Wujing - Recap

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In the Pudong District of Shanghai, a man in a black suit carries a briefcase into an unmarked car. The man drives through a busy Shanghai market when suddenly, several gunmen on motorcycle attack his car with automatic weapons. They sever his hand and escape. In a dark room, a man uses the severed hand’s fingerprint to access a laptop. Unfortunately, the laptop remains encrypted. The hacker informs his boss that the plan failed. The boss, a handsome Chinese man, turns and tells him to... “call Raymond Reddington.”

Wujing (No. 84)

Elizabeth is at home, going through the items she found under the floorboards. She loads the handgun and places it on the counter. Then she fills a bucket with phone books and carries it and the gun outside, where she fills the bucket with water. After soaking the phone books, Elizabeth muffles the gun and fires into the wet paper. She retrieves the slug and the casing, keeping them in a sandwich bag.

In a park, Red is wearing a nice suit and playing chess by himself,. A tall man in a suit approaches him and offers him an envelope. “Good god, not here.” Red says without looking up. Red tells the man that things will proceed as they discussed, then asks the man to leave.

Elizabeth is at the breakfast table with her husband, Tom, who is discussing the attack he went through. Tom is still in a wheelchair, recovering from the attack. Tom is asking about the man who came into their home and wants Elizabeth to tell him about the mission. Elizabeth says that she can’t, but assures him that the man who attacked him is dead. Tom presses Elizabeth for more information, which makes her suspicious. There’s a knock at the door; it’s Ellie, their friend. Ellie offers to make them a meal and stays to cook for Tom while Elizabeth goes to work. Tom eyes her out the window as she leaves. Elizabeth doesn’t know if she can trust him.

At the FBI, Elizabeth delivers the slug and casing to a ballistics team, asking them to run it through the database against any crimes in the system.

Elizabeth goes to meet Red at his haberdasher. Red explains that he has been contacted by a man named Wujing to decode a message from the CIA that Wujing cannot crack. Elizabeth objects on principle but Red tells her that if he doesn’t decode it, someone else will. Elizabeth has heard the legend of Wujing but doesn’t believe that he is a real person. Then Red tells Elizabeth that she will get to meet him; Red has provided her with a fake persona as his new decoding expert.

At FBI headquarters, Elizabeth is being briefed on Wujing along with Agents Malik and Ressler. Cooper tells Elizabeth to go ahead with Red’s plan but Elizabeth isn’t comfortable. She doesn’t feel like she can meet Wujing, a man who has killed everyone who has tried to spy on him. Then Agent Ressler tells her that the other agents Wujing is after are in danger and it’s up to Elizabeth to save them.

A strange man on the street watches Ellie and Tom leave the house. Several cars pull up and men dressed as movers exit and break into Elizabeth’s house. Ellie returns to retrieve her forgotten purse but the men successfully hide from her. After she leaves again, the men begin installing things around the house.

Elizabeth meets Red to go forward with the plan. Before she agrees, she asks Red, once again, why he chose her. Red tells her there is no time and rushes her along. Red explains the plan to Elizabeth and Agents Malik and Ressler. Malik suggests that they feed Wujing a phony CIA message; Red declines immediately. Wujing isn’t stupid—he will know he is being deceived. They have to decode the actual message. In order for Elizabeth to pose as a decryption expert, she needs a program which will run on her machine, making it look like she is doing the work. Malik sticks a phony nicotine patch on Elizabeth which is actually a transmitter, so the FBI can keep track of her no matter what happens.

Red and Elizabeth enter a radio station which Wujing is secretly working out of. The suited man who met Red in the park uses a metal detector on Elizabeth and finds nothing. Then, he scans Red… and finds the Darpa tracking chip embedded in his neck. The suited man requires a biometric scan from Elizabeth—he fingerprints her against every known database there is. The FBI team watching outside panics, trying to prevent the scan from revealing Elizabeth’s identity. Red distracts the man with humor. The FBI team narrowly succeeds and the suited man leads Red and Elizabeth into an armored elevator and they begin to descend. The FBI team worries that they have lost contact, confused because the blueprints of the building to not show any lower level.

“How far down do you think we’re going?” Elizabeth asks. “Far enough.” Red says.

When the elevator stops, the pair disembark and Red greets Wujing. Wujing greets Elizabeth in her fake persona. Red talks about how busy and successful Wujing has been at eliminating American agents. Wujing’s people and his man Jin Sun explain that they have been unable to crack this new CIA program; Elizabeth confidently says she should be able to break it.

Outside, Ressler and Malik worry that they are being played and have lost Elizabeth. Ressler prepares to move in with force.

As Elizabeth pretends to work, attempting to communicate with the FBI, Red distracts Jin Sun. Elizabeth types on her screen that she needs Red to keep distracting them. Red looks at the security footage and gets angry at Wujing, telling him that he is being lazy—they are under surveillance. Red points out the FBI van on the street outside on Wujing’s screens. Wujing sends his men to investigate. Meanwhile, Elizabeth has successfully installed the program and the plan is working.

Wujing sends people outside to check the FBI van. This aggravates Ressler, who prepares his raid in earnest. The FBI van leaves and Red chastises Wujing for putting him at risk with the FBI. Wujing is losing his patience with Red.

Elizabeth cracks the message as Wujing and Jin Sun watch closely. Before Ressler’s people move in, Elizabeth’s mirror program kicks in, telling the FBI that the plan is in motion. Ressler tells the team to stand down and not engage. Elizabeth successfully decodes the message and finds the identity of an American agent and Wujing’s next target: Henry Cho.

The FBI gets the message at the same moment, thanks to Elizabeth’s mirror program. Malik is aware of Cho, an architect, and how he has worked with the CIA. Jin Sun and Malik both explain Cho’s history to their respective teams—both sides are hunting to get to Cho first. Wujing wants him dead, Malik and Ressler need to project him.

In Wujing’s headquarters, Wujing calls Cho’s company and claims Cho’s brother has been in a horrible accident. Wujing’s people leave to kill Cho as the FBI leaves to protect him.

As Red and Elizabeth try to leave, an alarm goes off and Wujing locks down the compound. Wujing confronts Red about Elizabeth’s identity, telling Red that the alarm means contact was made from that room to an FBI server. Wujing explains that the alarm told him precisely who betrayed him… he stares into Red’s eyes. Suddenly, Wujing attacks and brutally beats Jin Sun, suspecting him of being the traitor. This is because Elizabeth’s message was sent from Jin Sun’s computer.

We see a shot of Cho, showing his son around a building that he designed. We see Wujing’s people getting close to arriving.

Back in the compound, Wujing beats Jin Sun further, then smashes Jin Sun’s computer. With his computer in pieces, Jin Sun spots the mirror device Elizabeth used to send the message. Jin Sun is about to reveal it was Elizabeth and Red sees this; that’s when Red suddenly grabs a gun from Wujing’s guard and kills Jin Sun with three shots to the chest, before he could reveal Elizabeth’s deceit.

Wujing is shocked and draws his gun. He tells Red that he is going to kill Elizabeth. Red says “If you kill her, you’d better kill me… because I will kill you.” Wujing lowers his weapon and decides to concentrate on killing Cho and escaping, now that the FBI has burned him.

Malik calls Cho and tells him that he is in danger. Cho runs to hide his son in the unfinished building, as Wujing’s people search for him, guns drawn. Cho hides his son under a tarp amongst building materials and flees, hoping to keep him safe. Wujing’s men spot Cho and begin to chase him as Malik and Ressler arrive at the building. One of Wujing’s men is about to catch Cho when he falls through unfinished floorboards and hangs for his life. Another henchman approaches and Agent Ressler attacks him. Ressler fights with one man as the other drops from where he was hanging and finds Cho’s son where he is hiding. Cho comes out of hiding and pleads for his son’s life. Just as the henchman is about to murder Cho, Malik comes behind him and kills Wujing’s henchman. Down one floor, Ressler defeats the henchman he was fighting with and beats him senseless. Malik thanks Cho for all he has done for the CIA as Cho comforts his son.

In Wujing’s car, Red and Elizabeth are dropped off on a side street. Red says that he is disappointed: he wants to catch the criminals on the Blacklist and now Wujing is going to escape. “I don’t think so,” Elizabeth says. Ressler’s strike team suddenly surrounds Wujing’s vehicle and he is captured. Red is confused as to how… Elizabeth planted the nicotine patch transmitter on the back of the vehicle, so the FBI could track him.

In Red’s car, Elizabeth tells Red that he didn’t need to kill Jin Sun. Red says he will always do whatever he has to do to keep Elizabeth alive. Elizabeth asks him again: “Why me?” Red says “Because of your father.” Elizabeth asks if Red knew her father and Red says that the answer isn’t that simple… and neither is the question. Elizabeth gets frustrated, saying that she has a life and people who care about her whereas for Red, this is all he has. “I have you” he says.

Elizabeth meets with Ressler before she leaves for the day. Ressler, looking worse for wear, tells Elizabeth that he had doubts about her but that today she did good work and she saved Cho’s life. “Whatever else went down in there, you should feel good about that,” Ressler says.

Elizabeth prepares to leave and retrieves the report on Tom’s gun from ballistics. She puts on her wedding ring, thinking of Tom. When she arrives home and parks out front, she eyes the ballistics report again and finally opens it. The entire report has been blacked out, redacted as classified. Whatever was in the report has been declared top secret.

At the FBI, Ressler tells Cooper that Elizabeth submitted a bullet and shell casing from a certain homicide into the system. Cooper looks at the report and says it is a matter of homeland security. They don’t know how Elizabeth knows about that secret case.

At Red’s hotel, he is having a candle-lit dinner and a glass of wine before opening an envelope with Mandarin characters on it: all the note says is “042983.”

At Elizabeth’s house she and Tom are throwing a party to celebrate his homecoming. Tom apologizes for pressing her for information about her work. Elizabeth stands at the party, surrounded by friends. Elsewhere, a mysterious man is watching the party on a screen, through the several hidden cameras the fake movers installed earlier.