Gina Zanetakos - Recap

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In the Liepnitzee Forest in Germany, a man builds an explosive device in a dim garage. He installs the bomb in a nice car as a beautiful woman enters the garage and asks if he’s ready. Out in a field, the man and woman watch as they blow up the car. The woman asks if he could make another bomb, but larger; she needs it in 36 hours.

In Elizabeth’s house, Tom is interrogating he about the contents of the box, insisting he has never seen any of it and has no idea where it came from. Tom wants to know how it got there and what all of the passports are. Elizabeth shows Tom the photo of him at the Angel Station Hotel in Boston; he says he was there for his job interview. Tom tells her that if she thinks he’s guilty, she should do something about it. Elizabeth agrees and calls the FBI. Tom stops her and begins to plead his case, saying it's all a misunderstanding. Then he tells her to make the call and clear all of this up. Tom says he has nothing to hide. Elizabeth makes the call and asks for clearance for an incoming client: Thomas Vincent Keen.

A crew of armed agents bring in Tom with a hood over his head, as well as his belongings and the box of passports, money, and gun. Elizabeth takes Tom downstairs into the black site. Malik and Ressler meet them and take Tom for interrogation. Ressler tells Elizabeth to worry about herself.

Red is in an unfinished house looking at a painting of a ship, speaking on the phone about delivering the stolen item to Dubai. Red’s suited companion gets a call and tells him there’s news about Elizabeth and her husband.

Cooper enters an interrogation room and begins questioning Elizabeth. He says that she has done good work on the Blacklist cases and he wants to understand what’s going on. Elizabeth tells him about how she found the items and began investigating the gun, due to the unsolved homicide. Cooper places Elizabeth on leave until the matter is resolved.

Malik introduces herself to Tom and brings him some water. Tom points out that he came voluntarily to discern the truth. Malik asks him to tell her about the murder. He is surprised.

In the park, Red is telling Elizabeth about corporate espionage and quotes cases when corporations paid someone to cause a product to fail or to poison people with it in order to cause the stock of the product to drop. Red tells Elizabeth about a woman behind such dealings, Gina Zanetakos. Elizabeth says she wanted to talk about Tom; Red tells her that she needs to find Zanetakos because Zanetakos is Tom’s lover.

In the black site, Red is talking to Cooper about their Blacklist arrangement. Cooper says that Red can’t work with Elizabeth because Elizabeth is on leave. “Well, then, lives will be lost,” replies Red. Red tells Cooper that delivering criminals to the FBI is merely his hobby. He asks Cooper if he’d rather reminisce about an unfortunate incident that happened in Kuwait.

“Are you threatening me, Red?” Cooper asks.
“I am.” Red responds.

In the interrogation room, Tom tells Malik about his job interview at the Angel Station Hotel. He met a man named Burris at the hotel. Malik finds it interesting that Tom’s meeting was changed to the exact location of an assassination. Tom tells Malik to call Burris.
Ressler tells Cooper that they found a partial fingerprint on the gun but it doesn’t belong to Tom Elizabeth. Cooper tells Malik and Ressler that they have to bring Elizabeth back in order to get Red’s cooperation. Malik and Ressler don’t like it.

In the information room, Elizabeth tells the team about Gina Zanetakos. They know where she is staying; she’s right there in town. Elizabeth feels like she has seen or met the woman somewhere before.

In a hotel, Zanetakos is wearing a wig and seducing a bearded man. She straddles the man and asks him to show her something. The man shows her confirmation that “it’s on its way, it is official.” Zanetakos strips her clothes off, exciting the man, climbs onto the bed… then injects him with something. The man gasps and collapses to the floor.

Agent Malik meets with Burris and discusses Tom’s story about the Angel Station Hotel.

Back in the hotel, Zanetakos quickly dresses, preparing to leave the scene of the murder. She removes her wig and stages the body to look like an overdose of pharmaceuticals before leaving the room. Elizabeth and Ressler head towards the room, causing Zanetakos to flee down the stairs. Ressler tells Elizabeth that she shouldn’t be on the case; for all the FBI knows, Elizabeth could be an accessory to Tom’s crime. Elizabeth and Ressler find the bearded man’s corpse and Ressler enters an elevator with Zanetakos inside. Zanetakos hears Agent Ressler on the phone and attacks him, beating him severely and choking him unconscious. She leaves and Ressler wakes up on the floor of the elevator. During the fight, Ressler managed to steal Zanetakos’ phone.

Back at the black site, the agents pick apart a voicemail on Zanetakos’ phone. They learn about a dirty bomb en route but don't know the target.

Elizabeth discusses Zanetakos’ bomb with Red. Red tells her that Zanetakos has been hired for a specific purpose; they need to learn that purpose. Elizabeth tells Red that there is nothing connecting Zanetakos and Tom—Elizabeth insists that Tom is innocent and storms off.

In the holding cell, Malik returns to interrogate Tom. Malik shows Tom a photo of Burris and Tom has never seen him before. Tom insists he never met this man—that’s not the Burris he met. Elizabeth believes that Tom is being set up.

Elizabeth finds the photo of Tom at the hotel in Boston and realizes that is where she has seen Zanetakos before—Zanetakos is in the photo, walking towards Tom.

A strike team breaks into a different hotel room linked to Zanetakos, finding weapons and evidence but not her. Elizabeth looks through the room and finds a box in the air vent, matching the box that held Tom’s passports and money. Inside, Zanetakos has several passports, a weapon, and a great deal of money, just like the box in Elizabeth’s house. The box also contains photos of several men she had killed, including the bearded man. Then, Elizabeth finds a photo of the man killed in Boston at the Angel Station Hotel; she thinks it was Zanetakos who killed him and that Tom is being framed. An agent enters and shows Elizabeth and Ressler a photo that they found by Zanetakos’ bed: it’s a photo of Tom. Elizabeth is stunned. Ressler takes the photo as evidence. Ressler tells Elizabeth that it’s time for her to stop standing up for Tom and to protect herself.

In the park, Elizabeth sits with Red and tells him that they found the photo of Tom in Zanetakos’ room. Elizabeth wonders if Red is manipulating everything and setting up Tom. She also wonders if it’s all true and if Tom isn’t who she thinks. She begins to cry; she doesn’t know who she can trust. “You can trust me,” says Red and holds Elizabeth’s hand as she weeps.

At the FBI, Cooper is upset that he has to allow Elizabeth to continue working on her husband’s case. Cooper needs Elizabeth to talk to Red to trace the bomb-maker in Germany that they believe is working with Zanetakos.

In the unfinished house, Red is on the phone, angry with the buyer of the painting. Apparently they haven’t paid up. Red hangs up and talks to Elizabeth about the bomb-maker, Ruteger. Red says that if she finds Ruteger, she’ll find Zanetakos. Elizabeth asks for his help.

In Germany, Red meets with Ruteger. Red discusses a mutual friend named Yuri. Red doesn’t want Ruteger’s bomb to go off, because they’ll be able to trace it to Yuri and then to Red. Red asks Ruteger about the bomb. Ruteger says he won’t betray Zanetakos. Red offers Ruteger something bigger.

In the holding cell, Tom pleads with Elizabeth through the mirror. He begs her to believe that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Back in Germany, Ruteger explains to Red that an entire sedan is laced with a radioactive bomb and that it’s going to detonate in nineteen hours. Red asks Ruteger to call Zanetakos.

Back in the States, Ressler and Elizabeth lead a team of agents to capture Zanetakos alive. Zanetakos makes the agents and flees the scene, heading underground to a restroom. Elizabeth pursues, gun drawn. Zanetakos attacks Elizabeth and wrestles the gun to the floor. She prepares to kill Elizabeth until Ressler shoots Zanetakos. Elizabeth tries to keep her alive so she can interrogate her.

Back at the black site, Elizabeth charges into Cooper’s office and begins shouting at Ressler about shooting Zanetakos. Zanetakos is in surgery but alive. Ressler and Elizabeth shout at each other and Cooper calms them down. Cooper explains that Zanetakos was hired by a shipping company from New Orleans. Elizabeth calls Red and asks him about New Orleans; that’s where the payment for Red’s painting was diverted. Elizabeth realizes that whoever moved the payment knew that the other port—Houston—would be closed. It was the Hanar group and the target is Houston. “That’s my girl,” says Red.

In Houston, the agents search for the sedan, but it could be in any one of thousands of shipping containers. They begin scanning for radioactive material.

In the interrogation room, Malik asks Tom about the bomb and shows him photos of Zanetakos. He claims he doesn’t know who she is and he doesn’t know anything. Malik doesn’t believe him.

In Houston, Elizabeth tries to figure out a way to narrow the search. Elizabeth remembers the bearded man Zanetakos killed; he was a Turkish diplomat. They realize that if he got a car into the country, it would be diplomatic cargo and unsearchable. They find the container signed for by the bearded man and discover the sedan. The entire car is a fabrication; the car doesn’t contain the bomb, the car is the bomb.

Evacuation isn’t an option—they only have ten minutes. Everything within a ten-mile radius will be contaminated. They decide they need to dump the bomb in the water to contain the radiation. There’s only seconds remaining; Ressler rushes into the car and begins driving towards the water as fast as he can. Ressler leaps from the speeding car and it lands in the water, containing the explosion.

In the hospital, Ressler and Malik offer Zanetakos a deal if she cooperates. Zanetakos takes responsibility for the murder at Angel Station Hotel. Zanetakos explains that the man she killed was a Russian agent. Zanetakos says that Raymond Reddington hired her for the hit. Elizabeth shows Zanetakos the photo of Tom; Zanetakos says she has never seen him before.

Back in the black site, Tom is released and Elizabeth embraces him. Malik still looks suspiciously at Tom. Tom sees the photos on the wall and spots Red’s associate, the suited man. Tom says that was the man who claimed to be Burris; that is who Tom met with in Boston when the assassination took place.

Elizabeth enters Red’s unfinished house and tells Red that she’s done. Elizabeth believes that Red is a twisted man who orchestrated all of this because of his obsession with Elizabeth. Red insists that he didn’t do this. Elizabeth tells Red to go to hell and leaves. Red sits alone, in the dark.

Back in Elizabeth’s house, the apple-eating man watching through the cameras tells his associate that Tom doesn’t work for Reddington.

“Then who the hell does he work for?” the associate wonders.