Season 23

5525 :23x01 - Ep. #5525

Steffy has a go at her brother for what he has done and tells him that she does not know who he is anymore. Brooke visits Pam at the jail and attempts to get her to confess her guilt. Ridge does not want Steffy to be too harsh on Thomas. Pam insists to Brooke that she has done nothing wrong. Nick wants his mother to slow down at work and get out and have some fun in her life. Brooke talks to her son about the possibility that Pam is innocent and that the real attacker still being on the loose.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5526 :23x02 - Ep. #5526

Ridge and Taylor discuss the best way to protect Thomas. Ridge wants Steffy to keep quiet about what she knows until they can think of a way to protect her brother. Jackie is determined to make sure that Katie does not ruin Nick's life. Brooke tells Ridge that she is convinced that Pam is innocent. Steffy surprises Rick when she shows up at the beach house and things heat up between them. Thomas is upset that his mother thinks he is crazy after he hears her talking on the phone with James. Rick tries to find out what is bothering Steffy. Stephanie is shocked when Ridge tells her that Thomas is responsible for what happened and that he wants Pam to remain in jail so that Thomas will remain protected.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

5527 :23x03 - Ep. #5527

Stephanie cant believe that Ridge wants Pam to stay in jail so that Thomas will be protected. Steffy admits to Rick that Pam is innocent but refuses to name her brother as his attacker. Ridge admits to Brooke that he knows the identity of the person who attacked her son. Taylor promises her son that they will find a solution to the problem. Brooke is shocked when she finds out that it is Thomas.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

5528 :23x04 - Ep. #5528

Brooke is shocked by the news that Thomas is responsible for what has happened. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas will be not confessing about what he has done and that he is certain that Pam will be released. After arguing with Thomas, Rick works out that he is responsible for everything that has been happening. Owen attempts to convince Jackie to employ him. Thomas tries to justify his actions. When Ridge shows up he stops Rick from calling the police.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester

5529 :23x05 - Ep. #5529

Jackie is impressed by Owen's work. Taylor is worried when Thomas tells her that Steffy and Rick know the truth. Ridge attempts to convince Rick to keep Thomas' guilt a secret. Rick tells Ridge that if he agrees not to interfere in his and Steffy's relationship then he will keep quiet.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester

5530 :23x06 - Ep. #5530

Eric hires a bodyguard when Donna is worried about Pam's release. Ridge and Taylor are relieved when Rick decides to keep quiet. Steffy is surprised when her father gives her a present of a wedding dress.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5531 :23x07 - Ep. #5531

Rick tells his mother that Ridge is no longer going to stand in his way with Steffy. Bridget tells her father the real reason she has taken time off from her hospital job. Owen wonders why Jackie has suddenly had a change of heart about employing him. Eric is proud of his daughter and thinks she could work at Forrester Creations. Jackie agrees a deal with Owen. Ridge tells Brooke that he is still hopeful that Steffy will change her mind about being with Rick. Bridget tells Owen that she has told her father about her being Madame X and they end up kissing. Rick surprises Steffy.
Director: Michael Stich

5532 :23x08 - Ep. #5532

Ridge is glad that James Warrick is going to be helping Thomas. Nick tries to find out why his mother decided to give Owen a job. Stephanie isn't happy with Eric and Donna when they mess around at work. Jackie learns that the company is late with their payments again but when she mentions that Bridget is thier new designer it looks as if she might be given some more time to come up with the money. Eric tells Stephanie if she doesn't like what is going on then she is free to leave. Stephanie tells Ridge that she has decided to leave when he thinks that Eric has fired her.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5533 :23x09 - Ep. #5533

Stephanie's family and friends try to get her to change her mind about leaving the company. Felicia is not happy with her father and Donna for forcing Stephanie out of the company. Owen insists to Nick that he will be an asset to the company. Thorne shares his concerns about Stephanie with his father. Stephanie remembers the good times that she shared with Eric when they were first married.
Guest Stars: Todd McKee as Jake Maclaine | Bryan Genesse as Rocco Carner
Director: Michael Stich

5534 :23x10 - Ep. #5534

Steffy and Rick spend some time alone together at the beach house. Eric talks to Taylor about Stephanie and fills her in on what happened. Stephanie talks to Nick about what happened after running into him at the marina. Brooke is shocked when she finds out that Steffy and Rick have already set a date to be married on. Nick attempts to offer Stephanie some advise. Ridge isn't happy at the thought of Steffy being married to Rick.
Director: Michael Stich

5535 :23x11 - Ep. #5535

Nick shares his fears about Stephanie with Taylor. Taylor is worried about being on her own now that the children have gone. Stephanie walks alone on the beach contemplating her future. Taylor is relieved when Stephanie shows up at her door. Jackie attempts to seduce Owen.
Director: Michael Stich

5536 :23x12 - Ep. #5536

When Stephanie finds out that it was Nick's idea that Taylor ask her to move in she decides to leave. Nick wonders why his mother has decided to move. Stephanie ends up tells Taylor how she really feels about Eric leaving her. Things heat up between Owen and Bridget but she pulls away and tells Owen that she is not ready yet. Stephanie receives an interesting proposition from Nick.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5537 :23x13 - Ep. #5537

Nick gets an earful from Stephanie. Eric makes a statement about Stephanie's departure. Stephanie tries to find out why Nick has offered her a job. Jackie is surprised when she finds out that Nick offered Stephanie a job and he informs his mother that she turned him down. Taylor thinks that Stephanie should reconsider her decision.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5538 :23x14 - Ep. #5538

As Stephanie enjoys lunch with Taylor she sees Eric enjoying a romantic meal with Donna. Donna thinks Stephanie has gone there for lunch so that she can spy on her and Eric. Nick shares his plans with Katie. Stephanie has a go at Eric.
Guest Stars: François Giroday as Fabrice Dufau
Director: Michael Stich

5539 :23x15 - Ep. #5539

Stephanie thinks again about Nick's job offer. Ridge is shocked when he finds out that Rick wants to marry his daughter in the same place as he married Brooke. Nick tells Stephanie that the job offer is no longer open to her. Stephanie tells Nick and Jackie how she help them turn the company's fortunes around.
Director: Michael Stich

5540 :23x16 - Ep. #5540

Stephanie wants half the company from Nick and Jackie if she is going to save it for them. Steffy wonders why Rick wants to get married at the same place as her father and Brooke. Nick refuses to give Stephanie half the company until she has proved herself. Stephanie learns that Bridget is Madame X. Stephanie is surprised when she finds out that Jackie has employed Owen. Stephanie gets used to her new job.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5541 :23x17 - Ep. #5541

Taylor attempts to convince Brooke to stop her son from marrying Steffy. Stephanie tells her sister about her new job and when Pam wants to resign from her job at Forrester Creations, Stephanie stops her. Brooke admits to her son and Steffy that Ridge is still unhappy about them getting married.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5542 :23x18 - Ep. #5542

Stephanie continues to try and cut a deal with Jackie. Nick tells Stephanie that she will be given a partnership if she manages to double their sales. Ridge and Taylor find out how their son's therapy has been going. Stephanie and Clarke remember the times when they were on different sides. Things heat up between Jackie and Owen after he goes to see her. Stephanie and Nick make their agreement official.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester | Ian Buchanan (1) as Dr. James Warwick

5543 :23x19 - Ep. #5543

Ridge begs Brooke to stop the wedding. Rick informs Taylor that if things go the way he hopes then she will end up back together with Ridge. Rick continues to Taylor that its payback time now as he is tired of everyone he loves being taken away from him. Thorne and Felicia are surprised when their mother tells them about her new job.

5544 :23x20 - Ep. #5544

Ridge insists to Taylor that their daughter will not be marrying Rick and he wants her to help with making Rick show what he is really like. Nick prepares to reveal the identity of Madame X. Eric is proud of Bridget but is shocked when he finds out that Stephanie is also working for Jackie M. Ridge sets his plan into motion against Rick.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5545 :23x21 - Ep. #5545

Steffy has a bridal shower at the beach house. Stephanie wishes that she could of seen how Eric reacted when he found out that she is now working for Jackie M. Ridge gets Rick to admit that he is marrying Steffy for revenge on tape. Owen wants to spend some more time alone with Jackie. As Ridge plays the tape to Taylor, Rick listens in and works out that he has been set up by Ridge. Rick shows up at the bridal shower and tells Steffy that he is taking her away for a while. Ridge and Taylor show up to play the tape to their daughter but learn that she has already left with Rick.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5546 :23x22 - Ep. #5546

Steffy wonders what Rick is up to but agrees to go with him to Big Bear. Rick wants Steffy to go to Hawaii with him. Ridge and Taylor try to stop their daughter from leaving with Rick before it is too late. Jackie makes love to Owen after she sets him some ground rules.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5547 :23x23 - Ep. #5547

Ridge manages to stop the Forrester plane from leaving with Rick and his daughter on board. When Bridget goes to see Jackie she wonders what Owen is doing there. Ridge gets Steffy to leave with Taylor and tells Rick that Steffy will finally learn the truth about him. Taylor plays her daughter the tape when they get home. When Steffy calls Rick and tells him that she wants to talk to him, Rick tells Ridge that he has failed in his plan. Jackie wants Owen to take Bridget out to dinner. Rick tries to tell Steffy that he really loves her and that he wants her to believe in him.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5548 :23x24 - Ep. #5548

Steffy plays the tape back to Rick and says he wasn't provoked into saying the things he did. Brooke learns from her sisters that Ridge is with Taylor. Steffy accuses Rick of never loving her and tells him that they are over and that she wants him to leave. Rick refuses to leave and makes a shocking request.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5549 :23x25 - Ep. #5549

Ridge and Taylor hear Steffy arguing with Rick and decide to interrupt them. Ridge is happy that Steffy has seen Rick's true colors. Rick tells his mother how Ridge tricked him into confessing on tape. Brooke goes to see Ridge and he tells her that he had no choice but to do what he did.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5550 :23x26 - Ep. #5550

Taylor clashes with Brooke. Brooke works out that Ridge was after her son all along. Steffy talks to Stephanie about her feelings for Rick. Brooke insists to Taylor that she and Ridge will get through this. Taylor is happy when Thomas returns home and he is happy when he finds out that Steffy has seen sense. Taylor informs Stephanie that she has asked Ridge to come back to her. Ridge refuses to stay in the same house as Rick and walks out on Brooke. Steffy finds out that her father has put his own marriage on the line to help her.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester

5551 :23x27 - Ep. #5551

Stephanie is pleased by the thought that Ridge and Taylor spent the night together. Brooke tells her son that he is the reason that Ridge refused to stay. Stephanie learns that Bill Spencer has passed away. Brooke finds out that Ridge is planning on staying at Taylor's until she throws Rick out and that he is trying to convince Eric to fire Rick. Rick wants his mother to stand up to Ridge. Stephanie isn't happy when Eric wants to accompany her to Bill's memorial service.
Guest Stars: Joanna Johnson as Karen Spencer | Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester

5552 :23x28 - Ep. #5552

Ridge learns from Eric that Stephanie wouldn't let him go to Bill's funeral with her. Brooke talks to Katie about what is going on with Ridge. Eric learns from Donna that she has been asked to attend the reading of Bill's will. Thomas tells his mother that having Ridge stay is like old times. Bill's will is read and Karen and her brother Bill are given control of Spencer Communications. Eric hears the tape with Rick on and admits that he needs help but doesn't want him leaving the company. Both Stephanie and Thomas think that Ridge should be with Taylor.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester | Joanna Johnson as Karen Spencer | Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Michael Stich

5553 :23x29 - Ep. #5553

Taylor tells Stephanie that she is not going to interfere in Ridge's marriage with Brooke. Ridge tries to convince Brooke to ask Rick to leave. Pam tells her sister that she put the wrong information on Ridge and Brooke's marriage license by accident. Taylor vows whilst she is alone that she will win Ridge back.
Director: Michael Stich

5554 :23x30 - Ep. #5554

Thorne wonders if he will ever find a woman to love him and envies his brother. Stephanie returns home to find Taylor looking at old photographs. Stephanie lets her know that Ridge and Brooke's marriage is not valid.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5555 :23x31 - Ep. #5555

Jackie decides to promote Owen much to everyone else's shock. Stephanie wants Taylor to make a play for Ridge now that his marriage is not valid. Brooke thinks Steffy did the right thing in splitting up with her son. Marcus tells Steffy it would be best for her if she stayed away from Rick now. Brooke wants her son to stay away from Steffy so that she can try and save her marriage. Stephanie attempts to reunite Ridge and Taylor. Jackie lets Owen know that she saw him sharing a kiss with Bridget. Steffy remembers the good times she shared with Rick and then sees him outside her father's office.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5556 :23x32 - Ep. #5556

­Katie admits that she is worried about Nick and Bridget working together. Nick feels a bit jealous when he finds out that Bridget has a date. Jackie puts Owen in his place after issuing him with a warning. Jackie wants her son to make sure that Owen and Bridget stop seeing one another.
Director: Michael Stich

5557 :23x33 - Ep. #5557

Brooke tries to find out from Nick if Bridget is the reason why he hasn't set a date to marry her sister yet. When things heat up between Owen and Bridget she pulls back and tells him that she is not ready to take the next step with any man at the moment. Katie tells Brooke that Jackie is determined to reunite Nick and Bridget and that is the reason why she employed her. Jackie tells Owen how she feels and they make love after she shows up and finds out that Bridget went home early. Bridget and Nick are honest about their feelings.
Director: Michael Stich

5558 :23x34 - Ep. #5558

Ridge informs Taylor that Eric has called a meeting because sales are down since Stephanie joined Jackie M. Pam talks to Taylor about the mistake she made that made Ridge and Brooke's marriage invalid. When Rick finds out that Thomas is going to be offered a job at the company he is not happy. Marcus offers Steffy his support in making sure that Rick stays away from her.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

5559 :23x35 - Ep. #5559

Ridge tells Rick that it is not his decision as to whether Thomas works at the company or not. Brooke tries to put Taylor in her place by telling her she has no role in the company and that she is not part of the family either. Rick insists that Thomas will not be working at the company. Steffy lets Rick know that she is glad that she is free again. Taylor shocks Brooke when she tells her that she and Ridge have no marriage.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

5560 :23x36 - Ep. #5560

Brooke tells Ridge what Taylor told her about them not being married. Steffy refuses to believe anymore of Rick's stories and asks him to give her brother a chance working at the company. Taylor informs Stephanie that she has told Brooke about her marriage to Ridge being invalid. Brooke refuses to agree to allow Thomas to work at the company. Rick tells Ridge that it is fine with him if Thomas works at the company. Taylor informs Stephanie that Brooke is trying to stop Thomas from being allowed to work at the company. After Rick tells Steffy that he has changed his mind about Thomas she still insists to him that they are over.

5561 :23x37 - Ep. #5561

When Stephanie calls a meeting Nick notices that his mother is absence again. Stephanie wants to use Karen's media company to help promote the company. Jackie and Owen are almost caught together by Bridget. Stephanie meets with Karen's brother and learns that he will be handling things. Jackie threatens Owen by telling him that she will make sure that he has no career unless he agrees to her demands.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison

5562 :23x38 - Ep. #5562

Pam watches the web cast that Stephanie recorded and has named the Logan Chronicles. Thorne shows up and watches as his mother bad mouths Donna. Thorne shows his father the web cast. Jackie is not happy when she finds out that Owen is having lunch with Bridget. Eric is furious after watching the full web cast that Stephanie has recorded. Stephanie is confronted by Donna. When Owen runs into Jackie in the steam room he allows her to seduce him.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5563 :23x39 - Ep. #5563

Taylor tells Stephanie that she was impressed by her web cast. Ridge thinks Donna took advantage of Eric as he was going through a midlife crisis and tells Brooke. Steffy insists that Rick's flirting wont get him anywhere. Taylor isn't happy when she sees Steffy in Rick's office. Stephanie is certain that Taylor and her son will end up back together. Steffy becomes upset when Rick shows her a tribute DVD made for her sister.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5564 :23x40 - Ep. #5564

Donna wants Bill to put an end to Stephanie's web cast. Taylor tells Brooke and Ridge that Rick is making another play for Steffy. Steffy wants Rick to end the war with her father and make peace. Steffy shows her father the DVD of Phoebe. Bill cracks on to Donna.
Director: Michael Stich

5565 :23x41 - Ep. #5565

Taylor tells Ridge the reasons why his marriage to Brooke is not valid. Donna wants to know why Bill is doing what he is. Brooke informs her son that Ridge was not happy about the DVD he made and saw it just as another stunt. Bill manages to shock Donna. Rick insists that he only made the DVD to make peace. Bill hopes that he will see more of Donna.
Director: Michael Stich

5566 :23x42 - Ep. #5566

Bill is shown around Jackie M by Stephanie and he tells her about the offer he made to Donna. When Donna tells Eric about going to see Bill he asks her what happened. Taylor tells Stephanie about the DVD that Rick made. Ridge isn't happy that Brooke has bought her son's act once again. Eric invites Bill for diner. Ridge confronts his mother and asks her why she didn't tell him that his marriage to Brooke was not valid. A heated moment is shared by Owen and Jackie.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison

5567 :23x43 - Ep. #5567

Katie tells her sister that she is fed up waiting around for Nick and has decided to leave him. Bridget quits her job at Jackie M. Eric is shown the front page of Eye on Fashion about the downfall of the company. Nick tries to persuade Bridget not to leave. Bill makes Eric an interesting offer. Eric turns Bill's offer down and asks him to leave. Bridget tells Nick that she isn't going to leave Owen and when he shows up they leave to go on a date. Katie writes a letter to Nick saying goodbye.

5568 :23x44 - Ep. #5568

­After his mother talks about Owen, Nick becomes suspicious about what is going on between them. Bridget ends up being reunited with Nick. Katie gets drunk and ends up in Bill's hotel room. Nick and Bridget see Jackie and Owen sharing a kiss.

5569 :23x45 - Ep. #5569

Nick is shocked that Owen has been seeing both Bridget and his mother at the same time. Bill discovers that Katie is Donna's sister. When Nick takes Bridget back to his place, Bridget finds the letter that Katie wrote. Bill makes a call to Donna using her sister's phone. Eric blames Stephanie and her association with Bill for the company's downfall. Donna shows up demanding Bill tells her what he has done to her sister. Bridget tells Nick what he needs to do if they are to get back together.

5570 :23x46 - Ep. #5570

Pam listens in as Donna talks to Bill on the telephone. Eric is determined that Bill will not take away everything that he has worked for. Bill is confronted by Stephanie who believes that he has used her. Katie finds out from Nick that he is back together with Bridget. Stephanie offers to help Eric save the company if he changes his will, fires Rick and puts Ridge in charge of the company. Things heat up between Nick and Bridget.

5571 :23x47 - Ep. #5571

Stephanie and Donna both try and offer a warning to one another. Nick isn't happy with his mother seeing Owen. Eric tells Ridge that he has turned down the offer that Stephanie made him. Stephanie tells Bill to go ahead and put out the next chapter of "The Logan Chronicles". Stephanie is determined to get the Logan family out of Forrester Creations. Nick offers Owen money to stop seeing his mother but Owen turns down the offer. Stephanie wants Ridge to help her regain control of the company.

5572 :23x48 - Ep. #5572

Ridge learns that Bill is involved in his mother's plans. Brooke isn't happy when she sees the latest installment of Stephanie's web cast. Brooke confronts Bill. Taylor attempts to convince Ridge that she is the woman that he should be with. Brooke decides to make her own web cast having a go at Stephanie.
Director: Michael Stich

5573 :23x49 - Ep. #5573

Taylor continues to try and convince Ridge that he should be with her. Brooke's web cast ends in turmoil much to Stephanie's pleasure. Nick spends time with Bridget and his son. Stephanie telephones her son and tells him he has to come to the company. Ridge has to stop Rick from punching his son. Bill is happy that he has caused chaos for everyone.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

5574 :23x50 - Ep. #5574

Stephanie tries to get Felicia and Thorne involved in her plan to regain control of the company. Bill finds a way to really hit Forrester Creations. Pam tells Eric the reason why she thinks her sister is acting the way she is. Some ground rules are set by Bridget for Nick. Eric is convinced that Stephanie is just being used by Bill. Bill is determined to make sure that he ends up gaining control of Forrester Creations. Eric's children tells him that Stephanie has decided that there will be no more Logan Chronicles and she has gone to tell Bill so.
Director: Michael Stich

5575 :23x51 - Ep. #5575

Donna tells her husband about Bill wanting to gain control of the company. Jackie insists to her son that Owen is good for her and the company. Eric is certain that Bill wont succeed now that Stephanie is no longer helping him. Bill insists to Stephanie that he will gain control of the company and that he will make sure Eric ends up in jail if it means he gets what he wants. Bill gets some information he wants from Jarrett. Jackie is furious when she catches her son threatening Owen. Bill is certain he has got what he needs to nail Eric.
Director: Michael Stich

5576 :23x52 - Ep. #5576

Eric learns from Stephanie that Bill is on his way to see him. Donna learns about the leverage that Bill has on Eric. Jackie is worried that she cant give Owen the children that he will one day want. Nick shares his concerns about Jackie and Owen's relationship with Bridget. Bill attempts to force Eric into selling him the company. Owen tells Jackie that they could always a adopt a child in the future. Bill tries to tempt Donna with his offer once again.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5577 :23x53 - Ep. #5577

Eric is told by Stephanie that it might be his only option to sell the company if he does not want to go to prison. Donna refuses to agree to sleep with Bill who then tells her to enjoy the time she has left with her husband before he goes to jail. Nick remains determined to make sure that Owen and his mother do not end up together. Eric informs Bill that he would rather go to prison than turn the company over to him. Donna doesn't want to be separated from Eric again. Owen and Jackie comes up with ideas to stop Nick from interfering in their relationship. Bill gives Donna one last chance to agree to his demands. Nick isn't happy when he finds out that his mother has allowed Owen to move in with her.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5578 :23x54 - Ep. #5578

Bill slightly changes the proposal he has for Donna. Stephanie informs Thorne and Felicia about the problems facing Eric. Donna refuses to betray Eric but Bill insists to her that she would be saving him. Owen cooks dinner for Jackie. Felicia is concerned that her father wont survive if he goes to prison.

5579 :23x55 - Ep. #5579

Rick talks to his mother about how his therapy is going and he informs her that he still wants to try and win Steffy back. Despite Bill's continued threats Eric refuses to sell the company. Rick pays Steffy a visit. Brooke finds out that Ridge has known for a while that their marriage isn't legal. Felicia tries to convince her father to sell the company to Bill but he rips up the contract. Stephanie manages to turn the tables on Bill. Eric tells Stephanie that he still loves her and they share a kiss. Rick tries to convince Ridge that he is trying to change.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5580 :23x56 - Ep. #5580

Ridge is not happy when Brooke refuses to agree that Rick should not be with Steffy. Thomas visits his sister's grave with his mother and blames Rick for her still not being here. After throwing Rick and Steffy out, Ridge argues with Brooke. Ridge runs into Taylor and fills her in on what has happened. Stephanie answers Eric's question about her coming back to him by replying he chose Donna over her. Ridge decides to go to Big Bear with Taylor to get away from everything and when Brooke tries to call Taylor makes sure he does not answer the call.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

5581 :23x57 - Ep. #5581

Taylor uses Ridge and Brooke's problems to her own advantage. Stephanie tells her sister about Eric wanting her back and her turning him down. Rick hopes that Stephanie will stay out of his and Steffy's business. Brooke clashes with Stephanie. Ridge calls his mother to let him know where he is and she decides not to tell Brooke.

5582 :23x58 - Ep. #5582

When Thomas sees Rick with his sister he tells him to stay away from her. Brooke tells her sisters about her argument with Ridge. Brooke informs them that both Ridge and Stephanie knew that her marriage to Ridge was invalid. Thomas is not happy when he finds out that his sister wants to be back together with Rick. Ridge remembers the night his daughter died. Steffy attempts to convince her brother to accept her relationship with Rick. Ridge calls Brooke but hangs on when she continues to think it is fine for her son to be with Steffy.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester

5583 :23x59 - Ep. #5583

Ridge returns home and lets Brooke know he was at Big Bear with Taylor. Taylor informs Stephanie that she is convinced that Ridge will leave Brooke. Owen wants Bridget to talk to Nick on his behalf. Nick misses a meeting at Jackie M when he spends the morning in bed with Bridget. Ridge tells Brooke that he is moving out as he cant cope with keep seeing Rick. Taylor tells Stephanie about the kiss she and Ridge shared.

5584 :23x60 - Ep. #5584

Brooke insists to Ridge that it wont be the same as last time. Nick isn't happy when he finds out that he missed the meeting and that Owen went in his place. Brooke tries to convince Ridge that leaving isn't the best idea but he just kisses her and says goodbye which leavies her upset. When Rick comes home he finds out that Ridge has left. When Stephanie finds out from her son that he has broke up with Brooke she lets Taylor know. Jackie takes Nick's side over Owen's when he wants Owen out of the company. Taylor goes to see Ridge. Jackie insists that they can still be together even if he doesn't work at the company anymore. Jackie agrees to become Owen's wife. Ridge takes some anxiety pills.

5585 :23x61 - Ep. #5585

Stephanie begins to think that the feelings that her son has for Taylor are because of the pills. Katie is worried about her sister now that Ridge has moved out. Stephanie informs Taylor that she saw her son taking one of the anxiety pills. Nick hopes that now Owen is no longer working for the company that his relationship with his mother will be over. Taylor tries to find out how many tablets Ridge has taken. Nick proposes to Bridget and she agrees to become his wife. As Brooke goes to bed alone she misses Ridge.

5586 :23x62 - Ep. #5586

Nick is happy that he can go into work and not see Owen there anymore. Thorne and Felicia inform Donna and Katie that they need to think of a new gimmick as Jackie M is doing very well. Pam listens in and comes up with the idea of the models on The Price Is Right wearing the company's designs. Jackie hides her engagement ring from her son. Donna insists on going with Pam when she finds out about her plan. After Owen says to Bridget that she will probably end up seeing a lot more of him she wonders what he means. When Pam is late for her meeting she blames Donna. Nick is shocked when his mother finally tells him about her engagement.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5587 :23x63 - Ep. #5587

Nick isn't happy with his mother. Bridget warns Owen that Nick wont be happy that he is engaged to his mother and will believe more than ever that he just wants her money. Pam decides that they need to attend a recording of the Price Is Right. Nick wants his mother to call off the engagement. Donna agrees to Pam's idea. Nick wants his mother to choice between him and Owen. Donna is shocked when her name is called out to take part in the show.
Guest Stars: Drew Carey as Himself | Rich Fields as Himself
Director: Deveney Kelly

5588 :23x64 - Ep. #5588

Ridge continues to insist to Brooke that he cant return home whilst her son is there. Pam isn't happy that Donna got called down and has made it out of contestant's row. Ridge isn't happy that his daughter is thinking of giving Rick a second chance after everything that has happened. Donna manages to win a new car. Steffy goes to see Rick. Taylor cooks a meal for Ridge. Donna manages to make it through to the showcase showdown. Brooke's surprise for Ridge is spoilt by Stephanie. Rick tells Steffy that he is happy for things to progress slowly between them. Ridge takes another pill from Taylor's bag. Pam helps Donna try and price the showcase. Donna wins the showcase and Pam comes on stage and meets Drew. Taylor is certain that Steffy wont get back together with Rick.
Guest Stars: Drew Carey as Himself | Rich Fields as Himself | Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5589 :23x65 - Ep. #5589

Stephanie insists to Brooke that Taylor is much better for her son than she is. Stephanie calls Taylor to tell her that she is keeping Brooke away so that she and Ridge can get closer again. Ridge feels the affects of the pill he took and tells Taylor they should retire to the bedroom. Stephanie urges Brooke to give her son the space he needs and to talk to him at the office tomorrow.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5590 :23x66 - Ep. #5590

Pam and Donna tell Felicia, Thorne and Eric about appearing on The Price Is Right and about their idea of giving dresses away on the show as prizes. Brooke wishes that she hadn't agreed to give Ridge so much space. When Ridge wakes up he can not remember everything about the night before. Bridget tells her parents that she needs to see them. Taylor discovers that her bottle of pills is empty. Eric tells his daughter that he is happy she is getting married to Nick again. Taylor tries to find out just how many pills Ridge took. Nick doesn't want Owen at his wedding. Taylor and Ridge decide not to tell anyone that they spent the night together.
Director: Michael Stich

5591 :23x67 - Ep. #5591

Taylor is evasive when Stephanie asks her about what happened with Ridge. Nick tells his mother that as long as Owen isn't at his wedding everything will be fine. Donna tries unsuccessfully to seduce Eric. Bridget doesn't like what Owen has to say about Nick. Eric tells his wife that Stephanie's departure from the company is what has cost them sales. Jackie tells her son that she will have a future with Nick. Nick tells Owen that he will break up with his mother if he knows what is good for him.
Director: Michael Stich

5592 :23x68 - Ep. #5592

Nick and Bridget prepare to get married again. Owen insists on attending the wedding with Jackie and does not want Nick pushing her around. Nick wants Rick to make sure that Owen does not show up art the wedding. Brooke tries to talk to Taylor about what happened with Ridge last night. Bridget wonders why Beth is late for the wedding. Eric isn't happy when Bill shows up for the wedding. Beth arrives for the wedding with Stephen. Ridge has to face Taylor and Brooke. Jackie insists to her son that Owen is going to be at the wedding and informs everyone about her engagement to him. The wedding gets under way.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison

5593 :23x69 - Ep. #5593

Nick and Bridget become husband ans wife again. Nick wants his mother to give money to Owen to make his disappear. Nick and Bridget share the first dance as Katie watches on. When Bridget throws her bouquet it is caught by Jackie. Katie tries to find out from Bill if he is still after control of Forrester Creations. Stephanie tries to find out from Taylor why she isn't with Ridge at the reception. Rick toasts his sister and Nick on their marriage.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Michael Stich

5594 :23x70 - Ep. #5594

Thorne and Felicia inform their father that they have decided to leave the company. Ridge isn't happy when his daughter announces that she and Rick have decided to give their relationship another go and to take things slowly. Eric tells Stephanie that he should never have allowed her to leave Forrester Creations. Owen wants Clarke to keep an eye on his mother and Owen whilst he is on honeymoon and keep him up to date with everything that happens. Nick warns Owen once again to stay away from his mother. Eric tells Thorne and Felicia that they are not going anywhere and he tells them that he wants them in his office tomorrow. Nick reveals to Bridget where he is taking her on their honeymoon. Owen makes plans to take Jackie to the same place that Nick has taken Bridget. Taylor tells Stephanie that she and Ridge made love after he took all of the anxiety pills that she had in her bag.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5595 :23x71 - Ep. #5595

Nick and Bridget start their honeymoon in Hawaii as Owen and Jackie fly to the same destination. Taylor is convinced that Ridge and Brooke are sorting out their differences. Ridge tells Brooke about visiting his daughter's graveside and then later taking some of Taylor's pills. Jackie and Owen nearly bump into Nick and Bridget after checking into the same hotel. Clarke lets Nick know that his mother has disappeared.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Kipp Shiotani as Chaika
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5596 :23x72 - Ep. #5596

Jackie is taught how to surf by Owen. Bridget wants Nick to focus on their honeymoon and stop worrying where his mother and Owen are. Ridge is shocked when Brooke accuses Taylor of drugging him and ruining their relationship. Brooke has a showdown with Taylor and when she sees Stephanie she thinks Taylor and Stephanie planned everything. Nick and Bridget learn from Chaika that a a couple are planning to get married on the beach. Taylor informs Brooke that everything that has happened is her own fault. Jackie learns that Owen has a surprise for her. Brooke tells Ridge she doesn't think they can get past what has happened.
Guest Stars: Kipp Shiotani as Chaika
Director: Michael Stich

5597 :23x73 - Ep. #5597

Brooke cant believe that Ridge has betrayed her the way he has. Owen wants to know if Jackie is going to agree to get married on the beach. Thorne and Felicia learn about what happened between Ridge and Taylor and that Brooke can not accept it. After Bridget runs into Owen on the beach she agrees not to tell Nick that he is there with his mother. Brooke tells Taylor that she has decided to let Ridge be with her.
Guest Stars: Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Michael Stich

5598 :23x74 - Ep. #5598

Thomas and Steffy want their father to move back home and tell him that Stephanie will be moving in with Pam. Stephanie apologizes to Brooke. Owen asks Jackie if she is sure that she wants to marry him. Nick wants Clarke to hack into Owen's email account to find out where he has gone with Jackie. Jackie insists to Owen that she does want to marry him but just not right now. Ridge doesn't think it is the right time for him to be moving back in. Owen attempts to plan a surprise for Jackie. Stephanie and Brooke try to put the past behind them.
Guest Stars: Drew Tyler Bell as Thomas Forrester | Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Michael Stich

5599 :23x75 - Ep. #5599

Jackie ends up agreeing to marry Owen in Hawaii. Taylor tells her children about Brooke telling her that she should be with Ridge. Rick feels responsible for his mother being on her own and she says it all started the night Phoebe died. Stephanie urges her son to go and be with Taylor. Bridget ends up telling Nick about his mother's plans to marry Owen. Nick shows up too late to stop the wedding. Stephanie is happy that her son has decided to get back together with Taylor.
Director: Michael Stich

5600 :23x76 - Ep. #5600

Nick is surprised by the size of Owen's room service bill after Chaika shows it to him. Stephanie admits to Brooke that she feels sorry for her. Bridget wishes she had told Nick as soon as she found out that his mother was in Hawaii with Owen. After Thorne and Felicia insist that they are leaving Eric wishes them well for the future. Nick wants to return home straight away so that he can protect the company assets from Owen. Brooke tells Eric that she has decided to take a leave of absence from the company. Owen asks Jackie never to break his heart.
Guest Stars: Kipp Shiotani as Chaika
Director: Deveney Kelly

5601 :23x77 - Ep. #5601

Taylor shares her fears with Stephanie who tries to reassure her that everything is going to be fine. Eric thinks that Ridge should give his relationship with Brooke another chance. Ridge attempts to convince Brooke not to leave the company.

5602 :23x78 - Ep. #5602

Ridge talks to his daughter about the state that Forrester Creations is in and about his brother and sister's decision to leave the company. Nick is not happy when Bill publishes Jackie and Owen's wedding pictures in his magazine. Nick clashes with Owen. Ridge and Taylor are surprised with a romantic meal by the children. Steffy tells her father that it was her idea and Ridge decides that they should not waste the food. As their parents share a dance, Steffy and Thomas watch them.

5603 :23x79 - Ep. #5603

Eric tells Donna that the show has to be a success if the company is going to survive. As their parents remember the past, Thomas and Steffy continue to watch them from afar. Rick tells his mother that he will leave the company and that she should stay. Stephanie tells Eric that unless he resigns and lets Ridge take over the company then it will fail. Pam comes up with a new plan after a confrontation with Donna. Brooke looks over old pictures of her and Ridge when they got married.

5604 :23x80 - Ep. #5604

Eric learns that unless the show goes well some stores could face closure. Bridget and Stephanie prepare to watch the show via a live feed. Bill hopes the show wont be a success so that he can profit from it. Rick receives a warning from Thomas about his future. Rick sees Marcus hugging Steffy after he congratulates her about her parents get together. Eric and Ridge are certain that the show will get the company back on track. After Donna walks onto the stage wearing the showstopper, Pam puts her plan into action and dumps a bucket of honey over her. Donna is then covered in a golden colored glitter as Pam laughs.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Bryan Genesse as Rocco Carner
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5605 :23x81 - Ep. #5605

Katie agrees to go out to dinner with Bill. Katie attempts to make the situation less worse than it is. Stephanie isn't happy when her sister admits to her that she is responsible for what happened at the fashion show. When Donna confronts her, Pam denies that she was involved in what happened. Pam quits her job after Eric has a go at her. Katie attempts to convince Bill not to publish the pictures of her sister in the magazine. Eric refuses to buckle under the pressure.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5606 :23x82 - Ep. #5606

Taylor and the children offer Ridge their support at the company. Donna hopes that the pictures of her at the fashion show aren't published. Thomas tries to convince his sister that she should give Marcus another chance. Marcus tries to make Steffy see what she is missing out on by not being with him. Bill decides to have the picture of Donna covered in honey published on the front cover of the magazine.

5607 :23x83 - Ep. #5607

Brooke takes RJ to see his father and tells Taylor that for now she has won. Marcus, Steffy and Thomas are promoted at work which means they will have to work more closely with Rick. Marcus comes up with the idea of the company producing a youth line of clothing and thinks that Steffy should be the spokesperson for it. Brooke wishes that she hadn't give up on Ridge so easily but accepts that he is now with Taylor. Katie gives in when Bill makes a move on her.
Guest Stars: Ridge Perkett as RJ Forrester

5608 :23x84 - Ep. #5608

After Eric sees that the last quarter's sales figures are down he agrees that some changes need to be made. When Steffy acts as a spokesperson things don't quite go as planned. Stephanie wants her sister to be employed at Jackie M. Nick tries to find out from Pam if she was involved in what happened at the fashion show. Bill is not impressed by Eric's efforts to save the company. Pam ends up getting the job. Ridge tells Bill that he will never get his hands on the company. When Stephanie looks at Whip Jones's resume she thinks he could be the person to keep Brooke occupied.
Guest Stars: Ridge Perkett as RJ Forrester | Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Michael Stich

5609 :23x85 - Ep. #5609

Thomas tries to convince his sister not to give up modeling. Taylor tells Stephanie about Brooke's visits. Stephanie is able to convince Nick and Jackie that they need to employ a public relations spokesperson. Taylor finds out from the children that Brooke is with Ridge as she asks him to give their relationship another go. Whip Jones shows up for the interview at Jackie M. Stephanie talks to Whip about Brooke.
Director: Michael Stich

5610 :23x86 - Ep. #5610

Ridge tries to comfort Brooke after she breaks down in his arms. Whip is not sure that he can come between Ridge and Brooke and is surprised by Stephanie's new surroundings. Brooke tells Ridge that she wishes she hadn't given up on him. Steffy shows up and wants to know what is going on and Ridge tells Brooke he would like to speak to his daughter on his own. After Jackie listens in to Stephanie and Whip's conversation she confronts Stephanie about sending Whip off to see Brooke. Whip goes to see Brooke and ends up kissing her.

5611 :23x87 - Ep. #5611

Brooke pretends to like Whip but he works out that she is just toying with him. Pam works out that her sister employed Whip so that he can get closer to Brooke. Steffy tells her mother about seeing Brooke hugging Ridge. Taylor is convinced that it is just because Brooke is going through a difficult time. Stephanie wants Whip to keep Brooke busy until her son has remarried Taylor. Brooke learns about Whip's new job. Whip fills Stephanie in on what happened with Brooke. Steffy tells Brooke to stay away from her father. Taylor wants Ridge to marry her.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5612 :23x88 - Ep. #5612

Taylor attempts to convince Ridge that they can be happy again with their children. When Whip comes up with the idea of using Bridget for as a model she insists that she is a designer. Owen tells Whip that his marriage to Jackie is for real. Ridge agrees to get married to Taylor again. Brooke tells her sister about her change of heart about Ridge. Whip comes up with a new publicity idea for the company. Thomas and Steffy learn that their parents have decided to get married again. Owen has a romantic surprise for Jackie.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Deveney Kelly

5613 :23x89 - Ep. #5613

Taylor lets Stephanie know that Ridge has agreed to remarry her. Whip is pleased by how the photo shoot goes. Ridge tells his mother that he is on his way to tell Brooke that he and Taylor are getting married. Taylor feels insecure when she finds out that Ridge is on his way to see Brooke. Brooke is upset when she hears Ridge's news. Whip congratulates Jackie on the photo shoot.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Michael Stich

5614 :23x90 - Ep. #5614

Nick and Bridget look at their wedding pictures as they celebrate being married for one month. Ridge tells Brooke that she will always be in his heart. Steffy wonders why her father is taking so long taking to Brooke. Taylor remembers past times she has shared with Ridge. Katie is shocked when her sister tells her about Ridge's plans and urges her to call him. Thomas and Steffy decide to work together to keep Brooke away from their father. Steffy deletes a text message from Brooke on her father's phone and sends Brooke a picture of her parents looking happy together.
Director: Michael Stich

5615 :23x91 - Ep. #5615

Clarke reads a letter from Sally. Stephanie is shown Taylor's engagement ring. Steffy stops her father from seeing his phone. Stephanie and Steffy work together. Donna and Katie aren't convinced that Ridge sent the texts to Brooke. Pam finds it hard to believe that Clarke and Sally where once a couple. Stephanie asks Steffy about the text messages.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5616 :23x92 - Ep. #5616

Thomas tells his sister that they are doing the right thing in sending texts to Brooke from their father's phone. When Brooke sends a text message, Thomas tells his sister that they have to reply. Clarke isn't impressed when he sees Pam wearing a red wig. Stephanie is surprised with a new office at Jackie M. Taylor looks forward to spending more time with Ridge and the children. Nick is worried about his mother's growing friendship with Stephanie. Brooke remembers the happy times that she shared with Ridge. Ridges assures the kids that he will be remarrying their mother.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5617 :23x93 - Ep. #5617

Owen is shown some of the photos Whip wants to use in the advertising campaign. When Steffy and Thomas find out that Brooke wants to talk to Ridge they make sure that their parents wont be around. Donna tells her sister that Ridge and Taylor are getting married tomorrow. Brooke shows up to see Ridge and tells Steffy and Thomas that she isn't leaving until she has seen him. Ridge and Eric talk things through. Brooke finds out where Ridge is and Thomas tries to stall her by sending a text from Ridge's phone saying he will meet her at lunch time tomorrow on the beach.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5618 :23x94 - Ep. #5618

Katie and Donna urge their sister to text Ridge and confirm their meeting. Taylor looks forward to the wedding. Steffy replies to Brooke's text message. Whip manages to impress Jackie. Ridge informs Eric that he loves both Taylor and Brooke and doesn't know what to do. Ridge is surprised by a message he receives. Brooke rides her horse on the beach as she awaits Ridge's arrival. Brooke is disappointed when she thinks she has seen Ridge coming towards her on a motorcycle and it ends up not being him. Thorne asks his brother if he is sure he wants to marry Taylor. Ridge is upset that he hasn't heard from Brooke.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5619 :23x95 - Ep. #5619

Brooke waits on the beach and is certain that Ridge will show up soon. Bill shows up as Katie wonders if Ridge called off the wedding. Steffy sendsa text message saying Ridge is on his way. Felicia tells her to put the phone away as the wedding gets underway. When Brooke discovers that it is Steffy who has been sending the message she sets off to stop the wedding. Brooke falls off her horse after going too fast. As Taylor and Ridge say their vows, Brooke shows up and says the wedding wont be happening.
Guest Stars: D.C. Douglas as Minister
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5620 :23x96 - Ep. #5620

Brooke tells Ridge about Steffy sending her text messages from his phone and Stephanie tries to get her to leave. Jackie finds out that Whip has bought the apartment above hers. Brooke wants Ridge to give their relationship another try as she thinks he isn't committed to Taylor. Jackie joins Whip for lunch in his new apartment. Stephanie wants Donna to get her sister away from the wedding.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5621 :23x97 - Ep. #5621

Brooke offers to walk away if Ridge really wants to go ahead with the wedding. Katie finds out about Brooke interrupting the wedding. Bill tells Katie that he wont print the story about what is going on at the wedding. Taylor tells everyone that the wedding is off and Ridge announces that things will be like they used to be. Steffy thinks she is to blame for the wedding being called off. Stephanie clashes with Brooke. Taylor tells Ridge that she is fine with his decision.

5622 :23x98 - Ep. #5622

Eric finds out that Jackie M is still out selling Forester Creations. When Brooke returns to work she announces that they need to try something new. Nick holds a meeting and announces that the increase in sales is all down to Bridget and Stephanie. Jackie learns from Whip that he has found a place to work on the Indulge campaign. Katie manages to impress Eric with her idea. Nick tells his wife that he is certain that Forrester Creations will bounce back from the current slump that they are in. Eric decides to make a major sacrifice so that he can pay for the upcoming campaign. Brooke wants Ridge to put to one side everything that has happened so that they can work together to help save the company.

5623 :23x99 - Ep. #5623

Taylor tells Stephanie that she she should be really proud of what she has achieved at Jackie M. Taylor and Stephanie learn from Steffy about Brooke's return to work at Forrester Creations. Whip is happy with the photos he gets of Owen and Jackie for the ad campaign. Stephanie is upset that the Logan sisters are going to be controlling things at the company she helped create. Clarke breaks the news about Forrester Creation's new campaign and how Eric got the money to finance it. Katie, Brooke and Donna are confronted by Stephanie.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Cece Tsou as Brio
Director: Michael Stich

5624 :23x100 - Ep. #5624

Owen tells Jackie that he really like the pictures that they are in. Whip wants to use a real cougar in the next set of pictures which leaves Jackie feeling frightened. Stephanie tells Brooke, Donna and Katie that their campaign is never going to succeed. Stephanie steps on the end of Donna's dress as she is getting into a lift with her son and the dress ends up being ripped off. Jackie ends up being trapped in an office with the cougar.
Director: Michael Stich

5625 :23x101 - Ep. #5625

Owen wants the keys to the office so that he can rescue his wife. Katie wants advertisement space in Bill's magazines. Dottie goes to see Stephanie and comes up with an idea for a fundraiser which would involve a fashion showdown between Jackie M and Forrester Creations. Nick isn't happy that Whip put his mother's life in danger and he apologies. Stephanie doesn't think it is the right time for the competition. Whip and Bill form an alliance after Whip shows Bill the invitation for the fashion showdown.
Guest Stars: Morgan Fairchild as Dottie Bright

5626 :23x102 - Ep. #5626

Brooke and Eric think Stephanie is responsible for the fashion showdown but she says she is as surprised as them about it. Whip doesn't want Bill telling anyone that he leaked the information about the challenge and he continues that when Jackie M win Bill will be able to get his hands on Forrester Creations. Eric informs Stephanie that the showdown will go ahead. Brooke and Ridge remember the good times they have shared together. Stephanie warns Whip that it will be on his head if things don't go well in the contest.
Guest Stars: Morgan Fairchild as Dottie Bright

5627 :23x103 - Ep. #5627

When Katie shows up at Bill's office, she finds the lights dimmed and a romantic meal prepared there. Donna is told by Brooke that they have to win tomorrow and everything needs to be perfect. Donna learns from Brooke that Katie is out with Bill. Bill finds himself having to choose between his ambition and love. The judges in the showdown learn from Jarrett that Jackie M has to win the contest. Rich, Sergei and Melissa agree to make sure that it happens. Brooke shares her ideas for the contest with Ridge. Jarrett places a call to Bill and lets him know that everything is in hand. Jarret tries one last time to get Bill to change his mind by reminding him what this will do to Katie.
Guest Stars: Morgan Fairchild as Dottie Bright | Melissa Rivers as Herself | Alan Thicke as Rich Ginger

5628 :23x104 - Ep. #5628

Jarrett tries to make Bill see that Katie will be blamed if he goes ahead with his plan. Dottie announces the beginning of the contest. Forrester Creations are first to compete and the audience are impressed by what they see. Stephanie is convinced that Jackie M's designs are better. The audience are impressed once again when they see Jackie M's presentation. Jarrett decides to be honest with Katie about what is going on and she then confronts Bill.
Guest Stars: Morgan Fairchild as Dottie Bright | Melissa Rivers as Herself | Alan Thicke as Rich Ginger | Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5629 :23x105 - Ep. #5629

Forester Creations are convinced that they are going to loose. Katie is shocked that Bill has fixed the competition. Jackie M's showstopper leaves the crows feeling speechless. Katie is shocked when the judges announce Forrester Creations as the winners. Katie thanks Bill for doing the right thing. Bill decides not to fire Jarrett. Both Brooke and Taylor want Ridge to go home with them.
Guest Stars: Alan Thicke as Rich Ginger | Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Morgan Fairchild as Dottie Bright | Melissa Rivers as Herself
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5630 :23x106 - Ep. #5630

Ridge informs Brooke and Taylor that James thinks they should have counseling. Jackie is unable to go to San Diego with Owen for a meeting and Clarke offers to go with him instead. Taylor and Brooke are both counseled by James. Katie is pleased with Bill for doing the right thing. James wants both Taylor and Brooke to go to Big Bear with him.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Ian Buchanan (1) as Dr. James Warwick
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5631 :23x107 - Ep. #5631

Brooke and Taylor go to the cabin with James who is determined that they will be friends before they leave. James' methods end up causing more friction between the two women. Jackie is certain that Owen's television interview with a positive thing. An unseen person cuts up a picture of Owen and Jackie.
Guest Stars: Ian Buchanan (1) as Dr. James Warwick

5632 :23x108 - Ep. #5632

Steffy surprises her father with her change of attitude and tells him that she just wants to see him happy. James isn't happy that things aren't going the way he planned. Owen just makes it in time for the television appearance. Owen acts strangely and announces that his marriage is just a publicity stunt.

5633 :23x109 - Ep. #5633

Ridge places a call to James at the cabin to find out how things are going with the therapy. Jackie is left heartbroken by what Owen has said. Nick tells his mother that he will throttle Owen when he next sees him. Clarke is furious with Owen. When Ridge shows up at the cabin, James is relieved. Jackie gets drunk and turns to Whip for comfort. When Owen calls her Jackie doesn't want to talk to him. Brooke and Taylor inform James that they have made a breakthrough. As Owen leaves a message for Jackie telling her he will explain everything when he returns home, she kisses Whip.
Guest Stars: Daniel McVicar as Clarke Garrison | Ian Buchanan (1) as Dr. James Warwick

5634 :23x110 - Ep. #5634

Donna tells her sister she is going to make a play for Bill to see if he stays faithful to her. Jackie is shocked when she finds out that Owen has a twin brother called Casper and that he did the interview.Katie laughs as her sister's efforts to seduce Bill fail. Jackie Jackie tells Whip the truth about what happened and he thinks she should keep quiet about the kiss they shared. When Jackie attempts to tell Owen about what happened he tells her that she doesn't have to tell him anything.

5635 :23x111 - Ep. #5635

Jackie asks a surprised Whip for some space. Brooke, Katie and Donna pose in bikinis for pictures for the Royalty campaign. Jackie tells her son what happened between her and Whip. Eric wonders why Bill is suddenly supporting Forrester Creations instead of Jackie M. Jackie tells Nick that Owen's twin bother was the person who said the things in the television interview. Whip and Owen hold a pres conference where Owen explains that his twin brother said the things in the interview and not him. Eric finds out that Katie is dating Bill. Brooke warns Bill not to hurt her sister.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5636 :23x112 - Ep. #5636

Jackie informs Owen that there is something that she must tell him before she can go away with him again. Nick tells Whip that he needs to talk to him in his office. Bill manages to impress Katie. After Nick tells him that he thinks that Owen really does love his mother, Whip admits that he has developed feelings towards Jackie. Whip is surprised by Nick's reaction to his confession. Owen finds out what happened between his wife and Whip.
Guest Stars: Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5637 :23x113 - Ep. #5637

Bridget learns about Jackie's kiss with Nick. Jackie wants Owen to forgive her for what happened and explains to him the reasons why it happened. Stephanie tries to find out from Whip how he feels about Jackie. Jackie asks Owen to give her the chance to prove her love for him. Owen thinks that maybe Nick was right when he said that he and Jackie shouldn't have got together.
Director: Michael Stich

5638 :23x114 - Ep. #5638

As Beth tries to convince Ridge to get back together with her daughter, Stephanie listens in. Pam offers to help Jackie win Owen back. Owen is surprised when Nick comes to see him asking him not to give up on Jackie. Pam thinks that Jackie should paint a large sign saying that she loves Owen on it. Stephanie argues with Beth. Brooke tells Ridge that her mother has Alzheimer's.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5639 :23x115 - Ep. #5639

Stephanie is confused by something that Beth says. Pam informs Bridget and Nick that she has come up with a way to get Jackie and Owen back together. Owen sees Jackie whilst he is at the beach house. Pam tells Nick that she arranged for Jackie to parachute over the beach house. When Beth starts repeating things, Stephanie thinks that something must be wrong with her. Ridge comforts an upset Brooke who is worried about her mother. When birds rip into Jackie's parachute she goes down and Owen goes to see if she is OK. Owen takes Jackie into the house.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan

5640 :23x116 - Ep. #5640

Jackie is told by Owen that even though he still loves her he is finding it impossible to forget what she did. Stephen tells Donna and Katie about their mother's illness. Ridge talks to his mother about Beth's illness. Jackie tells Owen that she deserves to loose him and should have never doubted him. Stephen asks Beth to remarry him in front of their children. Brooke tells Ridge that he needs to decide who he wants to be with.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5641 :23x117 - Ep. #5641

Brooke tells Ridge that she cant just sit around forever whilst he decides who he wants to be with. Steffy goes to see Owen and invites him to go surfing with her. Nick is an angry with his mother for endangering her life and she tells him that Owen doesn't think he can trust her again. Brooke informs Ridge that her parents have returned home to Paris and that she intends to take the children to go see them. Nick tells his mother that she needs to give Owen the space that he needs. Steffy learns from Owen about the kiss that Jackie and Whip shared. Owen tells Steffy that he wants things to be like before Jackie kissed Whip.

5642 :23x118 - Ep. #5642

Ridge tries to make Brooke thing again about leaving the country. Whip goes to see Owen and tries to convince him to be angry with him and not his wife. Steffy tells Jackie that she knows what happened between her and Whip. Brooke tells her sisters that there is no reason for her to stay in town. Thorne doesn't want Brooke leaving town. Whip tries to get Owen to agree to talk with Jackie. Jackie tells her son that she is going to let Owen go. Brooke leaves her old life behind. Jackie is surprised when Owen tells her he wants her back and he kisses her. Ridge comes up with a plan and hopes that it works.
Guest Stars: Harley Graham as Alexandria Forrester | Ridge Perkett as RJ Forrester

5643 :23x119 - Ep. #5643

Katie thinks her sister is making a mistake by going to Paris as it is not going to solve her problems. When Owen tells Jackie that he wants to work through the problems they have been having she tells her she came to see him to give him a divorce. Ridge tries to prove his love for the woman he wants to spend his life with. Jackie tells Owen that she can't live without him either and they end up in one anothers arms. Kate makes her sister see the heart that Ridge has done on the beach. Ridge and Brooke are reunited and he tells her he isn't going to loose her again.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5644 :23x120 - Ep. #5644

Whip is warned to stay away from Jackie because of the way he feels. Owen tells Jackie that she has to agree to something if they are to get back together. Stephanie learns that her son is back together with Brooke. Brooke looks forward to the future whilst Taylor is left feeling devastated.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5645 :23x121 - Ep. #5645

Jackie fires Whip. Stephanie goes to see Brooke. When Ridge goes to see Taylor she tells him she already knows that he has chosen Brooke over her. Nick isn't happy when he finds out from Owen that Jackie is firing Whip from the company. Whip tells Jackie that she knows that getting rid of him is not a good idea. Owen shows up and tells Whip that he can keep his job if he knows that his wife is off limits.
Director: Michael Stich

5646 :23x122 - Ep. #5646

Rick surprises Ridge and Brooke with some news of his own as they celebrate being back together. Thorne and Felicia decide to return to work at the company. Ridge decides to try and repair his and Rick's relationship. Owen and Whip try to reach an understanding. After Whip discovers the truth about her past, Jackie realizes she has to tell Owen about it.
Director: Michael Stich

5647 :23x123 - Ep. #5647

Jackie is worried how Owen will react to news about her past and wonders if she should tell him after all. Nick vows to get even with Owen if he hurts his mother after learning the truth about her past. Steffy and Thomas console one another about how they both have nobody to share their lives with. Owen is left speechless after Jackie shows him the website which reveals her past on it.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5648 :23x124 - Ep. #5648

After Jackie admits the truth to Owen she begs him not to leave her. Owen tells her that he needs time to think about things. Nick comforts an upset Jackie. Bill's assistant Justin Barber shows up in town. Justin learns about Bill's relationship with Katie. Katie manages to convince Donna to ask Eric to join her and Bill for dinner. Steffy is shocked when Owen fills her in on what has happened. Donna is shocked when she runs into Justin.

5649 :23x125 - Ep. #5649

Donna tries to find out more about Justin on the Internet. When Owen finally returns home, Jackie tries to explain to him what she had turned to prostitution all those years ago. After talking things through Jackie and Owen both agree to try and work on their relationship. Eric tells Marcus that he would like to legally adopt him. Donna admits to Katie that Justin is Marcus' father. Katie thinks that her sister should tell them them the truth.
Director: Michael Stich

5650 :23x126 - Ep. #5650

Donna finds herself put on the spot when asked questions about Marcus' biological father. Bill learns from Justin about the past he shared with Donna. Justin decides to find out from Donna why she walked out on him when they where younger.

5651 :23x127 - Ep. #5651

Donna and Justin talk about what has happened to one another since they last met. When Justin meets Marcus he starts to wonder of he could be his son. Stephanie is shocked when she learns from Eric that he is planning to legally adopt Marcus. Stephanie has a mini stroke after Eric leaves.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5652 :23x128 - Ep. #5652

Donna tells her sister the reasons why she has decided not to tell Justin the truth. Justin reads something on the Internet and wonders if he is Marcus' father. Katie joins Bill for dinner and they end up making love. Marcus looks forward to being part of the Forrester family as Justin shows up to see Donna. When Donna shows up Justin wonders why she hasn't told him she has a son. Ridge is shocked when he learns that Eric is planning to adopt Marcus who hears Ridge talking about the decision. Justin tries to find out from Donna why she decided to give Marcus up for adoption. Justin asks Donna if he is Marcus' father.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5653 :23x129 - Ep. #5653

Justin tries to get Dona to admit that Marcus is his son. Donna ends up lying to Justin when she tells him he is not Marcus' father. Donna tries to convince him that she cheated on him when they where together. Bridget and Nick decide to throw a surprise party for Stephanie. Ridge tells Brooke about Eric's plans to legally adopt Marcus. Stephanie is surprised by the party but Jackie is worried about her when she has a persistent headache that wont go away. Stephanie's condition gets worse as she tries to convince herself that she is going to be fine.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5654 :23x130 - Ep. #5654

Ridge calls Stephanie and she remains disoriented when she answers the call. After the call her vision continues to be blurred. Ridge and Brooke talk about Stephanie. Taylor is concerned about Stephanie when she shows up for dinner. After Taylor leaves to go on a trip Stephanie's condition gets worse and Steffy is forced to call for help.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5655 :23x131 - Ep. #5655

Bridget is surprised by a musical tribute from Nick. Pam and Thomas are both concerned about Stephanie. Stephanie tries to convince everyone that she is OK. Steffy decides on Stephanie's request not to tell anyone what happened.
Guest Stars: Robin Karfo as Dr. Brauer | Brenda Vivian as Nurse

5656 :23x132 - Ep. #5656

Bill remains secretly determined to bring down Forrester Creations. Justin tells Bill that he thinks he could be Marcus' father. Eric receives a present from Marcus. Justin confronts Donna again about the possibility of his being Marcus' father. Stephanie’s behavior continues to concern her family and friends.

5657 :23x133 - Ep. #5657

What Donna tells him about Marcus’ biological father leaves Justin feeling dumbfounded. Donna explains why she made the decisions she did. Steffy talks to Owen about Stephanie. Pam discovers the truth about her sister.
Director: Michael Stich

5658 :23x134 - Ep. #5658

Stephanie admits to her sister that she has had a mini stroke. Stephanie ignores Pam's warnings to take things easy. Stephanie finds it hard to focus at a meeting and isn't very nice to the staff members. After talking to Katie, Bill realizes that Justin is Marcus' father. Katie discovers that Bill is still determined to take control of Forrester Creations. Bill wants Katie to help him run the company. Donna admits to Marcus that Justin is his father after he challenges her. Marcus connects with Justin.
Director: Michael Stich

5659 :23x135 - Ep. #5659

Katie tells her sister and Ridge about Bill's plans. Justin decides to stay in town so that he can get to know his son better. Marcus has to decide whether to go ahead with the adoption. Bill has to contend with Katie as he presses ahead with this plan to gain control of Forrester Creations.
Guest Stars: Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Deveney Kelly

5660 :23x136 - Ep. #5660

Katie issues Bill with an ultimatum. Bill tells Katie what she has been waiting to hear. Eric tells the rest of the family about the new addition to the family. After talking to long term banker, Michael on the telephone, Ridge is worried about the company's future.
Guest Stars: Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Deveney Kelly

5661 :23x137 - Ep. #5661

Katie lets her sisters know that Bill is still planing to take over the company. They tell her that there is nothing he can do as Eric has sole ownership of the company. Katie tells them that Eric has taken out vast loans and the banks want their money back. Eric tells Ridge that he has decided to let him run the company from now on. Brooke tells Ridge about Bill's plans. Jackie isn't happy when Steffy interferes in her marriage and accuses her of having a crush on Owen.
Guest Stars: Nic D'Avirro as Michael Galey

5662 :23x138 - Ep. #5662

Jackie insists to Steffy that her marriage is fine and advises her to go after a guy who is single. When Owen shows up Jackie asks him if their marriage is fine and he says yes. Jackie listens in at the door after she leaves so she can hear what Owen and Steffy talk about. Owen and Steffy come close to sharing a kiss. When Steffy leaves the office, Jackie tells her to stay away from Jackie M and her husband. Brooke tells Ridge that Bill has bought the loan that Forrester Creations owe. Ridge is determined not to loose the company. Bill shows up with Katie to see the Forresters. Bill shocks the family when he says he wants Katie to be the new CEO at the company. Katie tries to convince everyone that Bill only wants to see the company grow. Brooke and Donna try to make their sister see that she is being manipulated by Bill.
Guest Stars: Nic D'Avirro as Michael Galey | Meeghan Holaway as Gloria Schiller

5663 :23x139 - Ep. #5663

Katie's family try to convince her not to work with Bill in taking over the company. Katie attempts to convince them once again that Bill only wants to help the company grow. Stephanie refuses to slow down. When Taylor returns home she works out that her daughter and Stephanie are hiding something from her.
Guest Stars: Nic D'Avirro as Michael Galey

5664 :23x140 - Ep. #5664

Stephanie isn't happy when Steffy tells Taylor the truth about what has been happening. Eric sells the beach house in a last ditch effort to save the company. Ridge wonders why Katie cant see that Bill is just using her. Taylor offers Stephanie her full support. Bill agrees to Katie demands.
Director: Michael Stich

5665 :23x141 - Ep. #5665

Jackie talks to Whip about her marriage and she blames Steffy for the problems in it. When Owen runs into Steffy at Insomnia he wonders why she has been avoiding him. Ridge doesn't think that Katie should be still be working at the company now she is in league with Bill. Jackie is surprised when Whip tells her that maybe Owen should be with Steffy or somebody like her. Bill looks at a picture of his deceased father. Brooke and Donna ask their sister how she can care about a man who is so against the Forresters. Owen is told by Steffy that he is lucky to have someone like Jackie. Brooke thinks that they should continue to fight to save the company.
Director: Michael Stich

5666 :23x142 - Ep. #5666

Brooke tells her son that he needs to look to the future of a company without Bill involved when he finds it hard to let go of the beach house. Steffy takes Owen out on the Shady Marlin. Katie is surprised when she finds out that Bill bought the beach house. Steffy takes Owen to a place where she used to go with her sister when they where younger. Katie agrees to move in with Bill.
Director: Michael Stich

5667 :23x143 - Ep. #5667

Owen suggests that he and Steffy go swimming. Brooke learns that Bill bought the beach house and that her sister intends to move in with him. Owen has to rescue Steffy after she has an accident. Katie watches a DVD she finds of Bill Spencer Snr, saying how he felt about Stephanie and how Eric needs to be brought down for the way he treated her. Bill isn't happy when he finds Katie watching the DVD. Bill tries to convince Katie that he never intended on acting the DVD and that he can't imagine not having her in his life.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5668 :23x144 - Ep. #5668

Bill tries to convince Katie that he is not just using her. Steffy thanks Owen for saving her life. When Owen goes back to the office Nick wants to know if something is going on between him and Steffy. Owen tells his wife about what happened. Katie is suspicious of Bill. Owen tries to convince Jackie that nothing is going on between him and Steffy.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5669 :23x145 - Ep. #5669

Both Nick and Whip are concerned about the way Stephanie acted during the meeting the other day. Pam thinks her sister should be honest about her condition. Thomas works out that his sister has a crush on Owen. After Jackie tells Owen that he means everything to her, he tells her that he has a surprise for her. Pam attempts to convince her sister that she will get better. Owen ends up being the one surprised. Nick goes to see Stephanie in her office and refuses to allow her to quit her position at the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5670 :23x146 - Ep. #5670

Jackie informs her husband that she doesn't want to bring up another child. Whip and Nick don't believe Stephanie's reasons for wanting to resign. Nick is determined to discover the truth. Owen attempts to convince his wife that bringing up a child wouldn't be a bad thing. Stephanie tells Taylor about her decision. Steffy learns from Owen about Jackie's change of mind about raising a child together. Taylor's offer of help is turned down by Stephanie. Jackie learns from her son about Stephanie's decision to leave the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5671 :23x147 - Ep. #5671

Jackie goes to see Stephanie about wanting to leave the company. Jackie later learns from Taylor about what has been happening to Stephanie. Katie moves into the beach house with Bill. Katie's sisters are worried about her and when they go to see her they aren't expecting what they see.
Director: Michael Stich

5672 :23x148 - Ep. #5672

Nick and the others learn about Stephanie's stroke when Jackie tells them what Taylor told her. Katie's sisters try to convince her that Bill is no good for her. Ridge insists to Bill that the company will never be his. Nick wants the rest of the staff to help him with his plan. Taylor is determined to help Stephanie. Ridge clashes with Bill. Stephanie is surprised by the actions of the Jackie M staff. Donna tells her sister about Bill making a play for her before he set his sights on her. Nick is able to get Stephanie to agree to return to work.
Director: Michael Stich

5673 :23x149 - Ep. #5673

Thorne learns from his mother about the strokes she has suffered and she makes him promise not to tell anyone about them. Eric and Ridge attempt to make one of the loan repayments. Stephanie explains about being persuaded not to quit her job at Jackie M. Eric learns about Bill being the new owner of the beach house and Donna explains to him about the DVD that Bill has. Stephanie learns about Bill's plans. After Bill explains his plans to Brooke she tells Eric that she thinks they should take Bill up on his offer.
Director: Michael Stich

5674 :23x150 - Ep. #5674

Eric finds it hard to get his latest design right. Brooke talks to Ridge about the future. After Stephanie returns to work she informs Whip that the current rumors about Forrester Creations are true. Brooke thinks that they can actually make things work with Bill. Bill agrees to the terms that Brooke comes up with.
Director: Michael Stich

5675 :23x151 - Ep. #5675

Bill celebrates with Katie after gaining control of Forrester Creations by surprising her with a romantic evening. Brooke and Ridge are determined to face the future together at Forrester Creations. Eric boxes up his belongings and moves out of his office. Bill asks Katie to become his wife.

5676 :23x152 - Ep. #5676

Taylor is concerned that her daughter is becoming the third person in Owen and Jackie's marriage. Jackie sees Owen having a good time with Jack. When Nick sees his mother he asks her what is up. Steffy tells her mother that Owen wants kids but Jackie doesn't want anymore. After working out that Katie is engaged to Bill, Ridge thinks she is being manipulated. Steffy promises her mother not to interfere anymore. Jackie surprises Owen by telling him they are going to have a baby.

5677 :23x153 - Ep. #5677

Forrester Creation's partnership deal with Spencer Publications is announced by Brooke after a press conference is called. Nick is surprised that his mother is planning to have another child so late in life. The press give Katie a hard time. Owen thanks Jackie for the sacrifice she has agreed to make. Brooke isn't happy with her sister. Jackie tells Owen that it wouldn't be fair on the child if she had another one so late in life. After Steffy shows up on Jackie's request, Jackie states that her husband and Steffy should be together. Ridge and Eric are surprised when Bill tells them he would get an injunction to stop them from working anywhere else if they ever leave the company..

5678 :23x154 - Ep. #5678

Brooke thinks that Bill should of put Ridge in charge of the company instead of her sister. Steffy thinks Jackie's idea is crazy. Brooke attempts to make her sister see that everyone thinks she is betraying them by becoming CEO. Jackie tries to make Owen see that if he stays with her he will eventually see that something is missing from his life. Katie tries to make her sister see she only wants good things for Forrester Creations. Steffy tries to make Jackie see that Owen only wants her. Ridge clashes with Bill.

5679 :23x155 - Ep. #5679

Ridge refuses to put on a happy face about what is happening to the company. Ridge tells his children why he wants to company kept as it was. Beth and Stephen's children are pleased to see them after they show up in town. Ridge doesn't think he will be able to work under the new regime. Bill has a surprise for Katie.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Bryan Genesse as Rocco Carner
Director: Deveney Kelly

5680 :23x156 - Ep. #5680

Everyone is surprised by who Katie announces as the new President and Vice President of the company. Bill asks Ridge to come see him. Justin comes up with a way to spend some time with Donna. Pam is able to convince her sister to appear on a talk show.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5681 :23x157 - Ep. #5681

­Brooke goes to see Bill and makes him offer that she hopes he will accept. Pill ends up appearing on the talk show herself when he sister backs out. Ridge remembers the good times he and Brooke shared whilst working at the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5682 :23x158 - Ep. #5682

Pam freezes as she is questioned by Donna on the show. Donna is able to get Pam to open up and before long the two of them are bickering. Jarrett and Justin think that the show went well and that Pam should co host it with Donna in future. Owen and Jackie kiss after Owen tells her that he wants her. Nick learns that his mother and Owen are no longer planning on raising a child together. Bridget asks Dr. Caspary what her chances are of carrying a baby. Bridget tells Nick what the doctor told him and he tells her that he wouldn't allow her to risk her life trying to have another baby.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5683 :23x159 - Ep. #5683

Katie's first scheduled meeting is boycotted by both Eric and Ridge. Eric isn't happy about Donna's new job. Steffy has an idea which she discusses with Katie. Donna hears an unexpected confession from Justin.
Director: Michael Stich

5684 :23x160 - Ep. #5684

Whip comes up with a new advertising idea for Jackie M which he is sure will be a winner. Steffy refuses to take no for an an answer after explaining her new clothing line idea to Bill. After Bridget learns that she will never be able to conceive another baby she and Nick discuss their options.
Director: Michael Stich

5685 :23x161 - Ep. #5685

Owen tries to help Nick and Bridget but remains disappointed that he might never have his own child. Steffy is promoted at Forrester Creations. Bill gives Steffy a great opportunity and it starts to make Ridge see things differently. Nick and Bridget discuss their options with Andrea. Ridge offers his daughter his full support. After Nick and Bridget pick an ideal candidate to carry their baby, Andrea tells them she will set up an interview. A woman called Sandy receives a strange phone call saying things have gone to plan.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5686 :23x162 - Ep. #5686

The photo shoot for the new advertisement campaign at Forrester Creations goes well. Nick learns from his wife that Andrea has told her that they should call Sandy themselves. Ridge is told by Bill that he should be very proud of his daughter. Sandy receives a call from Bridget who tells her that she is her and Nick's ideal candidate to be a surrogate mother. Donna is persuaded by Justin to stand up to Eric about continuing to host her new talk show. Sandy wants to meet with Bridget so that they can get to know another better.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5687 :23x163 - Ep. #5687

Bridget and Nick try to get to know Sandy. An over worked Katie finds it impossible to find the time to decide on a wedding dress. Nick thinks that Sandy is a little nervous. Brooke is impressed after Ridge gives her sister a gift. Sandy is told by Bridget and Nick that she is definitely the perfect surrogate for them. Steffy promises Bill she will make a success of the new clothing line and he is surprised when she kisses him.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5688 :23x164 - Ep. #5688

When Steffy tries to kiss Bill again he stops her. Pam becomes an Internet sensation. Sandy officially becomes Bridget and Nick's surrogate. Justin thinks that Donna should ask Pam to co host the show on a permanent basis but Pam has big demands. Steffy finds it hard to forget the kiss she shared with Bill. Katie shows Bill the place she wants to get married at. Nick wants Sandy to tell him more about herself. Donna and Pam reach an agreement.
Guest Stars: Jim J. Bullock as Sergei
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5689 :23x165 - Ep. #5689

Steffy finds it hard to forget about the kiss. Bridget and Nick look forward to being parents. Sandy isn't looking forward to having to carry a baby for nine months. Bridget begins the surrogate procedure. Steffy finds out from her brother that Bill and Katie are getting married tomorrow. Bill wants Justin to be his best man. Steffy tells Bill she needs to see him and they arrange to meet at Big Bear. Steffy promises Bill that nobody will ever find out about the kiss they shared.

5690 :23x166 - Ep. #5690

Katie enjoys her sleepover bachelorette party with her sisters. Bridget informs Nick that it is now his turn to do his bit in the surrogacy. Katie wants a simple marriage ceremony with all her family there. Carl assures Bridget that there will be no mix up this time like there was with Taylor. Katie opens the presents that her sisters have given her. Bill talks to Steffy about the kiss and tells her it was no big deal to him.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret

5691 :23x167 - Ep. #5691

Stephen tries to help Beth get her memory back. Katie lets her sisters know that she is getting their mother's old car restored to it's former glory. Beth and Stephen bump into some old friends. Eric tells his wife that he wont be attending the wedding. Donna is shown a tree by Justin that still has their names carved in a heart on it. Stephen prepares to walk his daughter down the isle.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Joanna Johnson as Karen Spencer | Jim J. Bullock as Sergei | Erin Moran as Kelly DeMartin | Barry Livingston as Mike DeMartin
Director: Michael Stich

5692 :23x168 - Ep. #5692

Bill sees his wife to be as her father walks her down the isle. Thorne joins his parents at the house instead of attending the wedding. Katie and Bill say their wedding vows. Bill and Katie are announced as husband and wife.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Joanna Johnson as Karen Spencer | Barry Livingston as Mike DeMartin | Geoffrey Wade as Reverend Haskell | Erin Moran as Kelly DeMartin
Director: Michael Stich

5693 :23x169 - Ep. #5693

Donna is upset when Eric tells her that he cant host Bill and Katie's wedding reception with her. Rick returns from Paris for the wedding reception. Toasts are made at the reception. Bill and Katie leave to go on their honeymoon. Katie notices that Bil's shark necklace is missing.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Jim J. Bullock as Sergei
Director: Deveney Kelly

5694 :23x170 - Ep. #5694

When Sandy doesn't show up for an appointment Bridget and Nick are concerned. Stephanie witnesses a close moment between Justin and Donna. Stephanie asks her sister to call their mother as she is coming for a visit. Stephanie wants to know why Donna is still working on the show when it obviously upsets Eric. Sandy finally shows up and the procedure gets under way. Jackie, Owen and Whip try to support Nick and Bridget. Pam is worried that her mother will want her to go back to Chicago with her. Whip recognizes Sandy as Agnes and wonders what is going on.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5695 :23x171 - Ep. #5695

Sandy is revealed as being Whip's cousin. Sandy tells Whip that she has legally had her name changed and he wants to know why she is carrying Nick and Bridget's child. Ann pays a visit to Paradise Cove where she remembers good times she has spend there. When Jackie shows up with flowers she asks Whip if he knows Sandy. Whip tries to find out why his cousin disappeared a few years back. Ann reveals to her daughters that she is dying and doesn't have a lot of time left.
Guest Stars: Betty White as Ann Douglas | Roger Narayan as Cab Driver
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5696 :23x172 - Ep. #5696

­Stephanie and Pam try to convince their mother to remain in Los Angeles. Ann ends up collapsing. Bill and Katie travel to their honeymoon. Ridge and Steffy hope that their ideas will get the company back for the family.
Guest Stars: Betty White as Ann Douglas
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5697 :23x173 - Ep. #5697

­Taylor agrees to let Ann come stay. Pam goes against her mother and sister's wishes and calls for help following Ann's collapse. Ann is upset when she finds out that she is in the hospital and asks her daughters not to let her die there. Ann wants out after finding out what has happened. Steffy misinterprets something that Brooke says.
Guest Stars: Betty White as Ann Douglas
Director: Michael Stich

5698 :23x174 - Ep. #5698

Pam learns that she has the final decision on her mother's health care. Steffy learns from Taylor that things don't look good for Ann. Steffy finds out pictures of Stephanie and Pam when she opens a box with John Douglas' name on it. Ann's daughters take her to Paradise Cove where they remember happier times. Ann opens her eyes one last times and thanks her daughters and she then passes away.
Guest Stars: Betty White as Ann Douglas
Director: Michael Stich

5699 :23x175 - Ep. #5699

­Bill and Katie return home and find out what has been going on whilst they where on their honeymoon. Donna's job continues to cause problems in her marriage when she is forced to break a date with Eric. Eric's children try and show him he would be better off with Stephanie. Steffy thinks her mother should try on line dating. Stephanie starts a new chapter in her life. ­

Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5700 :23x176 - Ep. #5700

Justin informs Whip that there is going to be a public relations showdown between Forrester Creations and Jackie M. Bill refuses to let the loss of his necklace faze him. Stephanie is surprised when Eric takes her to Big Bear where they remember the past that they have shared. Taylor meets a man on line with similar interests to her and he asks her if she would like to meet. Steffy accepts a challenge from Whip after they appear on the Catwalk show. Taylor agrees to meet the mystery man. Stephanie sits on Bill's necklace at the cabin.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5701 :23x177 - Ep. #5701

Stephanie returns home with the necklace she found at the cabin. Brooke is happy that her son is back working at the office. Thomas isn't happy with his sister for encouraging their mother to try on line dating. Stephanie gives Brooke the necklace thinking it belongs to Rick. Taylor leaves earlier then expected when he date ends up being Carl. Bill congratulates his wife after he reveals that the company's sales have increased. Brooke works out who the necklace belongs to and see goes to see Bill. Bill lies to her and says he has never been to the cabin and Brooke then shows him the necklace.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret
Director: Michael Stich

5702 :23x178 - Ep. #5702

J­ackie and Owen take part in a photoshoot for Jackie M’s new 'Adam and Eve' advertisement campaign. Steffy gives Katie a belated wedding present as she tries to conceal her guilt about what happened with Bill. Bill is forced to tell Brooke about the kiss he shared with Steffy before he married her sister. Brooke wonders if Bill is telling her everything that happened.
Director: Michael Stich

5703 :23x179 - Ep. #5703

Brooke thinks about telling telling Ridge about his daughter and Bill's kiss. Katie tells Bill she is convinced his missing necklace will show up. Rick tells Steffy that he wants the best for him. Whip is concerned about his cousin and pays her a visit. Brooke thinks more than just a kiss might have happened after finding put Bill's necklace was found in between the cushions at the cabin. Brooke confronts Bill again and threatens to tell Katie what she knows. Bill tells Brooke that he is going to tell Katie about the kiss he and Steffy shared.

5704 :23x180 - Ep. #5704

Steffy makes a confession to Rick after he makes a heartfelt plea to her. The results of the pregnancy test are in. Brooke learns from Bill about everything that happened at the cabin between him and Steffy.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary

5705 :23x181 - Ep. #5705

Nick wants to know why Sandy has become distant. Brooke tells her sister there is something she has to tell her. Nick finds out that Sandy's real name is Anges Jones. Brooke changes her mind about telling Katie what she knows. Nick confronts Sandy. Bill tells Brooke that he has decided to tell Katie what happened. Brooke tells Steffy that she knows what happened between her and Bill.

5706 :23x182 - Ep. #5706

Nick questions Sandy more about her past and she informs him that says that Bridget reminds her of the person she used to be. Katie learns from Bill about Steffy trying it on with him at the cabin. Steffy wants to know if Brooke intends to tell her father or Katie about what happened between her and Bill. Nick thinks that Sandy should let go of her past and tells him what else she is hiding from him. Katie believes her husband when he insists that nothing else has happened between him and Steffy. Sandy doesn't want Nick telling his wife anything that she has told him. Katie confronts Steffy.

5707 :23x183 - Ep. #5707

Justin tries to find out from Bill if everything is OK. Nick informs his wife that Sandy is looking forward to carrying their baby. Stephanie tries to help Taylor get ready for her next date that she has organized via the Internet. When Whip finds out that Taylor has a date lined up he is intrigued. Bill tells Justin about the kiss he shared with Steffy. Katie wants Steffy to tell her exactly what is going on. Bridget wonders if her and Nick are doing the right thing. Taylor finds out that Whip is her date. Steffy is surprised when Katie fires her from the company.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5708 :23x184 - Ep. #5708

Whip insists to Taylor that he doesn't need the Internet go get a date. Katie wants Steffy out of the building by tomorrow. Bill arranges a romantic meal for Katie. Steffy tells her brother she has lost her job. Whip tells Taylor about the feelings he had towards Jackie. Katie is surprised to see what Bill has arranged when she returns home. Steffy admits to a surprised Thomas what she did. Whip tells Taylor that the he missed his chance with Jackie. Bill learns that Katie has fired Steffy. Steffy tries to explain to Thomas why she did what she did. Whip tries to charm Taylor.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5709 :23x185 - Ep. #5709

Whip informs his cousin that Nick will work out they are related in time. Taylor decides not to go on a second date with Whip. Nick shares his concerns about Sandy with Brooke. Brooke thinks that Nick should talk to a lawyer. Taylor tells Whip that she wont get involved with any of Brooke's ex partners ever again. Nick is determined to find out everything he can about Sandy.
Guest Stars: Jim J. Bullock as Sergei

5710 :23x186 - Ep. #5710

Bridget informs Sandy that she feels like God sent her to help her and Nick have a baby. Whip ends up becoming Taylor's latest patient. Nick continues to look into Sandy's past. Ridge asks Brooke about the surrogate that Bridget and Nick are using. Sandy thanks Nick for not telling Bridget that she had changed her name and when she gets home she thinks she has seen somebody in her house.

5711 :23x187 - Ep. #5711

Bill isn't happy that Katie fired Steffy and wonders how Ridge will react. Nick finds out that Whip and Sandy are related after he finds them together. Katie ends up giving Steffy her job back. Eric and Ridge go over their plan to regain control of the company and Ridge asks Brooke how she would feel about her sister loosing her job as CEO. Sandy tells Nick how her dreams where destroyed after being raped. Brooke and Donna find their loyalties tested. Bill tries to reassure his wife that she did the right thing.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5712 :23x188 - Ep. #5712

Ridge lets Eric know that he has e-mailed Bill the offer. Forrester Creations and Jackie M. get ready for another head to head. Stephanie and the team are impressed by the pre-production sales figures. Taylor offers good wishes to both companies. Taylor ends up agreeing to go on another date with Whip. Katie isn't happy when she finds out what is going on. Bill clashes with Ridge. Ridge wants to get out of the contract that he signed with Bill.

5713 :23x189 - Ep. #5713

Eric learns from Ridge that Bill turned down their offer. Whip is certain that Jackie M will win the battle as they have the best campaign. Stephanie wishes her grand daughter the best of luck. The Catwalk audience watch the two companies videos. Eric and Ridge decide not to attend the contest. Everyone is eager to find out who has won.
Guest Stars: Jim J. Bullock as Sergei
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5714 :23x190 - Ep. #5714

Eric thinks that Ridge's latest idea could work. Jackie M manages to win the contest must to Steffy's disappointment. Bill is not happy that the company lost. Justin attempts to cheer Donna up. Eric shows Ridge a design that he thinks nobody would buy. Whip sand Taylor share a kiss. Eric returns to the company fold.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5715 :23x191 - Ep. #5715

Sandy hears Nick telling Broke all the things he has found out about her. Ridge tells his daughter about his and Eric's latest plan to try and regain control of the company. Nick thinks that Sandy should talk to Brooke as they have both been through similar things. Bridget thinks that Stephanie needs as assistant. Nick comes up with the idea of Sandy being Stephanie's new assistant. Brooke isn't sure about deceiving her sister.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5716 :23x192 - Ep. #5716

Brooke ends up agreeing to join forces with Ridge and Eric to regain control of the company. Eric wants to know what his father is up to after learning he has agreed to return to work. Sandy starts her new job. Thorne learns about Eric's plan. Sandy turns down Bridget's offer to spend Christmas with her and Nick. Bill tells his wife that he thinks Eric is up to something. Steffy comes up with a new campaign idea. When Katie sees the Forresters together in a office she thinks Bill could be right.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5717 :23x193 - Ep. #5717

The staff at Forrester Creations are happy to see him back at work. Brooke and Donna decide against inviting Bill to spend Christmas with the family. Katie is upset by their decision. Bill is not impressed when he is shown the new 'Dare' line.

5718 :23x194 - Ep. #5718

Katie tells Bill her Christmas wish. Sandy's family and freinds try to get her into the Christmas mood. Brooke and Ridge are told by Eric his plans for the next year. Eric learns that his plan is on track. ­
Director: Michael Stich

5719 :23x195 - Ep. #5719

Sandy receives some special thanks from Bridget. The staff at Jackie M are thrown a Christmas party. Thorne shares his concerns about Stephanie with Ridge. Bridget is happy when Sandy shows up at the party. Owen has a special present for Jackie. Thorne finds his mother in good cheer after going to check on her. Stephanie remembers some of the good times from past Christmas.
Director: Michael Stich

5720 :23x196 - Ep. #5720

Whip lets everyone know at Jackie M that Forrester Creations have a secret new line. Eric wants Steffy to handle the press on the new line and to make sure that Bill does not come suspicious. Katie shows Justin some of Eric's new designs and shares her concerns with him. Brooke thinks that Sandy should enter a treatment facility. Ridge thinks that Bill and Katie might shut down production once they work out what is going on. Sandy isn't happy when Nick suggests she gets some professional help. Katie tries to find out what is going on and she questions her sisters. Lt. Baker is asked by Nick to take a look at Sandy's case.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker
Director: Deveney Kelly

5721 :23x197 - Ep. #5721

Nick wants Sandy to go to the police station with him. Eric is convinced his plan will work. Katie wants to take a look at the collection. After Nick takes Sandy home she gets the police report that was filed following her assault. Nick asks Lt. Baker what the delay is.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker

5722 :23x198 - Ep. #5722

After their is no trace of Sandy's case in the computer Lt. Baker is told to go to the municipal building. Bill isn't impressed by what he sees of the new 'Dare' designs. Nick and Sandy head with Lt. Baker to the municipal building to view the evidence. Bill wants to know if the new designs are going to make money. Eric and everyone else are relieved after Bill gives the designs his backing.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker

5723 :23x199 - Ep. #5723

Sandy and Nick want to know why the evidence that has been found in the box has never been looked at or tested. Lt. Baker thinks that Sandy's case could of been low priority. Whip tells the Brook the real reason he was offered the job at Jackie M by Stephanie. Sandy is comforted by Nick after she has memories of the attack.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker
Director: Deveney Kelly

5724 :23x200 - Ep. #5724

Steffy thinks the plan to get the company back is working after Bill wants to see more designs. Katie asks Jarrett for his views on the latest designs.Nick is determined to make sure Sandy gets justice for the attack on her. Sandy thanks Nick for helping her. Jarrett doesn't think the designs are like what Eric and Ridge usually come up with but he tries to reassure Katie that her sisters wouldn't do anything to hurt her. Nick isn't happy about not telling his wife everything that is going on. Katie confronts Broke about what is going on. Bridget is worried about Sandy after she storms out of the room.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5725 :23x201 - Ep. #5725

Katie tries to find out from her sister if she and Bill are being set up. Eric works out that Katie is close to discovering the truth. Brooke admits to her sister that the new line is supposed to be a failure. Ric informs Ridge that they have a problem. Katie is furious with her sister and Brooke asks her not to tell Bill. Donna is convinced that Katie will tell Bill everything. Katie ends up telling Bill everything and he calls a meeting.
Director: Michael Stich

5726 :23x202 - Ep. #5726

Bill decides not to fire the Forrresters in case they get jobs at rival companies. Nick and Bridget thank Owen for putting them in touch with surrogacy agency. Katie isn't happy when Bill insults her sisters. Brooke believes that her sister is now coming to her senses. Katie clashes with Bill about what he said to Donna and Brooke.
Director: Michael Stich

5727 :23x203 - Ep. #5727

Bills issues Katie with an ultimatum when he tells her she has to choose between him and her sisters. Nick tells Sandy that he is glad she found the courage to do what she did and that he is proud of her. Katie tells her sisters that she walked out on Bill. Steffy goes to see Bill. After Bill receives a text message from his wife saying she is staying with her sister, Steffy kisses Bill and leaves.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker

5728 :23x204 - Ep. #5728

Steffy remembers kissing Bill. Brooke hopes that her sister can forgive her ans that they can go back to like what things used to be like between them. Steffy tells her brother about going to see Bill. Katie says sorry to Bill for not returning home last night. Hope wonders why everyone is working for somebody that they don't like. After his sister tells him about kissing Bill again, Thomas thinks they can use it to their own advantage to get the company back. Katie insists to Bill that she wont leave him again.

5729 :23x205 - Ep. #5729

Sandy insists to Nick that he does not tell Bridget anything about her attack. Bill tells everyone he wants some real designs for the collection. Steffy tries to convince her brother that she is not falling for Bill. The Forresters have to think of a new plan of action. Thomas tells his sister that he noticed both her and Bill looking at one another at the meeting. Bridget, Nick and Sandy see the baby on the ultrasound. Katie sees Bill with Steffy in her office.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5730 :23x206 - Ep. #5730

Steffy isn't happy when Hope is offered an Internship at the company. Brooke and Taylor are both defensive of their respective daughters. Thomas tells his mother about his concerns reguarding his sister. Steffy talks to Ridge about how she is feeling. Ridge finds himself caught in the middle.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5731 :23x207 - Ep. #5731

Donna finds out from Katie that she plans to use Hope to help get Steffy out of the company. Katie tells both Donna and Brooke that she forgives them for their betrayal. Owen learns from Jackie about what went on at Forrester Creations. Hope tells Steffy that she hopes they can work together. Jackie wants to check on Steffy and see that she is OK after he is concerned about her. Donna tries to find out more about her sister's plan.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5732 :23x208 - Ep. #5732

Hope learns from Katie that her chance will come after Katie's presentation. Taylor meets a man called Graham and he becomes fascinated by her straight away. Sandy opens up to her cousin and tells him about what happened to her. Graham is impressed by Steffy's ideas. Whip learns that the person who attacked Sandy is still on the loose. Stephanie informs Ridge that Taylor is seeing somebody new. The rivalry between their daughters causes conflict between Brooke and Taylor. Whip and Sandy both remember the photographer and that he was called Graham. Ridge learns from Brooke that the company has decided to go with Hope's idea instead of Steffy's.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5733 :23x209 - Ep. #5733

Ridge is furious with Brooke. Whip thinks that his cousin is developing feelings towards Nick. Hope tells her aunt that she doesn't want to be part of a vendetta against Steffy. Brooke doesn't want Ridge giving up on them. Nick finds out that Sandy told Whip about what happened to her. Steffy realizes that Katie is hoping she will resign. After Sandy sees a picture of Graham, Nick wonders by her reaction if he was the man who attacked her. Ridge finds himself in the middle between his daughter and Brooke.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5734 :23x210 - Ep. #5734

Ridge talks to Taylor about how he feels about their daughter being pushed to one side at work after all the hard work she has done. Katie explains to Brooke why she chose Hope's ideas. Eric and Thorne are surprised that Brooke sided with Hope's ideas over Steffy's. Brooke is impressed when she sees her daughter's pictures. After Taylor tells Stephanie what happened she confronts Brooke.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5735 :23x211 - Ep. #5735

Ridge receives an offer from his mother to come work at Jackie M. Katie isn't happy with Stephanie being in the building. Bill can't forget the kiss he shared with Steffy and ends up telling Justin about how he feels. Ridge informs his mother that he is under contract to work at Forrester Creations and wants him and his daughter to work for a company that has their name on it. Katie is confronted by Steffy about trying to get her to quit her position at the company. Sandy is surprised by a visit from her brother. Steffy talks to Bill about what Katie is trying to do. Ridge informs Brooke that part of him wants to end their relationship for good. Stephanie is introduced to Oliver. Oliver notices that his sister is expecting a baby and he asks her who the father is. Ridge says sorry to Brooke about the way he feels but continues that nothing can change that it is her daughter up against his.
Director: Michael Stich

5736 :23x212 - Ep. #5736

Ridge informs Brooke that he blames Katie and Bill for what happened and not her but he needs to know if she is on his side. Taylor tells Whip that it has been fun getting to know him better and she will see how things go with him in the future. Steffy learns from Bill that the company will be pressing ahead with Hope's idea. Whip decides to be the doctor with Taylor as his patient. Ridge wants to know how he and Brooke stop their children from coming between them. Whip tries to find out from Taylor if she is still in love with Ridge. Katie isn't happy that Steffy spoke to Bill and tried to get him to go with her ideas instead of Hope's. Ridge wonders why Katie is so suddenly against his daughter's ideas. Bill is surprised when Steffy asks him to put her in charge.
Director: Michael Stich

5737 :23x213 - Ep. #5737

Stephanie is happy that Taylor is dating Whip as he puts her first unlike her son did. Graham and Hope's meeting at Insomnia is interrupted by Steffy. Ridge doesn‘t want anything to do with Katie when Brooke was hoping they could sort things out. As Steffy talks to Graham, Hope sees Oliver. Brooke places a call to Ridge hoping he will have a change of heart and join her, Donna and Katie for diner. Hope ends up with Oliver‘s business card. Taylor receives a call from Ridge who tells her how he feels. Brooke tells her sisters that she doesn‘t think Ridge will turn to Taylor for support. Ridge informs Taylor that he is beginning to see things more clearly now.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros
Director: Michael Stich

5738 :23x214 - Ep. #5738

Taylor's fantasy about Ridge comes to an end and Stephanie is certain he wont be coming over. Steffy sees the card that Oliver gave her. Brooke and Ridge attempt to sort out their problems. Sandy doesn't think the man who attacked her will be caught. Steffy tells her mother she won't be pushed out of the company. Oliver wonders if his sister will still have contact with Nick after the baby is born. Hope receives a call from Graham who wants her to do a night shoot with him. Hope tells him she is busy this evening. Taylor realizes that Ridge wont be coming over and she locks the door.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros
Director: Michael Stich

5739 :23x215 - Ep. #5739

Ridge witnesses everyone at the company taking their frustrations out on each other. Katie dismisses more of Steffy's ideas. Taylor informs Ridge that Steffy needs both of their support right now. Thomas witnesses Hope bossing his sister around. Ridge tells Taylor and his children there has to be some way to get her out of the company. Stephanie is impressed by Whip's dedication to Taylor after he gets Bridget to design a dress for her. Whip texts Taylor asking her to meet him. Stephanie tells her son that Whip is developing real feelings for Taylor and she will soon feel the same about him. Steffy tells Hope that Ridge is not her father.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5740 :23x216 - Ep. #5740

Ridge wants to distance himself from the Logan family but doesn't want to abandon Brooke. Steffy is OK with Hope calls Ridge her dad. Nick learns about Oliver being Sandy's brother. Graham wants Hope to come to his studio so that he can take some more pictures. Ridge finds it really hard to consider turning his back on Hope. After reading a blog by Graham, Nick and Sandy discover he is working for Forrester Creations. Graham wants everyone out so that he can be alone with Hope. Brooke confronts Stephanie after hearing her trying to manipulate Ridge. Nick calls Graham telling him he wants to book him to take some pictures at Jackie M. Stephanie tells Brooke that if she doesn't help Ridge she could end up loosing him.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros
Director: Deveney Kelly

5741 :23x217 - Ep. #5741

Brooke is determined not to let her sister's feud with Steffy ruin her relationship with Ridge. Taylor thinks her daughter has more talent that all of the Logan family put together and thinks that Katie is determined to see her fail. Hope's campaign is put into full production by Katie so that she can annoy Steffy. Sandy learns from Nick that he wants her to go to Graham's studio with him. Ridge wonders why Katie hates his daughter so much. Katie insists to her sister that she is not out to get Steffy. Hope is impressed by the pictures that Graham took of her. Nick goes to see Graham and gets him to chew on some gum. When Hope returns to Forrester Creations she hears Ridge and her mother talking.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros

5742 :23x218 - Ep. #5742

Nick is determined to catch the man who attacked Sandy. Hope finds out how she was conceived and that her father was married to Bridget at the time. Whip learns from Sandy that she is certain that Graham was her attacker. Taylor tries to find out from her daughter why Katie hates her so much. Nick gets the gum that Graham chewed on tested. Graham receives a call from Hope and she asks for a place to stay. Brooke calls her daughter and tries to convince her to come home. The car she is driving swerves.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros | Nate Witty as Zev

5743 :23x219 - Ep. #5743

Brooke says sorry to her daughter for calling whilst she was driving. Steffy informs Katie she wont let her push her out. Nick wants Sandy to tell Bridget about her attack. After Hope attends Graham's party he turns off her phone and spikes her drink. Ridge tells Brooke that she just needs to give Hope a little space. Graham tells Hope he will help her forget all of her problems.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros

5744 :23x220 - Ep. #5744

Ridge and Brooke are concerned about Hope. After Hope passes out Graham decides to have his way with her. Bridget wonders where Nick is. After the results of the DNA on the gum prove Graham is a match, Nick and Sandy head off to confront him. Graham starts to undress Hope. Bridget meets Oliver. After Nick bursts into Graham's flat he sees Hope on the bed. Graham flees after seeing Sandy and she tries to follow him. Nick goes after Sandy after Lt. Baker and Charlie arrive. Sandy is knocked down by Graham who tells her she is his again.
Guest Stars: Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Charlie Baker | Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker | Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros | Nate Witty as Zev
Director: Michael Stich

5745 :23x221 - Ep. #5745

Nick tries to find Sandy who is on the rooftop. Charlie tells Ridge that Graham will be caught. Graham ends up being arrested by Lt. Baker. Brooke tells Ridge that Graham didn't touch Hope and they learn of his arrest. After Sandy feels a twinge, Nick wants to take her to the hospital to be checked over. Brooke is relieved that Nick showed up at Graham's place when he did. When Hope wakes up Brooke and Ridge tell her what happened. Bridget wants Nick to tell her everything after she shows up at the hospital.
Guest Stars: Justin Baldoni as Graham Darros | Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker | Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Charlie Baker | Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary | Joy Lang as Emergency Room Doctor
Director: Michael Stich

5746 :23x222 - Ep. #5746

Nick tells Bridget about what happened to Hope and how Sandy went after Graham and fell. Brooke learns that her daughter might not remember what happened and that she will have to spend a couple of days in the hospital. Bridget clashes with Nick over what she has found out. Brooke and Ridge try to get their family back together.
Guest Stars: Joy Lang as Emergency Room Doctor

5747 :23x223 - Ep. #5747

Bridget tells Nick she wants to be on her own for a while and needs a little space. Oliver is surprised that his sister went after Graham. Ridge informs Hope that he is going to help her make her campaign a hit. Ridge and Brooke learn that Graham is being held in custody without bail. Bridget doesn't want Sandy meeting her husband alone anymore. Hope receives a visit from Oliver. Brooke confronts Sandy after she hears her telling Whip that she is developing feelings towards Nick.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker | Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5748 :23x224 - Ep. #5748

Sandy thinks that Brooke is over reacting like her daughter did earlier on. Bridget wants Nick to be honest with her about his feelings. Nick tries to convince Bridget that he loves her and would never jeopardize their chance of bringing up a child together. Brooke talks to Bridget. Nick learns that Sandy can be released from the hospital.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5749 :23x225 - Ep. #5749

After Jackie and Pam throw Sandy a welcome home party, she opens up about what has happened. When Bridget shows up she declares that the party is over and that Sandy's real name is Aggie. Whip is forced to reveal that Aggie is his cousin. Bridget warns Aggie once again to stay away from her husband.
Director: Michael Stich

5750 :23x226 - Ep. #5750

Nick tries to deal with what Aggie told him about her having feelings towards him. Steffy is as unhappy as her father is about the company being a division of Spencer Publications. Whip cooks Taylor a romantic meal. Steffy makes sure that Donna sees her getting close to Bill. Aggie explains to Nick how her feelings for him developed. Steffy tells Bill that her father should be the one running the company. Whip manages to impress Taylor. Donna tells her sister about seeing Steffy trying to seduce Bill. Nick lets Aggie know that his future is with Bridget. When Steffy discovers that Katie and Bill are arguing about her she decides to use it to her own advantage.
Director: Michael Stich

5751 :23x227 - Ep. #5751

As Bill and Katie continue to argue, Steffy continues to listen in. Ridge informs Brooke how working for Bill makes him feel. Taylor Taylor is worried that she has spoiled her romantic evening with Whip by talking about her past with Ridge too much. Katie wants Bill to stay away from Steffy and she then walks out. Steffy talks to Bill and asks him what sort of wife Katie is when she keeps walking out on him. Katie talks to Brooke about how Steffy is trying to destroy her marriage to Bill. Steffy tells Bill that if he sells the company and gets rid of Katie she will make it worth his while.
Director: Michael Stich

5752 :23x228 - Ep. #5752

Bill thinks that Steffy is trying to play hardball with him. Taylor asks Whip to kiss her as she is fed up with talking about Ridge. Katie tells her sister that she is going to tell Ridge what his daughter has been up to. Ridge plans a romantic evening for him and Brooke. Whip and Taylor take the next step in their relationship when they make love. Steffy thinks that Bill married the wrong woman. Steffy goes into the bedroom and asks Bill if he is going to give Forrester Creations to her or if she is going to have to take it. Brooke hints to Ridge that his daughter is causing problems in her sister and Bill's marriage. As things heat up between Bill and Steffy, Katie comes home.
Director: Michael Stich

5753 :23x229 - Ep. #5753

Steffy is told by Bill to leave and never come back. Nick is uncomfortable after Aggie tells him that she loves him. Steffy listens in as Bill and Katie have another argument. Bridget isn't happy when she finds out that Agnes hasn't been taking her prenatal vitamins. Thomas learns of his sister's plans. Katie discovers that her ring is missing and Bill wonders if Steffy took it. Agnes is told by Bridget that she cant wait for the baby to born so that she will be out of her and Nick's lives for good. Steffy receives a call from Bill asking for the ring back but she replies that she has plans for him.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5754 :23x230 - Ep. #5754

Bill tries to work out why Steffy would want to take his wife's engagement ring. Ridge isn't happy when Katie wants some changes made to Eric's latest lines. Bill is asked by Justin if everything is alright with his marriage. Eric remembers some happier moments from Forrester Creation's past and Steffy tells him that he will get the company back. Katie wants Hope's designs for the campaign to be perfect. Steffy tries to blackmail Bill.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5755 :23x231 - Ep. #5755

Bill clashes with Steffy over her efforts to try and blackmail him. Katie's latest advertising campaign which is revealed to her sisters and she tells them that Steffy wont be working on it as she intends to fire her from the company. Ridge learns from Taylor about her blossoming relationship with Whip. As Steffy is about to reveal the truth to Katie, Bill calls her. Steffy tells Bill he has to choose between his wife and Forrester Creations.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5756 :23x232 - Ep. #5756

Steffy informs Bill he needs to make a decision quick otherwise she will tell his wife when he gets off the phone. Ridge shares his concerns with his mother and Taylor. Katie tells her sister to tell Ridge that it was hard decision for her to let Steffy go from the company. Steffy turns down an offer that Bill makes her. The photo shoot is interrupted by Taylor and Stephanie who share their feelings about the new campaign. Bill ends up giving into Steffy's demands and signs the company over.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5757 :23x233 - Ep. #5757

Steffy lets certain members of the family know that Forrester Creations is back in their control. Bill has to break the news to his wife, Donna and Brooke. Katie is suspicious about Bill's decision.

5758 :23x234 - Ep. #5758

Stephanie is happy when she sees the Logan sisters are upset that they have lost control of the company. When Bill discovers that Stephanie and Taylor are the other new owners of the company he tells Steffy their deal is off. Ridge explains to Brooke why he couldn't just sit back as this is what he has wanted all along. Katie tells her husband she is not going to let her sisters be bossed around by Taylor and Stephanie. Steffy tells Bill if he tries to back out of their deal then she will tells Katie everything. Brooke wants to buy Taylor's stock in the company. Ridge has Bill's company name removed from the building.

5759 :23x235 - Ep. #5759

Ridge wants to know why Brooke is so angry with his daughter. Taylor goes to see Whip and tells him how she is now a part owner of Forrester Creations. Stephanie is impressed by how Steffy has managed to get the company away from Bill. Eric enjoys being back behind his desk. Ridge wants to know what Brooke isn't telling him. Whip wants to know if Taylor is going to sell her share of the company to Brooke. Stephanie agrees to return working at the company after Eric asks her to.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5760 :23x236 - Ep. #5760

Brooke goes to see Taylor to find out if she has agreed to sell her shares to her. Stephanie lets everyone know that she is one of the new owners of the company. Taylor lets Whip know that she is considering selling her share. Steffy learns from her father that her mother is considering selling her share of the company to Brooke as she is worried about raising the money needed. Steffy doesn't want Brooke owning part of the company. Nick wishes Stephanie well for the future and remembers her time working for him. Taylor is told by Stephanie not to listen to Brooke when she shows up and not to sell her share in the company.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5761 :23x237 - Ep. #5761

Taylor informs Stephanie that she wants to talk to both Eric and Ridge before she comes to a final decision. Steffy lets Eric know that she wants Brooke to work at the company but she doesn't want her to own part of it. Bridget cant wait for the baby to be born so that Agnes will be out of her and Nick's lives. Agnes feels dizzy and suffers with blurred vision. Agnes witnesses Bridget having a close moment with Nick. Taylor comes to a decision after talking to both Eric and Ridge and decides to keep her 25% of Forrester Creations. Brooke is not happy with Taylor's decision.
Director: Michael Stich

5762 :23x238 - Ep. #5762

Taylor tells Brooke that she wont be changing her mind about selling her share of the company. Bridget isn't happy when she finds out that Nick has asked Agnes over for dinner. Hope wonders how Steffy managed to wrestle the company away from Bill. Brooke and Taylor end up fighting and both of them end up getting wet. Bridget wants Agnes out of her house but is shocked when she falls down the stairs.
Director: Michael Stich

5763 :23x239 - Ep. #5763

Nick and Bridget try to find out if Agnes is OK. Donna learns from Pam that she is now back working at Forrester Creations. Ridge learns from Taylor about her fight with Brooke.Bridget prays that the baby is going to be fine as Agnes is checked over. Bridget is devastated after she learns that Agnes has lost the baby and she walks out on Nick. Brooke tells her sister she is going to tell Ridge the truth about Steffy.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary
Director: Michael Stich

5764 :23x240 - Ep. #5764

Ridge learns the truth from Brooke about how his daughter managed to gain control of the company from Bill. When Nick returns home he finds Bridget not there and he calls his mother and asks her to come over. Bridget runs into Owen at the office. Brooke explains to Ridge why she didn't tell him before. Bridget refuses to answer Nick's calls. Ridge confronts his daughter with what Brooke told him. Jackie learns about what happened. Ridge makes Steffy promise not to do anything like it again and Brooke is surprised that he has condoned what she did.
Director: Michael Stich

5765 :23x241 - Ep. #5765

Ridge is caught in the middle of his two families feud. When Taylor officially becomes part owner of Forrester Creations, Whip is happy. Nick still finds it impossible to get hold of his wife. Bridget shares her problems with Owen. Ridge tries to convince his daughter that she doesn't need to compete for his affections. Nick tells his mother that he made a mistake keeping things from Bridget. Bridget ends up sharing a kiss with Owen after he tries to help her deal with the loss of the baby.

5766 :23x242 - Ep. #5766

Steffy wants her father to agree to cancel the Hope for the Future campaign and return to the company's original image. Things heat up between Bridget and Owen but she soon realizes that she has made a mistake and call Nick to let him know she is coming home. Ridge wants everyone to work together at the company. Jackie believes that her son and Bridget can sort out their problems. Owen tells Bridget that nobody ca ever find out what happened between them. When Bridget returns home Nick tells her that he will never let her down again. Bridget tells Nick there is something she has to tell him.

5767 :23x243 - Ep. #5767

Nick tries to find out from Bridget what she wants to tell him. Brooke thinks that Ridge should spend some quailty time with Steffy. Steffy sees Hope and Oliver at Insomnia and she witnesses them sharing a kiss. Nick tells his wife they will never be apart again. Oliver finds footage of what happened between Bridget and Owen.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5768 :23x244 - Ep. #5768

Jackie goes to see Bridget and offers her sympathy over the loss of the baby. Stephanie congratulates Steffy on managing to beat Bill and regain control of the company. Steffy's next aim is to get the rest of the Logan family out of the company for good. Oliver tries to offer his sister some support and he thinks about how Bridget dealt with what happened by sleeping with Owen. Bridget tells her mother about what happened. Oliver thinks his sister should rely on him for support instead of Bridget. Owen once again tries to convince Bridget not to tell Nick what happened between them. Steffy offers Oliver her condolences for the loss of his sister's baby. Steffy sees the video of Bridget making love to Owen.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5769 :23x245 - Ep. #5769

Oliver discovers that Steffy has seen the tape. Brooke tries to find out from Ridge if he has changed his mind about the Hope for the Future campaign. Nick and Bridget take the first steps in moving forward with their lives after what happened. Steffy is determined to get hold of the footage on Oliver's camera. Ridge stops his mother from getting rid of Brooke's bedroom line. Brooke issues a warning to Steffy.

5770 :23x246 - Ep. #5770

Ridge is told by Brooke that as long as Steffy doesn't make a move against any of her children everything will be fine. Steffy invites Oliver over. Nick decides to take Bridget away so they can sort out the problems in their marriage. Steffy tries to get her hands on the video whilst Oliver is changing. Oliver deletes the video from his phone when he catches Steffy with it and leaves. Steffy has been able to sent the video to her e-mail account.

5771 :23x247 - Ep. #5771

Steffy decides to use the video to cause more carnage. Nick arrives a the island getaway with his wife. Brooke tries to find out from Hope if she is seeing somebody after she notices that she keeps checking her phone. Bridget tells Nick they need to talk about what happened so that they can move forward. Oliver discovers that Steffy sen the video to her e-mail account. Owen goes to confront Steffy to find out what she is planning to do with the video. Owen tells Jackie how much he loves her. Hope looks forward to her date with Owen.
Director: Michael Stich

5772 :23x248 - Ep. #5772

Oliver learns from Steffy that she intends to use the video to blackmail Brooke into quitting the company. Brooke is happy that her daughter has a date for the dance but Hope wonders what has happened to Oliver. Oliver tries unsuccessfully to convince Steffy not to continue with her plan. Nick hears a confession from his wife. Brooke asks Hope to drop some papers off at Taylor's house and she is shocked when she sees Oliver kissing Steffy there.
Director: Michael Stich

5773 :23x249 - Ep. #5773

Brooke worries about her daughter's date with Oliver. Hope tries to find out why Steffy kissed Oliver. Taylor talks to her daughter about her obsession with bringing down the Logan family. Oliver tries to explain to Hope why he kissed Steffy. Ridge thinks that Hope should be dating somebody her own age. Oliver attempts to convince Hope he wants to be with her and not Steffy. Brooke informs Ridge that she believes that Steffy will not stop coming after her until she brings her down.
Director: Michael Stich

5774 :23x250 - Ep. #5774

Nick and Bridget are welcomed home from their trip by Jackie. Owen runs into Steffy as she is working out. Oliver is warned by Brooke to give Steffy a wide berth if he wants to be with her daughter as she is out of control. Bridget and Owen have to keep the truth about what happened between them a secret. Brooke pays Steffy a visit and tells her that they need to talk. Brooke and Steffy argue.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5775 :23x251 - Ep. #5775

Nick asks Owen and Bridget what they were talking about. Steffy offers Owen a job. Bridget tells Nick that Owen was just offering her his support. Things heat up between Taylor and Whip and they take the next step in their relationship. Bridget tells Agnes that now Stephanie has left Jackie M she is no longer required at the company either. Hope waits for Oliver to show up at the dance. Agnes discovers her brother watching the video of Bridget and Owen and decides to go confront Bridget about cheating on Nick. Oliver apologizes to Hope for being late. Nick and Bridget's romantic evening is interrupted by Agnes' arrival.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5776 :23x252 - Ep. #5776

Steffy is jealous as she sees Hope and Owen enjoying themselves at the dance. Steffy realizes how lonely she is after she meets Marcus' new girlfriend. Jackie notices that Owen seems to be distracted by something. As Agnes is about to tell Nick the truth about what happened between his wife and Owen he reminds her about the friendship she and Bridget used to have. Bridget offers Agnes her old job back and tells her she would like them to be friends again.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 23, 1987
Episode Order: 198
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