Season 12

2758 :12x01 - Ep. #2758

Brooke keeps a vigil at Rick's bedside. In tears, Amber tears off her blood-soaked clothes and showers. Sally hears from C.J. and immediately contacts Eric. When Ridge gets the call, Amber asks if she can go to the hospital with him. Brooke starts to question C.J. about what happened, but they are interrupted by Eric's arrival. When C.J. tells his story with an officer present, insisting he and Rick were by themselves, Brooke can't believe her son would not only drive without a license, but take part in a drag race. Amber tells them she took the bus home. C.J.'s apology falls on deaf ears, and Sally takes him home. James tells the Forresters that Rick's condition is grave and they are especially concerned about his kidneys. Ridge finds Brooke in the chapel, praying.

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2759 :12x02 - Ep. #2759

Rush quizzes Jonny about the details of his relationship with Lauren. Jonny knows he's a dead man and doesn't want to help Rush impersonate him. Helplessly, he tells Rush not to do to Lauren what he did to Sharon, but knows he's in no position to stop him. Lauren is getting ready for an evening with Jonny that she assures Clarke will be unforgettable. She plans to throw caution to the wind. Rush shaves his beard and, leaving Jonny bound and gagged, heads to Lauren's. While Rick is in surgery, Amber asks C.J. why he lied for her and regretfully realizes how much Rick cared about her. Ridge comforts Brooke, and they wonder if there isn't more to Amber's story. The doctors tell them that Rick's kidneys have failed and he needs a transplant as soon as possible. The Forresters are all ready to be tested as possible donors.

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2760 :12x03 - Ep. #2760

Eric finds out he is not a compatible donor. Brooke is the next one to be tested, but she too proves incompatible. Ridge contacts other family members. When no match is found, the doctor tells them they must look outside the family. After visiting Rick's bedside, Amber feels despondent and helpless until she is able to tell Brooke her blood type matches Rick's and she would like to be tested as a potential donor. While Jonny struggles to free himself, Rush comes on strong with Lauren, kissing her and telling her he wants them to get out of L.A. for a month or two. Lauren senses he's running away from something and wants to know what has happened. Macy and Grant stop by to invite Lauren to their wedding next week. They're planning on surprising everyone else but wanted to make sure Lauren would be there. Lauren assures them she wouldn't miss it.

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2761 :12x04 - Ep. #2761

Ridge tells Taylor what happened to Rick, and that if Amber checks out they'll do the transplant tonight. Taylor comforts Ridge. When he tells her that everyone knows but Thorne, Taylor suggests he be the one to call his brother. Ridge wants nothing to do with him. When Thorne comes in to pick up his things, Ridge insists it's time they talked. Macy and Grant realize they may have interrupted something and start to leave, but Lauren insists they stay and celebrate their impending marriage. Rush is on the spot when Lauren asks him to fix Macy the same special non-alcoholic drink he made last week. When Grant suggests they skip the drinks and get in the hot tub together, Rush knows he can't go in because they'll see his scar and realize he's not Jonny. Grant notices Jonny doesn't seem quite himself. Fully clothed, Rush joins them beside the hot tub. Lauren is surprised to see him drinking Scotch. As she holds his hand, she feels the tension and she, Grant and Macy discuss the sadistic Rush. Rush can't listen to any more and has to walk away, with Lauren following him.

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2762 :12x05 - Ep. #2762

Rick regains consciousness and starts to tell Eric and Brooke about the accident, but they are interrupted by the doctor who has come to inform them that Amber is match and they will operate this evening. Brooke thanks Amber for saving her son. Dr. Sloan reviews the risks Amber is about to take. When Amber is missing, Brooke fears she's changed her mind, but Amber has gone to see Rick before the surgery begins. Amber tells C.J. that she's scared, but she owes Rick. Ridge pushes Thorne against the wall, swearing he could kill him for keeping the baby from him. Taylor begs Ridge to let him go. Taylor listens to Thorne's explanation and realizes everything he did was for himself. Thorne says good riddance to all of them. Ridge heads back to the hospital.

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Guest Stars: Adam Mayeda as Thomas Hamilton Forrester | Noah Mayeda as Thomas Hamilton Forrester

2763 :12x06 - Ep. #2763

While the transplant operation is underway, Brooke and Ridge struggle to understand what happened and ask C.J. if he can tell them any more. Katie is trying to console Bridget when they receive a call to come to the hospital. They arrive in time for the doctor to tell the family that Rick's condition is stable and his new kidney is functioning. He suggests they go home and get some rest. Taylor shares with James her confidence that she, Ridge and Thomas are now a family,and that Ridge is at Brooke's side during Rick's crisis solely to provide moral support. Amber wakes up in the recovery room with C.J. at her side. Brooke tells Ridge that she was able to get through the ordeal because of him. Brooke is stunned when Ridge refuses to sleep at their house; she wants to know if they have a marriage or not.

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2764 :12x07 - Ep. #2764

Sally points out that neither Thorne nor Stephanie was at the hospital, and Macy can't believe they weren't notified of Rick's accident. Ridge doesn't think this is the time to discuss their relationship, but Brooke implores him to stay. Brooke gets him to admit that he believes she was really pregnant, but she is devastated when she he goes. Thorne is certain Ridge will never leave Brooke, but Stephanie will only acknowledge that they'll never see eye to eye on the matter. Thorne knows he's been wanting something from his mother that she can't give, and tells her that he is saying goodbye, that he is taking a break from his family. Grant and Macy anticipate their wedding, knowing that by this time tomorrow they'll be husband and wife. He tells her that he didn't invite his family because he's not close to his parents. Thorne calls Macy asking to see her, but she tells him that he needs to find a new confidante.

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2765 :12x08 - Ep. #2765

The guests begin to gather at the Insomnia, unaware that the party is actually the setting for Macy and Grant's surprise wedding. Even the reverend arrives in civilian clothes, leading Sally to mistake him for Darla's date, Larry. When she realizes her mistake, she is unable to find out his true identity before Grant whisks him away. Thorne tells Lauren he needs to talk to Macy about their breakup, but Lauren has to urge him not to go to the Insomnia. Rush, impersonating Jonny, gets ready for the wedding as Jonny remains tied up. Jonny refuses to cooperate with Rush's demand that he give information that will help Rush pull off his ruse. Rush is infuriated and warns Jonny that he will pay if Lauren figures out who he is. Macy goes on stage and sings Grant a song, ending up in his arms. She goes to a room backstage to slip into her wedding dress and is surprised to see Thorne. He tells Macy he quit his job, but she stops him from continuing and shows him the wedding gown. Meanwhile, Grant tells Sally what's really going on.

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2766 :12x09 - Ep. #2766

Sally promises Grant his secret is safe with her, then immediately spills the beans to Darla. Before he leaves, Thorne asks Macy if this wedding is what she wants. She assures him it is and that she couldn't let this chance at love and happiness pass her by. Stephanie wonders if Thorne and Macy would still be together if she'd been more supportive of him when they were having their marital problems. Taylor dashes Stephanie's hopes that they could still have a chance by telling Stephanie about Macy's engagement. Meanwhile, Grant and Macy exchange vows despite any effect Thorne's visit may have had on Macy.

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2767 :12x10 - Ep. #2767

When Ridge phones to check on Rick's progress, Brooke implores him to be at the house when Rick comes home from the hospital. Stephanie has a legal document drawn up and is anxious to get a signature on it. Eric and Brooke explain to the now conscious Rick that Amber is the reason he is alive. Rick asks for a few minutes alone with Amber. They realize how stupid they were, and Amber urges Rick to tell his parents the truth if he wants. She also wants him to know that she didn't give him her kidney out of guilt; she did it out of love. Ridge tells Taylor he wants a picture of the baby, but as they're snapping Polaroids, Stephanie stops by and insists on taking a shot of the three of them. She takes it to Brooke and asks her to do the right thing. Stephanie hands Brooke the document and asks her to sign it. Brooke is stunned to see that Stephanie wants her.

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Guest Stars: Adam Mayeda as Thomas Hamilton Forrester | Noah Mayeda as Thomas Hamilton Forrester

2768 :12x11 - Ep. #2768

Returning to her apartment after the wedding, Lauren can't help but notice the difference in 'Jonny's attitude. Rush is certain that Lauren believes he's Jonny, but Lauren is concerned about all the contradictions in his actions. She says she's worried about their relationship, wondering if she was seeing something that wasn't really there. Rush kisses her. She begins to give in to his sensuality and takes off his shirt. His scar is revealed, but Lauren doesn't notice it. Stephanie urges Brooke to sign the papers and give her children a better life. Brooke rips the papers in half in front of Stephanie's face. Eric thanks Ridge for the support he's given Brooke and him through Rick's ordeal. Rick doesn't believe Amber and wants her to admit she's been using him. She swears she loves him and finally realizes he's been teasing her. Amber and Rick are released from the hospital. Brooke can't convince Ridge to come home and breaks down in tears.

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2769 :12x12 - Ep. #2769

Taylor is surprised to hear about Stephanie's attempt to annul the marriage. Taylor is concerned about how Bridget and Rick will handle Ridge's departure, but Stephanie assures her that they have weathered hardship before. Stephanie urges Taylor to take Thomas to visit Ridge, despite Taylor's protests that she doesn't want to put undo pressure on him. Lauren interrupts Rush's amorous advances to answer the door. She is surprised to see Eric, who needs to speak with her. Rush is miffed when Lauren asks him to give her some time with Eric. Afterward, Rush slips when he mentions Lauren's feeling for Eric, not knowing that Lauren never told Jonny about her past with Eric. She stops him when he kisses her hungrily, wanting to pick up where they left off. Eric has misgivings about something 'Jonny' said. Brooke visits Taylor and wants to see Thomas. She becomes emotional as she holds the baby and, to Taylor's surprise, acknowledges that Ridge needs to be with his son.

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Guest Stars: Adam Mayeda as Thomas Hamilton Forrester | Noah Mayeda as Thomas Hamilton Forrester

2770 :12x13 - Ep. #2770

Lauren tells 'Jonny' that their relationship just doesn't seem to be working anymore, noting how much he's changed. Angrily, Rush blames her feelings for Eric. Lauren thinks they need a break from each other. When he starts to defend Rush's actions, Lauren asks him to leave. Rush opens his shirt, revealing the scar to a horrified Lauren. Taylor is blown away when Brooke says she can't stand in the way of Ridge being a father to his son. She thinks Brooke is talking about ending her marriage, but Brooke tells Taylor she's delusional. Thomas will have a father, but Taylor won't have a husband; Brooke is sure Ridge will want joint custody. Taylor can't stand the idea of Brooke having anything to do with Thomas' upbringing. Eric shares with Sally his concerns about Jonny's edgy behavior. He asks for Jonny's address. Jonny is struggling to get free when Eric arrives. He frees Jonny, who tells Eric that Rush is with Lauren.

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Guest Stars: Karim Prince as Raymond

2771 :12x14 - Ep. #2771

Eric calls 911 and sends the police to Lauren's, but Jonny warns him not to call Lauren directly because arousing Rush's suspicions will endanger her life. Brooke tells Ridge she can't take the separation and urges him to come home. Grant and Macy discuss Jonny's bizarre behavior, and a phone call from Sally echoes their concern. Rush tells Lauren that they can pick up where she and Jonny left off and kisses her. She pulls away and lunges for the phone, but Rush angrily rips the cord out of the wall and tells her that she's never leaving him again. Eric and Jonny burst in and a fight ensues. Rush knocks Jonny out with a candlestick. Eric and Rush struggle on the balcony until Rush goes over the side, falling to his death. Lauren rushes into Eric's arms. Stephanie points out to Ridge that Eric is more than capable of being a father to Rick and Bridget and that Ridge should make a life with Taylor and their son.

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2772 :12x15 - Ep. #2772

Brooke cares for both Rick and Amber as they recover from surgery. Katie, noting her sister's exhaustion, can't believe Ridge left her at a time like this, but Brooke is more concerned about how Stephanie and Taylor are using this time to turn Ridge against her. Taylor brings Thomas by to see Ridge and lets him start his 'Daddy Lessons' by changing the baby's diaper. Ridge tells Stephanie and Taylor that becoming a father is the best thing that ever happened to him. Brooke is evasive when Rick questions her about Ridge's whereabouts. After she's gone, Rick tells Amber he senses something's not right between Ridge and his mother. Brooke wants to speak to Ridge alone, but Stephanie and Taylor won't leave. Brooke forges ahead, telling Ridge that Rick plans on coming down to dinner for the first time since the accident and expects to see Ridge there. She wants him to come home so they can put everything behind them and be a family again.

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2773 :12x16 - Ep. #2773

Ridge tells Eric he knows he can't put his decision off any longer, painfully aware that someone's going to get hurt in the process. Brooke plans dinner, certain that if Ridge shows up, he's making a commitment for the rest of their lives. Stephanie accuses Brooke of using her children to strong-arm Ridge. Katie can't listen to any more and confronts Stephanie, but Stephanie refuses to back down. She tells Brooke not to expect Ridge to show up for dinner....but that's exactly what Brooke expects will happen. Meanwhile, Taylor asks Maggie if she should have given Ridge an ultimatum herself. Maggie encourages Taylor to fight Brooke for Ridge the way she wishes she had fought Sheila for James. Taylor points out to Ridge that Brooke is forcing the issue to meet her own needs and offers him an option for tonight - dinner at her place with Thomas and her. Taylor is encouraged by Ridge's words and anticipates his arrival for dinner.

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2774 :12x17 - Ep. #2774

Brooke calls Ridge to tell him how much they need him. Bridget stops by to tell Ridge how much they miss him. Ridge tells her how much she and Brooke and Rick mean to her. Taylor happily prepares for dinner and tells Stephanie she fervently hopes nothing will go wrong. Brooke is touched by Rick's efforts to please Ridge. Stephanie urges Ridge to stay loyal to Thomas and his mother, that Rick and Bridget will understand his decision. Eric points out to Stephanie that the deciding factor will be Ridge's choice between two women, both of whom Eric believes Ridge loves. Rick slowly, painfully makes his way down to dinner. Brooke is beaming when the doorbell rings. Meanwhile, Taylor's preparations are ready and she is thrilled when her doorbell rings as well.

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2775 :12x18 - Ep. #2775

Stephanie is certain Ridge will choose to have dinner at Taylor's. Taylor is surprised to see James at her door and he realizes she was expecting someone other than him. He wants to play with the baby for a minute, but Taylor asks him to leave. Rick, Bridget and Brooke are thrilled to see Ridge. Ridge reminds Rick that they need to discuss his accident sometime soon. After dinner, the children go upstairs so Brooke and Ridge can be alone. Taylor is devastated when a messenger delivers a note from Ridge saying that he can't make dinner and will explain later. She phones Stephanie to ask her to come be with her. Ridge tells Brooke she forced him to make a decision today. He realizes Bridget and Rick know something's going on and they need to be told the truth. He says they'll understand - and Brooke will have to understand too - that now Ridge has a son who needs him more than they do.

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2776 :12x19 - Ep. #2776

In tears, Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge has chosen Brooke. She's certain there's no hope; she and Thomas are alone. At their beach house, Grant and Macy enjoy the romance of being newlyweds and talk about starting a family. While Grant is making an ice cream run, Macy is stunned to discover that Thorne has rented the house next door. Ridge tells Brooke gently that what he has to say will hurt her, will hurt all of them, but she knew how he would feel when he found out about Thomas. He doesn't want his son to be raised without him. Brooke implores Ridge to give her thirty days, insisting she was wrong to try to force him to make a decision so soon. Ridge tells her the decision was made the moment he found out about Thomas, but he just wasn't ready to face it. He explains that he didn't want to just disappear and will stay for a couple of days to help Rick and Bridget adjust. Then he'll move out and they'll get an annulment. He has to go out for a while. Brooke kisses him desperately. When he's gone, Brooke dissolves into tears.

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2777 :12x20 - Ep. #2777

Brooke tearfully tells Katie that Ridge has left her. Katie thinks Ridge is making a terrible mistake. Sally wonders if Thorne has been looking for Macy. Being a Forrester, she knows he'll want what he can't have and decides it's just as well he doesn't know about Macy's wedding. Sally tells Darla she's just glad that Macy is no longer vulnerable to Thorne. Macy, still dressed in just a towel, can't believe that Thorne is their neighbor. He promises to try to get out of his lease. Unbeknownst to Macy, Grant has returned. He overhears her admitting to Thorne that she never told Grant about Thorne's visit the night of their wedding. Ridge arrives to see Taylor, but Stephanie angrily tells him to go home, and that Taylor doesn't want to talk to him. Ridge refuses to leave until he talks to her. Stephanie leaves and Ridge explains why he went to Brooke's. Taylor cries tears of joy and embraces Ridge when she realizes he wants them to be a family.

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2778 :12x21 - Ep. #2778

Stephanie, believing Ridge has chosen Brooke, goes to her and admits she's won. Brooke is stunned at first, then realizes Stephanie's mistake. Finally, she blurts out that Ridge has left her, and Stephanie couldn't be happier. Grant is duly suspicious when he finds out that Thorne is their new neighbor and wonders how coincidental it really is. Thorne has left but isn't out of earshot when Grant questions Macy about Thorne's presence the night of their wedding, and, more importantly, why Macy didn't tell him. Grant accuses Macy of not being completely honest with him, and he's certain that Thorne wants Macy back. Taylor knows Brooke's going to pull out all the stops to try and hang onto Ridge, and wants to know how Ridge is going to handle the situation. Ridge assures her that he'll handle Brooke. He promises not to drag it out and will talk to Rick and Bridget in the morning.

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2779 :12x22 - Ep. #2779

Amber walks in on Ridge as he gets out of the shower in the guest bathroom. She has surmised what's going on between Brooke and Ridge and wonders if there isn't some way they can work things out. James stops by to tell Taylor how happy he is for her. She tells him that Ridge and Brooke are breaking the news to Rick and Bridget over breakfast and that, as professionals, Taylor and James must acknowledge that their lives will be impacted. Brooke is looking through photos of happier times and asks Ridge if they can wait to tell Rick and Bridget. Ridge knows how difficult it will be, but knows they must go through with it. Thinking Ridge and Brooke are upstairs enjoying Ridge's homecoming, Rick and Bridget happily fix breakfast, with only Amber aware of what's about to happen. Ridge tells Rick and Bridget there's something he needs to discuss with them.

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2780 :12x23 - Ep. #2780

Macy tells Grant they have something special that no one, not even her ex, can take away from them. She convinces him to go to work a little late because this would be a good time for her to conceive. Grant stops by to tell Thorne that their house is off limits to him, and wants to know what he's really up to. Stephanie tells Eric about Ridge's decision and he is deeply concerned about Bridget and Rick. Ridge starts to tell them, but Brooke interrupts. She wants to make sure they know that no matter what happens, she and Ridge will always love them. Rick derails Ridge by happily telling them he feels well enough to go back to school. Ridge finally agrees to tell them later. Brooke tries to convince Ridge to stay after the children leave, but, grateful as he is for her support, he has to go.

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2781 :12x24 - Ep. #2781

Ridge breaks it to Taylor that he couldn't tell Bridget and Rick. Taylor is concerned that Brooke will take advantage of the delay if Ridge doesn't take some kind of action. Ridge's attorney arrives with annulment papers. Grant accuses Thorne of being obsessed with Macy. Thorne thinks Grant feels threatened by him. Both stand their ground about not moving out. Thorne wants Grant to stay away from him and adds that he thinks he's all wrong for Macy. Grant wonders how long it's been since Thorne had a date. Just then, Thorne's masseuse arrives, and Thorne lets Grant believe she's there for something other than an appointment. Darla is visiting Macy and is mesmerized by the sight of Thorne's massage. Finally, she can't take it any longer and goes over and takes Kim's place, much to Thorne's surprise.

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2782 :12x25 - Ep. #2782

Brooke tells Katie she's not about to give up on her marriage and that if he marries Taylor, he's making the mistake of his life. Taylor tells Stephanie that Ridge's lawyer said Brooke will have no choice but to sign the annulment papers. Macy watches Darla flirt with Thorne and finally decides she has to go over there. Darla rolls her eyes when Macy arrives. She tells Darla that Sally wants her at the office right away. Thorne promises Macy he's not going to bother Grant and her, but he also admits he'll always love her and that letting her go was the biggest mistake he ever made. Brooke has Katie send Ridge up to the bedroom when he arrives. He shows her the annulment papers and asks her to sign him. Brooke has one last request. She wants him to make love to her one last time.

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2783 :12x26 - Ep. #2783

Brooke asks Ridge to make love to her one more time as husband and wife. Ridge tells Brooke she has to let go and make a fresh start. He wants her to sign the annulment papers and reminds her that he can go ahead without her signature. She takes the papers and burns them. She tells Ridge she will not take back her commitment to him and that she'll always be a part of him no matter what happens. Rick wants to talk to James because something is bothering his mother and he's afraid he may be responsible. He feels there must be something he can do to help her. Amber swears C.J. to silence, then tells him about Ridge and Brooke's impending divorce. C.J. is upset for Rick and wants to tell him.

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2784 :12x27 - Ep. #2784

Sally notices C.J.'s preoccupation, and he admits it's because he knows Ridge and Brooke are breaking up...and Rick doesn't. Rick has noticed how depressed his mother seems. When Amber promises to be there for him, he realizes she knows what's going on and demands that she tell him. She tries to convince him to ask Brooke himself, but finally drops the bomb that Ridge is leaving Brooke. Rick is angry and upset. He heads out to confront Ridge, determined that Ridge won't get away with hurting Brooke again. Lauren takes Eric a thank-you gift. She tells him that Jonny is back East handling Rush's funeral arrangements.

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2785 :12x28 - Ep. #2785

Ridge calls Brooke to say it's time to talk to the children. Brooke covers her tears as Bridget comes in, asking if she can keep the tiny kitten she's holding, even though she knows Ridge doesn't like cats. Bridget misinterprets Brooke's upset, assuming she's still saddened by her miscarriage. Bridget assures her that Brooke and Ridge will have a child someday. Amber lets C.J. know she slipped and told Rick what's going on, and now she's afraid Rick's fury will drive him to do something crazy. Rick angrily confronts Ridge, who is stunned that Rick already knows. Ridge tries to explain the situation with Taylor and the baby, but Rick does everything he can to make Ridge change his mind. He's not about to allow Ridge walk out on Brooke.

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2786 :12x29 - Ep. #2786

Rick insists that his mother deserves some happiness...and Ridge is the only one who can give it to her. Brooke tells James she can't give up on Ridge and has to find a way to get through to him before Bridget and Rick find out what's going on. Rick tells his mother he knows. Brooke tries to explain the whole story, but Rick is still adamant that Ridge can't leave her. Ridge asks Taylor to meet him at the Private Dining Room. Taylor is thrilled, certain Ridge is about to tell her that Brooke has signed the annulment papers. Eric has some advice for Ridge, something he knows from experience. Eric tells him that he may end his marriage to Brooke, but he'll never be able to forget her. When Eric recounts his conversation to Stephanie, adding that he's never seen Ridge more torn in his life, Stephanie is concerned that Ridge might change his mind, which would devastate Taylor.

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2787 :12x30 - Ep. #2787

Taylor and Ridge dance romantically, Taylor certain their future is finally secure. She fights back the emotion when Ridge tells her that Brooke refused to sign the papers and that Ridge hasn't moved out yet. She begs him not to tell her that he's changed his mind. Stephanie is stunned when Eric tells her that Brooke and Ridge's marriage hasn't been annulled. She accuses Eric of having his own agenda in what Ridge's decision will be. Eric demands that Stephanie back off and let Ridge make the decision himself. Macy tells Grant she thinks she's pregnant. Grant couldn't be happier. Macy takes a home pregnancy test and, with nervous excitement, they decide to look at the results together. Sally barrels into Thorne's home and confronts him about his proximity to Macy. She reminds him that he had his chance with Macy and blew it. Sally's pointed comments bring Thorne's first realization that Macy and Grant are trying to start a family.

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2788 :12x31 - Ep. #2788

Taylor wants Ridge to level with her and tell her exactly what his intentions are. Ridge assures her that his future is with the baby and her. When she questions why he didn't file the annulment anyway, Ridge insists that he doesn't want a legal battle. He's a little irked when Taylor implies that Brooke and Rick are pulling his strings, and is adamant that he is in control. As they dance and kiss, Taylor tells Ridge she needs him in her home and in her bed. She wants him to go deal with Rick and end his marriage to Brooke. When the pregnancy test is negative, Grant and Macy are disappointed. Grant hugs her as Macy fights tears. Later, Thorne notices Macy alone on her deck and wants to know why she's crying. Macy snaps at him, then apologizes and explains her disappointment in not being pregnant. Rick swears that he will never forgive Ridge if he leaves Brooke, despite Eric's attempts to reason with him.

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2789 :12x32 - Ep. #2789

After listening to Stephanie's tirade about Brooke and men, James tells her he isn't surprised that Stephanie and Eric are having problems and their wedding plans are on hold. James finds Stephanie's attitude toward Brooke deplorable -- and a turn-off. Stephanie finally sees his point and, with James' help, decides to be more like the Stephanie Eric fell in love with and was married to for many years. Lauren sees that Eric needs a break and brings out champagne and caviar. She convinces him to take a little R&R and they wind up in the hot tub. Grant tells Sally that he's worried about Macy. He decides to leave the meeting and go home to Macy, who needs him. Thorne is supportive and points out that it's not the end of the world; there's always next month. Grant spots Macy and Thorne together on the deck and is livid. Later, Thorne is beaten up when he walks into his dark living room. He is stunned to see that his attacker is Grant.

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2790 :12x33 - Ep. #2790

Stephanie is preparing for a romantic candlelight evening when Sally arrives. Sally wants Stephanie to stop Thorne from ruining Macy's marriage. Sally is incensed when Stephanie implies that Sally encouraged Macy's relationship with Grant for business reasons. She points out that Stephanie is probably losing Eric to Lauren as they speak because he is spending the evening at Lauren's place. Meanwhile, Eric continues to relax in Lauren's hot tub. Lauren wants to know what's going on between Eric and Stephanie. Stephanie calls Eric at Lauren's and apologizes for the way she's been acting lately, inwardly hoping it's not too late. Darla stops by to cheer Macy up and is surprised Grant isn't there, as he left work before her. Darla wants to know if Macy would mind if she started dating Thorne. Grant reluctantly accepts Thorne's explanation but warns him to stay away from Macy and punches him again. Darla goes to Thorne's and is horrified when she finds him nursing his wounds, and that Grant was responsible.

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2791 :12x34 - Ep. #2791

Eric surprises Stephanie with coffee in bed. Stephanie is thrilled, realizing her words had an impact on him. She realizes she's been insensitive to Eric's children and promises to control her feelings toward Brooke for their sake. With tears in her eyes, she thanks Eric for giving them another chance. When Sally asks Lauren how her evening with Eric went, Lauren produces Eric's boxers in response. She admits they didn't sleep together, but it's clearer than ever how wrong Stephanie is for Eric. Sally and Lauren decide to make sure it's just as clear to Stephanie -- in person. They ask Stephanie if she'll be seeing Eric later. Lauren explains that he left something at her place...and pulls out Eric's boxers. Before he breaks the news to Bridget, Ridge asks Brooke to help the children understand his decision. Brooke begs him not to tell Bridget. Meanwhile, Rick realizes what's going to happen and urges Bridget not to see Ridge today.

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2792 :12x35 - Ep. #2792

Lauren tells Stephanie that she intruded on her private, special time with Eric last night and doesn't want it to happen again. Stephanie tries to tell Lauren that her problems with Eric have been resolved, but Lauren insists that she won't let Stephanie treat him this way and Eric could never be happy with her. Stephanie controls her fury, even when Sally douses her with a pitcher of water. Eric, having seen it all, is impressed with Stephanie's newfound self-control. Taylor is preparing for Ridge's homecoming when Rick confronts her, claiming Ridge's departure will kill Brooke and it will be all Taylor's fault. Hoping to help him understand, Taylor brings out Thomas and tells Rick that Ridge made his decision out of love. Bridget senses something bad has happened when she sees Brooke's tears. Ridge tells Bridget that he's moving out. Bridget is devastated and begs him not to go. Ridge tries to explain his reasons and tells her that Thomas is his son. Bridget is disillusioned when she finds out that Brooke knew about Thomas when she married Ridge. She tells Brooke she is a terrible mother.

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2793 :12x36 - Ep. #2793

James is the cover story of a psychology magazine, which is running a story about how he got involved with his patient. He tells Taylor he intends to ignore it. He changes the subject abruptly and they discuss the impact of Ridge and Brooke's break-up on Bridget and Rick. James points out that rather than blaming Taylor, Bridget could very well wind up blaming Brooke, which is exactly what is happening. Bridget accuses Brooke of trapping Ridge into marriage by lying to him. Bridget locks herself in her room. Brooke berates herself for her mistakes. Stephanie tells Thorne about her new attitude toward Brooke and her recent encounter with Sally and Lauren. Thorne realizes Eric has forgiven Stephanie, who admits she needs forgiveness from one more person: Thorne. Taylor happily anticipates Ridge's homecoming, remembering James' advice to forget about Brooke and focus on Ridge and Thomas. James' partner tells him he has some news, and he'd better sit down to hear it.

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2794 :12x37 - Ep. #2794

Stephanie wants them to start over, but Thorne wonders if it isn't a little late. She can't convince him that she loves her children equally. He declines her offer to return to Forrester. Carlos tells James that the article is affecting their practice and that James must acknowledge that his breach of ethics is a serious problem. James realizes he is being asked to resign and refuses, but Carlos insists the writing is on the wall. After Carlos leaves, who should appear at James' office door but Sheila. Katie tells Brooke that Bridget is still locked in her room. She notices a change in Brooke's demeanor and Brooke admits that Ridge told her that he still loves her. Brooke wants the key so she can go into Bridget's room to talk to her. Ridge tells Taylor that breaking the news to Bridget went worse than he expected. Taylor fills him in about her angry visit from Rick, then asks to leave all this behind and celebrate their first night together as a family. They are interrupted by a phone call from Brooke, who is frantic because Bridget is gone.

Source: CBS

2795 :12x38 - Ep. #2795

Stephanie is telling Eric about her conversation with Thorne when Brooke calls to see if Eric has seen Bridget. While Eric is on his way over, Brooke calls the school and finds out that Bridget never showed up for classes. Brooke and Katie call Bridget's friends. Stephanie shows up, offering to help, though Brooke insists she doesn't need any help from Stephanie. Brooke calls the police to report her daughter missing. James embraces Sheila and is thrilled to see his daughter again. He doesn't let on about the professional turmoil he is going through on her account. Taylor tries to reassure Ridge that Bridget wouldn't do anything foolish. She wants him to focus on their special day and starts to give him a back rub. Taylor tries to convince him not to answer the phone, but Ridge thinks it could be Bridget. It's Brooke, who expresses her fear about Bridget. Ridge tells her he'll be right over.

Source: CBS

2796 :12x39 - Ep. #2796

Amber sees Rick working out and wonders if it's to help relieve the stress he's feeling. Rick assumes Ridge has spoken with Bridget and is worried about how Bridget is taking the news. He tells Amber what a great mom Brooke is and how much she wanted and deserved the happiness she was finding with Ridge. Amber tells Rick he can always count on her. Stephanie, Katie, Eric and Brooke continue to call around hoping to find someone who's seen Bridget. Stephanie wonders if it was really necessary for Brooke to have Ridge come over, but Brooke rushes into Ridge's arms as soon as he arrives. Stephanie accuses Brooke of laying a guilt trip on Ridge. She reminds her that Eric is Bridget's father, not Ridge. Brooke and the children need to accept that Ridge is leaving and Stephanie won't stand by and watch while Brooke gives them false hope. Stephanie tries unsuccessfully to convince Ridge to return to Taylor's. He insists he will stay with Brooke until Bridget returns.

Source: CBS

2797 :12x40 - Ep. #2797

James tells Sheila how much he missed her and wonders if she left because of him. James finds a letter from Maggie, telling him she's left L.A. and will be staying with her daughter in London. James breaks the news to Sheila that the medical board is trying to take away his license. Eric is angered by Stephanie's accusations towards Brooke. Stephanie points out that Brooke called Ridge before she called Eric about Bridget's disappearance, but Eric defends Brooke. Eric goes to the police station, leaving Ridge to comfort Brooke. Stephanie encourages Taylor to go to Ridge and offer her support, no matter how Brooke would feel about her presence. Bridget cowers in a doorway in a seedy section of Hollywood.

Source: CBS

2798 :12x41 - Ep. #2798

Darla is giving Grant the cold shoulder. He draws out of her that it's because he attacked Thorne. Grant says he was sending Thorne a message and he'll get a lot worse if Grant catches him near Macy again. Darla tells him pointedly that he acted like an insecure jerk. Thorne hears that Bridget is missing. Knowing that C.J. is visiting Macy, Thorne goes over to ask him if she knows where Bridget might be. Macy is concerned about Bridget. After C.J. leaves, she tells Thorne that she ran away herself when she found out that her father disappeared. She sees Thorne's bruise and can hardly believe Grant was responsible. She hears Grant coming in and quickly pushes Thorne out the porch door. James is outraged by the letter from the board requesting an interview. Sheila realizes that James has been fired and could lose his license because of her. She promises she won't let this happen and offers to go in front of the board on his behalf.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker

2799 :12x42 - Ep. #2799

Now that it's dark, Brooke is frantic about Bridget. She rushes to the door hopefully when she hears someone, but it is Amber and Rick. Rick tells Ridge it's his fault that Bridget is gone. Rick wants Ridge to go ahead and leave, but Brooke intervenes, insisting she was responsible. Brooke agrees it's a good idea for Amber and Rick to go out to look for Bridget. Brooke gives the police a description of Bridget. Bridget promises herself that if Ridge isn't staying, she's never going home. When Gary begins talking to her outside the guitar shop, Bridget says that she is waiting for a ride. Gary, knowing she's lying, takes her by the arm, but she tells him to leave her alone. Another man gives her a card with the number of Covenant House, a shelter for runaway teens. Macy begins to confront Grant about his treatment of Thorne. She's surprised when he confesses that he punched Thorne the other night, admitting that he is afraid of losing her. Thorne, still hiding, overhears. Macy tries to reassure him, and Grant, in turn, promises it will never happen again.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker

2800 :12x43 - Ep. #2800

C.J. tells Sally about Bridget's disappearance and his conviction that she's gone for good. Eric and Lt. Baker drive the streets of Hollywood, searching for Bridget. Brooke is not happy to see Taylor and says she doesn't want her help. Brooke denies that she feels threatened by Taylor. She suggests Taylor go home in case Bridget tries to call. Taylor realizes she's right, and that Ridge should be there too because she's sure Bridget would want to talk to him. Brooke doesn't want him to go and Taylor accuses her of using the situation to her advantage. Ridge hears them and wants to know what's going on. Huddled under newspaper in the doorway of the guitar shop, Bridget is spotted by a couple of lowlifes. They steal her money and finally leave, promising to see her later. C.J. goes to the guitar store to replace a broken string, and is stunned to find Bridget crying in the doorway.

Source: CBS

2801 :12x44 - Ep. #2801

Taylor tries to convince Brooke that she can help her figure out where Bridget may have gone by understanding what Bridget was going through when she left. Brooke finally lets Taylor talk them through the feelings of abandonment and rage Bridget is feeling, particularly toward Ridge. Brooke feels what's happened is her fault for focusing on her own life when she should have been paying more attention to her daughter. She clings to Taylor, sobbing and pleading with her to help. Bridget refuses to let C.J. take her home, but C.J. picks her up and carries her to the car. He promises not to call her family, insisting he understands what it's like to have a family ripped apart. He takes her to a Spectra storage area and leaves. Amber tells Rick she's spent four hours searching the beaches and the bus lines. She feels as if she's become a jinx on the Forrester family.

Source: CBS

2802 :12x45 - Ep. #2802

With Bridget still missing, Brooke is exhausted from staying up all night, waiting. C.J. takes Bridget some breakfast, but can't convince her to go home. She assures him she'll bolt if he gives her away. C.J. finally agrees to keep her secret but tells her she has to call her mother and let her know she's okay. Stephanie warns Taylor that Brooke will use every minute she has with Ridge to try to solidify what's left of their relationship. Taylor remains confident that once Bridget is found, Ridge will come home to them. Lt. Baker wants to tap the phones in case Bridget calls so they can trace the number. Brooke is relieved when Bridget finally calls. She says that she's not coming home, but she wants to speak to Ridge. She begs him not to leave, but knows he will. She says that if he's not going to be there, she doesn't want to be there either. She hangs up and runs out sobbing, with C.J. in pursuit.

Source: CBS
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker

2803 :12x46 - Ep. #2803

Lt. Baker is unable to trace Bridget's call because the tap wasn't hooked up yet. Brian, the man from Covenant House, recognizes Bridget from her photo and tells Brooke and Ridge that he's seen her. They decide to go to the storefront where Brian first met Bridget. Thorne wants to talk to James about Macy. He admits that he's in love with her again. On James' advice, Thorne goes to the Insomnia to talk to Macy. Sally and Macy see C.J. in the storage area. When he tells them he's looking for a young blonde, Sally chides him for going after the models. Gary, the guitar shop owner, recognizes Bridget but tells Ridge, Brooke, Lt. Baker and Brian that he hasn't seen her recently. Bridget huddles in the alley behind the guitar store and sees Brooke's tears. She sees Ridge consoling Brooke and decides that if she stays away a few more days, Ridge will decide not to leave and Bridget could save her family.

Source: CBS

2804 :12x47 - Ep. #2804

Thorne tells Macy that he wants her in his life as a friend. Macy doesn't disagree, but she doesn't want their friendship to be at the expense of her marriage and they must be sensitive to Grant's feelings. Taylor, exhausted, snaps at Ridge. He, in turn, thinks Taylor is taking Stephanie's side against Brooke. Taylor dissolves into tears and heads out. He embraces her apologetically. She knows Brooke isn't manipulating Ridge this time, but Taylor hasn't been honest about her own needs. Ridge wants them to be a family, too, and kisses Taylor, promising he's there for her. Thorne sees Macy embrace Grant. She tells him she's made an appointment with a fertility specialist. Grant thinks it's premature, but she finally convinces him to go along with her. Darla tells Thorne she saw him with Macy at the Insomnia and asks him if he's still in love with Macy.

Source: CBS

2805 :12x48 - Ep. #2805

Thorne doesn't want to have this conversation with Darla. He knows Macy is happy and he would never try to ruin that for her. He knows he has no choice beyond maintaining a friendship with her. C.J. takes Bridget back to the storage area. He can't believe she saw Ridge and Brooke and didn't go to them. He realizes that she believes if she stays away long enough that Ridge and Brooke will get back together. Amber asks Ridge if he's sure about what he's doing. C.J. phones Amber and tells her to meet him, without giving away why. Macy and Grant are thrilled when her initial test results show that everything is normal. The doctor recommends that they keep trying to get pregnant for a few more months before they go on to additional testing. Thorne watches as Macy and Grant laugh and kiss out on their deck. Darla touches his shoulder, but he can't tear his gaze away.

Source: CBS

2806 :12x49 - Ep. #2806

Amber realizes C.J. has been hiding Bridget. She tries to convince her to go home, explaining how distraught her family has been. Amber points out that running away won't make the situation better and that all she has to do is call to get help from a lot of people who care. Ridge and Brooke drive around Hollywood looking for Bridget. Ridge sees some men outside the guitar store. Brooke can't imagine Bridget would have talked to people like that and they are about to drive on when Brooke spots one of their girlfriends with Bridget's purse. Ridge confronts them, but the men punch him and knock him down, while Brooke is shoved to the ground when she tries to call 911. James sits down with his partners and tells them that, although his license is being reviewed by the board, he has no intention of leaving his practice. He asks for their support, but they refuse to defend him. They give him an ultimatum: either he leaves the practice or they do. James tells Sheila the partners want him to resign because they find his relationship with her unethical.

Source: CBS

2807 :12x50 - Ep. #2807

Sheila can't believe the partners want to throw James out, especially when he started the clinic. Taylor, having been called by Sheila, comes over to talk to James. Taylor has noted Sheila's upset and is concerned about how Sheila's going to react to these attacks against James. James is certain that Sheila is under control. Sheila appears in the office, startling Dr. Nunez, who asks her to leave. She asks him to help James, but he refuses. Sheila forcefully tells him that he won't get away with this. Ridge helps Brooke up. She insists she doesn't need to see a doctor. When Amber convinces Bridget to call home, Rick answers the phone and begs his sister to come home. He tells her that Ridge and Brooke are out together searching for her and pleads with her to call them. Bridget calls Ridge and Brooke in the car. Tearfully, she tells them she's coming home. Ridge and Brooke embrace each other in joy and relief and the moment gives way to a passionate kiss.

Source: CBS

2808 :12x51 - Ep. #2808

Rick calls Eric and Stephanie to let them know that Bridget's been found. Eric heads out to see her, but wounds Stephanie when he asks her not to come along. Dr. Nunez tells Sheila that James has to be held accountable for having a sexual relationship with a patient he was treating for serious mental disorders. Sheila is livid and swears that if James loses his career, Dr. Nunez will pay. James wants Taylor to say that he did nothing wrong, but Taylor can only say that she knows his intentions were honorable. Brooke thanks Ridge for all his support, and tells him that Bridget's going to want him to stay. Bridget has an emotional homecoming with Brooke and Ridge. Bridget apologizes to all of them. She knows running away doesn't solve her problems, but wishes she knew what would. Ridge tells her he thinks he knows, and embraces her. Ridge thanks C.J. and Amber for taking care of her. Stephanie tells Taylor about Bridget's homecoming and adds, hurt, that Eric didn't want her there.

Source: CBS

2809 :12x52 - Ep. #2809

Sally tells Grant and Macy that Spectra is losing money fast and that it's time to go back to selling inexpensive knock-offs rather that trying to keep up with Forrester Creations. Grant is dumbfounded. Sally is surprised to hear that C.J. was last seen taking Bridget home - from Spectra! They realize that C.J. must have been helping Bridget and Sally feels very proud of her son. Ridge makes Bridget promise she'll never run away again. Eric embraces his daughter. He wants her to talk about what really drove her to run away. Ridge thinks they already know. Bridget begs him to stay, promising they'll do anything to keep him from leaving. Taylor is incredulous when Stephanie suggests that Brooke will use Bridget's vulnerability to win Ridge back. They realize Bridget needs professional help. Taylor, aware James' situation makes him unavailable, finally agrees to go over to Brooke's to see if she can help Bridget - and all of them - through the crisis.

Source: CBS

2810 :12x53 - Ep. #2810

Stephanie points out that Thomas could lose his father forever if they don't stop Brooke from using her children to hold onto Ridge. Bridget implores Ridge not to turn his back on them. Before Ridge can respond, Eric asks to talk to him alone. C.J. and Amber, aware of what's going on, realize this is the moment of truth. While Ridge and Eric are upstairs, Brooke is less than thrilled to find Taylor and Stephanie at the door. Stephanie refuses to leave without seeing Bridget, and puts her foot in the way so Brooke can't slam the door. Taylor and Stephanie embrace Bridget and ask if she wants to talk about what happened. Rick just wants them to leave. Bridget wants to tell Taylor that she's sorry about the baby and her, but Ridge won't be leaving; he'll stay with Brooke and his family. Eric tells Ridge there's only one decision he can make; he can't walk out on his commitment to Brooke, Rick and Bridget. Stephanie interrupts and points out that they all want to help Bridget cope, but giving into her emotional demands isn't the answer. Ridge tells them both to stop. This is his decision, albeit a painful one, and he knows what he must do.

Source: CBS

2811 :12x54 - Ep. #2811

Ridge interrupts Eric and Stephanie's bickering and says he's ready to tell everyone whether he's staying with Brooke or starting a life with Taylor, but he needs to know his parents will accept his decision, whatever it is. Finally, both pledge their unconditional support. Rick knows Bridget wants Ridge to stay, but she can't run away if he decides to go with Taylor. Brooke is confident that Ridge will stay with her and asks Taylor if she could be happy with a man who will love another woman until he dies. Macy and Sally confront C.J., who explains how he found Bridget and why he let her hide at Spectra. Brooke tells Rick and Bridget she truly believes Ridge will stay. Eric lets them know that Ridge wanted a minute alone before he comes downstairs. Amber calls C.J. to tell him that Ridge has gone down to the living room. C.J. is concerned for Bridget. Ridge tells them all that no matter what happens, they need to support each other. He expresses his gratitude to Taylor for showing him that he didn't have to make his decision out of obligation or fear. He admits he loves both Taylor and Brooke.

Source: CBS

2812 :12x55 - Ep. #2812

Macy tells Thorne that Bridget's home and explains C.J.'s role in her return. She lets him know that C.J. thinks Ridge might change his mind about leaving Brooke, and wonders how Thorne would feel if Taylor were available. Ridge says that he's listened to everyone, but one voice has not been heard: his son's. Thomas needs Ridge, and no one can take Ridge's place in his life. Ridge apologizes to Brooke, who holds a sobbing Bridget. Eric shoots Ridge a look and comforts Bridget, leading her from the room. Stephanie tries to reassure Ridge that Bridget will be all right. Rick lets his anger out at Ridge. He tells Ridge that he and Bridget will never forgive him. Brooke swears she never believed Ridge would leave, and Ridge tells her it's the hardest decision he's ever had to make. As he leaves with Taylor, Ridge has a poignant moment of eye contact with Brooke, a moment not lost on Stephanie. Taylor asks the shaken Ridge if he's coming home, and he nods.

Source: CBS

2813 :12x56 - Ep. #2813

Ridge admits to Taylor that the look on Bridget's face broke his heart. Taylor tries to reassure him, certain that Eric is with his children, helping them cope. She realizes that he's also worried about Brooke. Taylor apologizes for ever doubting Ridge. She offers him words of support. Ridge tells Taylor he loves her and they kiss. Eric continues to comfort Bridget, and agrees to stay the night. He promises Rick and Bridget that their mother won't be alone in this and neither will they. Stephanie tells Brooke about her promise to Ridge, explaining that now is the time for them to stay together as a family. Brooke orders her out of the house. She tells Stephanie she'll never forgive her for ruining her children's lives. She won't let Stephanie help Rick and Bridget because she's not going to let her anywhere near them. Brooke accuses Stephanie of using the children to make points with Eric. Incensed, Stephanie swears that she won't allow Eric's daughter to grow up with only Brooke as a role model. Eric walks in on Stephanie's insults and is livid. He's tired of her hatred dividing the family and tells her to leave.

Source: CBS

2814 :12x57 - Ep. #2814

At the Insomnia, Amber tells C.J. how important it was to Bridget to have Eric stay over. She also tells him that she overheard Eric and Stephanie and it's over for them. She spots a friend from high school, Raymond, who's touring with a band. Amber can't wait to hear him in concert, but C.J. is far from impressed. James is packing up boxes when Stephanie comes by to tell him what happened with Eric. Stephanie asks how things are with Sheila, but, before he can answer, Dr. Nunez comes in with James' final papers. Stephanie is stunned and wants to know what's going on. James explains that he's been fired and Stephanie realizes it's because of Sheila. Stephanie promises to see him through the crisis. Sheila leaves the baby with a sitter, planning a sexy surprise to cheer up James. Eric and Bridget have breakfast together and Eric wants them to make plans to spend a day together. On a high, Eric tells Lauren how blessed he feels to have Rick and Bridget in his life. He feels as if, with Ridge moving out, he has his children back. Eric kisses Lauren.

Source: CBS

2815 :12x58 - Ep. #2815

After a kiss, Lauren wants to know where Eric stands with Stephanie. Eric explains that it's over between Stephanie and him. Lauren can't help but wonder if he came to her on the rebound. Eric denies it, explaining that he's realized many things about his life lately, including how much joy Lauren brings to it. Stephanie promises to help James through his crisis and questions him about Sheila's stability. Sheila's rage builds as she watches them, especially when Stephanie kisses James good-bye. Sheila questions James about his visitors, but he responds by challenging her about her visit to Dr. Nunez. He accuses her of badgering him. James doesn't want Sheila at his hearing. She is livid when she realizes Stephanie is going to be his character witness. Amber is hurt when Rick shuts her out and she finally leaves in tears. Raymond notices her mood. When she questions him about his fame, he admits he enjoys it, but misses having someone like her to share it with.

Source: CBS

2816 :12x59 - Ep. #2816

Lauren excitedly shares her news with Sally: Stephanie's out, she's in where Eric is concerned. Sally is happy for Lauren, but reminds her that Stephanie never gives up without a fight. Macy and Grant have never seen the Insomnia so packed. Raymond dedicates his first song to Amber. C.J. tries to convince Amber to go over to Rick's with him to straighten things out, but she doesn't think Rick wants anything to do with her tonight. Raymond sends her a note with his hotel and room number on it. Taylor assures Ridge that Bridget will heal with Eric and Brooke's help, and that their own relationship will be better than ever. At first, Ridge is stunned when Taylor says she wants to get married immediately, but he agrees it's the right thing for them and kisses her. Stephanie tries to convince Eric that he misinterpreted her conversation with Brooke because he walked in at the wrong time. Eric insists that he can't forgive her for what happened and that it's over between them.

Source: CBS

2817 :12x60 - Ep. #2817

Rick tells Brooke he's certain that Ridge is still in love with her and everyone knows it. Rick apologizes and offers to set her up with someone he knows, but Brooke declines, knowing there's only one man for her. Taylor presses Ridge to have Brooke sign the annulment papers, pointing out that by waiting he's letting Brooke and the children believe he may go back to them. Ridge phones Brooke and asks to come over, without revealing why. He tells her he's sorry for all he's put Brooke and the children through. Brooke can't hold back the tears when he produces the annulment papers. Stephanie tells Eric he can't just give up on her, but Eric is convinced that remarrying would be a mistake. She begs him to reconsider and forgive her.

Source: CBS

2818 :12x61 - Ep. #2818

Brooke tearfully wonders how Ridge could bring her the annulment papers when she is just barely hanging on emotionally. Brooke refuses to sign the papers now, but Ridge presses her to accept that what they had is now in the past. He holds her as she cries. Finally, she signs them, still certain that he’ll come back one day. Grant, impressed with the crowd Raymond has drawn to the Insomnia, wants to know more about his past with Amber. When Raymond asks Grant what Amber’s doing, Raymond is impressed to hear that she works for the Forresters. C.J. advises Raymond not to check them out because Amber’s boyfriend is Rick Forrester. Amber invites Rick to the Insomnia to hear Raymond, but he is too bitter to accept her attempts to help. Amber wonders if she should just leave and Rick flares, wondering if she bails when the going gets rough, too. Amber is surprised when she opens the door to Raymond, who came by to see how the Forresters really live. C.J. warns Rick that he could lose Amber if he’s not careful.

Source: CBS

2819 :12x62 - Ep. #2819

As James gets ready for the hearing, Sheila begs him to let her go along to offer moral support, but he refuses. Stephanie arrives in a sober mood and James embraces her. Sheila glares at them, unseen, as Stephanie tells James about Eric’s decision. C.J. tells Rick he has to stop pushing Amber away or face losing her, and Rick wants to know if someone else has been hitting on her. C.J. finally gets through to Rick, and he’s determined to make it up to Amber for how he’s been treating her. Amber admits that she hasn’t had much time for her music. Raymond tells her not to lose sight of her dream. He suggests she join him on tour. Meanwhile, he suggests she join him on stage tonight at the Insomnia. Amber is thrilled. James goes before the board and is irate when it appears they have already passed judgment. He refuses to let them destroy the career he spent so many years building.

Source: CBS

2820 :12x63 - Ep. #2820

James gets into a heated argument at his hearing. Meanwhile, Sheila is unable to calm herself and heads out. Rick tells Bridget he’s planning a special night on the town with Amber, complete with limo. C.J., aware of Rick’s plan, is surprised to see Amber show up at the Insomnia with Raymond. The board questions James about his relationship with Sheila and her suicide attempt. Stephanie insists on being heard. She describes Sheila as a psychopath, and James as the real victim. James’ license is suspended. Sheila, having overheard Stephanie’s diatribe, vows revenge. As Amber talks with Raymond and John Quincy, C.J. is rebuffed when tries to get her attention. Raymond invites her up on stage to sing with him. C.J. wonders what she’s doing there when Rick is waiting for her. Amber shares Raymond’s excitement when he finds out he’ll be opening for Janet Jackson. Amber and Raymond share a glass of champagne, while Rick waits for Amber to return.

Source: CBS

2821 :12x64 - Ep. #2821

Taylor is relieved that Brooke signed the papers, but wonders what Ridge was doing that took so long. Taylor wants them to get married tomorrow. At first, Ridge doesn’t seem excited and doesn’t understand the rush. Then, he holds the baby and tells Taylor that Thomas has something for her. In Thomas’s little clenched first is a diamond engagement ring. Brooke isn’t thrilled that Rick had plans for the evening with Amber. Rick wants to know how things went with Ridge. He finally draws out of her that Ridge brought the annulment papers for her to sign. He tries to be supportive of his mother and Brooke tries to assure him that she’ll be fine. C.J. wonders where Amber is, and doesn’t want to believe Amber and Raymond could be anything more than high school friends. Raymond and Amber celebrate his success. He tells Amber he wants her to go on tour with her. She tries to tell him she has a boyfriend, but he paints a glamorous picture of their life together. They kiss, and sink to the bed.

Source: CBS

2822 :12x65 - Ep. #2822

Amber wakes up, distressed to realize she was there all night. She finds a farewell note from Raymond, telling her that his manager wouldn’t let her join them on tour. When she gets home, Rick wants to know where she was all night. He apologizes for how he acted and explains that he planned to take her out to dinner. When Rick tells Amber how much he cares for her, Amber regrets more than ever her misspent night with Raymond. They decide to go to the Café Russe tonight, to celebrate starting over. Amber embraces Rick with tears in her eyes. Stephanie tells Brooke that Eric wants nothing to do with her, and Brooke is not displeased to hear it’s because of Stephanie’s behavior the night Ridge left. Stephanie accuses Brooke of ripping Eric out of her life again. Brooke sees it as justice. Ridge and Taylor make plans for their wedding, enjoying each other and the wonder of the day. When Taylor calls to share her excitement, Stephanie puts her on the speaker so Brooke can hear about the wedding plans. Stephanie promises Brooke that she is finished with their family.

Source: CBS

2823 :12x66 - Ep. #2823

Thorne agrees to be best man at Ridge's wedding to Taylor. Amber admits to C.J. that she spent the entire evening partying with Raymond and he promised her she would go on tour with him, only to disappear in the morning. C.J. questions how far things went with Raymond. Amber admits she isn't exactly sure what happened but she tells C.J. she didn't have sex with Raymond. Amber asks C.J. to keep her night with Raymond a secret from Rick. Clarke tells Brooke that he understands how she feels about Ridge's wedding and that he's there for her. Taylor is worried that Brooke might do something to ruin the wedding, but Ridge assures her she won't. Brooke asks Clarke to take her to Ridge and Taylor's wedding as his guest.

Source: CBS

2824 :12x67 - Ep. #2824

Taylor invites James to the wedding, telling him not to bring Sheila. Stephanie agrees to be Taylor's matron of honor. Brooke asks Ridge if he's sure about what he's doing. She wonders if he'll be able to go through with it and kisses him goodbye. Brooke dresses in an elegant outfit, complete with veil,so that no one at the wedding will recognize her. Taylor invites James to the wedding but asks her to leave Sheila at home. Clarke is nervous about what Brooke is planning to do when they arrive at the chapel.

Source: CBS

2825 :12x68 - Ep. #2825

Stephanie tells Taylor that her father's plane was delayed but he's just landed. Taylor is determined to wait until her father arrives. Stephanie talks to James and is stunned when Eric arrives at the wedding with Lauren as his date. Amber wonders if Rick still wants to go through with their date that evening. Rick is worried about Brooke. Taylor's father, Jack, arrives and gives Taylor a pair of gloves that her mother wore on their wedding day. Thorne glances at Macy as he and Ridge take their places at the altar. Ridge looks out and spots Brooke. Taylor comes down the aisle with her father. Brooke is sure Ridge won't go through with it. Amber dresses in one of Brooke's sexy gowns, and she and Rick head off in a limo for their date at the Café Russe. Brooke is crushed when Ridge goes through with his vows. She sits alone in the chapel, crying, until long after the ceremony is over.

Source: CBS

2826 :12x69 - Ep. #2826

Sheila wonders about James when he doesn't come home right after the wedding and hopes he isn't with Stephanie. Stephanie and James are relaxing by the Forrester pool. Rick and Amber are enjoying their dinner at Café Russe. Amber tells Rick that when she's with him she feels like she can do anything. Eric and Lauren arrive at the Café Russe. When the maitre d' tells Eric his son is there, Eric is stunned to see that Rick is there with Amber. Eric wonders just what's going on between them. Lauren tries to talk to him, but realizes he's distracted by Rick and Amber. Eric sees them kiss and is certain Amber is taking advantage. Taylor and Ridge begin their romantic honeymoon on the private jet.

Source: CBS

2827 :12x70 - Ep. #2827

Sheila arrives at Stephanie's and is angry when she sees James' car there. Sheila hears James laughing and follows the sound to the pool. Amber fantasizes about singing at the Café Russe. Lauren sees Rick and Amber on the dance floor and asks Eric not to make a scene. Amber starts to kiss and nuzzle Rick. Eric sees it and has had enough-he gets up to confront them. When Amber heads for the restroom, Eric grabs her and asks what she's up to. Amber has angry tears in her eyes as she defends herself to Eric. Rick demands to know what's going on. Rick tells his father he's not the kid he thinks he is and Eric can't tell him what to do. He grabs Amber's hand and takes off. Stephanie tells James that she's frightened for Mary and him if they stay with Sheila, who listens from the shadows, seething. James defends Sheila, but Stephanie continues on and insists he's the only one who thinks Sheila is cured. When James says he should get home, Stephanie grabs him and kisses him on the lips. Sheila crashes from the shadows and tells Stephanie that this time, she's gone too far.

Source: CBS

2828 :12x71 - Ep. #2828

Sheila confronts Stephanie about making moves on James. Stephanie knows Sheila's hanging on by a thread and tells her she should be institutionalized because it's only a matter of time until she snaps. Sheila won't go until Stephanie promises to stay away from James, and blocks her path. Stephanie gives her a shove, knocking Sheila off balance and into the pool. Sheila pulls Stephanie in and a battle ensues, with Sheila nearly drowning Stephanie. Brooke tells Eric that Rick isn't home yet and tries to calm him down. She becomes more concerned when she hears about Amber's brazen behavior and how Eric handled the situation. Lauren asks Brooke and Eric why they're so certain Amber was coming on to Rick and not the other way around. Amber wants to go home, but Rick, angry with his father, takes her to the Big Bear cabin. Amber tries to convince Rick that this won't help matters with his father. Rick kisses her and tells her that he wants to go all the way with her... tonight. James, at home with Mary, wonders where Sheila could be.

Source: CBS

2829 :12x72 - Ep. #2829

Furious, Eric tells Brooke that Rick was out all night with Amber. Rick tells Amber that last night was the most beautiful night of his life. Amber is fearful of Eric's reaction, and realizes they didn't use protection. Rick tells Amber he put the gardener's ladder against the house so they can sneak back in, but Eric and Brooke catch them. Rick claims responsibility, but Eric fires Amber, despite Amber and Rick's claims that they're in love. After Jack leaves with baby Thomas, Stephanie can't believe that Sheila has the nerve to come back to her house. She threatens to call the police, and lets Sheila know she intends to tell James about Sheila's attempt to drown her. Stephanie wants to be certain James knows that Sheila is a threat to Mary and him. Sheila swears to Stephanie that if she says one word to James that Thomas will not live to see his first birthday.

Source: CBS

2830 :12x73 - Ep. #2830

Brooke is concerned about Eric's actions and how Rick will respond. Rick swears to Amber that he won't let her leave. Amber knows she has to, and tells Rick that the past few months have been the happiest of her life. As she goes, she asks Brooke for another chance, but Brooke tells her she's not ever to come to the house again. Stephanie, knowing Sheila meant what she said, freaks when James invites her to dinner and kisses her. Stephanie tells him that their relationship is wrong. James is thrown by her assertion that they have to protect their families, apologizes and leaves. When James gets home, he tells Sheila that something has changed in his friendship with Stephanie, that Stephanie was cold and distant when he saw her today. Stephanie receives a package from a delivery man. When she opens it, she finds it contains a chilling note from Sheila and a doll, whose head rolls off when she lifts it.

Source: CBS

2831 :12x74 - Ep. #2831

Stephanie wants to know how Sheila can blackmail her if she is truly cured. Sheila warns her again to stay away from James, but Stephanie points out she can't control James' feelings for her. Sheila promises Stephanie that if she goes to the police or contacts James, Thomas will pay. Lauren's jaw drops when James tells her that he's discovered he has feelings for Stephanie. Then Lauren points out that Sheila trapped him into marriage and that if he wants a relationship with Stephanie he should go for it. James admits that Stephanie has been acting cold to him and wonders if he scared her off. He calls Stephanie, but she hangs up on him. Macy tells Grant she's about to take another home pregnancy test. When it comes back negative, a disappointed Macy implores Grant to have himself tested. Grant resists at first, feeling defensive, but finally agrees.

Source: CBS

2832 :12x75 - Ep. #2832

Lauren tries to talk to Stephanie about James, but Stephanie fiercely insists there will never be anything between them. Believing that breaking up James' marriage to Sheila would be doing him a favor, Lauren decided to take matters into her own hands. When Stephanie tells her not to, Lauren sees her fear and finally puts together that Sheila has threatened Thomas. Grant goes through a variety of tests. The doctor returns to give Macy and Grant the results, and Macy wonders if there's something wrong. Ridge and Taylor return from a wonderful honeymoon, anxious to see their son. James tries to talk to Sheila about Stephanie, but Sheila won't believe anything beyond James being stressed by what's been happening to him professionally. She goes to lie down before he can respond. While Ridge and Taylor are enjoying their reunion with Thomas, Stephanie receives a threatening call from Sheila.

Source: CBS

2833 :12x76 - Ep. #2833

The doctor admits to Grant and Macy that Grant does have a medical problem and asks them to sit down. He explains that Grant has an incurable genetic condition which causes him to produce no sperm. He suggests counseling and options such as donor insemination or adoption. Macy and Grant try to comfort one another. Amber fills C.J. in on everything that's happened, from her night with Rick in Big Bear to losing her job. C.J. can't believe she slept with Rick and makes a derogatory remark, prompting Amber to punch him. C.J. says he's worried about her and warns her that she could spend the rest of her life paying for one night of unprotected sex. Rick prevails upon Brooke to give Amber her job back, but Brooke says she could never trust Amber again. She also tells him she's glad Rick and Amber didn't sleep together and discusses sex and commitment with him. Rick can't believe Brooke's attitude about Amber not being good enough for him, given the way Stephanie treated Brooke. Amber calls Rick and, hearing that no one's home, she says she's on her way over. Swearing no one will keep them apart, Amber and Rick kiss, and Brooke spots them.

Source: CBS

2834 :12x77 - Ep. #2834

Brooke overhears Rick and Amber making plans to meet at the cabin, and Amber asking Rick to stop at the drugstore on the way. Rick tells Amber how much she means to him. As she's leaving, Amber asks Rick for some money. On the way out, Brooke confronts Amber. Brooke is determined to convince Amber to give Rick up, no matter what Amber says about their feelings for one another. She offers Amber an envelope containing ten thousand dollars cash - hers, if she promises never to see Rick again. C.J. admits to Sally that he's feeling down because of Amber's predicament. Sally, for once, thinks the Forresters were right and Amber got exactly what she deserved. She thinks Rick is an enticing target for a girl like Amber. C.J. is indignant and defends Amber. Taylor talks to Ridge about going back to work. She's pleased to see a letter from Pierce Peterson, a motivational speaker, who wants to set up a meeting. She calls and arranges to see him immediately because Pierce is about to leave town.

Source: CBS

2835 :12x78 - Ep. #2835

Rick asks C.J. if he'll cover for him because he has plans with Amber. C.J. knows Amber and Rick have been sleeping together and wants to know if they've been taking precautions. Brooke tells Amber she'll have her arrested for statutory rape if she meets Rick at the cabin. Amber agrees to get out of their lives for Rick's sake, not Brooke's, but ups the ante to fifty thousand dollars. When Brooke agrees, Amber assures her she just paid off the best thing that ever happened to her son. Amber tells C.J. about her deal with Brooke and asks him to deliver a letter to Rick at the cabin. C.J. accuses Amber of selling out, certain she was always in it for the money, but Amber breaks down, telling C.J. she realizes it's best for Rick. Meanwhile, Rick prepares for a romantic evening with Amber. Taylor goes to her interview with Pierce, who tosses her credentials in the trash and wants her to tell him about herself in three sentences.

Source: CBS

2836 :12x79 - Ep. #2836

In tears, Amber tells C.J. that, given Brooke and Eric's feelings for her, there is no future for her with Rick. She hands C.J. the letter and asks him to do this for Rick and for her. She tearfully says goodbye. Ridge notices Stephanie's preoccupation. He thinks it's because of Eric's relationship with Lauren. When Stephanie assures him that she's moved on, Ridge assumes it's because she's met someone new. Stephanie tells him it can't work out, but won't elaborate. He tells Stephanie about Taylor's interview with Pierce Peterson. Rick finishes his preparations for a romantic evening with Amber at the cabin. He is stunned when he opens the door, not to Amber, but to C.J. C.J. gives him the letter and tells him Amber won't be coming. Rick reads it and is left stunned and tearful. Pierce tells Taylor he wants her to be his associate. Taylor can't help but be drawn in by his passion. Stephanie has a nightmare about Sheila taking the baby.

Source: CBS

2837 :12x80 - Ep. #2837

Stephanie tells Lauren she doesn't know what to do about Sheila. She realizes she has to make sure Sheila's marriage to James is secure to protect Thomas. James wants to discuss Stephanie and Sheila tries to remain calm, but can't contain her outburst that Stephanie has a vendetta against her and engineered everything to destroy their marriage. James leaves to get some air. Sheila decides she has to show Stephanie she means business. When Ridge and Taylor run to the ocean for a dip, Sheila approaches the sleeping infant. Stephanie tells James he shouldn't be there but James needs to talk to her because he's afraid Sheila has regressed. Stephanie begs James to call Sheila and tell her that their marriage is all right. When no one answers, Stephanie panics and rushes to the phone. Pierce tells Bailey he has to have Taylor working with him on the new project.

Source: CBS

2838 :12x81 - Ep. #2838

As Stephanie frantically calls Ridge and Taylor, James wonders what is wrong and realizes it has something to do with Sheila. Stephanie urges James to leave, but finally admits that Sheila has threatened Thomas. James realizes Sheila is as sick as ever. He tells Stephanie they're going to fight her together. Stephanie fears Sheila will catch on, but James promises not to make any move until he has a plan. Taylor and Ridge come back from their swim and realize something is wrong with Thomas. Taylor points out he is missing a clump of hair. Ridge soothes her, but Taylor remains baffled. James is about to leave when Sheila knocks on the door. She gives Stephanie the lock of Thomas' hair and swears that if Stephanie so much as looks at James, Sheila will cut a lot more than hair. When Sheila is gone, James comes out of his hiding place and embraces Stephanie.

Source: CBS

2839 :12x82 - Ep. #2839

Grant has tears in his eyes, knowing he and Macy will never have a baby. Darla tries to comfort him, but Grant wants to be alone. Macy tells Sally about Grant's sterility and that she's not ready to discuss adoption yet. When Macy admits she and Grant haven't talked about his diagnosis, Sally advises her not to let her marriage suffer. Macy goes to Grant. He tells her he feels defective and offers to have their marriage annulled so she could find someone else. Macy doesn't want to lose him and embraces him. Grant promises they'll get through this together. Stephanie sees the spot where Sheila cut Thomas' hair, and Taylor wonders why his hair fell out in one area. Stephanie covers, but also warns Taylor about locking the door and arming the alarm. Sheila wants to talk about their marriage, but James tells her he's leaving town for a job interview. Stephanie fears Sheila will find out what they're up to and make good on her threat, but James wants Stephanie to trust him.

Source: CBS

2840 :12x83 - Ep. #2840

Sally warns Thorne to stay away from Macy, and lets it slip that Macy's feeling confused. Macy wonders if she and Grant should move because the house is so full of their dreams that won't come true now. Sheila stops by to question Taylor, intent on finding out if Stephanie has kept her mouth shut and to check out James' story about a job interview with his mentor. At the cabin, Stephanie tells James their only solution is to play by Sheila's rules and cut off all contact. James points out that Sheila is not invincible and that she's still on probation. He won't let her ruin their lives. Thorne sees Macy crying and wonders what's going on. She tells him that she and Grant can't have children. She shares all the emotions she's been going through and Thorne embraces her as she cries. When Thorne realizes it's because of Grant, he tells Grant sincerely how sorry he is. Grant says the only good thing to come out of all this is he's learned how much his wife loves him. Dr. Heinz calls Grant, asking him to come in for the rest of his test results, and Grant is hopeful the initial diagnosis was wrong.

Source: CBS

2841 :12x84 - Ep. #2841

C.J. commiserates with Macy about Amber. Macy shares her knowledge that she and Grant can't have children. Grant anticipates his meeting with the doctor, hoping he's about to hear some good news. The doctor not only confirms his diagnosis, but suggests Grant sit down because he has something else to tell him. He tells Grant the tests show he has testicular cancer. Brooke tries to cheer up Rick, who is depressed about Amber's departure. She tells him there's a pool party going on downstairs with all his high school friends. Rick isn't interested. C.J. tries to convince Rick to join the party, pointing out that Amber has moved on and Rick needs to as well. Eric asks Brooke how she and Bridget are doing since Ridge left. He's about to go talk to Rick when they see Rick heading to the pool with C.J.

Source: CBS

2842 :12x85 - Ep. #2842

Eric and Brooke watch Rick at the party with Alexis, hoping Amber will soon be just a memory. At first, Eric is stunned when Brooke tells him Amber demanded fifty thousand dollars, but he's glad Brooke did what she did to get Amber away from Rick for good. As the party continues, C.J. can hardly believe it when he spots Amber at Brooke's front door. Amber says she has to talk to Rick because she has something to tell him that will change everything. C.J. realizes Amber might be pregnant. The doctor tells Grant the cancer has spread and they need to begin treatment immediately. Grant wants to know if he's going to die. The doctor says if they start right away, Grant could live six months. Grant makes the doctor promise not to say a word to Macy. Macy assures Sally that she and Grant will have a wonderful life, with or without a child. Macy, fearful she made too much of the baby issue, tells Grant how much she loves him and how excited she is about their future.

Source: CBS

2843 :12x86 - Ep. #2843

Amber confirms that she's pregnant, and C.J. is anxious to get her out of there before Brooke sees her. Rick and his friends have fun choosing temporary paint tattoos. Pierce has Bailey clear his schedule for his new project. Bailey worries that if it doesn't pan out, Pierce may be finished. Pierce hopes Taylor comes on board to work with him. Bailey suggests it's been too long since Pierce has had a woman in his life. Taylor tells Pierce she needs to know more about the project and him before she can accept his job offer. When Taylor hears that it involves behavior modification by hypnosis, she says she can't be a part of it. C.J. tells Amber they need a plan, and asks if she's sure Raymond isn't the father. Angrily, Amber insists the baby is Rick's. She swears she didn't sleep with Raymond because she'd remember if she did. When his friends have left, Rick tells his parents he's made plans to go to a party with Alexis. Eric and Brooke are pleased, certain Rick is out of the woods.

Source: CBS

2844 :12x87 - Ep. #2844

Ridge asks Brooke why she went to the chapel. Brooke admits that, as much as it hurt, seeing Ridge marry Taylor gave her some closure. She fills Ridge in on Amber's departure, admitting she feels a little guilty when she sees Rick moping around the house. Ridge assures Brooke that she did the right thing. Rick doesn't appreciate Bridget saying that Amber was all wrong for him. He wonders where she is, and if Brooke and Eric had something to do with her sudden disappearance. Amber tells C.J. she has to tell Rick she's pregnant, but C.J. suggests she has other options, such as adoption or abortion. If she really loves Rick, she can deal with this on her own. Emotional, Amber tells C.J. she doesn't want to mess up Rick's life, but this is the hardest decision she's ever had to make. Pierce tells the skeptical Taylor he has living proof that his theory works, and Taylor realizes he's referring to his assistant, Miss Holliday, who says Pierce changed her life. Amber goes to a woman's clinic and tells the nurse she needs to have an abortion.

Source: CBS

2845 :12x88 - Ep. #2845

C.J. confides in Macy about his friends' troubles, still convinced Amber should have an abortion. Macy flips, telling C.J. he was wrong to tell her to have an abortion. Emotional because of her own circumstances, Macy tells C.J. the father needs to be told before it's too late so he can be a part of the decision. Rick asks Brooke if her confrontation with Amber has anything to do with Rick not hearing from her again. Brooke tells him it's time to move on. Rick strongly suspects Brooke is hiding something. He finds a carbon of Brooke's check to Amber and confronts his mother. Amber speaks with a counselor at the woman's clinic. Amber explains why she feels she has no choice and that the father doesn't know she's pregnant. The counselor discusses options with her. When a test confirms that Amber is pregnant, and Amber doesn't want to wait, the counselor says she can take her right away. Amber asks if she can come back in twenty minutes. She goes to the chapel and prays, then returns to the clinic.

Source: CBS

2846 :12x89 - Ep. #2846

C.J. catches Amber at the clinic. She hasn't had the abortion yet, but is firm in her decision. C.J. begs her to wait but she hangs up on him. He goes to Brooke's, desperate to find Rick as soon as possible. Brooke tells Rick that Amber was trouble and she had no choice but to buy her out of his life. She tries to convince Rick that Amber was in the relationship for the status and money and not him. Rick isn't convinced. He tells Brooke that he and Amber were in love and that Brooke, not Amber, ruined his future. Brooke insists that it's over between Amber and him. Sensing Amber's nervousness, the nurse asks Amber if she's sure she wants to have the procedure today. In the waiting room, Amber exchanges stories with another girl, a rape victim waiting for an abortion. When she hears how much Amber cares for the father of her baby, she asks if Amber's sure about her decision. The doctor takes Amber into the examining room. Meanwhile, C.J. tells Rick about the pregnancy and that he's the only one who can stop Amber. As they race across town the doctor begins the procedure.

Source: CBS

2847 :12x90 - Ep. #2847

Rick and C.J. rush to the clinic. Rick can't believe Amber would go through with an abortion without talking to him first. When Amber seems uncertain about proceeding, the doctor tells her she should wait if she has any doubts. Rick sees Amber in the waiting room and embraces her. He is relieved when she tells him that she didn't go through with the abortion. He tells her the pregnancy is as much his responsibility as hers. Darla spots Grant hunched over at his desk. She begins to cry and embraces him when he shares the horrible news that he's dying. Grant tells Darla not to tell Macy; he's not ready for her to know yet and he wants them to be happy in the time he has left. Darla's not sure she can keep his secret. A distraught Macy tells Sally that through insemination she and Grant can have a child. When Grant comes in, Macy broaches the subject. Despite Grant's efforts to hide his anguish, Macy is puzzled by his emotional reaction.

Source: CBS

2848 :12x91 - Ep. #2848

At the cabin, Stephanie detects some sympathy for Sheila on James' part and questions him in disbelief. James points out that there's another child involved in this mess; Mary is about to lose a mother. Stephanie assures him that his daughter will be better off out of the hands of a psychopath and that it's his duty as a father to stop Sheila. When he starts to blame himself for Sheila's regression, Stephanie begins to doubt his resolve to have Sheila recommitted and wants to know now if he's not going to help her. Sheila becomes suspicious that James could be with Stephanie. James phones Sheila to say he's on his way home. Taylor gets ready for her first day of work. Bailey tells Pierce that he hopes he'll make time for a personal life now that he's hired Taylor as his partner. Pierce is approached by two Swedish fans who tell him how much his books helped their father.

Source: CBS

2849 :12x92 - Ep. #2849

Taylor wants to know where Pierce is heading with his project. Pierce explains that he expects it to change the world. As the projects toughest critic, Pierce knows Taylor will be invaluable to him. Stephanie and James tell the police that Sheila has violated her parole and needs to be back behind bars. The detectives say they need proof, and James realizes he has to get Sheila to confess to her threats against Thomas. Sheila is stunned when James admits that he lied to her about the job interview and he was with Stephanie. James is wired and Stephanie listens to his conversation with the detectives. James asks Sheila if she would have made good on her threat if she'd known where James really was. Backed into a corner, Sheila confesses and is placed under arrest.

Source: CBS

2850 :12x93 - Ep. #2850

When Taylor questions Pierce's technique, Bailey tells her about how Pierce saved him from a life of addiction and turned him into a productive human being. He also tells Taylor that he thinks Pierce needs a woman in his life. Taylor watches while Pierce demonstrates his hypnosis technique on a patient who wants to quit smoking. Lauren stops Eric from taking Thomas to the park by telling him about Sheila's threat, and points out there are plainclothes policemen outside. Sheila realizes James was wired. Her apology falls on deaf ears. She is told she will serve the remainder of her five year sentence. She claims she never would have hurt Thomas, but Stephanie produces an envelope with the clump of Thomas' hair which Sheila had delivered to Stephanie as a warning. James tells Sheila there's nothing more he can do for her. On her way out, she grabs Mary, but after a tearful goodbye, James convinces Sheila to put her down.

Source: CBS

2851 :12x94 - Ep. #2851

Rick hustles C.J. and Amber upstairs just as Brooke comes in. Despite Brooke's interest in mending fences with her son, Rick convinces her to go ahead to her dinner. Amber apologizes for dragging C.J. into their troubles and thanks him for being such a good friend. Rick walks in as they embrace. Rick wonders what they'll do about the pregnancy and Amber becomes increasingly hurt by his attitude. C.J. suggests his sister adopt the baby. Amber accuses Rick of hating her just as his parents do. Rick apologizes, but explains that he's trying to sort things out. Amber insists the first thing they have to do is tell his parents. Over dinner, Taylor begrudgingly admits to Ridge that Pierce's method seems to work so far. Bailey and Pierce spot them across the restaurant and introduce themselves. When Ridge heads for the men's room, Pierce notices Brooke at the bar, hiding behind her menu to avoid Ridge. He sits next to her and asks why she's crying.

Source: CBS

2852 :12x95 - Ep. #2852

When Pierce approaches Brooke, she gives him the brush-off. He sees Brooke watching sadly as Taylor and Ridge kiss. Brooke decides she needs to talk after all and joins Pierce. She starts to reconsider when she finds out he's Taylor's employer, but finally opens up, admitting she was -- and is -- in love with Ridge, but the ride is over. Pierce inspires Brooke with his words of encouragement. Rick is reluctant, but Amber insists they should tell his parents about her pregnancy right away. Rick is especially worried about how Eric will react and decides they need to buy some time and wait at least a few days. As Amber is leaving Brooke's house, she runs right into Eric. Eric is furious to find her there and orders her to stay away from Rick. He tells Amber she's a bad influence. Amber shoots back that she knows he thinks she's not good enough for Rick because she doesn't have money and status, but adds with a sneer that she has something Rick can't resist. She promises Eric he'll be sorry for treating her like dirt.

Source: CBS

2853 :12x96 - Ep. #2853

Eric breaks the news to Brooke that Amber was back at the house, and after their son. Rick tries to defend Amber to his parents, accusing them of disliking her because of her social status and criticizing their attempt to buy her out of his life. Eric orders Rick never to see Amber again, but Rick runs out. C.J. reminds Amber he has the perfect solution to her situation: let Macy and Grant adopt her baby. Amber thinks about life with a baby, then realizes she is carrying a gold mine. Her baby is a Forrester, and Amber's ticket to the good life! Grant thinks about how precious his life with Macy is, and how sorry he is that she'll be left without a child or husband. After they kiss, she sees tears in his eyes. He tells her to always remember how much he loves her. Thorne notices Grant's upset as he leaves. Misinterpreting the reason, Thorne suggests Macy throw a party for Grant to cheer him up and offers to help.

Source: CBS

2854 :12x97 - Ep. #2854

Darla presses Grant to tell Macy that he's dying, but Grant wants to give her a few more weeks of happiness. Sally confronts Grant, telling him she knows something is wrong and she wants to know what it is. She tells Grant about the party Macy's planning with Thorne and warns Grant not to let his guard down where Thorne is concerned because he never stopped loving Macy. Meanwhile, Thorne and Macy put the finishing touches on preparations for Grant's surprise party. Macy thanks him for all his help...and his friendship. As Sally drives him to the party, Grant imagines telling Macy about his cancer, but knows he can't just yet. At the party, Macy makes a lovely speech, expressing her love for Grant and her hope they'll have a child by this time next year. Grant excuses them for a moment, telling the guests he has something important to tell his wife.

Source: CBS

2855 :12x98 - Ep. #2855

Stephanie and James tell Ridge and Taylor that Sheila has been readmitted to the psychiatric hospital for breaking the terms of her parole. They press Stephanie to tell them what kind of threats Sheila had made, and she finally admits that Sheila threatened to kill Thomas. Stephanie swears she's going to make sure Sheila never hurts anyone again, their family or her own. The guard admits Mike to visit Sheila. She's not happy to see him, but Mike points out that she needs his help if she ever wants to see her daughter again. Sheila becomes distraught when he says that James will seek full custody of Mary, and Sheila can forget about him bringing Mary to the slammer for visitation. In the middle of Grant's speech, Grant makes a decision not to tell Macy and promises not to waste a minute in helping her dreams come true because nothing means more then her happiness. She rushes into his arms. Afterward, Darla questions Grant's decision not to tell. Grant says that he wants to leave Macy with the greatest gift he can, a child and a loving husband -- the answer to his problem has been right in front of him all along.

Source: CBS

2856 :12x99 - Ep. #2856

Jonathan tells Stephanie and James that the board will probably send Sheila back to prison for several years. They will also rule on the custody issue. Stephanie wants to see Sheila's parental rights terminated completely, with no visitation. James, emotional, asks if it isn't enough she's already lost her freedom and her child. Jonathan senses he's wavering on the custody issue. James isn't sure it's in Mary's best interest to separate her from the mother she loves. Sheila, hearing James has filed for sole custody, implores her lawyer to set up a meeting for her with James. When Sheila tells James she'll have nothing to fight for if she loses Mary, James accuses her of emotional blackmail. Sheila begs James to let her stay a part of Mary's life. Grant tells Macy he wants her to have the family she wants, but it won't be with him. He breaks the news to her about his cancer. Macy reacts first with disbelief, then embraces him, sobbing, insisting he's her life.

Source: CBS

2857 :12x100 - Ep. #2857

Lauren acknowledges that she and Stephanie may never be friends, but Lauren will never forget that she freed them from Sheila. Mike slips into the hearing room in disguise. Sheila swears she's a good mother and begs James not to take Mary away from her. Hearing about his encounter with Sheila, Stephanie assures James that Mary doesn't need her mother; she needs to be protected. Stephanie tells James they'll take care of Mary together. Stephanie testifies about her relationship with James and Sheila's threats against Thomas. Christy phones Brooke, per Brooke's request, to let her know that Amber is at the Insomnia. C.J. is stunned when he realizes Amber intends to raise the baby...with the help of Forrester money. Amber's tirade against Brooke is interrupted by Brooke's appearance behind her. Brooke tells Amber she wants her to take the money and leave town, and not force her to call the police. Amber swears that she loves Rick and, like it or not, she is going to be a major part of Brooke's life. James takes the stand, asserting that he still plans to seek sole custody.

Source: CBS

2858 :12x101 - Ep. #2858

Amber accuses Brooke of always assuming the worst about her and tells her she sounds like Stephanie. Brooke is infuriated when Amber compares herself to Brooke. Amber promises she's not going anywhere and will continue to be a part of Rick's life. Brooke promises she will never accept her. C.J. warns Rick that Brooke is with Amber, and Rick hopes Amber won't say anything about the baby. C.J. thinks it would be best for Rick and Amber's future if they gave the baby up for adoption. Rick agrees and shares his feelings with Amber. Sheila testifies that she never had any intention of hurting Thomas, but was frightened of losing her husband to Stephanie. While they wait for a decision, Lauren, James and Stephanie wonder if the board could possibly have bought Sheila's story, and James' primary concern is custody of Mary. Sheila is ordered back to the prison mental facility and James is granted full custody. Sheila screams for her daughter as she is taken away.

Source: CBS

2859 :12x102 - Ep. #2859

Taylor is stunned when Pierce tells her their next patient is a wife abuser and he intends to cure him. Taylor and Pierce listen to Linda and Richard as they describe their abusive relationship. She takes issue with Pierce when he promises to cure Richard's problem. Rick tries to reason with Amber, but she promises that she'll never part with her baby. She'll raise the baby and Rick can go on with his life, if he wants. Amber is relieved when Rick decides against adoption and agrees that they'll raise the baby themselves. Less than excited about the prospect of fatherhood, Rick tries to be positive and decides that they first must convince his parents to accept Amber and then tell her about the baby. Ridge, who tries to juggle Thomas and giving notes on designs, asks Brooke what's going on between Clarke and her and warns her not to give him too much rope. Brooke tells Ridge she met Taylor's boss the other night and found him amazing. When Thomas cries, Brooke holds him and comforts him. She tells Ridge she knows he always wanted a child and tells him she's happy for him.

Source: CBS

2860 :12x103 - Ep. #2860

Pierce stands behind his philosophy despite vehement challenges from Taylor that he can't possibly cure Richard in one session. Pierce promises he won't put Linda in jeopardy and begins his treatment of Richard. Pierce hypnotizes Richard and takes him back through his childhood, when Richard was abused by his father. When Pierce is done, he awakens Richard, who tearfullly embraces his wife while Taylor watches in fascination. In their first step to winning Brooke's approval, Amber and Rick plan a special dinner. Ridge admits that Taylor has been working late a lot since taking the job with Pierce. Rick calls Brooke and asks her to have dinner alone with him. Brooke tells Ridge that Amber is back in Rick's life and she's worried about him. Brooke and Rick sit down to dinner. As Amber listens from the hallway, Brooke says she wants to make one thing clear before their evening begins: Amber is never to set foot in their house again.

Source: CBS

2861 :12x104 - Ep. #2861

Thorne is surprised when Ridge tells him Taylor is still at work. Thorne wants to know how Ridge and Taylor's marriage is going and in genuinely happy for his brother. Taylor admits it was a good session but assures Pierce, despite his optimism, that his theories won't be ready for publication as soon as he'd like and that he must take time to carefully prove his theories. Pierce is taken with Taylor's passion. After she leaves, he decided he needs to get to know her husband better. Rick can't believe Brooke's contention that Amber is lacking in integrity. Brooke insists that Amber betrayed her trust. Rick is determined to prove to his mother that Amber is a good person. He hands her a check for forty thousand dollars with the promise that Amber wants to pay back the difference, too. Amber emerges from her hiding place and asks Brooke for another chance, pointing out that she did some bad things but she did some good things too. Amber promises not to let Brooke down.

Source: CBS

2862 :12x105 - Ep. #2862

Rick comes to Amber's defense, but Brooke is adamant. Amber is not to be trusted and needs to stay away from her son. Amber reminds Brooke that she gave Rick a kidney, but Brooke can't help but wonder if it was partially out of guilt. Brooke wants Amber to give Rick a two year waiting period and not see him or talk to him during that time. Amber angrily claims that Brooke sees herself in Amber in it scares her to death. Brooke grabs Amber's arm and tries to physically force her out the door. Rick tells his mother to stop because Amber is pregnant with his child. Taylor admits to Ridge that she can't decide whether Pierce is a visionary or a quack. Ridge and Taylor have a romantic dinner. Ridge tells her that she's amazing, but teases her about having to share her first with Thomas and now with Pierce. She's amazed at his commitment to his work. Bailey is surprised when he realizes Pierce is actually pleased with the way Taylor challenges every step of his project. Her skepticism motivates him. Pierce fantasizes about his own romantic evening with Taylor.

Source: CBS

2863 :12x106 - Ep. #2863

Eric warns Sally that Amber is bad news and she should make sure C.J. stays away from her. He wonders if Sally has seen Amber around because he's determined to get her out of Rick's life. Thorne asks Darla if she knows what's going on with Macy and Grant, and Darla wonders to herself if Grant broke the news to Macy. Grant tells a distraught Macy he doesn't want to waste his last precious months dwelling on the negative. He wants every minute to count and hopes to focus on her life, her future. Macy won't give up on Grant and wants him to fight his illness. Grant wants to be sure Macy's dream of having a family will come true. Brooke is livid when Rick tells her Amber is pregnant and tells Amber the whole situation is her fault; if she'd kept her distance, they wouldn't be in this mess. Rick swears that he loves Amber and wants Brooke to get along with her. Brooke orders Amber out of the house. Brooke tries to be supportive and tells Rick that she will help him through this, promising she will handle Amber.

Source: CBS

2864 :12x107 - Ep. #2864

Macy realizes what Grant is up to and asks Thorne to leave. Despite Grant's wishes that he stay, Thorne sees Macy's tears and leaves. Macy doesn't want to think about life without Grant, but Grant wants to make sure she'll be happy. After Grant suffers a dizzy spell, Macy holds him and sobs. Lauren assures Sally that she is secure in her relationship with Eric and Stephanie is definitely out of the picture, thanks to a new boyfriend. Sally is impressed that Stephanie has moved on and decides she needs to encourage her. As they take care of Mary, Stephanie tries to reassure James that he did the right thing in seeking full custody. Stephanie has arranged a meeting for James about a teaching job at UCLA. Not wanting Mary to endure any more separations, James asks Stephanie to always be a part of their lives. In her cell, Sheila cries for her daughter. Mike brings her a photograph he took of Mary. He's willing to help Sheila bust out of jail to be with her child. He points out that she's gotten out of worse jams.

Source: CBS

2865 :12x108 - Ep. #2865

Sally congratulates Stephanie on her triumph over Sheila, but adds that Stephanie and Sheila appear to have the same taste. Stephanie's furious when Sally explains that she saw Stephanie and James through the window last night. Sally compares Stephanie's feelings for James to Sally's own relationship with Clarke. Sheila's cell mate, Cybil, shows Sheila her pictures and insists she's going to Hawaii in a week to see her mother. Sheila, who's dubious about Cybil's claim, is surprised when the guard mentions that Cybil is being released in a week. When Sheila hears that Cybil has no family and it's only a matter of time before she's back in the hospital, she starts to formulate a plan. Grant tells Thorne that he's dying, and that he wants Macy to fulfill his dream of having a family with Thorne. Thorne thinks Grant needs to let Macy deal with the situation in her own way, but Grant insists they have to help her along and asks Thorne if he'll be there for Macy when she's ready. Later, Macy realizes Thorne knows everything, including what Grant wants for her. She doesn't want Thorne to make any promises, but asks Thorne not to argue with Grant because his idea, crazy as it is, gives Grant peace.

Source: CBS

2866 :12x109 - Ep. #2866

Pierce asks Bailey to forget about what he said about Taylor the other night. Bailey wants to know why he wants to pretend he doesn't have feelings for Taylor when they both know he does. Brooke confides in Ridge about Amber's pregnancy. Brooke berates herself for not preventing Amber and Rick from being together and wonders what will become of Rick's future. C.J. can't believe Rick told Brooke about the baby. Amber's sure they'll come around and want the best for the baby because it's a Forrester. She also tells C.J. she gave back the money because, as the mother of a Forrester, she's going to be rich. The Randolphs explain to Taylor and Pierce the incredible progress they've made. After they've left, Pierce can't believe Taylor doesn't share his excitement about his apparent success. Amber assures Rick that everything will work out and that the baby is a blessing. She's sure his parents will love their grandchild. Raymond spots Amber and tells C.J. he has some unfinished business with her.

Source: CBS

2867 :12x110 - Ep. #2867

Amber tries unsuccessfully to reassure Rick when he worries about how his father will react. Raymond wants to talk to Amber alone, but she's not very happy to see him. Raymond wants to talk about what happened between them in his hotel room. Amber wants to know exactly what happened. She draws out of him that he believes they had sex and Amber is stunned when he admits he didn't have any protection. Pierce tells Taylor she has to change her attitude because the project is going forward at his pace with or without her approval. On principle, Taylor decides her only option is to quit. She would only stay if Pierce can give her some solid proof of his technique's effectiveness and will only believe in it if he successfully hypnotizes her. Ridge is irritated when Bailey pays him a visit and is secretive about the nature of the project. Bailey wants to know if he can talk to Brooke about Pierce's wardrobe, but Ridge says they're busy and he should see one of their consultants. Bailey, on a fishing expedition, wonders if Ridge and Brooke are working on a project together. Brooke tells Eric there's a problem with Rick and Amber. She has just broken the news about Amber's pregnancy when Rick walks in and assures his father the baby is his.

Source: CBS

2868 :12x111 - Ep. #2868

Eric demands that Rick tell him whose idea it was to go to the cabin, certain that Amber forced herself on him. Rick swears it was his idea and tries to place some responsibility on his parents for his decision to go there. Eric admonishes Rick for his foolish actions. Rick swears that he loves Amber and doesn't want to hear their criticism of her. He tries to leave, but Eric grabs his arm. He wants Rick to call Amber and tell her that they want to talk to her. Amber hopes it's possible that Raymond isn't remembering clearly because they'd been drinking, but he's certain that they made love that night. Raymond senses her upset and asks if she's pregnant, but she denies it. Ridge calls Pierce, determined to find out what's going on at Pierce's office. Pierce, meanwhile, has transferred all calls to a service while he hypnotizes Taylor. He tells her that tonight she will be a sixteen-year-old again, brings her out of her trance, and thinks about the interesting evening Ridge has ahead of him.

Source: CBS

2869 :12x112 - Ep. #2869

Pierce doesn't buy Bailey's excuse for going to Forrester and wants to know what he's really up to...and he doesn't want to hear what Bailey found out about Ridge. Bailey is surprised to hear that Taylor convinced Pierce to hypnotize her and wants to know what he did while she was in a trance. Ridge arrives home to find Taylor dressed in 70's garb listening to disco music. With the exuberance of a sixteen-year-old, Taylor talks Ridge into doing the hustle with her. Ridge is baffled by Taylor's behavior, but enjoys her energy. Brooke calls Pierce and asks if they can see each other again. He agrees to meet her for dinner. Pierce asks Brooke what it's like to be a Forrester and suggests she must have a lot of stories.

Source: CBS

2870 :12x113 - Ep. #2870

Macy notices Grant's cough sounds worse as his condition deteriorates. He begs her to see this as a beginning for her rather than an ending, but she desperately wants to try to find doctors who can treat him. Grant collapses, and Macy calls for an ambulance. Thorne admits to Darla that he can see where Grant is coming from, but Darla thinks Thorne's willingness to consider Grant's plan is only about Thorne's enduring love for Macy. Sally overhears Thorne say that Grant is dying, and Thorne is forced to admit the truth. Sally is outraged when Thorne says Macy can fulfill her dream of having a family with him. She tells Thorne to stay away from Macy. They rush to the hospital when Macy calls to say Grant isn't doing well. The doctor tells Macy that Grant has pneumonia. Miss Holliday can't believe Bailey's suggestion that Pierce has a thing for Taylor. Bailey explains Pierce's dinner date with Brooke as being merely reconnaissance. Pierce draws Brooke out about her history with Ridge. When he asks what happened to them after they were married her response is simple: Taylor. Pierce is amazed when Brooke explains that Ridge married Taylor out of a sense of obligation, and wonders to himself if Taylor can really be happy in her marriage.

Source: CBS

2871 :12x114 - Ep. #2871

Sally can't believe Grant isn't receiving treatment for his cancer and wants him to fight it. Grant explains his reasons and tells them if they really want to help, they can wipe the pitiful looks off their faces and cheer up. He doesn't want their sympathy, and he doesn't want Macy to stop living because he's dying. On the way home, Thorne asks Macy, without wanting to sound self-serving, how they can deny Grant's dying wish. He kisses her passionately. Sheila tries to talk to Cybil into letting Sheila take her place when she is released. Sheila has a visit from Mike and asks him to help her with the plan by giving her a ride when he gets a call from Cybil Weller. Stephanie tells James how wonderful it is to be free of Sheila and that they'll never have to worry about her again. James wants to see Sheila once more before she is transferred to a maximum security facility so he can have some closure. When Sheila finds out Stephanie is watching Mary while James is visiting her, she goes wild, insisting Stephanie will not have her daughter. Sheila returns to her cell to find that Cybil has fixed herself up to look like Sheila.

Source: CBS

2872 :12x115 - Ep. #2872

Sheila makes a deal with Cybil, promising that if Cybil switches places with her, Sheila will send Cybil to Hawaii when she's released from the big hospital. After careful coaching from Sheila, Cybil is taken away for her transfer. Sally asks Grant how he can be pushing Macy into the arms of another man. Grant explains his philosophy about death, and Sally, finally understanding his point of view, embraces him. Outraged, Macy shoves Thorne away, insisting there's no way Grant or Thorne can push her into this plan. Thorne asks her, for Grant's sake, to act as if they're going along with it. Stephanie tells Ridge that Eric is a part of her past, and soon even Sheila will become a distant memory, clearing the way for her future with James. Ridge says Stephanie should be proud of herself for rescuing Mary from a mother like Sheila. Stephanie knows she and James will give Mary the future she deserves. Sheila signs Cybil's release papers and waits nervously for Mike, who is delayed in picking her up. Sheila tells him that first she wants to see her daughter, then she'll deal with Stephanie.

Source: CBS

2873 :12x116 - Ep. #2873

Ridge tells Brooke that Stephanie loves Mary like a daughter. He promises to support Brooke and Eric in their handling of Rick's situation, however Brooke chooses to do so. Without naming names, Brooke tells Ridge she had a dinner date with a very interesting man. Sheila tells Mike he has to help her get her daughter back. She has a plan, and wants Mike to get in touch with his friend, Sam, who is going to help her with a radical disguise. When Sam is done, Sheila is unrecognizable in complete punk regalia. She says Sheila is gone but will be vindicated; this time, she takes no prisoners. Bailey tries to encourage Pierce's interest in Taylor and is curious to hear what Pierce learned from Brooke about Taylor's marriage. When Taylor arrives, still showing the effects of hypnosis and acting like a 16-year-old, Pierce makes her aware of her behavior and helps her realize she's been under the power of hypnotic suggestion. Before bringing her out of the trance, Pierce asks Taylor if she's changed her mind about hypnosis, which she has, and if she wants the project to succeed, which she does.

Source: CBS

2874 :12x117 - Ep. #2874

C.J. tries to convince Amber that she's deluding herself by thinking the Forresters are getting together with Rick and her to plan a wedding. He's sure marriage is not on Eric's agenda and that he'll want to make absolutely certain the baby is Rick's. Amber doesn't want to admit it's possible that the baby is Raymond's, but C.J. backs down, promising he'll be there for Amber. She knows Rick won't let anything bad happen to her because Rick loves her. Lauren slips into Eric's office and gives him a kiss. He tells her he can't make plans with her for the evening, explaining the situation with Rick and Amber. Eric says it's a tragedy, one that Rick won't recover from easily. Taylor can't wait to get home and explain her weird behavior to Ridge, but Pierce doesn't want her discussing the project. She starts to protest, but Pierce puts her back in a hypnotic trance and asks her about Ridge. She talks about Ridge's history with Brooke, and Pierce tells Taylor the office is her safety net. She can be free to acknowledge her fears about Brooke with him. They embrace. Rick reassures Amber about his love for her. They kiss as his parents arrive.

Source: CBS

2875 :12x118 - Ep. #2875

Ridge wants Taylor to tell him about Pierce's project and won't take no for an answer. When she finally explains it involves hypnosis, Ridge wants to know how she can be a part of something she doesn't believe in. He's even more stunned when Taylor tells him that Pierce hypnotized her to prove his technique works. Ridge can't believe Taylor can't see how wrong Pierce was to do such a thing. Pierce admits to Bailey that he planted another suggestion while Taylor was under hypnosis, commanding her to go into a trance whenever he rings a bell. He adds that he's already used it once, and questioned her about her marriage. Eric and Brooke sit Amber and Rick down and give them a preamble about love and sex before explaining what they've decided to do about Amber's pregnancy. They want Amber and Rick to give the baby up for adoption. When C.J. tells Sally he wants to give a troubled friend a place to stay, and Sally realizes he means Amber -- and that Amber's pregnant with Rick's child -- she tells C.J. he's lost his marbles. Ridge demands Pierce tell him what's going on between Pierce and Taylor.

Source: CBS

2876 :12x119 - Ep. #2876

Ridge tells Pierce in no uncertain terms to stop using his wife as a guinea pig. Pierce suggests that Ridge is the one trying to control Taylor, not him. He advises Ridge to share his enthusiasm for the project or be left behind. Sally tells C.J. that he's right to be worried about Amber and hopes Rick is as loyal as C.J. appears to be. Sally warns C.J. to stay away from Amber, but C.J. refuses to run out on his friends. Amber can't believe that Eric and Brooke want to hand off their grandchild to be raised by strangers. Rick tries to explain that he has a responsibility to the baby. Eric cuts to the chase and asks if the real reason Amber wants to raise the baby herself is the Forrester fortune. Amber senses her only choice is to leave. She and the baby will do just fine on their own. Rick wants to talk to Amber alone. He can see both sides of the problem. Lauren, who's been inspired by Pierce's lectures, asks Taylor what it's like working with him. Lauren assumes Ridge must be as excited about Taylor's opportunity as she is.

Source: CBS

2877 :12x120 - Ep. #2877

Taylor explains Ridge's misgivings about the project and Lauren can't help but wonder if he's jealous. Taylor dismisses the thought, insisting nothing could come between Ridge and her. Ridge tells Pierce he's a quack and wants Taylor off the project. Angered, Pierce won't let Ridge's ignorance interfere with his project and grabs Ridge by the collar, only to let go when Bailey intervenes. Determined not to lose Taylor, Pierce calls her and tells her that he needs her on an urgent matter. Lauren volunteers to stay with Thomas. Pierce tells Taylor about Ridge's visit. When Taylor goes to call Ridge, Pierce rings the bell sending her back into a trance. As painful as it is knowing there's a grandchild out there they won't see grow up, Eric is certain adoption is the right choice for the baby and for Rick. He and Brooke hope Rick can get through to Amber. When Rick tells Amber she's the best thing that ever happened to him, she's thrilled to hear he still wants her. Rick asks Amber to marry him.

Source: CBS

2878 :12x121 - Ep. #2878

Amber joyfully accepts Rick's proposal. He reminds her that if it weren't for the baby, they wouldn't be doing this, and Amber flashes again on the possibility that the baby's not his. Amber and Rick realize that because of Rick's age they can't get married without his parents' permission. Lauren is astonished that Ridge tried to sever Taylor's working relationship with Pierce. Pierce tells Taylor, still in a trance, that negative comments about their project will only strengthen her resolve to be a part of it. Taylor tells Ridge that he was out of line going to Pierce. Ridge tells Taylor that he wants her to quit her job. She refuses, saying her work is too important. Lauren suggests Eric make a deal with Amber: if she agrees to the adoption, she'll be allowed to continue seeing Rick. Eric wants Amber out of Rick's life altogether.

Source: CBS

2879 :12x122 - Ep. #2879

Ridge tells Brooke that Pierce is taking advantage of Taylor. He wishes he could be supportive of Taylor's work, but thinks Pierce is dangerous. Brooke senses the friction, and can't believe there's trouble in paradise. James, about to start his new job as a professor at UCLA, takes Mary to her first day at the Forrester daycare. Stephanie helps him get Mary settled in with Amanda, and he reluctantly says his goodbyes. He thanks Stephanie for all of her help. Sheila, determined to see her daughter today, figures out where Mary is and dresses as a messenger to make her way into Forrester. Sheila gets past the guard in her disguise and is thrilled when she spots Mary in the nursery.

Source: CBS

2880 :12x123 - Ep. #2880

Thorne tells Macy he'll be there for her no matter what Grant's asked him to do. He admits that all the feelings he's had for her have been resurfacing, and even Grant wants them to be together. Sally tries to convince Grant that, despite the peace he says it will bring him, it's not right to push Macy into another man's arms. Dr. Hughes tells Macy that Grant is fighting courageously but may never come home from the hospital. Stephanie confirms to Eric that she and James have become more than friends. Amanda insists that no one called for a messenger, but Sheila stalls her, hoping desperately to make contact with Mary before she leaves. While Amanda calls to see if the Forresters indeed ordered a messenger, Sheila holds her daughter and is thrilled when Mary finally recognizes her. Amanda spots her and threatens to call the police but Sheila covers, explaining the little girl was choking on a dime. Sheila hides when Stephanie comes in to see Mary, but is steaming when Mary continues to call out "Mommy" and Stephanie thinks that's what she wants to call Stephanie. Sheila is determined to be reunited with Mary forever.

Source: CBS

2881 :12x124 - Ep. #2881

Grant tells Brooke that the only future he has to look forward to is Macy's, and Brooke is touched by his selflessness. On the verge of tears, Macy tells Thorne that they're losing Grant. She admits she's been deluding herself by thinking he would get better. She bursts into tears of rage, crying out that it wasn't supposed to be this way. Thorne takes her in his arms and comforts her. C.J. is stunned when Amber tells him that Rick proposed and realizes that Amber hasn't told Rick and Raymond could be the father of her baby. Amber angrily insists the baby is a Forrester and she plans to be one too. Amber has a fantasy about what would happen if the baby isn't Rick's. Afterwards, she's upset as Rick gets her a glass of water and tells herself it must be Rick's baby.

Source: CBS

2882 :12x125 - Ep. #2882

Amber is nervous as she and Rick get ready to tell Eric and Brooke about their marriage plans. Rick promises things are going to get better, and that he will stick with her no matter how rough things become. Rick announces to Brooke and Ridge that he and Amber will not be giving the baby up for adoption and plan to get married and raise the baby themselves. Livid, Eric refuses to give Rick permission. They accuse Amber of tricking him into this decision. She refuses to leave, promising them that, like it or not, she will be their daughter-in-law. Ridge tells Stephanie he's sure that Pierce is up to something. He's a control freak who's trying to control Taylor and Ridge has to get her off the project. Pierce tells Taylor that he's sorry if her work is causing tension at home, but he's happy to see she's still committed to the project. Pierce realizes his hypnotic suggestion is working and knows that he can change her life.

Source: CBS

2883 :12x126 - Ep. #2883

Ridge tells Lauren that Pierce is making Taylor choose between her job and him -- and her job is winning. Lauren has an idea and calls Pierce's office. Pretending she's supposed to be meeting him for lunch, she finds out where he's gone to eat. She approaches Pierce and asks if she can join him, insisting she's not a reporter. Pierce asks Bailey to get rid of the bell. He realizes it's wrong to control Taylor, and he doesn't need the bell to insure her commitment. Bailey wants him to think twice about getting rid of the bell. Bailey questions Taylor about her thoughts about Pierce's lack of a personal life, and Taylor believes it's a sacrifice he's made by choice for the sake of his work. Sally is intrigued when C.J. tells her that as they speak, Amber and Rick are breaking the news of their engagement to Eric and Brooke. Eric lays down the law: Rick and Amber are not getting married and the baby will be put up for adoption. Rick stands his ground, insisting the baby will be born a Forrester. Brooke asks to talk to Amber alone. Amber, confident in Rick's love, warns Brooke that she stands to lose her grandson and her son if she continues to fight them.

Source: CBS

2884 :12x127 - Ep. #2884

Brooke angrily tells Amber that she'd better make a new plan because she'll never be a Forrester. She tells her to get out. Pierce wants to know who Lauren is and what she's after. Lauren suggests they continue the conversation at her place. Pierce thinks Ridge sent her to check up on him, but she insists she came on her own. She apologizes for the situation and for misjudging him. Bailey is about to ring the bell, but is interrupted by a call from Ridge, who is anxious for Taylor to come home. Before she can go, Bailey puts her in a trance and tells her she no longer likes being called "Doc" because it's a put-down. Ridge and Taylor's romantic evening is going well until Ridge whispers, "Make love to me, Doc." He's puzzled by her reaction. When Pierce returns to the office, he wants to know if Taylor went home...and if Bailey got rid of the bell as he was asked.

Source: CBS

2885 :12x128 - Ep. #2885

Taylor tries to tell Ridge that nothing's wrong, but she pulls away every time he calls her "Doc". She finally asks him to stop calling her that. Ridge is baffled and becomes even more frustrated when Taylor decided to go back to the office. Bailey is proud of his handiwork, having convinced himself that he's found a way of showing Pierce his gratitude. Bailey tells Pierce he thinks there's trouble in Taylor's marriage. Pierce disagrees, but just then Taylor bursts in with tears in her eyes. Bailey is thrilled when he overhears Taylor telling Pierce that she and Ridge argued about her nickname. She doesn't know what's happening to her and pleads with Pierce to keep her from losing her husband. Stephanie tells Amber that Brooke was right to try to get her out of Rick's life. She offers to buy Amber a plane ticket home. Stephanie is furious when Amber tells her that she's pregnant with Rick's child. In tears, Amber realizes she may have to go off somewhere and have the baby on her own.

Source: CBS

2886 :12x129 - Ep. #2886

Stephanie tells Amber emphatically that if she gives her a place to stay, it's out of concern for Amber's unborn child, not to get back at Brooke. She agrees to let her stay at the house, but she must follow Stephanie's rules. C.J. debates whether or not to tell Rick that the baby could be Raymond's, but doesn't let on when he talks to Rick. Rick thanks C.J. for being such a great friend. Upset at her own behavior, Taylor stuns Pierce by telling him to replace her because she needs a break. Her marriage is too important to her. While Pierce is out of the room, Bailey pulls out the bell. When Taylor's in a trance, Bailey tells her that she needs a friend, that Pierce is a friend who can help her, and she will be very, very grateful. He adds the suggestion that it will no longer bother her when Ridge calls her 'Doc'. Pierce convinces Taylor not to quit and to work things out with Ridge. She kisses Pierce on the cheek and calls Ridge to apologize. Bailey, aware of Pierce's true feelings for Taylor, sees his chance to finally repay the man who saved his life. Lauren tries to convince Ridge that Pierce is no home wrecker, but Ridge remains determined as ever not to let Pierce come between Taylor and him.

Source: CBS

2887 :12x130 - Ep. #2887

Eric and Brooke are in agreement; they'll do what they can for the baby, but Amber is on her own. Amber is enjoying the luxury of her new digs, but C.J. insists she can't stay there. He points out that Stephanie and Brooke are enemies and this is no way to make points with Brooke. He also reminds her that the baby could be Raymond's, which she vehemently denies. She brushes him off, and he leaves. Brooke is shocked when Stephanie tells her that Amber is staying with her. Stephanie points out that the baby will be a part of their family. It's Stephanie's turn to be surprised when Brooke tells her about the engagement. After Brooke fills Stephanie in on all of Amber's antics, Stephanie heads out to see Amber. When Eric refuses to take Amber in, Rick angrily tells his father that he's just going to make things worse. At first, Ridge isn't happy that Taylor discussed their fight with Pierce, or that she's decided to keep her job, but eventually he accepts her apology and they kiss passionately.

Source: CBS

2888 :12x131 - Ep. #2888

Eric is stunned when Brooke tells him that Stephanie fell for Amber's story and took her in. Brooke explains that Amber conveniently failed to tell Stephanie that she and Rick want to get married. Eric and Brooke agree they have to stand together to protect Rick. Amber tries to reassure Rick that Stephanie will like her and be on their side. Stephanie asks Rick and Amber for the truth B for a change. Stephanie can't support the relationship and wants Amber to pack her things. Amber tries to tell Stephanie that a little support from the family would be the best thing for the baby. Rick expected more support because Stephanie was pregnant with Ridge when she married Eric. Stephanie decides to let Amber stay because the child will be a member of the family and the Forresters take care of their own. Ridge is dubious, but Taylor convinces him that having Pierce and Bailey over for dinner would be a perfect first step in mending Ridge's relationship with Pierce. Bailey accepts the invitation, and Ridge suggests he and Pierce bring dates.

Source: CBS

2889 :12x132 - Ep. #2889

Lauren thinks Taylor should call off the dinner party. She suggests Taylor have Stephanie come over to keep the boys in line or fix Pierce up with a date. Pierce thinks Bailey is joking when he hears about Taylor's dinner invitation. At first he objects, and Bailey knows it's because he doesn't want to see Ridge and Taylor together. Pierce decides he'll go, but he'll take a date. Brooke advises Ridge not to treat Pierce like an enemy or he'll be asking for trouble in his marriage. When Pierce invites Brooke to be his date for the evening, she declines at first, but then decides to go, still wondering if it isn't a mistake on her part. Lauren finds out and wishes she could be a fly on the wall. Bailey tells Ridge it will be interesting to see Ridge and Brooke together. Pierce only acknowledges that he needs a social life...and maybe Brooke is the answer. Pierce and Bailey arrive early. Bailey looks in and spots Ridge kissing and undressing Taylor and tries unsuccessfully to divert Pierce's attention.

Source: CBS

2890 :12x133 - Ep. #2890

Pierce wishes they hadn't accepted the invitation. Taylor realizes Pierce and Bailey are waiting outside, grabs a towel and tells Ridge to let them in while she gets dressed. Over dinner with Stephanie and James, Amber lays it on a little thick and Stephanie sees right through her. James tells Stephanie he's going up to the prison and check on Sheila. Stephanie mentions that Mary called her "Mommy" the other day. James and Stephanie are sharing an emotional moment when Amber interrupts. Sheila tells Mike that Mary is with Stephanie and she wants her daughter back tonight. Mike tells her she's losing control. Mike tries to bail on Sheila, but she tells him to wait, pulling a gun out of her purse. She tells Mike the gun is for target practice. Bailey becomes increasingly turned off by Ridge's arrogant manner as he continues to bait Pierce. Ridge and Taylor are stunned when Brooke arrives, but the byplay between Ridge and Brooke isn't lost on Bailey or Pierce. As a skeptic, Ridge suggests Pierce hypnotize him. Taylor wants to have a talk with Ridge.

Source: CBS

2891 :12x134 - Ep. #2891

Sheila's plan is to shoot Stephanie, take Mary and head east. James tries to explain to Amber why a teenage marriage is not the right answer for Rick. James leaves to drive up and visit Sheila, and Amber heads out to the coffee shop. Taylor is angry with Ridge for discussing the project in front of Brooke. Against his better judgment, Pierce agrees to hypnotize Ridge. In an apparent trance, Ridge answers questions from Pierce, then embarrasses Pierce by jumping up, saying he's not hypnotized at all. Over dinner, Ridge points out that hypnotism doesn't always work. Taylor doesn't think it's right for Ridge to make a joke about someone's work. As their guests leave, Taylor apologizes to Pierce, saying Ridge was out of line. Pierce reminds her that Ridge is wrong about their project. Bailey confronts Ridge about the way he treated Pierce. James is shocked when he realizes the prisoner they've brought out for him to visit isn't Sheila at all. Stephanie hears someone at the front door, where Sheila is waiting.

Source: CBS

2892 :12x135 - Ep. #2892

Sally isn't happy to find Amber waiting in her living room for C.J. She tells Amber she knows from experience that when you're an outsider with the Forresters, you can't force your way in. Sally's impressed that Amber has managed to move in with Stephanie, but still believes Amber's in over her head. Amber insists she's not playing games, but Sally doesn't buy it. James tells the guard this isn't Sheila and demands they find her. He becomes increasingly worried when it appears she's nowhere at the prison. Finally, the warden gets the truth out of Cybil, and James realizes Sheila escaped. Stephanie is horrified when she opens the door to reveal Sheila. Sheila warns her not to call the police. Stephanie tries to tell Sheila that Mary is with James, but they hear her laughter. Stephanie starts to call 911 but Sheila slams down the phone. Realizing what Sheila intends to do, Stephanie lunges for her. At first Stephanie appears to winning the battle, but Sheila gets the upper hand and Stephanie finds herself at gunpoint.

Source: CBS

2893 :12x136 - Ep. #2893

Stephanie tries to convince Sheila to put the gun away for Mary's sake. Sheila insists killing Stephanie won't be murder, but justice. She tells Stephanie she's finished and is about to shoot. When asked where Sheila was planning to go, Cybil only answers, "Mary", and a panicked James tells the warden to get the Beverly Hills police. James tells them to send a car over to Stephanie's house. Dressed in a negligee, Lauren tells Eric she's going to pamper him and relieve him of the stress he's under, but Eric isn't sure anything will make him feel better about Rick's situation. Amber tries to elicit support from Bridget. Bridget is uncertain at first but finally agrees and Amber is grateful. Stephanie lunges for the phone when it rings, and Sheila shoots, hitting Stephanie in the shoulder. As Stephanie lies bleeding on the floor, she knocks Sheila over with her legs and grabs the phone when James calls. He's horrified to hear that Stephanie is wounded. Sheila gets on the phone and promises she'll take good care of Mary.

Source: CBS

2894 :12x137 - Ep. #2894

Taylor isn't happy with the way Ridge acted at the dinner party. She wants him to admit he's jealous of Pierce. Ridge finally does and they kiss. He tells Taylor about Bailey's threat. Lt. Baker tells James not to do anything crazy if he reaches the house first, pointing out that they'll need him if this becomes a hostage situation. As Sheila points the gun at Stephanie, about to pull the trigger, she is jumped from behind by Amber. Sheila and Amber fight for the gun, but Sheila knocks Amber out. Amber comes to as Sheila is leaving with Mary. Stephanie collapses, unconscious and Amber rushes to her side. The police burst in and Amber tells them that Sheila took off and Stephanie needs an ambulance. James meets the paramedics at the emergency room, where Stephanie clings to life. Bailey goes to see Brooke, and hints that Pierce is in love with Taylor. He also sees how strong her feelings are for Ridge and urges her to go after what she wants. Ridge gets the call that his mother's been shot and heads to the hospital. Sheila drives off in the darkness with Mary.

Source: CBS

2895 :12x138 - Ep. #2895

Lt. Baker tells Ridge and Taylor that Stephanie was shot by Sheila and is in surgery. He advises Ridge to get the rest of his family to the hospital. Bridget tells Brooke she might as well get excited about the baby because there isn't going to be any adoption. When Ridge calls Brooke about the shooting, she, Bridget and Rick go to the hospital. The family is relieved when the surgeon tells them he was able to stop the bleeding and it appears Stephanie will be okay. Stephanie regains consciousness and James promises her they'll find Mary. The family gathers around Stephanie in show of support. When Rick arrives in the waiting area, he embraces Amber, then heads into Stephanie's room. Stephanie tells them that Amber, not the police, saved her and she wants to thank her. When Rick goes to get Amber, he finds that she has passed out and has blood on the back of her neck. He calls for a doctor.

Source: CBS

2896 :12x139 - Ep. #2896

Sally tells C.J. that without Grant, Spectra has nothing and they have to keep his condition a secret as long as possible. Several workers from the sewing room quit. Having heard already about Grant's prognosis, they've accepted other offers of work. Sally and C.J. are trying to figure out what to do next when Darla rushes in to tell them about the shooting. Stephanie explains to her family how Amber jumped Sheila and saved Stephanie's life. When the doctor finds out Amber was in the fight and is pregnant, he admits her. Amber is worried about the baby's condition. The tests show that Amber doesn't need surgery, but the doctor wants to keep her in the hospital overnight. Lt. Baker tells James that there's no sign of Sheila. Brooke tells them all that Amber's been admitted. The doctor tells Brooke it's possible that Amber lost her baby. Rick tries to reassure a tearful Amber.

Source: CBS

2897 :12x140 - Ep. #2897

Taylor offers Amber and Rick moral support. Ridge is surprised when Stephanie blames herself for Amber's situation and feels that an innocent child's life is at stake because Amber tried to save Stephanie. Ridge tells his mother that she has no reason to feel guilty. Stephanie insists Amber's actions were heroic and she'll never forget what Amber did for her. C.J. tells Sally that Stephanie's going to be fine but Amber could lose the baby. C.J. can't agree with his mother when Sally suggests Eric and Brooke may hope that Amber does indeed miscarry. Bridget tells her parents that she admires the way Rick is standing by Amber. The doctor does an ultrasound and even Brooke is concerned when he is initially unable to find a heartbeat. While the doctor goes for another machine, Rick tries to convince Amber that their baby's all right. They are moved and relieved when the doctor finally detects the baby's heartbeat.

Source: CBS

2898 :12x141 - Ep. #2898

Stephanie, still weak, is happy to be home from the hospital. James receives a letter via messenger...from Sheila. She writes that Mary is fine, but if he continues to search for them it will only prevent her from giving their daughter a stable life. Bridget points out to her parents that despite what they say, she could tell by their faces during the ultrasound that they were hoping Amber's baby would live. She thinks Amber should stay with them. After all, would Brooke really want her grandchild to be raised by Stephanie? Macy tells Sally that she's heading to South America for some drugs that might help treat Grant's cancer. She insists Grant's not going to die and Sally decides she'll go with her. Grant tells Dr. Hughes that his time is near and he wants to be unhooked from all the equipment. The doctor tries to talk him out of it, but Grant asks to be allowed to die the way he want to. He wants the doctor to help him get dressed and order some flowers for his wife. Grant calls Macy and asks her to come quickly to see him. Macy is surprised to see Grant dressed and wonders what is happening. Stephanie thanks Amber for saving her life, and Amber thanks Stephanie for the chance to show the Forresters how much they mean to her.

Source: CBS

2899 :12x142 - Ep. #2899

C.J., worried about Grant, comes home from school early. C.J. and Sally wonder why Grant needed to see Macy. He realizes Sally thinks Grant is about to die. Sally comforts C.J., who says he's going to miss Grant. When Macy wants to get the doctor, Grant tells her doctors can't help him now. Grant reminds her that they only have the present, that the future doesn't exist for them. Growing weaker by the minute, Grant asks her to sing for him one more time. Macy protests, but Grant says he knows her voice would carry him through as he goes. Macy sings The Wind Beneath My Wings. When she finishes, she realizes that Grant is gone. With tears running down her cheeks, she kisses him and puts her head on his chest. Bailey finds Ridge in Pierce's office and tells him to get out. Ridge, who's brought lunch for Taylor, baits Bailey, asking if Taylor turns him on. Bailey can't believe Ridge's ego, and Ridge calls Bailey a sleazebag. He assures Bailey that Taylor couldn't love anyone but him. After Ridge leaves, Bailey decides it's time to make a move.

Source: CBS

2900 :12x143 - Ep. #2900

Thorne and Brooke comfort each other following Grant's death. Brooke tells Thorne about her date with Pierce...and her visit from Bailey. Brooke explains that Bailey implied that Pierce has a thing for Taylor and that Brooke and Ridge belong together. Ridge asks James what he thinks of hypnosis. He admits he has less trouble with the project itself than the men Taylor is working with on the project. Ridge explains that Taylor hasn't been the same since she started working with Pierce and she doesn't seem to mind the interference in their personal lives. Ridge gets upset when James suggests that Ridge is jealous of Taylor having a passion for something besides him. Bailey tells Pierce that Ridge will never accept Taylor working with Pierce because he's threatened by him. Pierce disagrees, believing that Ridge is confident in Taylor's love for him. Bailey wonders what would happen if he could prove Taylor had some interest in Pierce. When Taylor comes in, he rings the bell putting her in a trance and tells her that Pierce loves her and she will find herself falling in love with him. Taylor sees Pierce and suddenly finds him incredibly attractive.

Source: CBS

2901 :12x144 - Ep. #2901

Brooke tries to convince Ridge that Taylor's relationship with Pierce is strictly professional. Ridge thinks the job could ruin Taylor's reputation, but Brooke wants Ridge to be honest about what's really worrying him and wonders if he's just looking for a scapegoat. When James stops by, Bailey insists that Taylor is busy. He's shocked when he finds out James knows about the hypnosis project and irritated to hear Ridge was his source. Taylor tries to shake off the feelings she suddenly has for Pierce. She can't believe she's fantasizing about him and forces herself to focus on her work. She covers, telling Pierce she has a headache and he massages her temples. Pierce wants Taylor to try the relaxation technique on him. She begins, then her fingers stray over his eyes and lips. She realizes what she's doing, apologizes and runs out. Ridge sees how upset Taylor is and wants to know what's going on. James asks Brooke what she thinks of Bailey and she admits he's a little creepy. James senses something is definitely amiss.

Source: CBS

2902 :12x145 - Ep. #2902

Pierce tells Bailey he thinks Taylor may have romantic feelings for him. Bailey wants to know what Pierce is going to do about them. Bailey urges Pierce to let Taylor know how he really feels about her. Taylor is teary as she talks to Ridge, telling him she doesn't want to jeopardize their marriage. Ridge assures her that nothing will weaken their commitment and they'll get through this together. Sally's banker goes over Spectra's grim financial situation. Without a designer and with fewer distributors, Sally doesn't know how she'll keep her company afloat, but is determined to try. Sally and Darla try to comfort the bereaved Macy, emotional over her loss and from having just scattered Grant's ashes at sea. When Thorne stops by looking for Macy, Sally accuses him of being an opportunist. Thorne swears he would never do anything to hurt Macy. Sally wants him to leave Macy alone.

Source: CBS

2903 :12x146 - Ep. #2903

Brooke walks into Ridge's office modeling a bikini and is startled to see Taylor there leaving a note for Ridge. Taylor is less than thrilled. Brooke insists there isn't any more going on between Ridge and her than there is between Pierce and Taylor. Angrily, Taylor tells her to stop and Brooke, sensing she's hit a nerve, wants Taylor to just admit she has feelings for Pierce. Brooke calls Pierce and tells him that now is the time to act on the feelings she knows he has for Taylor. C.J. wonders if he's making a mistake not telling Rick that Amber's baby could be Raymond's. Rick shares with C.J. his confidence that things are going to work out for Amber and him. He thinks his parents are coming around and may let him get married before the baby comes. C.J. urges Rick to wait until after the baby's born. Rick senses C.J. knows something and wants him to say it. Thorne is surprised to see Macy at his door. She tells him about Grant's last moments and breaks down in Thorne's arms. She tells Thorne she knows what he's hoping for, but that it's impossible. He's asking her for something she can't give. Thorne tries to stop her as she runs out.

Source: CBS

2904 :12x147 - Ep. #2904

Pierce tells a reluctant Taylor that they have to talk and he realizes how vulnerable she is to him. He tells her he feels the same way about her and Taylor, full of guilt, tries to run out. Pierce stops her and holds her close. Taylor fights her feelings of passion, insisting she loves Ridge, but Pierce asks how she can deny them. Bailey, thrilled with what he knows is happening, calls Brooke and says he needs to see her. He suggests she make plans for dinner with Ridge because Taylor won't be Ridge's wife much longer. Sally advises Amber not to count on Forrester gratitude because it never lasts. Amber insists Stephanie's on her side and Brooke and Eric are coming around. Rick wants to know what C.J. is hiding. C.J. admits that he thinks Amber and Raymond slept together. Rick misinterprets, thinking C.J. means back when they were in high school. When Rick tells Amber he knows about Raymond and her, Amber tearfully apologizes, saying she never wanted him to know, then realizes he thinks their relationship was in the distant past. Amber lights into C.J., making him promise never to tell anyone the whole truth. Ridge is determined to get to the bottom of his trouble with Taylor, and Brooke hints that maybe what's happening is a sign of what's meant to be.

Source: CBS

2905 :12x148 - Ep. #2905

Bailey realizes Brooke has gone to Pierce, but Ridge stops him before he can head out the door. Ridge wants to know what Bailey is doing in Brooke's office, and what he's doing to Taylor. Bailey admits nothing but Ridge realizes Bailey's out to deliver Taylor to Pierce and promises that Pierce will never have her. Brooke, knowing she may be passing up her last chance to be reunited with Ridge, tells Pierce about the hypnosis and that Taylor's apparent passion for him isn't real. Pierce, horrified, realizes that Bailey must have kept the bell when he told him to get rid of it. Pierce wonders how he's going to recover, and Brooke wants to know what he's going to say to Taylor. Amber tells Rick she wants to feel like part of the family and the only thing that will make her a Forrester is a wedding ring. Rick promises he'll do everything he can to marry her right away. Thorne, adamant that Rick should not marry Amber and that Amber should be living in an apartment, tells Stephanie he's going to have a talk with Rick.

Source: CBS

2906 :12x149 - Ep. #2906

Taylor, confused by what's she's feeling, calls James, who tells her to leave the building immediately and that something's going on with Bailey. Taylor insists she's not being threatened and hangs up. When Amber swears that her baby isn't Raymond's, C.J. says she should go to a doctor and find out for sure. Confident, Amber tells C.J. that she and Rick are making marriage plans and that Rick listens to her, not his parents. When Bailey returns, Brooke leaves and Pierce confronts him about hypnotizing Taylor. Bailey insists he's just allowing Taylor to acknowledge what she's really feeling. Pierce, furious, asks for the bell and tells Bailey to get out. Pierce tells Taylor that she can't say that she loves him because she doesn't. He's ending the hypnosis project because it has hurt two people. Taylor, surprised, wants to know who. Rick tells Thorne he's taking responsibility for his mistake by marrying Amber. Thorne explains that he, too, has been involved with women in trouble whom he's tried to rescue, but a wedding vow not only isn't the answer, it tends to make matters worse. Rick, tired of people telling him what to do, is sure he's ready for marriage. Brooke and Eric want Rick home for dinner because they've been asked to welcome a new student and her father.

Source: CBS

2907 :12x150 - Ep. #2907

The Forresters get to know Myles and Kimberly, who have just moved to L.A. from Nantucket. Kimberly seems nervous about adjusting to the L.A. lifestyle. Myles asks Eric about his other children. Rick sees how homesick Kimberly seems and offers to show her around. C.J. notices Amber's mood, and, spotting an interracial couple with their baby, suspects that's the cause. Amber snaps out of it and wonders where she should have her wedding. C.J. sees that she's more confident than ever about her future. Amber sings AGot the World on a String@ for the crowd at the Insomnia. Taylor begs Pierce not to end the project because she's gotten involved with him. Pierce leads her to the couch and rings the bell, putting her in a trance. He tells her to forget the suggested feelings she's had for him and removes the bell's power to put her in a trance. When she's awake, Taylor wants to know if he still needs her now that the project's over. Realizing her true interest in him is purely professional, Pierce tells her they'll talk tomorrow. He asks Bailey to come in for their last conversation. Bailey protests that he wanted Pierce to be happy, but Pierce accuses him of using his own technique for dark and sinister purposes. Pierce orders him out, promising Bailey that he'll have him arrested if he comes near the complex again.

Source: CBS

2908 :12x151 - Ep. #2908

Sally tries desperately to pull some designs together to show the bank representative that Spectra is still viable. When Thorne shows up to express his concern about Macy, Sally orders him out. Sally is dumbfounded when Thorne offers to use his contacts to help save Spectra -- for Macy's sake. Sally pleads with Mr. Maready not to take away her family business. Thorne comes in and offers his assistance as well, but the banker orders Spectra to evacuate the premises. Myles tells the Forresters about their adventures on the boat that he and Kimberly used to sail. Stephanie brings up the issue of adoption again, but Amber wants her to drop it and reiterates her confidence in Rick's love. Kimberly and Rick are helping with the dishes when Amber calls to complain about her conversation with Stephanie. Amber picks up something in Rick's voice and asks if he is backing out on her. After the Fairchilds leave, Eric notices that Kimberly left her purse and Rick quickly volunteers to take it to her. Eric and Brooke hope against hope that Rick could become interested in Kimberly.

Source: CBS

2909 :12x152 - Ep. #2909

Sally can't convince the banker to change his mind, even though Thorne has contacted several stores about reopening their Spectra accounts. Just as she's ready to admit defeat, a check arrives from an anonymous donor for five hundred thousand dollars, enough to cover Spectra's debt. Eric and Brooke think Kimberly could be just what Rick needs. Seeing him interact with Kimberly makes them realize how much he's changed since he's been dealing with Amber's pregnancy. Amber goes into a jewelry store and wants to buy two rings, symbols of everlasting love. She picks out the rings, excited about making their engagement official. Rick returns Kimberly's purse and offers to meet her at school the next morning to show her around. Myles advises Kimberly not to get attached to the first person she meets. Brooke tells Rick it's important for him to have fun at his age and they hate for him to miss out because he feels tied down. Amber calls, asking him to meet her at the Insomnia after school tomorrow because she has a surprise for him.

Source: CBS

2910 :12x153 - Ep. #2910

Sally can't convince the banker to change his mind, even though Thorne has contacted several stores about reopening their Spectra accounts. Just as she's ready to admit defeat, a check arrives from an anonymous donor for five hundred thousand dollars, enough to cover Spectra's debt. Eric and Brooke think Kimberly could be just what Rick needs. Seeing him interact with Kimberly makes them realize how much he's changed since he's been dealing with Amber's pregnancy. Amber goes into a jewelry store and wants to buy two rings, symbols of everlasting love. She picks out the rings, excited about making their engagement official. Rick returns Kimberly's purse and offers to meet her at school the next morning to show her around. Myles advises Kimberly not to get attached to the first person she meets. Brooke tells Rick it's important for him to have fun at his age and they hate for him to miss out because he feels tied down. Amber calls, asking him to meet her at the Insomnia after school tomorrow because she has a surprise for him.

Source: CBS

2911 :12x154 - Ep. #2911

Rick is waiting for Amber at the Insomnia and C.J. fills him in about the mysterious check that saved Spectra. When Kimberly comes in and C.J. realizes this is the girl Rick's been showing around, he can't believe what a knock-out she is and wants to be introduced. There's an awkward moment when Kimberly tells Rick they're lab partners, not knowing until that moment that Rick had planned to work with C.J. Kimberly thanks Rick for showing her around and talks about life at her old school. Kimberly is leaving as Amber arrives. Amber excitedly gives Rick the rings, which they put on each other's fingers. Amber embraces Rick, unaware that he isn't sharing her enthusiasm. Sally shares her good news with Macy and urges her to get out of the house, but Macy points out that everyplace reminds her of Grant. A beautiful flower arrangement arrives. The card is unsigned but has an encouraging, inspirational message. Stephanie warns Brooke that she and Eric can't force Amber to choose adoption, but Brooke can't stand the way the situation is affecting Rick. Stephanie points out that Brooke is talking about separating a mother and her baby. Brooke is convincing in her argument that Amber's interest in the baby is a means to an end in her quest to hold onto Rick, and Stephanie finally agrees to keep talking to Amber about adoption.

Source: CBS

2912 :12x155 - Ep. #2912

Pierce reorganizes his employees and sinks to his chair, depressed. Brooke and Pierce try to convince each other that they did the right thing. Brooke can't quite believe that the feelings Taylor expressed for Pierce were totally fabricated. Taylor wants to know why Pierce called off the project and suddenly wonders why Brooke went to see Pierce. Ridge doesn't want Taylor around Pierce anymore, but Taylor wants to see what the situation really is before she makes any decisions about her job there. When Pierce won't reveal who was hurt by their project, Taylor, feeling shut out, starts to clear out her desk. Pierce stops her, saying he doesn't want her to go. Rick thanks Amber, but slips the ring off his finger and puts it in his pocket. He claims he doesn't want his parents to see it so they can have a few more weeks to get used to the idea of his engagement. He finally agrees to wear the ring and Amber says it's like they're married already. She starts kissing him passionately. He's uncomfortable with such a display in a public place, but says he can't go anywhere with her because he has to meet his lab partner. Kimberly doesn't pick up on her father's vague disapproval when she tells him about the time she's been spending with Rick.

Source: CBS

2913 :12x156 - Ep. #2913

Pierce asks Taylor not to give up on him. Taylor is stunned when she finds out that Bailey is gone, and that Pierce needs her help or his patients will suffer. Pierce shows Taylor his house, where the crew is setting up to tape an infomercial. Pierce wants Taylor to do the interview for his media piece. Thorne tells Eric he's going back to work, but not at Forrester. Stephanie and Eric are angry and hurt when he explains that he'll be working for Spectra because he wants to help Macy. Brooke tells Ridge that Pierce is a decent, honorable man, but won't elaborate. Ridge thinks Pierce is using Brooke and has a thing for Taylor. Brooke convinces Ridge to make a bet with her on whether Taylor will quit or not. While Ridge is paging Taylor, Brooke slips into the lingerie a model was about to put on for Ridge to see. Taylor calls, explaining she's at Pierce's house and that he wants her to be in his videotape. In a rush, Ridge wants take the lingerie to the sewing room -- still on Brooke -- to show them the adjustment that needs to be made. Brooke, embarrassed at being dragged through Forrester in the lingerie, protests. She and Ridge quarrel, pushing buttons to start and stop the elevator until suddenly the elevator wrenches to a halt.

Source: CBS

2914 :12x157 - Ep. #2914

Ridge and Brooke are stuck in the freight elevator with no alarm. As Ridge tries to pry the doors open, Brooke asks for his shirt so she can sit down. She vamps him playfully, wanting to take full advantage of their predicament. She swears that she's just teasing and would shut him down if he tried anything, but Ridge sees right through her ploy to get him to kiss her. Brooke admits that when she looks at Ridge, she still sees her husband. She wants to make the most of their situation and starts kissing his chest. Ridge grabs her wrists. Kimberly notices Rick's ring and asks where he got it. He avoids a direct answer. While Kimberly is out of the room, Myles tells Rick how special his daughter is and Rick agrees that he admires her integrity. Kimberly notices a change in her father's attitude toward Rick and wants to know what went on. Darla is helping Amber try on clothes in the Spectra storage area when C.J. stops by and tells Amber about Rick's new lab partner. Amber doesn't like what she's hearing and demands that C.J. be straightforward with her if there's something she should know about this girl.

Source: CBS

2915 :12x158 - Ep. #2915

A reporter wants to get some shots of Eric with Ridge, but Ridge is nowhere to be found. While Brooke continues to bait Ridge, who is getting hotter in the disabled elevator, Taylor leaves a message that she's on her way over. Ridge is finding it more and more difficult to resist Brooke's advances, when she has her own ideas about how to pass the time until they're rescued. She points out that no one will ever have to know. Taylor and Eric find out that Ridge might be stuck in the freight elevator. When the elevator begins to move, Ridge insists nothing would have happened and Brooke starts laughing and wrestling with him trying to prove him wrong. The camera crew catches the moment as the door opens and Ridge tumbles out with the scantily clad Brooke, much to Taylor's outrage. As Rick and Kimberly work on their project and Kimberly reveals more about herself, Rick comments that she is very different. Kimberly admits that she's never been kissed. She's noticed that some of the girls go pretty far and knows that can lead to trouble. Amber isn't happy when C.J. implies that there might be some interest between Kimberly and Rick. She insists Kimberly is not a threat and wants C.J. to tell her where she can find Rick. Amber spots Kimberly with Rick and sees that he isn't wearing the ring.

Source: CBS

2916 :12x159 - Ep. #2916

When Rick goes out to see a friend's new car, Amber sees her chance to have a word with Kimberly. Amber feigns interest in Kimberly's project and draws her out enough for Kimberly to admit she wishes Rick was her boyfriend. Amber tells Kimberly she and Rick are too different and advises her to find another prospect. She explains that her boyfriend is the same Rick, and that Kimberly had better keep her mitts off him. Kimberly leaves abruptly when Rick returns. Taylor is livid when she spots lipstick on Ridge's neck. As the cameras keep flashing, Brooke tries to tell Taylor it was nothing and Taylor storms off, with Ridge following her. Ridge doesn't deny that Brooke came on to him, and explains how they wound up in the elevator together. He insists he was never tempted, but Taylor accuses him of pushing her trust to the limit. Pierce expresses his hope to Miss Holliday that Taylor will agree to be part of his video project. He calls Brooke and asks if she would be interested if Ridge doesn't give Taylor his blessing to be involved. Brooke tells Pierce about her escapade in the elevator, and Pierce is frustrated, knowing Taylor had been on her way to discuss the project with Ridge. Even though he has no choice about working with Brooke, Ridge doesn't want Taylor working with Pierce.

Source: CBS

2917 :12x160 - Ep. #2917

Taylor is indignant when Ridge suggests that Pierce has a hold on her when Ridge was just stuck alone in the elevator with a scantily clothed Brooke, who was obviously all over Ridge. She refuses to turn down the job with Pierce, despite Ridge's insistence, claiming he only wants her to because of his insecurity. Brooke sees Ridge's mood and asks if she can help. Ridge admits he's lost the battle and Taylor is taking the job with Pierce. Amber is seething when she tells Darla that someone is making moves on Rick. Amber will do everything she can to stop her. Rick tells C.J. that he's different with Kimberly, and that something special goes on when they're together. C.J. thinks it's odd that Kimberly's never been kissed, but Rick wishes he'd waited longer himself; he realizes that he's paying for the mistake he made one night by going too far too soon. C.J. asks Rick if he's falling for Kimberly, and if he's still going to marry Amber. Just then, Amber comes in and wants to know if Rick has asked C.J. yet to be his best man. She wants to be married before Thanksgiving because she doesn't want to wait until she's showing a lot. Pierce tries to draw Taylor out about what happened, even though she tries to focus on business. Pierce tells Taylor that Ridge is destroying her.

Source: CBS

2918 :12x161 - Ep. #2918

Brooke is certain the chemistry is still there between Ridge and her. Stephanie can't believe Ridge is taking his escapade with Brooke and the ensuing press coverage so lightly. Ridge insists he never crossed the line Stephanie hopes he realizes that he has some serious making up to do. Pierce tells Taylor that Ridge has no respect for her. Taylor decides to go ahead with the photo shoot even though Pierce offers to postpone it, given her emotional state. Pierce promises their work together will be a safe haven for her. Stephanie confronts Brooke, telling her that her stunt reminds Stephanie of just how shallow and desperate Brooke really is. Stephanie tells Brooke to stay away from Ridge. When Brooke suggests that if Stephanie and Taylor knew how to fulfill their men they wouldn't need Brooke, Stephanie slaps her. Thorne insists that Macy let him in and is deeply concerned when he spots a flyer for a liquor store. Macy denies that she's been drinking but admits she was tempted. Thorne reminds her that Grant would have never wanted her to give up and promises that she's not alone. After he's gone, Macy receives a mysterious letter, offering sympathy and hope. Taylor lets Brooke have it with both barrels, demanding that Brooke stop her ploys to steal Taylor's husband.

Source: CBS

2919 :12x162 - Ep. #2919

When Thorne tells Sally he thinks Macy is in bad shape, Sally takes matters into her own hands. She wants Macy to get dressed and come back to work. Macy finally agrees, unaware she is being watched through binoculars. Macy pulls herself together and finally leaves the house. Brooke gives it right back to Taylor, insisting that Ridge only married Taylor because of Thomas, not because Taylor could satisfy his needs the way Brooke can. Taylor tells Brooke that she's rationalizing, and Ridge will never go back to her. Brooke tries to talk to Ridge about her run-ins with Stephanie and Taylor, but he cuts her off because he's expecting Taylor home and has something planned. When Taylor comes in, Ridge has planted the baby monitor next to Thomas in his crib and pretends to be Thomas, asking Taylor for forgiveness. Taylor expresses the depth of her hurt and concern, and Ridge emerges, imploring Taylor to accept his apology and give him another chance. Sally is concerned when Macy is delayed, but is sure she's on her way. Macy becomes increasingly anxious as she drives. Distracted by her thoughts, she is involved in a car crash.

Source: CBS

2920 :12x163 - Ep. #2920

A trooper finds Macy unconscious in her car and calls the paramedics. As Macy is being checked out at the hospital, Thorne and Sally become increasingly concerned that Macy is so late. While someone listens unnoticed, the doctor tells the nurse that Macy will be all right. Taylor says she can't accept Ridge's apology until he tells her what really happened in the elevator. Ridge explains his side again and asks if they can't just concentrate on their marriage and family for now. He wants to put the tension behind them and focus on getting their marriage back on track. Realizing the depth of his love and commitment, Taylor's eyes fill with tears and they kiss romantically. Brooke tells Pierce that she's tired of being blamed for everything that goes wrong in Taylor's marriage. Taylor has pushed her too far and Brooke isn't going to take it anymore. Brooke is certain that sooner or later Ridge and Taylor's marriage will fall apart, in spite of Pierce and Brooke's agreement to let things take their course. Brooke firmly believes that Ridge would be better off with her and Taylor with Pierce. She wants to make sure Pierce is in agreement, despite his reluctance to interfere.

Source: CBS

2921 :12x164 - Ep. #2921

Macy drifts in and out of consciousness. She sees the mystery man at her bedside and as he soothes her asks, "Is it really you?" Myles tells Macy that her mother will be there soon. Tears fill Macy's eyes, and she calls him "Daddy." Myles kisses her hand and promises he'll never leave her again. Macy asks Myles to take her to Grant and Myles realizes that, in her delirium, Macy thinks he's some sort of spirit. Pierce agrees that Taylor will ultimately choose him, but he won't do anything underhanded. Ridge is thrown when Taylor tells him that he should apologize to Brooke for encouraging her. Taylor suggests Ridge leave Forrester Creations. Sally and Thorne receive a call from the hospital and rush to Macy's side, relieved that she's going to be all right. Myles hears Sally's voice and slips out of the room, promising Macy that he'll be back. Sally watches Macy as she sleeps, worried that she is slipping away from them. Tears in his eyes, Myles overhears Sally saying that Macy has had one tragedy after another in her life. Macy stirs and astounds Sally when she calls out for "Daddy."

Source: CBS

2922 :12x165 - Ep. #2922

As Myles watches, Macy tries to tell Sally that her father was there. Sally assures Macy that she was only dreaming. Macy recounts their conversation, saying that it seemed so real. Macy tells Sally that her father said he never wanted to leave them. Kimberly doesn't answer the phone when Rick calls and wonders why Rick didn't tell her that he had a girlfriend. Kimberly realizes that if Amber's the kind of girl he likes then he'd never be interested in her. Rick finally connects with her and want to know why she's changed towards him. Rick is stunned when he catches Bridget heading out in a sexy dress. When he confronts her, she points out that Amber dresses that way. Rick counters that he and Amber are not role models. Bridget asks him shyly what sex is like. He finally answers that it was a few minutes of feeling good followed by months of feeling embarrassed and stressed. Lauren is thrilled when she opens the door to Dionne Warwick and asks her if she received the song Lauren wants Dionne to sing for Eric. Lauren and Dionne have everything ready at Mannequins when Eric arrives. Amber tells C.J. she took care of Kimberly by introducing herself as Rick's girlfriend. She adds that she didn't tell Kimberly about the baby but allows that maybe the girls would stay away from Rick if everyone knew. At the Insomnia, Myles asks if he can join Darla.

Source: CBS

2923 :12x166 - Ep. #2923

Myles asks Darla about her friend who was in the accident. He asks if Macy has any family, and Darla tells him about her jerk of a father who left the family years ago. Darla tells him that it's still too painful for Sally to discuss. Darla flares when Myles suggests Macy's father might have had a good reason for leaving. Myles tries to convince Darla that "Adam" did a terrible thing, but he paid a terrible price. Kimberly finally blurts out that she met Rick's girlfriend. She also tells Rick that Amber told her to back off. Rick is relieved that Amber didn't mention her pregnancy. Rick hopes Kimberly will give Amber another chance. Kimberly wants to know if Amber is his type, realizing she must be if she's Rick's girlfriend. Eric realizes that Lauren is up to something and Lauren is sure that he's going to love it. Dionne Warwick comes out on stage and announces that she is about to sing a song written by someone special for someone special B and looks straight at Lauren and Eric. She sings "High Upon Your Love" (The Bold and the Beautiful theme song). Eric tells Dionne and Lauren how much he loved the song. Thorne suggests that Sally's attitude toward him is due to Adam's abandonment of Macy and her years ago. Thorne asks why Adam left. Sally doesn't know how or why he could have left them and adds that he was the love of her life. After Darla leaves, Myles wonders how he can ever make Sally understand.

Source: CBS

2924 :12x167 - Ep. #2924

Lauren shows Brooke the magazine photo of Ridge and Brooke coming off the elevator. Lauren thinks the fun and sexy image Brooke projected in the lingerie is the key to turning Forrester around. She advises Brooke to forget about gowns and start focusing on lingerie. Brooke thinks Lauren is onto something and wants to do an entire line for the bedroom, including linens. She realizes she needs Ridge to work with her on the project. Tension builds between Ridge, Stephanie and Eric as they discuss Ridge's cavalier attitude toward the photo and Forrester's sluggish sales figures. Despite Pierce's efforts to conceal it, Taylor sees his copy of the magazine. Taylor doesn't think she should be at Pierce's press reception because the reporters will be more interested in questions about the photo than Pierce's project. Pierce wants his new video to make the definitive statement about sex. He points out that Brooke's behavior illustrates how destructive it can be. Furious about Amber's conversation with Kimberly, Rick asks C.J. if he's seen Amber. C.J. wonders if Rick is having second thoughts about Amber. Rick admits he's confused and adds that since he met Kimberly, he's looking at things differently. Amber overhears Rick saying that when he looks at Kimberly he thinks of everything he's missed, and when he looks at Amber, he sees the biggest mistake of his life. Amber is in tears.

Source: CBS

2925 :12x168 - Ep. #2925

Taylor and Pierce discuss the world's overpopulation problem and the alarming number of teenage pregnancies in the U.S. Pierce points out that everyone has to take responsibility. They need to change attitudes about sex and they start tonight at their press conference. Brooke is enthusiastic about her plan to empower women with a line of Forrester products celebrating love-making. She tells Lauren she's starting a bedroom revolution and hopes it proves to be as controversial as it sounds. She realizes her first step is to sell Eric and Ridge on the idea at their board meeting tonight. Amber composes herself and joins C.J. and Rick. She confronts Rick with what she overheard. Rick admits he thinks they should have waited and that he is starting to see things differently. Amber tells him not to deny that he's falling for Kimberly and they all know it now. She gives Rick one opportunity to reconsider. If he wants her to, she'll walk out of his life, but she has to know where she stands. Taylor asks Ridge to limit his contact with Brooke, and he agrees. They start to kiss, but Brooke interrupts their romantic moment when she comes to the door to speak with Ridge. He tells her this isn't a good time, and Brooke gets the picture. Rejected, Brooke wipes away a tear but tells herself they're about to embark on a new beginning.

Source: CBS

2926 :12x169 - Ep. #2926

At their meeting, Brooke pitches her idea for Forrester's new line of lingerie and bed linens called Brooke's Bedroom. She promises this campaign will be a winner because it's Brooke doing what she does best. Eric and Ridge are enthusiastic, but Stephanie thinks Clarke should head the project because of Brooke's image and that the name, Brooke's Bedroom, is an outrage. Eric overrules Stephanie, and the project is Brooke's, with Ridge designing. Taylor is as nervous as Pierce is composed when she joins him at the reception before the press conference. Taylor relaxes as the presentation goes on, and Pierce is clearly thrilled to have her at his side. They offer advance orders of their tape, "Sexual Responsibility for the New Millennium." Amber acknowledges that Rick has changed toward her and tells him this is his last chance to back out of their marriage plans. She's willing to give up her music career for the baby if Rick doesn't want her in his life, but she won't give up the baby for adoption no matter what. Amber is stunned when Rick tells her that he won't abandon the baby and her; they'll get married as planned and raise their child. Amber tells Rick that he has to tell Kimberly that he's getting married and about to become a father. Brooke tells Pierce she has a new project, too, and that it's going to keep Ridge very, very busy. Pierce says Taylor will be busy as well.

Source: CBS

2927 :12x170 - Ep. #2927

Taylor enthusiastically tells Ridge about the video they're working on. She explains that their goal is to start a sexual revolution in which people take responsibility for their actions. Ridge tells Taylor that he's working on a new project too and it was Brooke's idea. Taylor thinks the lingerie line sounds cheap and tacky and isn't happy that Ridge and Brooke will be working closely together. Eric tells Brooke that he's worried about Taylor if Ridge is working around the clock on the Brooke's Bedroom collection. Brooke tells Eric she wishes Rick would get involved with someone like Kimberly, and forget about Amber. Bridget overhears them and reveals that Rick has a crush on Kimberly. Rick asks Kimberly out to dinner, explaining that he needs to talk to her about Amber. Kimberly misinterprets the reason for their date, suspecting Rick's going to tell her that he's breaking up with Amber. Rick dreads telling her the truth. He sadly tells Bridget he's breaking the news to Kimberly tonight -- on their first and last date. Kimberly begs her father to let her go out to dinner with Rick.

Source: CBS

2928 :12x171 - Ep. #2928

Rick's tempted to back out, but Bridget tells him that he has to be honest with Kimberly. Rick gives Bridget some brotherly advice to learn from his mistake. He knows Bridget looks up to him, but Rick suggests she look to Kimberly as a better role model. He admits the evening is his chance to see what his life could have been like. Rick goes to pick up Kimberly, who is waiting by the window in anticipation. Sally, concerned about her daughter's apparent depression, tells Lauren that Macy is convinced she saw her father in her hospital room, something that couldn't possibly have happened. Sally explains how deeply Macy was affected by her father's disappearance twenty-five years ago. She is adamant that she won't let Adam hurt her again. Myles isn't happy about Kimberly's plans with Rick, having read some unfavorable articles about the Forresters, but he finally relents and agrees to let her go. Myles is gazing at Macy, but hides when she wakes up. Pretending to be another patient, Myles speaks to her from behind the curtain and asks Macy about herself. Emotionally, Macy recounts the story of her father's disappearance and her own heartbreak.

Source: CBS

2929 :12x172 - Ep. #2929

As Macy is about to be released from the hospital, Sally tells her that C.J. has a surprise for her at home. Hopeful, Macy asks if her father's come back. Sally tries to convince Macy that she was just hallucinating when she thought she saw her father in her room. Macy insists that seeing her father again reminds her that she has suffered loss before and has survived. She's determined to recover from the pain of losing Grant too, but she needs Sally's help. Darla runs into Myles again in the corridor. Anxious to follow Macy, he declines her offer to go for coffee. Amber tells C.J. that Rick is dropping the bomb on Kimberly tonight. She doesn't buy it when C.J. points out that Rick is concerned about Kimberly's feelings and won't just blow her out of the water. Meanwhile, Kimberly is enjoying Rick's company and is thrilled when he asks her to dance. She reminds him that he wanted to tell her something, but he explains that it's something serious and he wants to just enjoy the evening first. Kimberly thanks him for making her first date so special. Amber is surprised when she calls and finds out Rick's not home, but is certain Rick won't let the baby and her down.

Source: CBS

2930 :12x173 - Ep. #2930

Amber is astonished when she goes to talk to Rick and Bridget tells her that Rick is with Kimberly. She doesn't buy it when Bridget tries to explain that Rick wanted to let Kimberly down easily. Amber convinces Bridget to tell her where Rick went with Kimberly and can't believe he took her to the Café Russe. Brooke overhears and pointedly tells Amber it makes perfect sense that he would want to take Kimberly there. She insists that Amber is losing Rick, that he is ashamed of Amber and can't bring himself to tell Kimberly about her. Rick is about to break his news to Kimberly when an older couple, celebrating their anniversary, sends sparkling cider over to the young couple. As Rick is dropping Kimberly off, she promises that nothing he could say could make her think less of him. Shyly, she asks him to close his eyes and she kisses him. Sally, Thorne and C.J. tend to Macy and try to convince her that she was hallucinating when she saw her father. Macy can't help but wonder if the flowers she received could have been from him, but Sally's sure they were from a fan. Sally tells Thorne and C.J. that she's asked James to talk to Macy and warns C.J. not to encourage his sister in her delusions. Meanwhile, Macy looks at projections of old family slides, which Myles can see from outside where he's been watching the place. He decides that Macy needs to know that he's back and he loves her.

Source: CBS

2931 :12x174 - Ep. #2931

C.J. warns Rick that Amber won't be happy that he took Kimberly to the Café Russe. Taylor and Ridge discuss Rick's predicament, noting Rick's strong sense of responsibility. Ridge, nonetheless, thinks Rick is making a mistake by marrying Amber. He's certain Rick will meet someone who'll make him realize Amber is not his soulmate. Anticipating a romantic evening, Ridge is taking a shower when the doorbell rings. Taylor, covering her negligee, opens the door to Pierce, who is dropping off some papers for tomorrow's taping. Ridge is out of the shower long enough to see Taylor saying goodbye to Pierce at the door. He slips around the front of the house and confronts Pierce, telling him not to intrude on his privacy. He accuses Pierce of being a fake and Pierce accuses Ridge of feeling threatened. Taylor and Ridge make a pact to have faith in each other no matter what. Brooke tells Amber that Rick's not ready to be a father, even though Amber insists she's offered Rick his freedom. When Rick comes home, Brooke asks him about his evening and he smiles until he realizes Amber is there. He admits he wasn't able to tell Kimberly and Brooke begs him to admit that he's changed his mind. Amber pressures him to make a decision one way or the other. To Brooke's distress, Rick says he wants to marry Amber and be responsible to his child.

Source: CBS

2932 :12x175 - Ep. #2932

Ridge encourages Brooke to focus on work despite her preoccupation with Rick. When Brooke has a bed delivered to her office, she drapes it with fabric so they can get a better sense of how the bed linens will work. She slips between the sheets to 'try them out' and suggests that Ridge join her. Ridge declines and leaves the office. Taylor arrives for the taping and Pierce stops her from apologizing for Ridge's behavior. Pierce thinks Taylor will be an overnight sensation. While she gets ready for the taping, Holly watches baby Thomas, who came to work with Taylor. The women doing Taylor's hair and make-up talk about their admiration for Pierce. Pierce brings several outfits for Taylor to try, and they enjoy themselves during Taylor's impromptu fashion show. Stephanie expresses her concern to James that Ridge is working night and day with a woman who can't be trusted. She decides she needs to enlighten Ridge. Sleepily, Brooke hears the door and assumes Ridge has returned. Stephanie, with a mischievous glint in her eye, lies down next to her and blows in Brooke's face. Brooke reaches out, still believing it's Ridge, and shrieks when she sees Stephanie.

Source: CBS

2933 :12x176 - Ep. #2933

Pierce reassures Taylor, who is nervous about the taping. Eric points out to Ridge that Brooke's new line presents its own set of problems where Taylor and Stephanie are concerned. Ridge tells Eric that if there's a troublemaker for his marriage, it's Pierce, not Brooke. Ridge is sure Pierce is infatuated with Taylor, but explains that he and Taylor have a pact. Brooke reacts with anger, but Stephanie is quick to point out that everyone will see Brooke's project for what it is: a tawdry attempt to win Ridge back. She blasts Brooke for her obvious lack of morals by bringing the bed into her office in hopes of seducing Ridge. Brooke responds that she would still be married to Ridge if it wasn't for Stephanie. Ridge walks in as Stephanie's tirade hits full tilt and orders her to stop. Ridge asks his mother to leave and Brooke dissolves into tears in his arms, milking the moment for all its worth. Taylor begins taping her introduction to Pierce. She relaxes on the second take and the interview proceeds. After they wrap for the day, Pierce reveals an elegant dinner out on the terrace, ostensibly so they can eat while they discuss the next day's taping.

Source: CBS

2934 :12x177 - Ep. #2934

C.J. finds Rick reading a baby care book. Rick explains that he wasn't able to tell Kimberly about the baby, and that Kimberly's first kiss was an incredible experience. He felt honored that she chose him. C.J. wonders if the adults could be right that Rick should do what's right for the baby, but forget about getting married. Rick insists on putting the baby first even though C.J. points out that he's giving up everything. Kimberly calls and invites Rick over. She's cooked a special dinner for him, and Rick knows he has to tell her tonight. Brooke calms down and asks if Taylor's working late again. Ridge explains she's taping the infomercial. Brooke asks if he really believes they've been working all this time. Pierce tells Taylor she's a natural and she alone will make their project a success. He catches her a little off-guard when he adds that he also wants to explore the healthy side of sexual relations. Ridge calls, and when he finds out that they're having dinner, tells Taylor that he's coming right over. Taylor tells Pierce that Ridge sounded furious.

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2935 :12x178 - Ep. #2935

Taylor is worried that Ridge will misinterpret her dinner with Pierce, who tries to assure her that she cannot save Ridge from his jealousy. When Ridge arrives, however, he tells them he just came to pick up Thomas. He gives Taylor a kiss, tells her not to work too hard, and leaves. Pierce wants to have dessert by the fireplace and go over their scripts. Taylor suddenly decides she needs to go home and be with Ridge, promising they'll work on the scripts in the morning. Ridge is waiting for Taylor at home, hands her a rose, and they melt into a passionate, romantic kiss. Pierce realizes he lost the battle this evening, but is confident it's just begun for Taylor and him. Amber is smug and confident when C.J. tells her that Rick is over at Kimberly's. C.J. can't understand why Amber seems happy to read that Raymond got married. He points out that it doesn't change the fact that the baby might be Raymond's. C.J. tells Amber he's a bad friend for not telling Rick, especially when he could be giving up so much for a baby that might not even be his. Amber tells C.J. that she needs him more than Kimberly does. Kimberly will be fine without him, but where would Amber be if she loses Rick? Kimberly has made a wonderful meal, and after they eat, she and Rick dance. Kimberly tells Rick she's fallen completely for him. Rick admits that he has to tell her something about Amber that he never wanted to tell her.

Source: CBS

2936 :12x179 - Ep. #2936

When Sally and Thorne take Macy home, they are concerned about her obvious depression. Macy asks Sally to tell her more about her father. Sally relents, and talks about how devoted Adam was as a father. Then one day, he just disappeared. For months, Macy wrote letters and waited for him to come back. After awhile, Macy stopped talking about her father altogether. Macy tells Thorne and Sally that she wants to be alone, and starts sobbing when they've left. Feeling as though no one cares, Macy walks toward the ocean. Myles, who's been building up his courage to talk to Macy, enters through the front door, notices the open sliding door on the patio, and cries out at what he sees. Rick finally tells Kimberly that Amber's pregnant. Kimberly misinterprets and reacts sympathetically, wondering how long Amber's been seeing they other guy. When she realizes Rick is the father, she reacts with disbelief. She can't cover her hurt feelings, even when Rick tells her that her kiss meant more to him than anything. Kimberly is devastated when Rick reveals that he and Amber are engaged. She accuses him of only thinking of himself and tells him that she never wants to see him again. Rick is crushed. While C.J. plays his guitar, Amber musters all of her bravado to assure them both that she and Rick belong together. With C.J. accompanying her, she sings "You and Me Against the World" to her unborn baby.

Source: CBS

2937 :12x180 - Ep. #2937

Sally forces her way past Stephanie. She has to tell James that Macy's depression is getting worse and she needs professional help. Myles pulls Macy out of the surf kicking and screaming. When she realizes who he is, they embrace in an emotional reunion. Macy is happy he's there, but asks him how he could have left them. Amber gets a chilly reception when she stops by Brooke's looking for Rick. After Amber's gone, Brooke tells Bridget that they need Kimberly's help to get through to Rick and stop him from marrying Amber. C.J. stops by to see Kimberly, and can tell from her tears that Rick told her the truth. C.J. tries to convince her that Rick is a good guy, but Kimberly can't understand why he didn't tell her right away and let her get her hopes up about their relationship. Rick goes to the cabin and, distraught over his loss, tears the place apart as he takes out his rage over his mistake with Amber. Rick calls Kimberly, tells her that he's sorry -- and that he loves her. When she drops the phone and runs off, C.J. picks up and tells Rick he's not helping the situation; he needs to get his mind off Kimberly and back on Amber and the baby. Amber walks in just in time to see Rick crumble to the ground in defeat. When Brooke comes by, Kimberly wants her to leave, but Brooke insists that Kimberly hear her out.

Source: CBS

2938 :12x181 - Ep. #2938

Kimberly insists that there's nothing Brooke can say that will change her mind about Rick. Brooke explains the whole situation with Amber, from the time she became their babysitter. She adds that Kimberly's time with Rick woke him up to the reality of becoming a father at seventeen. Brooke implores Kimberly not to give up on Rick, but Kimberly refuses to be the one to stop Rick from marrying Amber. Sally tells James that Macy is at the end of her rope, and points out that she hasn't mentioned her father since she was eight years old. Noting that the hallucinations began after Grant's death, Stephanie and James suggest that Sally needs to talk to Macy woman to woman about how they have both lost their husbands. Amber tries to convince Rick that Kimberly will get over the hurt, but Rick disagrees and adds that he won't either. He wonders how he could have been so stupid and admits how confused he feels. Amber tells him she's proud of him. Rick doesn't think he can go through another day like this one. He decides they have to get married right away and put this chapter behind them. Myles tells Macy he didn't want to leave them, but had no choice. Macy insists that he owes her an explanation.

Source: CBS

2939 :12x182 - Ep. #2939

Kimberly admits to C.J. that she's mad at Rick, but realizes what she's going through is nothing compared to what Rick has waiting for him if he marries Amber. C.J. offers her one of Macy's CD's, explaining that her music always cheers him up -- and that Macy's his sister. Kimberly shows C.J. that her dad already has Macy's CD and is a big fan of hers. Brooke and Eric are determined to find Rick and hope Amber's not with him. Myles explains that he got unwittingly involved in a money laundering scheme in his efforts to save the company. He turned informant, but someone tipped off the big boys, and the only way he could protect Macy and Sally was to disappear. He's not sure how safe he is being back and asks her not to tell Sally. She finally agrees, and they embrace. Rick tells his parents that he and Amber have something to tell them. First, Eric and Brooke want to discuss Kimberly. Brooke points out that if he really loved Amber he would never have had any feelings for Kimberly, and she thinks Rick knows it. All Rick knows is that it's time for him to take responsibility. He tells Eric and Brooke that he and Amber are getting married before the baby comes and they'll leave town if his parents try to stop him.

Source: CBS

2940 :12x183 - Ep. #2940

Ridge doesn't buy Taylor's premise that the new lingerie line is selling sexual irresponsibility. Taylor notes the irony that Brooke's dealing with Rick's sexual mistake on the eve of her press conference to promote her Brooke's Bedroom line. Rick wants a decision from Eric and Brooke: will they give their permission for him to marry Amber, or will he and Amber leave? Brooke tries to make Rick understand that he's doing this because he feels bad about hurting Kimberly. Eric points out that Amber doesn't care about what's best for Rick. Rick insists the baby is what matters here. When it appears Rick and Amber are about to leave, Brooke breaks down and gives her permission. Rick embraces her. Later, Brooke and Eric discuss their determination to stop the marriage, with or without Kimberly's help. Stephanie tells Taylor that she's more worried about what the line will do to Ridge and Taylor's marriage than how it will affect the company's image. She warns Taylor not to underestimate Brooke. To prove her point, she shows Taylor Brooke's office and all the tawdry products she's been working on.

Source: CBS

2941 :12x184 - Ep. #2941

Taylor wants Ridge to promise to do whatever he can to keep Brooke from making a public spectacle out of herself. Brooke is dubious about going through with her idea for the press conference, but Lauren is convinced it's a great idea. Taylor tells Brooke she knows what she's up to and wants her to back off. Brooke stuns Taylor by saying that sooner or later Ridge will realize he can't live without her. Taylor is certain, despite Brooke's protests, that the line is all about seducing Ridge. She wishes Brooke would put her children ahead of her unhealthy obsession and spare them the shame of seeing her peddle her wares on TV. Brooke is so angry that she decides not to hold back at the press conference after all, swearing Taylor will regret her mistake. Megan keeps Eric in his office by telling him about a bogus conference call. Lauren enters, dressed to the nines, singing "Luck Be a Lady Tonight." She tells him she's made plans for the two of them to go to Vegas right after the press conference, but Eric says he can't go because of the situation with Rick. Lauren can't hide her disappointment. Stephanie acknowledges that the line could do a lot for the company, but warns Ridge that their reputation is fragile and if things aren't handled properly, the Forresters could lose everything they've worked so hard for.

Source: CBS

2942 :12x185 - Ep. #2942

Taylor tells Ridge about the confrontation. Though the press conference will be televised on the fashion channel, Ridge advises her that it will be pretty dull and he'll just tell her about it later. Eric and Stephanie convince Thorne to work at Forrester again part-time, beginning with the press conference. Ridge senses Brooke is up to something when she tells him to start the press conference with her. Taylor tells Pierce about the bed in Brooke's office and wonders how Brooke will keep her catalog and Web site away from young people. Lauren sees what Brooke's up to and tells her this is a bit much, even for Brooke! As Taylor and Pierce watch together, Eric makes a rather staid introduction to the new line, playing against its sensationalism. Taylor is surprised that Brooke is nowhere in sight. As Stephanie begins to talk about 'Brooke's Bedroom,' the lights dim, the music comes up, laser lights flash, and the turntable revolves to reveal Brooke in a stunning negligee, standing on a bed with her arms raised. She is flanked by two columns of models in teddies. Stephanie is mortified. Taylor is stunned. She introduces Ridge and gives him a kiss on the cheek. As Brooke answers questions from the reporters, Stephanie's anger builds and she finally orders Brooke and the models to cover themselves. Stephanie holds a blanket over Brooke, and they fall on the bed, struggling, while the paparazzi have a field day. Taylor tells Pierce she will not allow Ridge to be a part of this.

Source: CBS

2943 :12x186 - Ep. #2943

Stephanie breaks away from the media frenzy and, realizing Brooke pulled a fast one on all of them, declares that Brooke is out of there. Thorne, Ridge and Eric have to physically restrain Stephanie when Brooke comments that she thinks it all went quite well. Thorne has reservations about the line, but Ridge doesn't...even when Stephanie asks him how Taylor must have felt seeing Brooke all over him on TV. Eric intervenes when Thorne and Ridge start to argue about the line's effect on the company image. Meanwhile, Taylor is confronted with a barrage of questions from reporters when she tries to go home. Sally is disbelieving when Amber tells her that she and Rick are getting married -- with Brooke's blessing. Sally thinks Amber should stop pressuring the Forresters and face reality: she's going to pay for her stupidity. As Stephanie watches in horror, a reporter recounts the Forrester melee. Brooke beams, then poses for pictures for the clamoring reporters. Taylor refuses to go out to dinner with Ridge. She points out that Brooke took advantage again, and he's either stupid as a rock for not seeing it coming, or he enjoys it. She gives him an ultimatum: Brooke's Bedroom...or her. Basking in her victory, Brooke feels she and Ridge are a team and nothing can stop her now.

Source: CBS

2944 :12x187 - Ep. #2944

Pierce won't condone what Brooke is doing, though Brooke relishes Taylor's reaction to the cable report on her press conference. She insists that Taylor pushed her to this point, and she has to destroy Taylor before Taylor destroys her. Brooke is surprised that Pierce isn't more supportive of her. Pierce explains how upset Taylor was when she left. He can't imagine she'll put up with much more. Brooke knows Ridge won't give up working with her because it gives him so much fulfillment. Stephanie shares her upset with James that Eric doesn't see the connection between Brooke's antics and the fact that Brooke has a teenage son with a pregnant girlfriend. Amber overhears and realizes she has to do something to win Stephanie's respect. She tells Stephanie and James she's been at the library reading up on baby care. Later, they play gin and Stephanie tells Amber that she knows that she has a good heart. Amber considers Stephanie a good friend. She bites the bullet and asks Stephanie to be the matron of honor at her wedding. Taylor remains adamant that Ridge stop working with Brooke on the lingerie line. Ridge tries to compromise, but Taylor won't hear of it. He finally calms her down, points out that he resisted Brooke, and starts to get romantic.

Source: CBS

2945 :12x188 - Ep. #2945

Stephanie is flattered, but wonders if Amber isn't deluding herself. Amber excitedly explains that she and Rick have Brooke's blessing and they're getting married next month. She enthusiastically tells Stephanie about some of her plans for the wedding. Stephanie insists that she can't agree to be her matron of honor until she's spoken with Eric and Brooke. Brooke and Eric desperately want to stop the wedding. Eric decides to talk to Kimberly himself, hoping that when she hears about the wedding that she'll talk to Rick. Eric explains to Kimberly that Rick is rushing into his marriage plans because he can't get over his feelings for her. He implores her to talk to Rick and make him realize that he's just running away from his feelings. Kimberly finally agrees, but adds that if Rick truly wants to marry Amber, she won't try to stop him. Rick isn't happy when C.J. suggests he might ask Kimberly out himself. C.J. is surprised when Rick wants him to stay away from Kimberly, but C.J. points out that she's available now. Rick had his chance, C.J. tells him, now it's his turn. Rick angrily tells C.J. that if he wants to stay friends, he'll leave Kimberly alone. Rick is surprised to see Kimberly. He tells her he doesn't want to hurt her anymore and she should just forget about him. Kimberly tearfully responds that no matter how hard she tries, she can't turn off her feelings for him. They embrace.

Source: CBS

2946 :12x189 - Ep. #2946

Amber is fantasizing about her wedding when C.J. stops by to tell her that Rick was acting like a jerk and told him not to ask Kimberly out. When C.J. says Rick is jealous, Amber flares and decides this has to stop. She's heading over to Rick's and tells C.J. to go ahead and ask Kimberly out. Myles comes home and wonders where Kimberly could be. C.J. comes by and introduces himself. Myles realizes that C.J. is Sally's son. C.J. asks Myles' permission to date Kimberly. When Myles says she's already seeing someone, C.J. informs him that relationship ended several days ago. Eric explains to Stephanie that they just gave Rick and Amber permission to marry to buy themselves time. He tells her that if anyone can talk Rick out of the wedding, it's Kimberly. Bridget wants to know what Eric is trying to do. She accuses him of trying to sabotage the wedding. Kimberly tells Rick how worried Eric is. Rick admits that he's not sure about getting married, but he wishes he was. He wants to do the right thing, but he's not sure what that is anymore. Kimberly now understands what Rick's been going through. They embrace, realizing it's impossible for them. Amber sees them from the doorway.

Source: CBS

2947 :12x190 - Ep. #2947

Rick tells Kimberly that she's the most perfect girl he ever met, and they share how much their evening at the Café Russe meant to them. Kimberly starts to rush out, overcome by what they've lost, but Rick stops her and embraces her. Rick tells Kimberly that he needs her help. She promises she'll be there for him. Amber, unseen, watches them in stunned disbelief. Her tears turn to anger and she takes off after Kimberly. Amber confronts Kimberly, accusing her of going after her baby's father. Kimberly tries to stand up for herself, but Amber is in her face. When Kimberly accuses Amber of ruining Rick's life, Amber grabs her by the hair and throws her back, demanding that Kimberly swear to stay away from Rick. Peeved, Myles wants C.J. to tell him what's going on with Rick and Kimberly. C.J. backpedals and gets out of there as fast as he can. Macy returns to the Insomnia and tells Thorne she has an angel in her life. She calls Myles and asks him to come by because she has something to share with him. She sings, "Coming Out of the Dark," and beams at Myles. Thorne wants to know who the older man was, and Macy explains that he's her angel. She reveals enough to make Thorne wonder if Myles is Macy's father.

Source: CBS

2948 :12x191 - Ep. #2948

Kimberly refuses to fight with Amber because she's pregnant, but she also tells Amber that her threats won't work and she won't promise to stay away from Rick. Amber shoves Kimberly into the pool and tells her she's out of her league. Macy excitedly confirms to Thorne that the man he saw is her father. She explains that he came back because of Grant's death. Macy is surprised when someone comes to the door and it is Christy, who Thorne invited to dinner. Myles is astonished when Kimberly comes home soaking wet. Kimberly, furious with Amber, winds up telling her father everything about Rick's engagement and Amber's pregnancy. As the details pour out, Myles becomes increasingly upset, especially when he hears that both Brooke and Eric have been to the house to see her. Myles is livid and says Rick is just like the rest of the Forresters. He orders her not to speak with Rick or any of the Forresters again. Angry, Myles tells himself that this time, Eric has to deal with him. Amber slips into Rick's bedroom, but Rick tells her he's not in the mood. Besides, his mother could walk in. Amber tells him that Kimberly is just a fantasy to him, but she and the baby are his reality.

Source: CBS

2949 :12x192 - Ep. #2949

Myles forces his way into Eric's office and Eric his stunned by his apparent anger. Myles blasts Eric for involving Kimberly in his sordid family scandal. He wants Kimberly to have nothing more to do with Rick. Eric says Myles is overreacting, but Myles launches into a tirade about how badly all of Eric's sons treat the women in their lives. Eric is horrified when Myles tells him that Amber attacked Kimberly, but Myles points out again that Eric's only concern is for Rick, never for his daughter. He calls him a selfish bastard, and a security guard intervenes before Myles can get physical. Pierce and Taylor finish taping their infomercial. Taylor is curious when Pierce alludes to a surprise that will be at the end of the tape. He tells Taylor he's planning a wrap party, and it will be a special night for her. Pierce asks if she knows anyone who's good with music, and she mentions Thorne and Macy. Pierce calls Macy and asks for a meeting. Brooke flirts with Ridge as he fits a negligee. She wonders if they shouldn't be using real models. Ridge points out that their target market isn't models but real women, making Brooke the perfect spokesperson. Brooke fantasizes about Ridge as the fitting continues.

Source: CBS

2950 :12x193 - Ep. #2950

Sally and Darla continue to try to trace the check that saved Spectra. Sally is thrilled with Macy's upbeat tone when she calls. Macy tells her that Pierce has asked her to work on a project with him. Assuming Pierce wants Macy to sing at the party, Sally decides that invite or no invite, she and Darla will be there. Pierce has some lyrics that he wants Macy to help him set to music so he can sing it to his guests. He also wants her to work as a vocal coach. Macy agrees to help, and tells him it's a classic love song. Taylor explains to Ridge that Pierce is throwing a party for the cast and crew of his infomercial, and Taylor hopes Ridge will go with her. Megan tells Brooke that Jack Abbott is coming to town to discuss the fragrance for her new line. Brooke tells Taylor that Ridge won't be able to go to the party with her. Brooke is smug, and Taylor isn't happy when Ridge agrees to attend the meeting with Jack and join Taylor later at the party. Ridge wants to keep their presentation short and simple so he can join Taylor, but Brooke insists they need to go all out if they want to secure a business relationship with a company like Jabot. Taylor arrives early and finds the living room off limits to her. Pierce reveals a beautiful ball gown for her to wear, and comments to himself that it's the first of many surprises he has in store for Taylor.

Source: CBS

2951 :12x194 - Ep. #2951

Brooke, Thorne and Eric greet Jack Abbott. They explain that they want a fragrance to go with the lingerie line. When Jack asks about the designs, Brooke unties her kimono to reveal an elegant teddy. Stephanie's ready to leave for Pierce's gala, telling James she's ready to get a closer look at the man who's occupying so much of Taylor's time. As Pierce gets ready to join the festivities, he tells Taylor to expect the unexpected... from him! Pretending to be Pierce's family here for a surprise, Sally convinces the doorman to let Darla and her in. They spot Macy and are thrilled to see her laughing and talking with guests, looking happier than she has in months. Taylor desperately hopes Ridge won't let her down. Pierce sees she isn't ready and urges her to come enjoy her moment. Pierce introduces Taylor as the heart and soul of the new project, and Taylor comes downstairs, surprised by the applause. Stephanie is concerned as she watches Pierce lead Taylor into the crowd. Taylor is disappointed when she realizes Ridge didn't come with Stephanie and James. Pierce is not happy with his uninvited guests, and is irritated with Stephanie and James when Taylor, upset, excuses herself and goes upstairs. Pierce gives Taylor a diamond necklace as a token of his appreciation, and Taylor puts it on. Sally asks Macy if Pierce gave her some good advice.

Source: CBS

2952 :12x195 - Ep. #2952

Sally needles Stephanie about Ridge's apparent absence from the party. Jack suggests that the Forresters leave Victor Newman out of any negotiations because Jack is calling the shots. Ridge, who is frustrated and wants to get to the party, wants to know if they have a deal. Jack finally responds that he has to give it some thought and can't commit to anything tonight. Eric is surprised, having assumed that Jack would seize the opportunity. Jack promises an answer by the end of the week. Jack finally leaves, but Ridge knows it's too late to go to the party. Macy will only tell Sally, James and Stephanie that the planned surprise involves Pierce -- and something very out of character. When Taylor reemerges, they all notice the stunning necklace, which she wasn't wearing earlier. Pierce makes a lovely tribute to Taylor and announces his surprise. While Pierce sings his song, Stephanie is all too aware of his eye contact with Taylor. After Sally ribs Stephanie about the inspirational ballad, Stephanie wonders where Ridge could be. When the guests are gone, Pierce tells Taylor that she was the inspiration for his song. She thanks him for a night she'll never forget, as Stephanie watches from the shadows.

Source: CBS

2953 :12x196 - Ep. #2953

Sally and Darla fill Lauren in on the evening, and Pierce's obvious infatuation with Taylor. Lauren and Sally agree that Pierce is a man who can be hard to resist -- especially when a woman is being neglected by her husband. Pierce and Taylor share their mutual admiration and gratitude, though Pierce seems disappointed when Taylor decides it's time to take Thomas home. Ridge is about to call Taylor when Stephanie shows up, wanting to have a talk about his wife -- and Pierce Peterson. Stephanie is certain that Pierce has more than a professional interest in Taylor. At first unconcerned, Ridge becomes increasingly miffed as Stephanie describes Pierce fawning over Taylor, giving her the necklace, and singing her the song. Pierce hears a scream from the other room and rushes to Taylor, who has fallen and twisted her ankle. He helps her off with her gown and onto the bed, then goes for ice. Agitated and wondering what's keeping Taylor, Ridge calls Pierce's house. Pierce tells her that Taylor is indisposed. Furious, Ridge heads over, telling Stephanie this has to stop now. Taylor sadly wonders what happened to Ridge, and drifts off to sleep. When Ridge arrives, Pierce calmly tells him that Taylor is upstairs, sleeping in his bed.

Source: CBS

2954 :12x197 - Ep. #2954

Ridge thinks Pierce is bluffing, and Pierce continues to bait him, telling Ridge how he let Taylor down tonight. Meanwhile, Taylor wonders why Ridge hasn't come to pick Thomas and her up. Pierce pushed Ridge too far, and Ridge punches him. Ridge is shocked when he finds Taylor is, indeed, in Pierce's bed, and embarrassed when she explains that she's there because she sprained her ankle. When Pierce enters, his face bloody, Taylor furiously asks Ridge if he was responsible. Eric tells Brooke about his visit from Myles, who wants Rick to stay away from his daughter. Brooke worries that the loss of Kimberly's friendship would be devastating to Rick They wonder who else he'd be able to talk to. Kimberly surreptitiously calls Rick and tells him that her father knows everything and she needs to see him. Myles tells Kimberly that Rick has obviously been a bad influence on her and asks if she had sex with him. Kimberly tries to explain that Rick needs a friend right now, but Myles insists she protect herself from the Forresters by staying away from them. Rick is in a rush, but Stephanie wants to talk to him about Kimberly. She points out that if Rick's feelings for Kimberly are as strong as she thinks, then marriage isn't the answer. She implores him not to back himself into a corner. Kimberly sneaks outside when she sees Rick and rushes into his arms.

Source: CBS

2955 :12x198 - Ep. #2955

Hiding in the dark outside the Fairchild cottage, Kimberly explains her father's fury to Rick. She also tells Rick about her Amber's attack. Kimberly doesn't think Amber is a good person and wonders if marrying her would be the right thing for Rick after all. She wonders what kind of mother Amber will be and suggests that maybe his parents are right. Rick thinks what's happening with Myles is his fault, but Kimberly insists he's not bad for her and kisses him....just as Myles spots them through the window. Lauren fills Brooke in about Pierce's attempts to sweep Taylor of her feet at the party. Brooke is just hearing about the song when Myles calls accusing Brooke of using his daughter to lure Rick away from his fiancee. Myles demands that Brooke leave Kimberly alone. Dismayed, Brooke tells Lauren she'll find another way to stop the wedding, but she feels bad for Rick and Kimberly. Taylor can't believe Ridge hit Pierce and refuses to leave with him. As Pierce and Ridge's exchange becomes more heated, Taylor angrily intercedes. The men continue to trade insults. Pierce asks Taylor to stay with him rather than go home with Ridge.

Source: CBS

2956 :12x199 - Ep. #2956

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2957 :12x200 - Ep. #2957

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2958 :12x201 - Ep. #2958

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2959 :12x202 - Ep. #2959

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2960 :12x203 - Ep. #2960

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2961 :12x204 - Ep. #2961

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2962 :12x205 - Ep. #2962

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2963 :12x206 - Ep. #2963

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2964 :12x207 - Ep. #2964

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2965 :12x208 - Ep. #2965

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2966 :12x209 - Ep. #2966

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2967 :12x210 - Ep. #2967

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2968 :12x211 - Ep. #2968

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2969 :12x212 - Ep. #2969

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2970 :12x213 - Ep. #2970

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2971 :12x214 - Ep. #2971

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2972 :12x215 - Ep. #2972

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2973 :12x216 - Ep. #2973

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2974 :12x217 - Ep. #2974

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2975 :12x218 - Ep. #2975

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2976 :12x219 - Ep. #2976

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2977 :12x220 - Ep. #2977

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2978 :12x221 - Ep. #2978

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2979 :12x222 - Ep. #2979

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2980 :12x223 - Ep. #2980

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2981 :12x224 - Ep. #2981

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2982 :12x225 - Ep. #2982

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2983 :12x226 - Ep. #2983

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2984 :12x227 - Ep. #2984

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2985 :12x228 - Ep. #2985

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2986 :12x229 - Ep. #2986

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Guest Stars: Joseph Campanella as Jonathan Young

2987 :12x230 - Ep. #2987

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2988 :12x231 - Ep. #2988

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2989 :12x232 - Ep. #2989

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2990 :12x233 - Ep. #2990

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2991 :12x234 - Ep. #2991

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2992 :12x235 - Ep. #2992

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2993 :12x236 - Ep. #2993

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2994 :12x237 - Ep. #2994

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2995 :12x238 - Ep. #2995

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2996 :12x239 - Ep. #2996

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2997 :12x240 - Ep. #2997

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2998 :12x241 - Ep. #2998

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2999 :12x242 - Ep. #2999

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3000 :12x243 - Ep. #3000

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3001 :12x244 - Ep. #3001

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3002 :12x245 - Ep. #3002

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3003 :12x246 - Ep. #3003

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3004 :12x247 - Ep. #3004

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3005 :12x248 - Ep. #3005

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3006 :12x249 - Ep. #3006

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3007 :12x250 - Ep. #3007

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 23, 1987
Episode Order: 198
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