joey | Jimmy Walsh as Jimmy Donnelly (Age 11) | Max Miner as Tommy (Age 9) | Joseph D'Onofrio as Louie Downtown | Kathleen Doyle as Helen Donnelly
Director: Paul Haggis
Songs: Jet -- Are You Gonna Be My Girl?, Andain -- Beautiful Things, Eminem -- Lose Yourself, Snow Patrol -- Open Your Eyes, Carlos Santana -- Smooth, Imogen Heap -- The Moment I Said It

2 :01x02 - A Stone of the Heart

While the Donnellys await on word surrounding Sean's condition, Jimmy sits in a police holding cell. Tommy and Kevin have trouble accepting their role in what happened as they sit at Sean's bedside. Tommy turns to longtime friend Jenny Reilly for support, leading to their relationship growing to one that's more than just friends. Meanwhile, the brothers ultimately tie up loose ends and pay their debt to the mob. Elsewhere, Nicky Cottero gains control of the Italian mob.
Guest Stars: Keith Moyer as Hospital Visitor | Sherri Parker Lee as Dr. Lisa Tyler | Don Sparks as Lewis | Allan Steele as Detective Collero | Bradley White as Ed Vincent | Kenny Shapiro as Lawyer | Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly | Peter Greene as Dokey Farrell | Kevin Conway (1) as Mr. Reilly | Ned Eisenberg as Detective Frankie Stein
Director: Paul Haggis
Songs: Damien Rice -- Cannonball, Damien Rice -- Cold Water, Mike Schmid -- Forget You, The Traveling Wilburys -- Handle With Care, The Kingsmen -- Louie Louie, Aimee Mann -- Real Bad News, Holly Brook -- Still Love

3 :01x03 - God Is a Comedian

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Guest Stars: Chance Kelly as Johnny Mac | Sherri Parker Lee as Dr. Lisa Tyler | Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly | Kevin Conway (1) as Mr. Reilly | Betsy Beutler as Joanie | Don Sparks as Administrator Lewis | Ralph Lucarelli as Cubby Salotzo | Darien Sills-Evans as Dr Coles | Patrick Brennan as Earl | Ray Weiderhold as Harold McElroy | Peter Greene as Dokey Farrell | Michael Rispoli as Alo | Harry O'Reilly as Detective McCarthy | Catia Ojeda as Clerk | Myra Lucretia Taylor as Nurse
Director: Dan Lerner

4 :01x04 - The World Will Break Your Heart

A guilt-ridden Tommy is shocked when Kate, Huey's widow, asks him to hold Huey's wake at the Firecracker. At the wake, the brothers discover that their taps are dry, which sends Kevin and Joey Ice Cream out to find alcohol. However, the best they can come up with is kosher wine. Jimmy arrives to pay his respects and Dokey begins to think that Huey may have been killed by Jimmy, leading to a standoff.
Guest Stars: Molly Schaffer as Kate | Peter Greene as Dokey | Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly | Chris Bauer as Huey Farrell | Jimmy Walsh as Jimmy Donnelly (Age 11) | Adelia Saunders as Kim | Michael Rispoli as Alo | James Badge Dale as Samson | Kenny Marino as McGee
Director: Deran Sarafian
Songs: Aeone -- Across the Water, The Ordinary Boys -- Boys Will Be Boys, The Doves -- Caught by the River, The Fray -- Heaven Forbid, Caleb Kane -- In Your Own Way, Frou Frou -- It's Good to Be in Love, Colin Hay -- Waiting for My Real Life to Begin

5 :01x05 - Lies

Tommy is hit with the hard realization that the Italian mob boss, Nicky Cottero, is not one to mess with when he threatens the brothers' mother, Helen. When Tommy runs out of options, he opts to take Dokey's bribe and steals the box that Dokey wants while visiting Huey's widow. Jimmy and Joey Ice Cream find Louie Downtown's cell phone and start to collect his payments after they find out he was behind a major gambling circuit. Meanwhile, Sean is able to come home from the hospital and Jenny has to face Tommy after sleeping with Samson.
Guest Stars: Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly | Peter Greene as Dokey Farrell | Adelia Saunders as Kim | James Badge Dale as Samson | Molly Schaffer as Kate
Director: Gloria Muzio
Songs: Teddybears feat. Mad Cobra -- Cobrastyle, Ray LaMontagne -- Hold You In My Arms, Tina Dico -- Losing, Ray LaMontagne -- Shelter, Thirteen Senses -- The Salt Wound Routine

6 :01x06 - Run Like Hell

Tommy gets thrust into Jimmy and Kevin's bookmaking when one of his friends, Maxwell, is about to get punished for not paying up. Tommy decides to track down the money, but ultimately is forced to do the punishing. Jimmy has Kevin get rid of Louie Downtown's cell phone and they meet up with Whitey who helps them transfer all of the numbers. However, a glimpse into the future reveals trouble ahead. Meanwhile, Jenny discovers her father's medical condition when she looks into why the diner's deposits haven't gone into the bank.
Guest Stars: Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly | Kevin Corrigan as Whitey | Kevin Conway (1) as Ian | John Lavelle as Maxwell | Michael Rispoli as Alo | Patrick Holder as Another Guy | Kenneth McCoy as Guy | Salvatore Inzerillo as Italian Soldier | Nick Damici as Ray | Chris Breslin as Tearful Man | Jason Furlani as George | Rony Clanton as Mailman | Betsy Beutler as Joanie | Patrick Brennan as Earl | Lauren Bittner as Mary Ann Maxwell
Director: Ed Sherin
Songs: Télépopmusik -- Don't Look Back, Ben Broussard -- Hold On To Me, Emiliana Torrini -- Today Has Been Okay

7 :01x07 - The Only Thing Sure

As Tommy and Kevin collect payments, Jimmy repaints the bar and tries to keep Sean away from the business they've been working. Meanwhile, a flashback makes Kevin think he's a lucky gambler. Elsewhere, Jenny tends to her ailing father while keeping up the family business.
Guest Stars: Peter Greene as Dokey Farrell | Rodrigo Lopresti as Jojo | Molly Schaffer as Kate | Patrick Brennan as Earl | Jamie Bonelli as Nadine | Joe Pistone as Brian | Betsy Beutler as Joanie | Kate Mulgrew as Helen Donnelly
Writer: Gary Lennon
Songs: Death Cab for Cutie -- Brothers On A Hotel Bed

8 :01x08 - In Each One a Savior

Tommy helps a woman who wants to get rid of the drug dealers in her apartment building, but ends up finding that doing so will be harder than he thought. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to take over the neighborhood, but hits an all-time low when he has to get a payment from Jenny. Elsewhere, Nicky finds out the truth behind what really happened to Louie Downtown.
Guest Stars: Peter Greene as Dokey Farrell | Mason Pettit as Delivery Guy | Joe Flood as Christie | Michael Angelo Ortiz as Flaco's Drug Dealer | Patrick Brennan as Earl | Betsy Beutler as Joanie | Bridget Regan as Trish Hughes
Director: David Straiton
Writer: Allan Steele

9 :01x09 - All of Us Are in the Gutter

Tommy is finally able to pursue his passion in life -- art. Kate is able to help him land a job at an art studio, but Tommy finds it hard to break away from the family business. Meanwhile, Nicky decides not to kill Kevin and offers to partner up with the Donnellys.
Guest Stars: Bridget Regan as Trish Hughes
Director: T.J. Scott

10 :01x10 - When the Door Opens

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Guest Stars: Bridget Regan as Trish Hughes
Director: Jeff King

11 :01x11 - Wasn't That Enough?

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Guest Stars: Bridget Regan as Trish Hughes
Director: Kevin Bray

12 :01x12 - The Black Drop

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Director: Dan Minahan
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 26, 2007
Ended: April 02, 2007
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