Season 24

5777 :24x01 - Ep. #5777

­Aggie tells her brother that she deleted the video of Owen and Bridget together. After she sees a close moment between Bridget and Owen, Aggie wonders if she did the right thing deleting the video. Owen tries to convince Bridget that telling Nick the truth about what happened between them would be a mistake. After Hope confronts her about her intentions towards Oliver, Steffy becomes more determined to gain his attention.
Guest Stars: Alexandra Walsh as Forrester Model | Ciara Hanna as Summer

5778 :24x02 - Ep. #5778

A double date is set up by Brooke and Whip so that Taylor can be tested to see if she still has feelings for Ridge. Taylor is concerned that she might fail the test. When Donna insists that he gets rid of Pam, Eric finds himself caught between her and Stephanie. Donna is worried about the growing closeness between Eric and his ex wife. Bill tries to make his wife forget about her troubles.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer

5779 :24x03 - Ep. #5779

Donna isn't happy with Eric's decision about Pam’s employment. Whip feels uncomfortable when Taylor and Ridge reminisce about the past that they have shared together. Taylor later realizes she is failing the test that was set for her. When Donna turns to her sister for support she runs into Bill instead. Eric ends up kissing Stephanie after he tells her about his fight with Donna.

5780 :24x04 - Ep. #5780

­Taylor comes to a realization about her and Whip's relationship. Whip also comes to a decision about his future and he asks Taylor to become his wife. Aggie drops hints to Nick that Bridget has done something that she shouldn't have of. Bridget wonders if she should be honest with Nick. Café Russe closes its doors for the last time.­

5781 :24x05 - Ep. #5781

­Whip is worried Steffy, Thomas and Stephanie wont approve of his and Taylor's engagement. Taylor wants her daughter to be her maid of honor at the wedding. Steffy decides to try and steal Oliver away from Hope at the wedding when she finds out he will be Whip's best man. Stephanie tries to find out from Taylor is she is certain that Whip is the man for her. Stephanie warns Whip never to hurt Taylor.

5782 :24x06 - Ep. #5782

When ­Whip announces his engagement to Taylor to the Jackie M team he receives mixed emotions. Taylor asks Eric not to bring Donna to the weeding out of respect for Stephanie. Donna isn't happy when Eric offer Stephanie the guest house as a place to live. Steffy tells Hope that she will steal Oliver away from her. Stephanie tries to make sure that Stephanie is over Ridge.

5783 :24x07 - Ep. #5783

Eric remembers his and Stephanie’s first wedding as Taylor and Whip prepare to get married. Steffy put her plan to steal Oliver away from Hope into action. Whip promises Ridge that he will not hurt Taylor. Ridge stands up when the minister asks if anyone has any objections to the marriage. Pam fuels Donna's insecurities.­
Director: Michael Stich

5784 :24x08 - Ep. #5784

Ridge says his piece. When she sees Bridget acting like the perfect wife with Nick, Aggie is disturbed. Taylor and Whip become husband and wife. Donna is determined not to allow Stephanie to move into the guesthouse.
Director: Michael Stich

5785 :24x09 - Ep. #5785

Pam tells her sister that she believes Eric and Donna wont be together for much longer. Whip and Taylor enjoy their wedding reception. Oliver tries to convince his sister to stop meddling in Nick's marriage. Steffy is determined to get her hands on Oliver. Donna isn't happy when Eric returns home with Stephanie. Hope ends up in the middle of the wedding cake.
Guest Stars: Beau Davidson as Himself
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5786 :24x10 - Ep. #5786

Owen works out that someone else might know what happened between him and Bridget. Donna isn't happy that Eric has already said that Stephanie can stay. Bridget insists that nobody else knows what happened between her and Owen. An upset Donna shows up at Bill's door. Bridget and Aggie attempt to put the past behind them and move forward as friends. Donna ends up returning home and says sorry to Eric for storming out. Stephanie sees Eric and Donna sharing a kiss.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5787 :24x11 - Ep. #5787

Donna tells her sisters that Stephanie is trying to win Eric back. Bridget informs Nick about how things went with Aggie.Whip comes up with a new advertising campaign for Jackie M involving Jackie and Owen. Stephanie tells her sister and Thorne about her plan to win Eric back. Brooke confronts Stephanie. Donna's plan to sort her problems out with Eric don't go to plan.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5788 :24x12 - Ep. #5788

Stephanie learns from Thorne that he already began making the video tribute for Eric. When Eric shows up he wonders what they are up to. Dr. Caspary finds out from Bridget that she hasn't been taking her birth control pills. Thorne tries to convince his father that it is not too late for him and Stephanie to give it another go. When Bridget looks at her calender she wonders if there is a chance she is pregnant.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary

5789 :24x13 - Ep. #5789

Owen learns from Bridget that there is a chance she is pregnant. Stephanie puts the finishing touches to Eric's surprise. Nick remembers all his different marriages to Bridget. Rick is surprised when he finds out that Stephanie is living in the guest house. Owen covers fro Bridget in front of Nick. Donna tries once again to get Stephanie to move out so that she can save her marriage to Eric. Owen is able to get Bridget to take a pregnancy test so they can find out the truth.
Director: Michael Stich

5790 :24x14 - Ep. #5790

After showing his mother the proofs from the new campaign, Nick is certain that it is going to be a hit. When Eric arrives at the showroom he wants to know what is going on.As Eric watches the tribute that Stephanie has made, Donna works out what she is up to. Pam takes a picture on her phone of Eric kissing Stephanie as he thanks her for what she has done. After Bridget takes the pregnancy test, Owen wants to know what the results say.
Director: Michael Stich

5791 :24x15 - Ep. #5791

Owen wants Bridget to tell him what the test results say. Nick thinks that his mother and Owen should take a holiday. Donna learns from her father why he is town with her mother. Bridget reveals to Owen that she is pregnant. Donna and Eric learn that Beth's condition has got worse. Owen tries to find out from Bridget if there is a chance that Nick could be the baby's father. Eric decides to let Stephen and Beth stay at the house. When Bridget returns home she tells Nick she has something to tell him.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Deveney Kelly

5792 :24x16 - Ep. #5792

Stephen thinks that Eric allowing Stephanie to live in the guest is going to make things worse between him and Donna. Stephanie finds out that Donna's parents are going to be staying at the house. Bridget admits to Nick that she is pregnant. Beth comes face to face with Stephanie. Owen finds out that Bridget has told Nick about the pregnancy.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Deveney Kelly

5793 :24x17 - Ep. #5793

Eric lets Stephen know that he and Beth are always welcome in his home. After Beth doesn't recognize Hope, Donna and Katie realize that their mother's condition has got worse. Brooke and Ridge attempt to bring their mothers together. Stephanie and Pam continue to hate having the Logan sisters in their lives. Stephen warns that Beth wont be able to handle another confrontation with Stephanie. Donna pays Stephanie a visit who thinks she should get out of Eric's life.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5794 :24x18 - Ep. #5794

Stephen is able to calm down an upset Beth when he assures her Eric wants them to stay at the house and Stephanie will have to leave. Ridge thinks his father shouldn't be pressurized into asking Stephanie to leave. Stephanie asks Donna if she is using her mother's illness to hang on to Eric. Beth has a stable moment and tells Donna just how much she loves her. Eric ends up telling Stephanie that he is standing by Donna and that she is going to have to move out.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5795 :24x19 - Ep. #5795

Brooke and Donna promise their mother that they will deal with Stephanie. Beth tells Stephen that she is determined to keep Stephanie away from the house. Stephanie tells Eric that Beth needs round the clock help and that the house isn't the place to get it. Bill's sensitivity to what is going on touches Katie. Beth ends up falling in the swimming pool after an encounter with Stephanie. Brooke learns from Stephanie that she saw her mother by the pool earlier. Donna screams out after arriving at the pool area.
Guest Stars: Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5796 :24x20 - Ep. #5796

Katie opens to to Bill about her mother. After hearing Donna's screams everyone shows up and finds her giving CPR to Beth. When Stephanie sees the piece of lace in the pool she realizes why Beth fell into the water. Everyone is devastated when the paramedics show up and say it too late to save Beth. Katie has a strange feeling like something bad has happened. Stephanie admits to everyone she was with Beth by the pool before she fell in and tries to convince them that she would of done nothing to hurt her.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Robin Riker as Beth Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5797 :24x21 - Ep. #5797

Stephanie insists that what happened to Beth is not her fault. Donna calls Katie and tells her what has happened. Hope learns from Rick about Beth's death. When Katie shows up, Donna tells her that Stephanie is to blame for what has happened. Owen tries to comfort an upset Hope. Donna decides to have charges pressed against Stephanie and Eric ends up defending her. Stephanie thanks Eric for his support.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5798 :24x22 - Ep. #5798

Stephanie learns from Eric that Lt. Baker wants to question them. Donna is thankful to Bill for offering her a place to stay. Stephanie and Eric talk to Lt. Baker. Katie shares a sad goodbye with her mother. Donna tells Bill how Eric supported Stephanie and not her. Stephanie phones her sister and tells her she'll be staying the night.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker | Robin Riker as Beth Logan | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5799 :24x23 - Ep. #5799

Eric shares his concerns with Stephanie about the state of his marriage. A gathering is held at the beach house for people to pay their respects to Beth but Eric doesn't show up. Brooke attempts to offer her sister some advise. Donna returns home and when she finds out that Stephanie stayed the night she tells Eric he has to choose between them.

5800 :24x24 - Ep. #5800

Dona insists to Eric that Stephanie can no longer be part of their lives if their marriage is to survive. Pam informs Thomas and Thorne that Stephanie and Eric are together. Steffy attempts to seduce Oliver after showing up at his office. Bill dends Donna and tells Eric he doesn't deserve somebody like her. Oliver lets Steffy know he is comited to Hope after turning down her advances. Bill is able to convince Donna to go after half of Forrester Creations as a divorce settlement.

5801 :24x25 - Ep. #5801

Bill plots to regain control of Forrester Creations by making sure that Eric and Donna split up. Aggie promises her brother that nobody will ever see the video of Owen and Bridget. Stephanie tries to offer Eric some advise. Donna receives a visit from Eric who tells her he wants her to come home. Bill shows Donna a picture of Eric kissing Stephanie and urges her to go after what she is entitled to.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5802 :24x26 - Ep. #5802

Donna is given a list of demands from Bill to ask for when she shows him the picture. Eric and Stephanie both attempt to justify the picture to Donna. Nick and Bridget tell Jackie and Owen about the baby Bridget is expecting. Bridget and Owen decide to secretly get a paternity test carried out on the baby. ­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5803 :24x27 - Ep. #5803

Eric attempts to convince Donna that he needs her and not to leave. When Ridge returns home, Brooke fills him in on what has been happening whilst he has been away. Katie is shocked that Bill is encouraging her sister to leave Eric. Donna leaves a letter for Eric before leaving. Bill receives a call from Eric who tells him he wont allow him to use his wife to try and regain control of Forrester Creations.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5804 :24x28 - Ep. #5804

Bill and Stephen talk about their scared hatred for Eric and Stephanie. Brooke tries to find out if her sister really wants to leave Eric. Steffy continues to make a play for Oliver. Ridge learns from Eric how Bill is using Donna to try and regain part of the company. Stephanie's gesture annoys Donna.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5805 :24x29 - Ep. #5805

Bridget and Owen get ready to discover the truth. Jackie offers to go and see how Bridget is doing at the hospital. Jackie is surprised when she finds Owen with Bridget at the hospital. Jackie finds out that Bridget has had a paternity test performed on her unborn child and realizes she has had an affair. Jackie is shocked when Bridget reveals that it was Owen.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary

5806 :24x30 - Ep. #5806

Brooke is surprised when Taylor and Stephanie replace her bedroom line with a new look. Jackie realizes that Bridget isn't lying when she says she slept with Owen. Bridget tries to convince Jackie that she made a mistake when she slept with Owen. Bridget is told by Jackie that her actions have jeopardized both their marriages and the company wont survive such a scandal. Bridget asks Dr. Caspary if she has the paternity test results.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary

5807 :24x31 - Ep. #5807

­Aggie finds out from Nick about Bridget's pregnancy. Aggie wonders if Owen is the father of the unborn child. To test Owen's commitment to his marriage to her, Jackie wants Bridget to lie to him about the paternity results. Jackie secretly observes her husband's reaction when Bridget tells him the results.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5808 :24x32 - Ep. #5808

Jackie lets Bridget know that she will tell hide upstairs whilst she talks to Owen. Jackie listens in as Bridget says that Nick is the father of the baby. Aggie shares her hopes about the paternity test results with her brother. Jackie hears Owen tells Bridget that he loves her.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5809 :24x33 - Ep. #5809

Ridge tells Brooke that Bill is using Donna to get his hands back on the company. Thorne tries to find out from his mother what is happening between her and Eric. Oliver kisses Hope when he gets her on his own. Donna is encouraged by Bill to set up a meeting with Eric. Eric receives an ultimatum from Donna that contains three requests.

5810 :24x34 - Ep. #5810

After Eric agrees to some of the demands made by Dona, Bill wants to know about the one concerning Stephanie. When Nick notices that Bridget is a little unnerved he asks her if everything is OK. Pam thinks of a funny way to get rid of Donna. Bridget is congratulated by the staff about her pregnancy. Bill lets Eric know that he will be hearing from Donna's lawyer as an agreement hasn't been made. Ridge fills his daughter and Pam in on what is going on. Stephanie issues a warning to Donna. When Nick finds his mother and Bridget talking he wants to know what is going on. Stephanie and Eric remember the happy times they shared together.
Guest Stars: Dennis Haskins as Exterminator
Director: Michael Stich

5811 :24x35 - Ep. #5811

Nick demands some answers from Bridget and Jackie. Brooke realizes that her daughter has really fallen for Oliver who tells her that Steffy is making a play for him. Bridget tells Jackie she has to be honest with Nick. Brooke fonds out about Bridget expecting a baby. Whip warns Oliver that Steffy could cause him problems. Jackie warns Bridget that if she tells Nick the truth it could jeopardize her pregnancy. When Brooke sees them talking she wonders what is going on.
Director: Michael Stich

5812 :24x36 - Ep. #5812

When ­Oliver finds out that Hope has been offered a scholarship to a university on the East Coast he is worried he might loose her. Taylor hears Brooke telling Oliver that Steffy’s feelings for him aren’t real and that she has emotional problems. Taylor then argues with Brooke and Ridge is shocked when he finds out the things that Brooke has been saying about Steffy. Steffy tells Pam about her plan to get rid of the Logan family for good.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison | Cece Tsou as Brio
Director: Michael Stich

5813 :24x37 - Ep. #5813

Brooke has a dream which involves Steffy and Stephanie and she tells Ridge that they are out to get her. Steffy gets Hope ready for the conference. Donna and Katie look at a picture of their mother. After learning about what has happened to Donna. Stephen vows revenge on Stephanie. Brooke issues a warning to Steffy and Hope that if anything bad happens to her daughter at the conference they will have her to answer to. Katie thinks her father shouldn't waste his energy trying to lash out at the Forrester family. Pam puts the plan into action which ends up leaving Hope looking humiliated.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5814 :24x38 - Ep. #5814

Brooke wants Ridge to do something. Hope is able to make fools out of Steffy and Pam. Hope is told by Steffy that she reminds her of Phoebe every time she sees her. Steffy is accused by Brooke of sabotaging the press conference. Ridge hears a confession from his daughter and he ends up firing her as head of P.R. for the campaign which leaves her devastated.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5815 :24x39 - Ep. #5815

Brooke learns from Ridge that he hasn't heard from his daughter since he took her of the campaign. Taylor shares her concerns about Steffy with Whip. Steffy tells Pam about her latest plan to use Oliver to get rid of the Logan family. Oliver tells Hope he wants to make love to her but wants the first time to be special. Stephanie wants her sister to tell her what is going on. Steffy shows up in sexy lingerie at Oliver's place and asks him to kiss her.

5816 :24x40 - Ep. #5816

Steffy continues to try and seduce Oliver. After Oliver spurns her advances he sees a side to Steffy he hasn't seen before. Hope admits to her mother that she is falling in love with Oliver and that she nearly slept with him. Taylor shares her concerns with Whip about her daughter.

5817 :24x41 - Ep. #5817

Steffy is questioned by Pam about how things went with Oliver last night. Oliver informs Hope about Steffy's visit and how she tried to seduce him. Oliver is used by Steffy to intimidate Hope. Hope admits to Ric that Steffy is after Oliver. Hope wants Rick to keep Steffy distracted.
Guest Stars: Cece Tsou as Brio
Director: Michael Stich

5818 :24x42 - Ep. #5818

Brooke and Taylor talk about their respective daughters current success. A tense moment between Jackie and Bridget is interrupted by Nick and Owen. Rick tells his mother how Steffy is determined to keep Oliver away from Hope. Rick warns Oliver to give Steffy a wide berth. Brooke tells her daughter just to be herself around Oliver. Bridget promises Jackie she wont reveal the truth about the baby. Brooke attempts to get Taylor to agree to end the feud for good.
Director: Michael Stich

5819 :24x43 - Ep. #5819

Oliver is questioned and put on the spot by Brooke when she asks him to be honest about Hope and Steffy. Steffy informs her parents that there is something real between her and Oliver. Aggie takes Bridget's place on a business trip with Nick when Bridget decides not to go. Oliver and Hope get to spend some time alone. Bridget finally admits the truth to Owen that he is really the father of her unborn child.
Director: Michael Stich

5820 :24x44 - Ep. #5820

Owen is happy after learning the truth from Bridget. Hope's photo shoot goes well. Steffy lets Stephanie know that they are closer to getting rid of the Logans. Owen finds out that his wife knew the truth and persuaded Bridget to say the baby was Nick's. Brooke finds out that her father isn't coping well. Brooke receives a proposition from Steffy. Hope receives a gift from Oliver and they tell each other that they love one another. Brooke is shocked as she sees her father getting hit by a car on purpose.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Cece Tsou as Brio
Director: Michael Stich

5821 :24x45 - Ep. #5821

Brooke wants to take her father to the hospital to be checked out but he wants to be taken to Katie's. Stephanie helps her sister prepare for her date with Jarrett. Bill, Brooke and Katie are worried about Stephen. Oliver and Hope take part in a photo shoot. Pam is worried that she has nothing in common with Jarrett. When Stephen sees Pam at Insomnia he tells her to warn her sister to stay away from his family.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Cece Tsou as Brio
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5822 :24x46 - Ep. #5822

Owen informs his wife he has some important to tell her. Pam learns from Stephen that he intends to step up as a father. Bill attempts to convince Donna to sign the contract so she can restore power to her family's name. Owen tells Jackie about sleeping with Bridget and she realizes that he knows the truth about the baby. Stephen asks Pam about her past. Donna ends up agreeing to sign the contract.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5823 :24x47 - Ep. #5823

­Justin offers Donna his full support through her divorce and as she gets over her mother’s death. The divorce papers show up for Eric to sign. Eric attempts to get Donna to change her mind about what she wants. Eric decides to host a formal diner party for the family and invites Stephanie. When she realizes that Stephanie and Eric could get back together, Pam reflects on her own life.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5824 :24x48 - Ep. #5824

­Stephanie tries to contain her happiness about the likelihood that she and Eric will get back together. The Forrester look forward to the dinner party. Stephen shows up to see Pam. Hope fills her mother in on the recent developments in her relationship with Oliver. Eric says a toast to Stephanie and their family and then he asks her to move back into the house.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Deveney Kelly

5825 :24x49 - Ep. #5825

Eric waits for Stephanie's answer about moving back in and she finally tells him she would love to move back in. Pam is asked by Stephen to teach him how to cook and he ends up kissing her whilst thinking she can commit the perfect crime and he'll avenge his wife's death. The Forresters remember some of their favorite moments from the past and look forward to the future.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5826 :24x50 - Ep. #5826

Pam remembers the kiss she shared with Stephen and later meets with him and tells him they shouldn't see one another again due to their family rivalries. Pam ends up giving into Stephen's pleas that they should continue to see one another in secret. When Pam finds out that Stephen needs a new place to stay, Pam offers him Stephanie's old room. Stephen later talks to a picture of Beth and says he will use Pam to make sure his daughter's are kept safe. Stephanie turns down Hope's request to hold a graduation party at the house. Stephanie has a change of heart after Ridge tells her that Brooke will chaperon the party. Steffy finds out about the party.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5827 :24x51 - Ep. #5827

­Oliver is able to convince his friend, Daddy Yankee, to perform at Hope’s graduation party. Stephen makes a shady business deal with Mick Guthrie. Pam is flustered when she sees Stephen semi dressed. Brooke warns Steffy to stay away from Oliver and to stay away from Hope’s party. ­
Guest Stars: Daddy Yankee as Himself | Ken Hanes as Mike Guthrie | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5828 :24x52 - Ep. #5828

­Bridget listens in on Owen and Jackie's conversation. Daddy Yankee and his crew get ready for Hope’s masquerade graduation party. Both Stephanie and Brooke exchange warnings. After Nick and Aggie return from their business trip they have a new respect for each other. ­
Guest Stars: Daddy Yankee as Himself

5829 :24x53 - Ep. #5829

­Brooke tells Steffy again that she is not welcome at her daughter's party. Marcus learns from Steffy that she intends to gate crash the party. Steffy plans to use Hope’s lost necklace as a part of her plan as she remains determined to make Owen hers. Ridge talks to Owen about Hope and Steffy.
Director: Michael Stich

5830 :24x54 - Ep. #5830

Ridge warns Steffy that he doesn't want her ruining things tonight for Hope at the party. When Steffy finds out that everyone will be wearing masks she comes up with an idea. Rick and Thomas promise Hope that they won't let Steffy ruin her party. Brooke tells Ridge that she will save a dance for him at the party. Oliver ends up accidentally dancing with Brooke when Marcus tells him where he thinks Hope is. When Oliver leaves with Brooke, Marcus realizes something is up. Aggie and Nick continue to get to know one another better. When Oliver comes back into the house he runs into Hope and then sees the person he was making out with was Brooke after she takes her mask off.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison | Daddy Yankee as Himself
Director: Michael Stich

5831 :24x55 - Ep. #5831

Stephanie and Eric enjoy a romantic evening together alone at the cabin in Big Bear. Stephanie tells Eric that she has changed her mind about Brooke and wants to make amends with her. Oliver feels bad about what has happened. Oliver ends up suffering a panic attack.
Guest Stars: Daddy Yankee as Himself | Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison
Director: Michael Stich

5832 :24x56 - Ep. #5832

­Ridge and Brooke miscommunicate when they talk about the current state of their sex life. Hope reaches a new confidence about her relationship with Oliver. ­
Guest Stars: Daddy Yankee as Himself

5833 :24x57 - Ep. #5833

Oliver is asked by Brooke if anyone he knew wore a mask at the party that made him do something out of character. Pam tells Stephen she doesn't want him to leave even though their families are at odds. Brooke wonders if Steffy was at the party. Ridge asks her mother how her night at the cabin with Eric went. Stephanie apologizes to Ridge for the way she has treated Brooke recently. Pam ends up in an argument with her sister. Brooke tells her sister about her romantic evening with Ridge at the party. When Mike tries to give him an untraceable gun he refuses to accept it. Oliver hears Brooke telling Katie that her experience at the party was very intense.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Ken Hanes as Mike Guthrie | Molly McCook as Hope's Friend
Director: Deveney Kelly

5834 :24x58 - Ep. #5834

Bridget shares a tender moment with Owen after receiving the results of her ultrasound test. Stephen plans a romantic evening for himself and Pam. Stephanie thinks that the new man in her sister's life is the reason behind her strange behavior and she becomes determined to learn his identity.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary
Director: Michael Stich

5835 :24x59 - Ep. #5835

Pam wants Stephanie to leave and not Stephen. Stephanie tries to convince Pam that Stephen is using her to get revenge for Beth's death. Pam refuses to leave with her sister and ends up being comforted by Stephen. Hope tells Oliver she is ready to take the next step in their relationship and he remembers what happened at the party. Brooke's behavior confuses Ridge. After seeing video footage from the party, Brooke realizes that she could of been with Oliver and not Ridge. Brooke leaves the office and goes to the rooftop where she sees Oliver.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5836 :24x60 - Ep. #5836

Ridge talks to Eric about how Stephanie wants to make peace with Brooke. Stephen offers comfort to Pam and tells her that her sister isn't looking out for her best interests. Pam begins to have doubts about her relationship with Stephen but Stephen is able to convince her it is going to be fine. Pam and Stephen make love. Stephanie thinks that Stephen is using her sister. Brooke pays Oliver and he knows where she is here.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker
Director: Michael Stich

5837 :24x61 - Ep. #5837

Stephanie tells a shocked Katie that her father is dating Pam and they are moving in together. Stephanie is able to get Katie and Bill on side. Mike tries to find out what Stephen is planning on doing with the gun. Mike tells him to make sure that nobody finds out where the gun came from. After Stephanie argues with her sister again, she decides to take matters into her own hands.­
Guest Stars: Ken Hanes as Mike Guthrie | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5838 :24x62 - Ep. #5838

­Stephanie takes her sister to the cabin in an effort to convince her that Stephen is using her. Bill and Katie learn that he is just using Pam to get back at her and Stephanie for the way they have treated the family. Stephen receives a call from Pam. Whip and Aggie plan a baby shower for Bridget. Jackie shares her fears with Owen.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5839 :24x63 - Ep. #5839

On the way to the cabin Stephen talks to his dead wife and tells her this is going to end tonight. Brooke is shocked when she finds out about her father and Pam. After Brooke, Katie and Bill find Mike at Pam's house they try to find out from him what is going on. Mike admits to an alarmed Brooke that Stephen is using Pam to get back at her sister. Stephen shows up at the cabin and urges Pam to stand up to Stephanie. Pam wants Stephen to take her home. Aggie wonders if Owen is the father of Bridget's child after watching them at the baby shower and she later learns the truth after listening in on a conversation that they have. When Stephanie returns to the cabin, Stephen ends up pulling out a gun and tells them that nobody is going anywhere.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Ken Hanes as Mike Guthrie
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5840 :24x64 - Ep. #5840

Aggie tells Nick that there is something she needs to tell him and tells him that she that she saw Bridget and Owen making love. Nick thinks that she is lying. Nick tells Bridget that he needs to talk to her. Oliver asks his sister where they have gone ans she tells him she has told Nick the truth. Nick tells Bridget what Aggie said and after seeing her expression he asks her to tell him it isn't true. Katie, Brooke, and Bill head off to the cabin after working out that is where Stephen has gone. Stephen trues to make Stephanie look bad in Pam's eyes and then gives her the gun and tells her she knows what she needs to do. Pam is unable to shoot her sister and ends up giving the gun to Stephanie. Stephanie ends up shooting Stephen in the arm and then points the gun at him again and says to him 'say hello to Beth for me'.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Ken Hanes as Mike Guthrie | Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5841 :24x65 - Ep. #5841

­Bill, Katie and Brooke arrive at the Big Bear cabin and discover what has happened. Stephanie lets Brooke know that she will get revenge for what Stephen has done to her sister. Nick finds his world crumbling around around him following Bridget's confession. Aggie attempts to justify her actions of telling Nick the truth. ­
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5842 :24x66 - Ep. #5842

Nick's reaction to the truth is worse than anyone thought it would be. Brooke creates excuses for her father's actions. Oliver learns the truth from Hope about how she was conceived. Oliver and Brooke talk about how to keep their accidental tryst a secret. Brooke is surprised by what Oliver asks her.
Director: Michael Stich

5843 :24x67 - Ep. #5843

Oliver’s interrogation and accusations shock Brooke. Marcus’ feelings for Steffy return during a photo shoot. Marcus reveals to Steffy what he had witnessed between Oliver and Hope much to Steffy's disappointment. In an effort to verify Marcus’ claim, Steffy decides to try and befriend Hope to gain further information.­
Director: Michael Stich

5844 :24x68 - Ep. #5844

Steffy discovers that what Marcus had claimed that he had observed wasn’t completely accurate after she does some further digging. Stephanie declares the war against the Logan family is back on and she turns to Steffy for help. Brooke tries to offer Oliver some advise. Oliver’s recent change in behavior makes Hope begins to have suspicions. Steffy realizes the truth that Oliver was with Brooke out on the terrace.
Guest Stars: Austin Talynn Carpenter as Rae | Danny Max as Drew | Erick Lopez as Sam | Molly McCook as Margot
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5845 :24x69 - Ep. #5845

­Marcus attempts to stop Steffy from acting upon her suspicions. An upset Bridget turns to her mother for support after what has happened with Nick. finds himself caught in the middle of his mother's feud with the Logan family once again. As he looks at footage of Daddy Yankee’s music video from Hope’s party, Oliver becomes worried what else might have been filmed.­
Guest Stars: Molly McCook as Margot
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5846 :24x70 - Ep. #5846

Steffy thinks that she knows what happened on the night of Hope’s party, ­based on the way Oliver has reacted. Stephanie comes up with a deal between the Forresters and the Logans that would benefit both sets of families. Not everything is what everybody would want though. Brooke learns from Oliver that Steffy is close to discovering the truth about what happened between them.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5847 :24x71 - Ep. #5847

Brooke panics at the thought of Stephanie learning her secret after thinking that Steffy will tell her. Brooke and Oliver try to think of a way to keep their secret. Stephen learns how he might be released from custody. Stephen is confronted by Pam.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5848 :24x72 - Ep. #5848

­Despite Stephen’s attempts to be sincere towards Pam, there is still doubt as to whether he really cares about her. Brooke talks to Ridge about her concerns regarding his daughter's vendetta towards her. Oliver is taunted by Steffy. After Oliver denies the accusations against him, Steffy shows him with the results of her investigation.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer

5849 :24x73 - Ep. #5849

On Whip's request, Amber Moore returns to town. Oliver warns Brooke that he has been unable to persuade Steffy to keep her mouth shut. Brooke makes an emotional plea to Steffy to keep quiet about what she has discovered but she remained determined to go public with it.
Director: Michael Stich

5850 :24x74 - Ep. #5850

Brooke attempts to gain Steffy’s silence about her tryst with Oliver and makes a selfless offer. Amber learns from Jackie what has been going on whilst she has been out of town. Owen tries to comfort Bridget following her split from Nick. Stephanie warns her son that his relationship with Brooke could end up on the line.
Director: Michael Stich

5851 :24x75 - Ep. #5851

Oliver tries to convince Steffy not to tell Ridge or Hope the truth about what happened. Steffy tells Oliver she will keep the secret on several conditions that are Brooke resigning from Forrester Creations and never returning, Hope leaving for Boston and Oliver agreeing to date her. Hope prepares for a photo shoot and Steffy warns her that her time working at the company is limited. Brooke tells Ridge that she has to tell him something before Steffy does. Oliver shows up and tells Brooke he needs to speak to her and informs her that Steffy will keep their secret if they agree to certain conditions. Brooke realizes that they have no choice but to agree to the conditions. Bridget goes to see Nick on the boat determined to save their marriage.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5852 :24x76 - Ep. #5852

Steffy makes a serious threat to Hope. Nick makes his thoughts clear to Bridget who tries to convince him not to give up on their marriage. Brooke and Oliver cant agree whether to give into Steffy's demands. Brooke attempts to get Steffy to agree to alternative terms.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5853 :24x77 - Ep. #5853

Brooke and Oliver are put on the spot by Steffy when she tells them the deal she has offered them has a limited time to be agreed to. Brooke and Oliver make a decision. Oliver offers a surprised Hope advise about her future.

5854 :24x78 - Ep. #5854

Ridge wants to know why Brooke has decided to leave Forrester Creations. Nick warns him mother that the future doesn't look good for her and Owen. Hope wonders if Steffy is responsible for Oliver's recent change in attitude towards her. Owen and Bridget talk about their individual futures and the baby.

5855 :24x79 - Ep. #5855

Oliver informs Steffy that he has sort of broken up with Hope. After Ridge is unable to get her to change her mind, Brooke makes an announcement about her position within Forrester Creations. Owen and Bridget are both surprised by Nick’s warning to Jackie but also by her justifying it. Bridget ends up crossing the line as she makes an emotional confession to Owen. Hope ends making a heartbreaking decision about her future as she remembers what Owen said to her.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5856 :24x80 - Ep. #5856

In prison, Brooke visits her father. Stephen tries to get her not agree to the deal offered by Stephanie and he tells her that Bill will take care of everything. After Brooke leaves, Pam pays Stephen a visit and she lets him know that she is there for him. Bill puts his plan to regain control of Forrester Creations into action. Stephanie comes up with a deal which doesn't please Justin or Bill. Bill turns down Stephanie's deal. Pam's testimony about what happened at the shooting shocks some people.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Clyde Kusatsu as Clayton Kornish
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5857 :24x81 - Ep. #5857

Stephen receives a visit from Hope who tells him that Oliver has convinced her to go to college in Boston. After talking through her decision with her, Stephen shares his hopes for all his children and grand children with her. Stephanie is furious with Pam for defending Stephen. Bill is able to convince both Brooke and Katie to decline Stephanie's deal when she offers it one last time. The arbitrator makes decision in the case between Logan and Forrester.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Clyde Kusatsu as Clayton Kornish

5858 :24x82 - Ep. #5858

­Stephen thanks Bill and Justin for helping to get him released. Stephen wants to spend some time alone with Pam and he attempts to convince her that his feelings for her are real. Stephanie isn't happy with the way things have turned out. Stephen is threatened by Stephanie when she pays him a visit. Oliver tries to get Steffy to stop doing what she is. After finding out about new information of Donna’s settlement, Steffy comes up with a new blackmail demand for Brooke. ­­
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

5859 :24x83 - Ep. #5859

Jackie attempts to keep the peace between Bridget and Aggie as she waits for Nick to show up. When Nick finally shows up he declares that the company is in trouble and his wife slept with his stepfather and is now having his baby. Nick wants everyone to keep quiet about what he has just told them. Jackie opens up to Whip about how she is feeling. Bridget tries to convince Nick to give her the chance to sort things out. Jackie ends up trying to comfort an upset Bridget. Aggie receives a request from Nick. When she realizes that Steffy will never stop blackmailing her she realizes that she and Oliver need to tell the truth to Ridge.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5860 :24x84 - Ep. #5860

When her mother returns home, Steffy tells her and Stephanie that they will soon be free of the Logan family. Taylor receives an offer from Stephanie. Hope and Oliver spend time together as she prepares to leave for Boston. Oliver doesn't want her putting her life on hold for him whilst she is away. Hope wants Oliver to stay away from Steffy whilst she is gone. Brooke begins to tell Ridge what happened on the night of Hope's party and that she is being blackmailed by his daughter.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5861 :24x85 - Ep. #5861

Brooke tells Ridge about how Steffy is blackmailing her. Hope tells both Oliver and Brooke that she has decided not to move to Boston. Oliver is confronted by Ridge who wants him to stay away from Brooke. Steffy finds out that her plan to blackmail Brooke has backfired.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5862 :24x86 - Ep. #5862

­Brooke is confused by her daughter's sudden change of mind about going away to college to Boston and she turns to Oliver for answers. Ridge tells Steffy that he isn't happy about her trying to blackmail Brooke and Oliver and that she has to stay quiet about what she knows. Steffy isn't happy when her father wants her to publicly welcome Brooke back to Forrester Creations. Nick and Aggie spend the evening together on the Shady Marlin where they end up sharing a kiss.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5863 :24x87 - Ep. #5863

­Ridge promises Brooke that her and Oliver’s secret will remain a secret and that she will be welcomed back to Forrester Creations by everyone. Liam, Spencer Publications’ newest latest intern, discovers some incriminating evidence and Justin decides to use it for the company’s own good. Steffy tells Oliver how it feels to be betrayed by her own father. Nick and Aggie end up making love.
Director: Michael Stich

5864 :24x88 - Ep. #5864

Stephanie isn't happy when she finds out that Brooke will be returning to the company. Ridge insists that the war between the Forrester and Logan families is over. Steffy learns about Hope's decision not to go to Boston. Hope wants Steffy to think about working with her. Hope wants Stephanie to help her repair and Steffy's relationship. Steffy insists to Brooke that Stephanie wasn't involved in her blackmail scheme. Amber and Rick reconnect.
Director: Michael Stich

5865 :24x89 - Ep. #5865

The medai arrive at Forester Creations to view the video tribute that Steffy has created to welcome Brooke back. Liam is invited by Justin to attend the press conference so that he can learn more about how Spencer Publications is run. Steffy has no idea that the video tribute has been messed around with. Everyone is left in a state of shock when the video is played.
Director: Michael Stich

5866 :24x90 - Ep. #5866

­After Hope runs off, Brooke goes after her so that she can explain to her what happened with Oliver. Steffy tries to convince her father that she had nothing to do with with how the video tribute turned out. Ridge refuses to believe that she was not responsible and he makes a decision about her position with in the company. Justin is happy with the way things have worked out.
Guest Stars: Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Michael Stich

5867 :24x91 - Ep. #5867

­Oliver and Brooke both attempt to get Hope to listen to their side of the story and to forgive them for what has happened. Stephanie and Taylor are not happy with Ridge blaming Steffy for what has happened and not Brooke. Owen realizes that history has repeated itself after Bridget tell him about her history with Deacon and Brooke. Hope ends up turning to Bridget for support.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5868 :24x92 - Ep. #5868

­Bridget finds it hard to comfort Hope whilst remembering the pain that she had gone through when Brooke had an affair with Deacon. The rest of the Logan family learn from Ridge what happened at the press conference and he assures them that his and Brooke’s marriage is still strong. Justin doesn’t get quite the response he was expecting when he tells Bill about the part he played in the final version of the video that was played at the press conference.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5869 :24x93 - Ep. #5869

­Liam and an I.T. private investigator are employed by Steffy so that she can try and prove her innocence. Aggie and Jason Castro try to help Oliver deal with his split from Hope. Stephanie ends up opening up her home to Hope after she turns to her for some advise. Brooke is shocked after Bridget questions her motives and her intentions towards Oliver.

5870 :24x94 - Ep. #5870

Taylor attempts to mediate between Ridge and their daughter. Things don’t go as planned though. Taylor ends up giving her daughter a generous gift. Brooke is upset when she finds out that Hope is going to move in with Stephanie. Hope is surprised by Oliver with a performance by Jason Castro who sings her favorite song, Love Uncompromised.

5871 :24x95 - Ep. #5871

­Brooke believes that Stephanie is pretending to be unconscious following her fall. When Stephanie recovers she calls the police to tell them about Brooke having attacked her. Stephanie tells her son all the reasons why he shouldn't be with Brooke. Nick makes it clear to Bridget what he intends to do when she asks him to give their marriage another go. Bridget is devastated when she sees a close moment between Nick and Aggie.
Guest Stars: Reginald VelJohnson as Ed
Director: Michael Stich

5872 :24x96 - Ep. #5872

­Nick and Aggie admit to Bridget that they have entered into a relationship. Liam and Ed are not able to help Steffy clear her name. Steffy charms Liam into continuing to try and help clear her name. An unconventional moment is shared by Bridget, Owen, and Jackie.
Guest Stars: Reginald VelJohnson as Ed
Director: Michael Stich

5873 :24x97 - Ep. #5873

­Brooke attempts to convince her daughter to move back home. Steffy blames Brooke for everything that has happened and she attempts to get Oliver to side with her. Oliver sees another side to Steffy after she encourages him to go see Hope. Oliver attempts to get Hope to forgive him for what happened but she is unable to get th thought of him being with her mother out of her mind. Taylor offers Brooke some advise.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5874 :24x98 - Ep. #5874

­Stephanie and Taylor confront Brooke about her destructive behavior that she uses to have her way with men. Oliver thinks that he and Hope should leave town together for a little while. Hope discovers a box of masks and costumes left over from the party and asks Oliver to meet her at the house later. Ridge attempts to comfort Brooke as she worries that her relationship with Hope is ruined forever.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5875 :24x99 - Ep. #5875

­Hope wants Oliver to reenact the events which took place between him and her mother on the night of the party so that she can try and understand things better. Stephanie and Taylor are worried that Hope could be damaged for good by Brooke's actions. Brooke is worried that Stephanie will brainwash her daughter into staying away from her. After Taylor watches Hope she calls Brooke and shares her concern that Hope could be having a psychological breakdown. ­

5876 :24x100 - Ep. #5876

­After both Brooke and Oliver attempt to convince Hope to forgive them for everything that has happened, she doesn’t feel that her relationship can move past the pain she has suffered. Hope decides that she is going to focus on her work at Forrester Creations. Stephanie offers Hope her support. Brooke and Stephanie clash over what they think is best for Hope. Bridget and Owen feel the baby kick for the first time.

5877 :24x101 - Ep. #5877

­Taylor officially gives her daughter her shares of Forrester Creations. Everyone is shocked when they find out what Taylor has done. Ridge remains determined that his daughter will play no part in running the company. Donna is offered by Bill a large amount of money for her shares in the company. Donna ends up agreeing to sell them. When Bill finds out that Steffy now has Taylor's shares he decides to use it to his own advantageous.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Deveney Kelly

5878 :24x102 - Ep. #5878

­Ridge hears his mother talking badly about Brooke to Hope he puts a stop to it. Ride unsuccessfully tries to get Hope to forgive Brooke. Stephanie warns her son that Steffy could end up turning against him. Bill wants Steffy to work with him and promises her a job at Forrester Creations after. Brooke finds out that her sister has signed over her shares of the company to Bill.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5879 :24x103 - Ep. #5879

­Steffy isn't happy that her father always chooses Brooke over her. When Hope blames Steffy for sabotaging the tribute video, Liam feels bad. Steffy turns down her father's offer to try and sort out their problems. Bill wants Steffy to meet with him and he plays on her vulnerabilities. Liam is questioned by Stephanie about tampering with Steffy’s computer and she becomes even more suspicious when she discovers that he works for Spencer Publications. ­
Director: Michael Stich

5880 :24x104 - Ep. #5880

Steffy receives a tempting offer from Bill. Taylor tries to convince Ridge to sort out the problems he is having with their daughter.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5881 :24x105 - Ep. #5881

Hope pulls away after she and Oliver share a kiss as she cant get out of her mind what happened between him and her mother. Hope wants Oliver to leave. Ridge doesn't believe Liam's claims that he is his son and ends up hitting him. After talking to Stephanie, Oliver is determined not to give up on Hope. Hope is rescued by reporters outside of Forrester Creations by Liam. Liam tells Hope about his part in how the video tribute was tampered. Bill tells Steffy how she was set up and offers to help her clear her name. Ridge calls Steffy wanting to see her and she tells him he can come see her at Bill's house. When Ridge shows up he is shocked to find out that Steffy is considering selling her stock in Forrester Creations to Bill. Ridge tells Steffy that he now the truth about what happened and that he is sorry for not believing her. Ridge tries to convince her not to sell her stock.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5882 :24x106 - Ep. #5882

Both Ridge and Bill try to get Steffy on side and Ridge wants to talk to his daughter alone. Katie learns from Bill that somebody at Spencer Publications was responsible sabotaging the video tribute. Bill also tells her that he didn't find out until it was too late. Bill tells Katie about his plan to get his hands on Steffy's shares so that he can put her back in control of the company. Bill and Katie share a kiss. Liam tells Hope that is wasn't his intention to hurt anyone and he got caught up in p in a power struggle after Justin took control of Steffy's laptop. Liam tells Hope about his quest to find his real father and how he thought he could of been Ridge. Liam and Hope end up connecting. Ridge attempts to convince his daughter to return to the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5883 :24x107 - Ep. #5883

­Steffy remains resentful that her father didn't believe in her innocence from the beginning. Brooke is confronted by Brooke for blaming Steffy when she was never involved in what happened. Stephanie wants Brooke ho do whatever it takes to mend Steffy and Ridge’s relationship. Steffy vows to help Oliver and Hope sort out their problems after he turns down her advances. Hope and Liam end up sharing a kiss.
Director: Michael Stich

5884 :24x108 - Ep. #5884

Bridget asks Nick if he ever thinks about them. When Aggie shows up and makes a remark about her pregnancy Bridget leaves. Nick is fed up with the state of the company. Owen and Jackie take part in another photo shoot as Amber and Bridget watch from the sidelines. Stephanie tries to persuade Oliver not to go see Hope and to give her some space until the scandal dies down. Stephanie has security upped at the house to stop anyone from getting in. Liam manages to get into the guest house and see Hope. Liam ends up kissing Hope after she tells him there is no chance of her and Oliver getting back together. Oliver sees Hope inside the guest house with Liam and wonders who he is. Oliver bangs on the door. Hope sneaks Liam out before opening the door to Oliver. Oliver tries to convince Hope to come and see something with him. Oliver has a romantic candlelit dinner arranged for Hope. Oliver tells Hope that he cant live without her.
Director: Michael Stich

5885 :24x109 - Ep. #5885

­Owen is fed up with having to pose half naked all the time for the photo shoots. Owen talks to Jackie about the way it feels after listening to the advise that Bridget offers him. Liam says sorry to Steffy and tries to explain his part in what happened.Steffy works out that Liam is interested in Hope. Oliver tors to get Hope back on side. Brooke learns about Liam from Ridge who continues that he doesn't want him to become involved in their lives.

5886 :24x110 - Ep. #5886

­Oliver tells Brooke that he and Hope are back together. Hope tells her mother that she still needs more time to forgive her for what happened. Oliver wants Hope to wear the necklace again. After Thomas discovers that Steffy is now part owner of Forrester Creations, Ridge promises him that he will be a part owner one day too. Thomas is promoted to Vice President. Liam is fired by Bill after telling him that the company is being sued due to what happened with the video.

5887 :24x111 - Ep. #5887

Stephanie wants Brooke to quit her position within the company. Eric wants to know the reason why Steffy has decided to call an emergency board meeting. Brooke and Nick remember the good times they shared together. Thorn shows his father the company's latest sales figures. Steffy has an idea to get rid of Brooke from the company. Thomas informs his mother that Steffy is using the stock and if she isn't lying when she says she'll give it to Bill.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

5888 :24x112 - Ep. #5888

Eric isn't happy with Steffy for wanting Brooke fired from the company. Ridge refuses to agree to Steffy's request and Steffy says that it not over. Brooke thanks Ridge for his support. Ridge thinks that Brooke should try and reason with Steffy. Steffy talks to Stephanie about Brooke. Brooke tries to talk to Steffy and Steffy tells her that they will never be friends or get along. Brooke tries to remind Steffy how close they were when she helped Ridge bring her up. Steffy refuses Brooke's efforts for them to get along. Stephanie tries to make Ridge see reason. Aggie tries to find out from Nick who he had lunch with. Amber comes up with an idea for Jackie M. Jackie talks to her son about his relationship with Aggie.

5889 :24x113 - Ep. #5889

Liam offers Ridge help dealing with the Spencer lawsuit and he apologizes for assuming that he was his father. Hope hears Liam talking to Ridge about the possibility of him asking Hope out on a date. After Liam leaves the office Hope tells him that she heard what he was saying to Ridge and she tells him that she is back together with Oliver. Liam is disappointed by the news. Brooke continues to try to sort things out with Steffy but Steffy remains adamant that she leaves the company. Thomas thinks that Steffy should give Brooke a break. Brooke talks to Ridge about what happened with Steffy. After Marcus is attacked on his way into the building, Steffy once again tells her father that Brooke is the cause and has to go. Jarrett questions Bill about the past he shared with Liam's mother, Kelly. After being questioned by Katie, Bill admits to her that there is a chance that Liam could be his son.
Director: Michael Stich

5890 :24x114 - Ep. #5890

­Katie is surprised by what Bill has told her. Liam and Hope become closer friends and he regrets allowing Bill and Justin to use him to help bring down Forrester Creations. Thomas ends up taking Brooke's side over Steffy's. Thorne makes a revelation about someone he shared a past with.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

5891 :24x115 - Ep. #5891

­Both Bill and Liam attempt to deal with the reality that they could be father and son. Thorne ends up telling Liam that there is a chance he is his father as well. Everyone decides to have a DNA test performed so that the truth can be discovered.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5892 :24x116 - Ep. #5892

­Eric finds out that he could have another grandson he never knew about as he, Ridge and Stephanie await the news of the DNA test. Thorne and Bill talk about how one of their lives is about to change forever. Liam looks forward to getting the results. Bill is revealed as being Liam's father.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Jerry Prell as Dr. Steele
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5893 :24x117 - Ep. #5893

The aftermath of the DNA test results leaving everyone having to deal with the consequences. Liam learns more about the way he was conceived from Bill. Oliver decides to quit his job at Forrester Creations. Hope wonders if she should try to get to know her own father better.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

5894 :24x118 - Ep. #5894

Bridget admits to Stephanie the reason that her marriage to Nick ended and that Owen is the father of her unborn child. Brooke's first day of her leave of absence from Forrester Creations gets under way and she ends up spending it with Donna and Katie and they talk about their family’s latest problems. Ridge attempts to convince Hope to return back home. Aggie isn't happy when Amber flirts with Nick. Owen shows up at the cabin because of business reasons.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5895 :24x119 - Ep. #5895

Stephanie talks to Jackie about the situation involving Owen, Bridget and the baby. After romancing Brooke, Ridge has a surprise for her at the end of the evening. Bridget goes into labor as she talks business with Owen. With no help available, Owen is forced to help Bridget deliver the baby.
Director: Michael Stich

5896 :24x120 - Ep. #5896

Bridget and Owen end up finding themselves in an awkward situation after they share an intimate moment following the birth of their son, Logan. Jackie is convinced that her marriage to Owen will survive. Jackie goes to see the new baby and ends up interjecting herself into the parent and child bonding process.
Director: Michael Stich

5897 :24x121 - Ep. #5897

Katie and Hope arrange secretly for Bill and Liam to meet up. Things don't go quite as they had hoped though. Owen is questioned by Eric about his future intentions. Eric and Donna remember the good times they shared together. Bridget makes a decision about where she and the baby will live. Bridget is questioned by her brother about her feelings towards Owen.
Guest Stars: Farrah Ferrigno as Logan Knight | Llyod Phoenix Luecke as Baby Logan | Luisa Tirate Luecke as Baby Logan | Bryce Westfall as Baby Logan
Director: Michael Stich

5898 :24x122 - Ep. #5898

Liam is touched by what he hears Hope saying to Bill about him. Liam takes Hope to the beach to thanks her and lets her know he would like be more than just friends with her. Owen finds himserlf being torn between spending time with Jackie and Bridget and the baby. Owen hears Bridget making a confession to her mother and Rick.
Director: Michael Stich

5899 :24x123 - Ep. #5899

Amber asks Brooke for advice on how she should try and win Rick back. Rick attempts to make Jackie see that her and Owen's marriage will fail in the long run now that he has a child with his sister. Owen and Bridget talks about the chances of them becoming a family in the future. Bridget is shocked when she sees her brother and Jackie in a compromising position.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5900 :24x124 - Ep. #5900

Bridget tries to find out from her brother what is going on between him and Jackie. Jackie tells Owen that she knows that Bridget has feelings for him. Brooke shares concerns about Bridget with Rick. Rick once again attempts to convince Jackie to divorce Owen.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5901 :24x125 - Ep. #5901

There is a tender moment between Bridget and Owen when they visit the baby’s pediatrician. Rick makes Jackie a tempting offer. Katie attempts to convince Bill to meet with Liam so that they can start a new.

5902 :24x126 - Ep. #5902

Katie and Hope come up with a plan to bring Liam and Bill together. Liam and Bill soon work out that they had been tricked. Hope is confronted by Oliver about the current status of their relationship.­

5903 :24x127 - Ep. #5903

Hope admits to a heartbroken Oliver that she is developing feelings for Liam. Liam is offered a new position at Bill's company. Bill tells Liam more about his relationship with his mother. Hope isn't happy when she fonds out that Steffy has feelings for Liam as well.
Director: Michael Stich

5904 :24x128 - Ep. #5904

Brooke and Ridge are reunited with Hope and she fills them in on what has been going on in her life. Taylor is concerned when she finds out that her daughter is after the new man in Hope's life yet again. Oliver receives a visit from Liam who admits to him about how he feels about Hope. Oliver tells him that Hope has dumped him because of the way she feels about him. Steffy is confronted by Brooke about the reasons she is going after Liam.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5905 :24x129 - Ep. #5905

Hope meets with Liam before he starting working at Spencer Publications as a proper employee. When Hope returns home she finds Stephanie and her mother arguing and tells them if they worked together they could be a true force in the business world. After Hope leaves, Stephanie tells Brooke that they will never be friends. Bill sees a text message on Katie's phone about Bridget and Owen's baby. Bill shows Liam a video that his father created about the company and then he gives him a gift. Bill tells Liam that they ate going to the Jackie M fashion show. Owen sees Rick flirting with his wife. The fashion show is a success but at the press conference Jarrett asks about Owen being the father of Bridget's baby. Whip answers that it is a family private matter but Jarrett refuses to be silenced.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5906 :24x130 - Ep. #5906

Jackie, Owen, and Bridget are left feeling shocked by what has happened. Jackie ends up having no choice but to admit the truth about Bridget and Owen and the baby. Thomas shocks his family by taking Brooke's side during a business meeting. Rick is confronted by his sister about the real reason he came to the fashion show.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

5907 :24x131 - Ep. #5907

Disguised as a Roman statue Rick spies on Owen and Jackie. Owen tells Jackie that he wishes he had punched Bill. Owen blindfolds Jackie but before he can take things further he is called away. Rick sneaks into Owen's place and Jackie thinks it is her husband returning. Rick makes out with Jackie but hides when he hears a noise. Owen returns but ends up being called away and Rick returns to make out with Jackie again. Jackie is shocked when she realizes that it is Rick she has been kissing and when Owen returns he wants to know what is going on. Jackie tells Owen about Rick' plan to woo her and how she had told him he was devoted to Owen. Rick tells Owen that he should be with Bridget and the baby and that he will be with Jackie. Rick and Owen fight. Ridge is proud of his son standing up for Brooke. Stephanie goes to see Brooke and they end up arguing. Stephanie ends up collapsing but Brooke thinks she is faking it.
Guest Stars: Yvette Freeman as Dr Lewis

5908 :24x132 - Ep. #5908

Brooke is convinced that Stephanie is up to her old tricks again. Jackie assures Owen that it is him she wants to be with. Rick is convinced their marriage will fail. Amber asks Bridget if she thinks there is any chance of her and Rick getting back together. Bridget ends up being in awkward position when Rick enters her into the conversation with Owen and Jackie.­

5909 :24x133 - Ep. #5909

Eric and Ridge talk about what to get Stephanie for her upcoming birthday. They agree that the feud between Stephanie and Brooke needs to be put on hold if it it just only for one day. Brooke tells Ridge that she is willing to try and sort her differences with Stephanie. Eric and Stephanie remember the past that they have shared.
Guest Stars: Yvette Freeman as Dr Lewis

5910 :24x134 - Ep. #5910

Ridge is made an enticing offer by Steffy to appear along side her in the company advertisements. Brooke learns that Stephanie hasn't told Eric about her illness. Eric gets the rest of the family involved in the plans to celebrate Stephanie's birthday. Brooke urges Stephanie to tell her family about her illness and to have a follow up appointment.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5911 :24x135 - Ep. #5911

Hopes asks Stephanie if she can invite Liam to her birthday party. Liam apologizes to the entire Forrester family after arriving at the party. Nick and Aggie give Oliver some advise about his love life. Stephanie finds it hard to be nice to Brooke at the party.
Director: Michael Stich

5912 :24x136 - Ep. #5912

Stephanie has a surprise for everybody at her party. Liam attempts to apologize to Brook for Bill exposing the truth about Bridget's baby. Nick and Aggie share their feelings with one another.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

5913 :24x137 - Ep. #5913

Bridget attempts to convince her brother to reconsider his tactics after he attempts to convince her to support him pursuing of Jackie. Jackie receives a proposition from Rick . Bridget and Owen discover how the public perceives their current situation. Brooke finds a letter that Stephanie has written which contains a secret inside of it.

Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5914 :24x138 - Ep. #5914

Donna and Katie go to see Bridget to see how she is doing following the news that Owen id the father of her child has become public. Stephanie doesn't believe that Brooke is being sincere about wanting to help her. Jackie tries to make Rick see that she is happily married to Owen.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5915 :24x139 - Ep. #5915

Steffy has an enticing proposition for Bill when she shows up at his office. Bill ends up agreeing to part of Steffy's plan. Oliver tries to convince Hope to give their relationship another chance. Oliver's hopes are dashed when he learns that she is now dating Liam. Liam is given his first big assignment at the company.
Director: Michael Stich

5916 :24x140 - Ep. #5916

Thomas tries to convince his father to bring Brooke back to Forrester Creations and he ends up agreeing. When Steffy has her interview with Liam she shows up wearing various items of lingerie. Steffy is confronted by Hope about the way she keeps throwing herself at different men.
Director: Michael Stich

5917 :24x141 - Ep. #5917

Stephanie refuses to listen to Brooke's pleas that she gets treatment for her cancer. Bridget apologizes to Owen and Jackie for her brother's actions. Nick and Amber come up with some changes for the company.

5918 :24x142 - Ep. #5918

Nick makes sure that his mother understands what will happen if she continues to choose so stick with her current way of life. Bridget thinks about Amber and Aggie’s parts in Nick’s sudden decision. Nick and Bridget say a final goodbye after she says sorry to him for everything she has put him through. Stephanie becomes upset after she cant find an item that has special meaning to her.

5919 :24x143 - Ep. #5919

Stephanie wants the homeless girl to give her back the scarf. When the girl runs off, Stephanie goes after her. Stephanie ends up shocking everyone when she doesn't react to to the news that Brooke is returning to Forrester Creations. Ridge comes to his own conclusions about why his mother and Brooke have been getting along. Nick and Amber both agree that the kiss that they shared was a mistake. When Whip sees Amber with Nick, he wonders how she has managed to rise up through the company so quick.

5920 :24x144 - Ep. #5920

Stephanie looks back on her life and has flashbacks from different parts of it. Dr. Lewis goes to see Stephanie at her home and discovers that she intends on not having any treatment for her cancer. Brooke goes to see Taylor and ends up telling her about Stephanie's illness. Stephanie learns from Brooke that she has told somebody about her cancer.

5921 :24x145 - Ep. #5921

Stephanie is promised by Taylor that she is the only person Brooke has told about her illness. Taylor is unable to convince Stephanie to get any treatment. Brooke and Taylor help Stephanie check off the next thing on her bucket list. When they see the homeless girl who took Stephanie's scarf the follow her. Bill is not impressed by Lima's article on Steffy. Oliver remains determined to win Hope back.
Director: Michael Stich

5922 :24x146 - Ep. #5922

Taylor talks to Dr. Lewis about Stephanie’s cancer and what can be done to help her. Brooke and Stephanie become separated and find themselves in a bad part of town after they chase the girl who took the scarf. Stephanie ends up running into a former acquaintance. A homeless man ends up teaching Brooke a valuable lesson in life. ­

5923 :24x147 - Ep. #5923

Stephanie manages to find the homeless girl and demands her scarf back but instead receives much, much more than she asked for. Brooke looks for Stephanie with the new friend she has made. The man helps Brooke to gain a better appreciation for her life. Stephanie ends up learing more about the homeless girl and the reasons why the scarf means so much to her.­

5924 :24x148 - Ep. #5924

After Stephanie checks herself into the hospital she requests help for her illness. Eric, Ridge, and Thorne are surprised when they learn who was responsible for a message they received to meet them. Taylor and Pam fill the family in about Stephanie’ s cancer. Brooke is thanked by Stephanie for her support. Stephanie says goodbye to Brooke before she is taken into the operating room.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Yvette Freeman as Dr Lewis | Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

5925 :24x149 - Ep. #5925

Stephanie wakes up from her surgery and sees her family by her bedside. Dayzee is introduced to the Forresters by Brooke who explains that she was instrumental in Stephanie’s decision to seek treatment for her cancer. Stephanie wants to do more to help the homeless. After seeing an intimate moment between Aggie and Nick, Amber comes up with a plan. Amber attempts to seduce Nick in the steam room. Aggie and Whip help Oliver come up with a plan to try and win Hope back. Aggie confronts Amber after seeing her trying to seduce Nick.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester | Yvette Freeman as Dr Lewis
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5926 :24x150 - Ep. #5926

­Ridge thanks Brooke for supporting his mother during her cancer. Aggie warns Amber to stay away from Nick. Nick is surprised when he finds out that Aggie already knows that Amber attempted to seduce him when he decides to tell her. Thomas wants to create his own men’ s line and approaches his father and Brooke about the idea. Amber meets with Oliver but she has an ulterior motive.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5927 :24x151 - Ep. #5927

Amber puts her planning using Oliver into action. Stephanie cant wait to recover so that she can put her new plan of action into practice. Dayzee ­informs Taylor, Liam, and Hope about her history and how she met Stephanie. Stephanie is determined to make a difference.
Director: Michael Stich

5928 :24x152 - Ep. #5928

Aggie is confronted by Amber about her efforts to get Nick to fire her from the company. Thomas shows Ridge and Brooke his designs for the men's line. Taylor isn't happy when she finds out that her son will be working closely with Brooke on the project. Amber assists Oliver in trying to make Hope jealous.
Director: Michael Stich

5929 :24x153 - Ep. #5929

Taylor clashes with Brooke over Thomas. Thomas tells his mother to stop interfering in his life. Amber hears Nick, Aggie and Whip talking how her new designs have not lived up to expectations. Amber decides to get some new designs by meeting Oliver at Bikini Beach and stealing Forrester Creations latest designs.­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5930 :24x154 - Ep. #5930

Ridge attempts to mediate Brooke and Taylor. Hope is taunted by Bill after she sees Oliver with Amber. Amber gets Oliver drunk so that she can steal Forrester Creations' designs from him him.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5931 :24x155 - Ep. #5931

Amber’ s latest designs impress Nick. Hope warns Oliver about Amber. Stephanie wants to help out at the homeless shelter after she is released from the hospital. Stephanie accepts Brooke as a member of the family and Ridge is touched. Stephanie slips out to help Dayzee at the homeless shelter.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5932 :24x156 - Ep. #5932

Stephanie is excited to meet the homeless and learn more about them. Brooke learns from Eric that Stephanie has left to help the homeless rather than staying home and resting. Eric is upset that Stephanie has decide to help the homeless rather than spend time with him. Eric tels Brooke how he imagined a different sort of retirement for him and Stephanie.
Guest Stars: Kristolyn Lloyd as Dayzee
Director: Deveney Kelly

5933 :24x157 - Ep. #5933

Stephanie continues to try and find out more about the homeless and gain a greater understanding of their plight. Stephanie is determined to make a difference in their lives. Eric is worried about Stephanie. Brooke is surprised to see Stephanie with the homeless. Brooke and Stephanie listen as some of the homeless tell them about how they ended up that way.
Guest Stars: Kristolyn Lloyd as Dayzee
Director: Michael Stich

5934 :24x158 - Ep. #5934

Eric tells Stephanie that he is glad that he now understands her happiness in helping the homeless and promises to be her side through everything. Amber flirts with Oliver again so that she can get her hands on more of Forrester Creations' designs. When Hope sees Amber going through Oliver's bag she becomes suspicious. Nick goes to see Stephanie and she tells him about her plans for the future. After Eric introduces Dayzee to Marcus sparks begin to fly between the two of them.
Guest Stars: Kristolyn Lloyd as Dayzee
Director: Deveney Kelly

5935 :24x159 - Ep. #5935

Amber is confronted by Oliver about going through his stuff. Amber is able to talk her way out of it. Hope shares her suspicions with Liam. Liam agrees to go with Hope to check on Oliver. Ridge offers Bridget a position at Forrester Creations. Hope and Liam see Amber trying to get into Oliver’s computer as the look through the window and as she plies him with alcohol. Hope vows to get back at Amber after she realizes that she is stealing her designs.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5936 :24x160 - Ep. #5936

Hope tells the rest of the family that the “Hope for the Future” fashion show has to happen today because Amber stole their designs. Both Brooke and Thomas are not happy because Thomas’ new line was supposed to be debuted. Hope asks Ridge not to confront Nick about the stolen designs. Oliver learns from Hope that he has been used by Amber to get her hands on the designs. Jackie M prepares to debut the new designs.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5937 :24x161 - Ep. #5937

Thomas is upset that his line is being overshadowed by Hope’s. Amber learns what is going on and winders who discovered what she was up to. Nick tells Broke that he has no idea what Amber was up to and promises that she will not get away with what she has done. Amber tells Nick that she thought she was doing what he wanted her to do. Thomas wants Brooke to help help pull a stunt that everyone will be talking about for years to come.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

5938 :24x162 - Ep. #5938

Forrester Creations prepares for the men’s line preview while reporters are losing interest in the “Hope for the Future” show. Taylor shares her concerns with Whip about Thomas working with Brooke. Brooke agrees to go along with the the publicity stunt that Thomas is planning.­
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Todd McKee as Jake Maclaine

5939 :24x163 - Ep. #5939

Thomas and Brooke’s publicity stunt leaves everyone feeling stunned. Thomas is bombarded by the media while Brooke attempts to do some damage control with Ridge. Dayzee comes to see Stephanie who ends up offering her a job at Forrester Creations. Stephanie is shocked when she finds out what happened at the preview. Thomas admits to his mother the real reason behind his actions.­
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Kristolyn Lloyd as Dayzee
Director: Deveney Kelly

5940 :24x164 - Ep. #5940

Brooke is concerned when it looks like that Ridge does not believe her innocence. Thomas defends Brooke's name and informs his mother that she pushed him into acting the way he did when she gave his sister the Forrester Creations shares instead of him. Stephanie offers her son advise on how to deal with the latest scandal involving Brooke.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

5941 :24x165 - Ep. #5941

Stephanie stops Brooke from seeing Ridge. Hope says sorry to Thomas for taking his spotlight but reprimands him for causing a rift in her mother and Ridge's marriage. Stephanie isn't sure she believes Brooke when she tries to explain about what happened. Brooke receives an unexpected visitor whilst waiting for Ridge to come home.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5942 :24x166 - Ep. #5942

Hope admits to Oliver that she can not get their kiss off her mind but hopes that they can be friends because she is now with Liam. Ridge watches the video tape of Brooke and Thomas kissing. Thomas is happy that the stunt has worked. Ridge decides to talk to Brooke but finds his son waiting to talk to him. Thomas refuses to say sorry for the stunt. Amber says sorry to Oliver for taking the designs.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5943 :24x167 - Ep. #5943

Brooke refuses Ridge's request that she works from home until the dust settles. Whip wants Ridge's help in talking to Taylor. Ridge tries to make Taylor see that Brooke isn't after Thomas. Marcus sees an awkward moment Thomas and Madison. Brooke promises Stephanie that there will be no more scandals. Stephanie warns Brooke that there had better not be anymore scandals otherwise she can get out for good.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison

5944 :24x168 - Ep. #5944

Thomas tells Brooke that the impact of their stunt will live on forever through the Internet and the media. Thomas learns from Brooke that there is chance that his father could end up pulling the men's range. Ridge tells them both that they need to put an end to the scandal. Eric wants Ridge to ditch the new line. After Oliver thanks Amber for helping him get over Hope she warns him to stay away as everyone just gets hurt that she becomes close to. Ridge is confronted by a furious Taylor about his decision regarding the future of Thomas’ line.­
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

5945 :24x169 - Ep. #5945

Taylor is furious when she finds out that Ridge reneged on his word to her. Taylor, Brooke, Ridge and Thomas get involved in full scale argument. Stephanie learns that she has an opportunity to have her brain surgery moved up and performed today. Stephanie shares a special moment with Eric and Dayzee before the surgery.
Guest Stars: Yvette Freeman as Dr Lewis | Kristolyn Lloyd as Dayzee
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5946 :24x170 - Ep. #5946

Hope asks Liam to accompany her to the “Endless Summer” party for the Hope for the Future line. Hope admits to Liam about the kiss she shared with Oliver. Amber comes up with a plan to try and help Oliver win Hope back. Ridge and Brooke join Dayzee and Eric at the hospital as Stephanie prepares for her surgery.

Guest Stars: Kristolyn Lloyd as Dayzee | Yvette Freeman as Dr Lewis
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5947 :24x171 - Ep. #5947

Oliver is reluctant to gatecrash Hope's party. Amber promises him that she will take care of Liam and that he has nothing to worry about. Hope admits in Madison at the party that she wants to take her relationship with Liam to the next level. Rick attempts to stop Thomas from stealing the spotlight from Hope. Bill thinks that Liam is too young to commit to Hope. Amber comes up with an idea to stop Liam from making it to the party.

Guest Stars: Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison

5948 :24x172 - Ep. #5948

­Bill talks to Katie and Donna about Liam and Hope’s relationship. Hope is worried about what has happened to Liam. Amber continues to make sure that Liam misses the party. Amber allows Liam to leave after several hours as she believes that she has delayed him long enough for her plan to work. Hope ends up turning to Oliver for comfort as Liam makes his way to the party.
Guest Stars: Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison

5949 :24x173 - Ep. #5949

Oliver wants to make love to Hope as they continue to kiss. Liam shows up explains why he didn’t make it to the party. Amber admits to Oliver that she kept Liam away from the party. Jackie offers her son a solution to his current business problems.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5950 :24x174 - Ep. #5950

Stephanie places telephone calls to Taylor, Thomas and Brooke in an effort to resolve the issues that are between them. Both Brooke and Taylor attempt to get Stephanie on side. Liam fills his father in on what happened and he thinks that Liam should end things with Hope. Both Hope and Oliver remember what happened between them. Oliver is told by Amber that Hope will come back to him and offers her continued help in return for him fulfilling her needs.­
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5951 :24x175 - Ep. #5951

Stephanie thinks it is not practical for Brooke to have no contact with Thomas. Stephanie attempts to reassure Taylor that she isn't taking Brooke's side. Taylor is shocked when she sees her son hugging Brooke in Ridge's office. Liam and Hope spend some time alone on a secluded beach.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer

5952 :24x176 - Ep. #5952

Taylor is relieved whens she finds out that Thomas is actually kissing a model called Summer and not Brooke. Thomas tells his mother that Brooke is just helping him with his career and nothing more. Taylor ends up agreeing to end her feud with Brooke. Stephen, Donna and Katie have lunch with Brooke. They end up discussing the kiss that Brooke and Thomas shared. Amber is forced to hide when Aggie shows up to see Oliver who urges him not to give up on Hope. After Aggie discovers Amber she is forced to admit to her that she is staying with Oliver.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Ciara Hanna as Summer

5953 :24x177 - Ep. #5953

Aggie tells Oliver that he needs to get rid of Amber straight away. Oliver ends up asking Amber to move out but assures that that he doesn't see her the same way as Aggie as does. Amber attempts to convince Oliver to allow her to stay. After Aggie attempts to convince Hope to give Oliver another chance she tells her that she is with Liam now. Taylor tells Ridge that she will try to trust Brooke again. Ridge tells Taylor that if his marriage to Brooke was over hr would come back to her. Whip hears the end part of their conversation.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5954 :24x178 - Ep. #5954

Ridge and Brooke talk about Stephanie, Taylor and Thomas.When Ridge finds out from Brooke that his mother took her side he is surprised. Brooke promises Ridge that nothing will happen again. Taylor tells Stephanie about her conversation with Ridge and she thinks she might have misunderstood what he was saying. Stephanie believes that Taylor is still in love with her son. Oliver gives Amber a key to the door of the apartment above the garage. Aggie tries to convince Oliver not to give up on Hope. Hope clashes with Amber.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5955 :24x179 - Ep. #5955

Amber continues to work out Hope and tells her that Liam is just like Bill. Liam goes to see Oliver and tells him to stop going after Hope. Oliver and Liam end up arguing. Amber is forced to hide when she shows up. Brooke and Ridge offer Hope some advise. Liam calls Hope and tells her he has made special plans for them tonight.

5956 :24x180 - Ep. #5956

Oliver is confronted by Bill about being responsible for his son's car fiasco. Taylor finds it hard to stop thinking about what Ridge said to her. Taylor feels bad about thinking about Ridge as she is happy in her marriage to Whip. Brooke isn't happy when she finds out what Ridge said to Taylor. Liam takes Hope to see his new apartment and comes up with a suggestion.

5957 :24x181 - Ep. #5957

­Taylor attempts to deal with the mistakes she has made concerning Whip. Oliver threatens to tell Liam and Hope about Bill’s efforts to keep them apart. Oliver is encouraged by Amber to accept Bill’s offer.­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5958 :24x182 - Ep. #5958

Thomas, Ridge and Taylor hold a photo shoot and interview with Jarrett. Whip talks to Brooke about the state of his and Taylor’s marriage after running into her. Bill tries to get Oliver to accept the deal he offered him. Oliver tries to make sure that Hope doesn't find out that Amber is staying with him as they take part in a photo shoot. Bill tells his son that his first priority has to be the company and that he has to spend less time with Hope.­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5959 :24x183 - Ep. #5959

Whip isn't happy with Taylor for discussing their marriage with Ridge even though he defends her actions. Brooke and Thomas’ photo shoot is supervised by Thomas to make sure that the photos taken aren't too hot. Ridge isn't happy when he shows up and sees how things are going. Ridge wants things to be scaled back a little. Bill tells his son about his plans to make him the new face of Spencer Publications and what it in entails.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

5960 :24x184 - Ep. #5960

Nick and Aggie invite Jackie and Owen over for dinner so they can resolve any issues left in the family. Taylor tells Whip she wont loose her after he confronts her about her feelings towards Ridge. Ridge warns his son not to cross the line again with any further stunts before the fashion show gerts under way. Whip warns Ridge to stay away from his wife.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer

5961 :24x185 - Ep. #5961

Nick asks Aggie to spend Christmas with him. Donna and Justin discuss their son's modeling career at Forrester Creations. Whip pulls a prank at the fashion show that he hopes will hurt Ridge and causes problems in his marriage. Jarrett ends up stumbling upon the results of Whip’s prank.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Deveney Kelly

5962 :24x186 - Ep. #5962

Brooke and Thomas agree to not to tell Ridge and Taylor about what happened. Hope is worried after she sees a difference in the way Liam is being treated at Spencer Publication. Liam promises her that the one thing that will never change is his love for her. Amber decides to make a play for Liam. Ridge ends up seeing the backstage photo from the fashion show on the Internet. ­
Guest Stars: Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Deveney Kelly

5963 :24x187 - Ep. #5963

Brooke and Thomas attempt to explain what happened after being confronted by Ridge. After Hope makes a disparaging remark about Bill, Liam is offended. Oliver and Amber plot on how to get Amber into Liam's good books. Taylor is manipulated by Whip into seeing the backstage photo on the Internet. Ridge learns from his brother that the company website has crashed due to all of the orders that are coming in for Taboo. Amber tells Oliver that the best way to make it in life is to marry somebody who has money.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer

5964 :24x188 - Ep. #5964

Brooke and Thomas insist they are innocent of doing anything wrong to a furious Taylor. Whip is warned against messing with Ridge and the Forrester family by Aggie. Liam learns from his father about the party he is planning to throw to officially announce him as his son and the new face of Spencer Publications. Amber learns just how rich Bill is. Amber believes that if she can win Liam away from Hope then she will return to Oliver. Taylor wants Ridge to put an end to the Taboo line. Brooke offers to distance herself from the Taboo line. Whip continues to plot against Ridge.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

5965 :24x189 - Ep. #5965

Liam is able to convince Hope to attend his party despite his father's objections. Justin wants Donna to come to the party as his date. After Marcus finds out that Amber is living with him, Oliver becomes paranoid. Marcus promises not to tell anyone. Marcus is asked by Amber to get her on to the party list.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5966 :24x190 - Ep. #5966

Liam is announced by his father as one of the most eligible bachelors in the world and the future of the company. Hope is upset when Liam doesn't mention her in his speech. Hope decides to leave and Liam is interrupted before he can stop her. Liam ends up getting drunk and Amber follows him home. After being comforted by Oliver, Hope decides to go see Liam. Donna, Marcus and Justin enjoy some time bonding as a family at the party. Bill insists to Katie that Liam should not be in a relationship.
Guest Stars: Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5967 :24x191 - Ep. #5967

Liam wakes up and sees Amber in his bed and he can’t remember anything about what happened. Amber makes Liam think that they made love and he is worried he is going to loose Hope. C.J. tells Stephanie and Dayzee that he has decided to sell the coffeehouse. Stephanie believes that Insomnia could be a place to help the less fortunate and she thinks about buying it and asks Dayzee could run it for help. Stephanie decides to rename the place “Dayzee’s.”­

5968 :24x192 - Ep. #5968

Brooke and Katie go to Skid Row in an effort for Brooke to find Anthony. Whilst there they learn more about how the homeless live. Brooke discovers a bruised and battered Anthony. Pam and Thomas show up at “Dayzee’s” to help get it ready for the holidays. Dayzee and Stephanie welcome everyone to the reopening.

5969 :24x193 - Ep. #5969

Katie meets Anthony and Brooke then asks him to come with her. Anthony goes home with Brooke and Katie who offer him a shower and some clean clothes. Brooke, Ridge, Eric, Hope, Liam, Marcus, Pam, Taylor, Whip, Thomas, Thorne and Felicia all show up “Dayzee’s” with Anthony, Tony, Leilani, Kevin, OG and Miss Jones. Stephanie makes an important announcement.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5970 :24x194 - Ep. #5970

The Forrester family continue to party at Dayzee's. Taylor feels left out by the new bond between Stephanie and Brooke. As Eric plays Jingle Bells on a keyboard everyone sings along. Dayzee gives Stephanie a handmade book filled with her favorite quotes from inspirational women. Brooke gives Anthony a guitar belonging to Ridge as a gift. Whip isn't happy when he sees a close moment between Taylor and Ridge. Stephanie introduces Taylor to Kevin who makes her realize that Stephanie still sees her as her best friend. Eric makes a special speech about Stephanie.
Guest Stars: Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5971 :24x195 - Ep. #5971

Ridge and Brooke talk about the remarkable holiday at Dayzee's. Ridge isn't happy though when he sees the picture of Brooke and his son in the newspaper. Ridge is determined to find out who is responsible for taking it. Ridge later talks to his bother about the picture who asks him if he has made any new enemies recently. Ridge thinks that Whip could be responsible. Taylor tells Whip that she thinks Brooke is responsible for the picture. Aggie is worried that Whip will caught out. Ridge confronts Whip. Thomas meets Brooke on the roof top. Thomas refuses to tone down the campaign. Taylor finds her son and Brooke on the roof top together.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

5972 :24x196 - Ep. #5972

Ridge clashes with Whip after accusing him of taking the picture. Liam remembers waking up next to Amber and regrets what happened. Hope calls Liam telling him that she wants to see him. Hope arranges a surprise picnic for Liam. Hope apologizes to Liam for leaving the party. Amber is happy that she has been able to make Liam believe that they had made love. Amber is surprised when her mother shows up at her door and tells her that she has fallen on hard times. Amber ends up filling her mother in on what she has been up to.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore

5973 :24x197 - Ep. #5973

Hope doesn't want anything spoiling her and Liam's evening. Liam gives Hope a bracelet. Liam tells Hope about Amber following him home on the night of the party. Brooke refuses to believe that Whip took the picture. Ridge explains to Brooke why he thinks Whip is guilty. Ridge is worried that Whip will do next and decides he has to tell Taylor. Aggie advises Whip to give up on his vendetta against Ridge and to focus on his marriage. Amber attempts to convince her mother to find another place to stay but she refuses to leave. Tawny sees Bill as her and Amber's future salvation. When Amber pops out to the store, Oliver comes home. Amber learns that she is pregnant.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore

5974 :24x198 - Ep. #5974

Hope is shocked when Liam tells her what happened with Amber. Hope ends up leaving and Lima follows her. Liam tries to convince Hope that he has no memory of what happened and that he isn't sure even if anything did. Liam tries to get Hope to forgive him. Tawny is shocked to learn that her daughter is pregnant. Amber decides to be honest with Oliver and tell him that she is expecting his baby but Tawny suddenly comes up with an idea. Tawny manages to stop Amber from telling Oliver the truth and suggests that she passes the baby off as Liam's. Ridge tells Taylor that he believes Whip took the picture of their son and Brooke and gave it to the press. Taylor refuses to believe that Whip would do such a thing. When Whip shows up Taylor has to stop him and Ridge from fighting and she asks Whip if he took the picture. Whip tells her he didn't.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore

5975 :24x199 - Ep. #5975

Liam continues to try and convince Hope to forgive him. Hope ends up turning to her mother for support. Tawny continues to try and convince her daughter to pass her baby off as Liam’s child and to not to tell Oliver the truth. Liam tells his father that he can noy be the person he wants him to be and he refuses to give uo on Hope. Brooke decides to find out the truth about what happened between Amber and Liam.­
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Deveney Kelly

5976 :24x200 - Ep. #5976

Oliver receives a call Bill who wants to end their agreement to break up Liam and Hope. Amber is questioned by Brooke about what happened between her and Liam. Hope decides to let Liam proof to her that he deserves a second chance. Katie is pleased to learn that Bill has decided not to interfere in Liam and Hope's relationship anymore.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

5977 :24x201 - Ep. #5977

Jackie finds it easy to return to her old position at Jackie M. by creating designs for a new collection. Whip manages to think of a name for the new line. Owen asks Nick to be his best man in his and Jackie’s vow renewal ceremony. Whip ends up confessing to Taylor that he was the person who took the picture of Brooke and Thomas.
Guest Stars: Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani
Director: Michael Stich

5978 :24x202 - Ep. #5978

Jackie is upset by the news that Nick will not be at her and Owen’s ceremony. Ridge sets up a press conference in Paris for Brooke and Thomas. Whip tells Taylor that he was justing trying to save their marriage. Thomas lets Madison know where he thinks their relationship is heading.
Director: Michael Stich

5979 :24x203 - Ep. #5979

­Thomas and Brooke leave for Paris to take part in the press conference. Taylor shares her fears with Whip that Brooke will make a play for Thomas. Nick ends up saving the day when his mother and Owen's wedding renewal is thrown into doubt.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5980 :24x204 - Ep. #5980

As they fly to Paris, Thomas finds it hard to keep in check the feelings he is developing for Brooke. Thomas remebers the kiss that they shared as Brooke sleeps. Taylor is not happy when she finds out from Ridge that their son is on the way to Paris with Brooke. Taylor wants Ridge to tell the pilot of the plane to fly back to America. Nick tells his mother that he wouldn't have missed her wedding renewal and presides over her and Owen's ceremony.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5981 :24x205 - Ep. #5981

Thomas becomes more enthralled by Brooke as she charms the press during the press conference. Thomas tells Brooke that he can see why so many men fall in love with her. Taylor is upset after Stephanie dismisses her concerns. Oliver tells Marcus about his one night with Amber. Amber is confronted by Hope about seducing Liam.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore | Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani

5982 :24x206 - Ep. #5982

­Thomas arranges a private dinner in Brooke’s hotel room where he continues to tell her how much he admires her. Oliver asks Amber wants she wants to tell him but Tawny intervenes and reveals that her daughter slept with Liam. Oliver thinks that the best way for him to win Hope back is if Amber and Tawny move out.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Deveney Kelly

5983 :24x207 - Ep. #5983

Both Eric and Stephanie agree that Brooke can no longer be seen as the curse of the Forrester family. Thomas hears Brooke and his father talking. Ridge questions his son if he is interested in anyone. Thomas then has to watch on as Brooke and Ridge continue with their loved up video chat.
Director: Michael Stich

5984 :24x208 - Ep. #5984

Thomas tells Brooke that their trip changed his life and brought everything back into focus for him as they fly home. Taylor shares her concerns regarding Thomas and Brooke with Nick after she runs into him.
Guest Stars: Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani
Director: Michael Stich

5985 :24x209 - Ep. #5985

Ridge is quizzed by Nick about Brooke and Thomas and Ridge insists that Thomas is no threat to his marriage. Brooke is confused about how Thomas feels about her as she confronts him about the kiss. Amber wonders where her mother is getting her money from. Nick is given some news about his health.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

5986 :24x210 - Ep. #5986

Thomas finds himself being put on the spot when Taylor questions him about what happened on the trip. Stephanie offers Nick her support after finding out about his health problems. Brooke tries to put what happened with Thomas behind her.
Director: Michael Stich

5987 :24x211 - Ep. #5987

Stephanie offers Nick reasons why he should change his ways. Nick doesn't want Stephanie telling anyone about his health issues. Madison talks to Thomas about the state of their relationship. Donna talks to her sister about the way she is feeling. Katie comes up with an idea about how to reunite her sister with the true love of her life.

5988 :24x212 - Ep. #5988

Marcus takes Dayzee home to meet his parents. Bill and Justin talk about how their lives have changed recently. Stephanie learns more about Nick’s condition from Dr. Lewis and she ends up using her own recent health condition to help him. Nick avoids answering Aggie's questions after she discovers he has been seeing a doctor.

5989 :24x213 - Ep. #5989

Nick doesn't want Stephanie interferring in his personal life. Nick soon realizes what he has been doing has been affecting Jack. Justin has a lot of questions. Dayzee tells Marcus of her intentions towards him.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5990 :24x214 - Ep. #5990

­Stephanie continues to attempt to get Nick to give up his addiction. Nick hears a startling confession from his son. Marcus tells Dayzee about his family's past. Donna tells Justin why she gave him the gift and it concludes with a proposition.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5991 :24x215 - Ep. #5991

­Nick asks Stephanie to join him for lunch so that he can tell her that he is taking her words to heart and is committed to giving up his nasty habit. Stephanie later sees him giving into his habit again. Donna tells her sisters about getting back together with Justin. Justin gives Donna an answer to her proposal.

5992 :24x216 - Ep. #5992

Brooke wants to tell Ridge about Thomas kissing her but Thomas thinks it is a bad idea. Stephanie ends up telling Jackie about her son's condition. Nick claims that he has quit the habit. Thomas is confronted by Madison about his fling with Summer and he tells her again that he can't commit to her.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer | Stephanie Y. Wang as Madison

5993 :24x217 - Ep. #5993

­Amber ends up moving into the trailer park with her mother and her cats. Tawny wants a friend's help who works at a lab worker to help her falsify any possible paternity test results that could be asked of her daughter. Donna and Justin share their news with their son. Stephen ends up sharing a secret of his own Donna. Hope and Liam receive a phone call that causes them concern.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

5994 :24x218 - Ep. #5994

­Hope ponders just how far Amber is prepared to go to gain revenge for being outed for stealing the Forrester Creations designs. Stephen’s news shocks everyone, especially Donna and Stephanie. Brooke wants Stephanie to help her end the on-going feud between the Forrester and Logan families once and for all.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

5995 :24x219 - Ep. #5995

­Stephanie ends up agreeing to Brooke’s request that the feud between their families ends for good. Stephanie ends up issuing Stephen a warning about the way he treats her sister. Donna tells Eric about her plans to marry Justin. Amber continues to insist that the baby she is carrying is Liam's.­
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Deveney Kelly

5996 :24x220 - Ep. #5996

­Amber tells Oliver about the baby she is expecting and assures him that he isn’t he father. Donna, Brooke and Katie remember their late mother and brother as they prepare for the wedding. A surprise guest shows up just in time for the wedding. Bill takes every opportunity to annoy many of the wedding guests.
Director: Deveney Kelly

5997 :24x221 - Ep. #5997

Everyone gathers for Justin and Donna's wedding. Amber attempts to keep Oliver quiet about the night they spent together. Oliver is questioned by Liam and Hope.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5998 :24x222 - Ep. #5998

Brooke informs her sister about Thomas kissing her on the plane. Stephanie attempts to use a different approach in handling Eric and the way he feels about Donna being remarried. Nick continues to find it hard to stop smoking.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

5999 :24x223 - Ep. #5999

Nick is given a warning from Dr. Lewis about his smoking addiction. Ridge sees Brooke talking with Summer. Stephanie attempts to think of a way to deal with Nick.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Michael Stich

6000 :24x224 - Ep. #6000

Stephanie ends up invitung some actual lung cancer patients to her home so that they can help talk Nick into giving up smoking. Kathryn Joosten talks about her battle against the dreaded disease.
Guest Stars: Kathryn Joosten as Herself
Director: Michael Stich

6001 :24x225 - Ep. #6001

Nick continues to find it hard to beat his cravings for a cigar. After Aggie learns about the spot on Nick’s lung she pressures him to give up smoking. Brooke talks to Bill about their children's relationship and about how to deal with Amber. Liam still thinks that Amber could be lying about her pregnancy and that everything will be OK. Amber is confronted by Hope.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6002 :24x226 - Ep. #6002

Amber attempts to make Hope see that the baby doesn’t mean her and Liam have to end their relationship. Liam ends up telling his father about Amber's claims that he is the father of her unborn child. Brooke ends up confronting Amber about her claims. Bill demands that Amber take a paternity test after he shows up.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Deveney Kelly

6003 :24x227 - Ep. #6003

­Amber refuses to allow a paternity test to be done as she is worried it could harm her baby. When Tawny shows up she attempts to convince everyone that the test will confirm Liam is the baby's father. Tawny works with Carl to make sure that she gets the result she wants. Thomas flirts with Dayzee after he realizes that he is attrached to her.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore | Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani

6004 :24x228 - Ep. #6004

Liam is worried about how Hope is dealing with the whole paternity issue. Carl finds it hard to alter the DNA results as everyone waits for them. Thomas and Dayzee both notice the growing attraction between them.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore | Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani

6005 :24x229 - Ep. #6005

­Dayzee ends up confronting Thomas about why he kissed her. Bill issues a threat to Amber. The paternity tests are revealed. Amber is consoled by her mother after she regrets her actions. Bill promises his son that Amber will no longer be a problem.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore

6006 :24x230 - Ep. #6006

Hope is warned by her mother about how any possible future with Liam will include Amber in it forever. Amber wants her mother to leave town as she blames her for everything that has happened. Liam attempts to assure Hope that nothing will change between them. Amber receives a visit from Bill who offers her a compromise.­
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore

6007 :24x231 - Ep. #6007

After Amber turns down Bill’s offer, he warns her that she’s is messing with the wrong person. After returning home from Paris, Steffy ends up befriending Hope. Nick offers a deal for Bill and Katie on a new house on the cliffs of Malibu. Brooke offers Amber some advise.
Director: Michael Stich

6008 :24x232 - Ep. #6008

Steffy tells her family that she has her eye on a special someone after they welcome her home. Hope talks to Oliver about Amber being pregnant with Liam’s child. Liam pays Amber a visit and sets out some ground rules.
Director: Michael Stich

6009 :24x233 - Ep. #6009

Following the shocking accident, Amber is able to find the strength to save Liam’s life. Bill thinks that Amber tried to kill his son after finding out what has happened. Liam's family learn that he might not recover. Bill is overwhelmed with emotions that he has never felt before as he sits by his son's bedside.­
Director: Michael Stich

6010 :24x234 - Ep. #6010

Bill becomes overwhelmed with emotions about his son's condition and he becomes determned to protect him from Amber. Bill wants Amber charged with attempted murder. Amber goes to see Liam and makes a confession as Hope shows up. Hope and Amber clash.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker
Director: Michael Stich

6011 :24x235 - Ep. #6011

Steffy ends up being very blunt when she vocally opposes Stephanie’s new attitude. Dayzee is surprised by Thomas. Brooke and Ridge wonder who Thomas is on a date with. Brooke ends up seeing Thomas and Dayzee sharing a kiss.­
Guest Stars: Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6012 :24x236 - Ep. #6012

­Amber ends up asking Stephanie for advice and help with her financial situation. After he finds out more about the accident, Bill becomes more convinced that Amber tried to kill his son. Thomas and Dayzee talk about the way they feel. Bill makes a confession to Steffy. Bill arranges a meeting with Amber.
Guest Stars: Dan Martin as Lt. Bradley Baker | Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6013 :24x237 - Ep. #6013

­Hope is surprised when she goes to Liam’s hospital room. Oliver is encouraged by Nick use Liam’s current physical condition and Amber being pregnant to his own advantage. Bill is furious with Amber for ruining his son's life. Amber is surprised by an offer that Bill ends up making her.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6014 :24x238 - Ep. #6014

Steffy shares her feelings for Taboo in front of Brooke. When his son's health gets worse, Bill's anger towards Amber grows. Brooke and Steffy go into battle.

6015 :24x239 - Ep. #6015

­Amber takes around her new home unaware of the danger that she is in. After Marcus returns home from Paris, he finds out that Thomas has been spending time with Dayzee. An unsuspected bystander ends up ruining Bill's plans. Amber manages to turn the tables on Steffy after being confronted by her. Katie finds out what Bill has done with their new home.
Guest Stars: Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani

6016 :24x240 - Ep. #6016

­Marcus talks to Dayzee about Thomas' feelings towards her. Ridge offers his son advice on how to win Dayzee’s heart. Steffy admits to her mother the real reasons she returned to town.

6017 :24x241 - Ep. #6017

­Dayzee is surprised by Thomas when he whisks her away to San Francisco for a charity ball. Liam tells his father that he thinks that they go public with news about Amber’s pregnancy. Bill dreams about a life without Amber in it. Marcus questions Amber about any other potential fathers of her unborn child.

6018 :24x242 - Ep. #6018

­Whilst remembering everything that Amber has done to his family, Bill tries to think of a way to get rid of her from their lives for good. Amber's first night alone in her new home alone is not a good one. Brooke questions Steffy about her feelings for Bill. Hope and Liam decide to end things and they share a sad goodbye.­
Director: Michael Stich

6019 :24x243 - Ep. #6019

­Steffy ends up helping Amber out of a dangerous situation after being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Brooke and Ridge offer Hope their support in her decision to finish things with Liam. Donna works out that Bill is up to something. Steffy goes to see Bill to confront him about what happened.­

6020 :24x244 - Ep. #6020

­Donna talks to Justin about Bill’s recent strange behavior, and they are both relived that their son isn’t the person involved with Amber. Marcus defends Amber against what his parents are saying about her. Bill finds himself being caught off- guard after Steffy confronts him. Bill ends up getting a major shock.­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6021 :24x245 - Ep. #6021

­Donna questions her sister about Bill’s strange actions. Taylor shares with Ridge about her concerns about their children. Thomas turns to Brooke for advise. Bill admits the truth to Steffy. Steffy is able to make Bill see all everything that he has put at risk by his actions.­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6022 :24x246 - Ep. #6022

­Taylor is not happy when she learns that her son is planning another European trip with Brooke. Ridge supports them working together and their trip. Hope is encouraged by her mother to let Oliver comfort her.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6023 :24x247 - Ep. #6023

­Taylor tries once again to get Stephanie to be on her side about ending the Taboo line and exposing Brooke’s true nature. Stephanie defends Brooke at first but Taylor’s case against her becomes too big to over look. Thomas admits to his sister that he kissed Brooke on their trip to Paris and asks for her support.­

6024 :24x248 - Ep. #6024

Dayzee informs Thomas that things between aren't exactly as he thinks. Taylor talks to Brooke about her son. A package is made for Marcus by Dayzee.

6025 :24x249 - Ep. #6025

­Stephanie tells an upset Brooke that they can never be friends again and she regrets ever having believed in her. Taylor is pleased about how things have gone. Thomas attempts to convince his father to reconsider his decision to cancel the Taboo line. Thomas explains to his father the reason why he kissed Brooke. Thomas is furious with his mother.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

6026 :24x250 - Ep. #6026

­Thomas ends up making a deal with Madison to help him save the Taboo line from being canceled. Ridge refuses to change his mind despite Brooke's pleas.Thomas ends up defing his father's orders and goes ahead with a press conference in which he makes a surprising announcement.­
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Deveney Kelly

6027 :24x251 - Ep. #6027

Ridge is not happy when he sees Brooke by Thomas’ side as they talk about about the future of the Taboo line. Taylor and Stephanie blame Brooke for the press conference. Madison ends up letting a Forrester Creations secret be in the wrong hands. Stephanie tries to get through to Thomas by using a secret weapon. Stephanie and Taylor think that Brooke and Ridge’s marriage will end soon.
Director: Michael Stich

6028 :24x252 - Ep. #6028

­Dayzee offers Thomas advice about ending his feud with his father. Bill wants to find out the truth about why the Taboo line was canceled. Liam wants his father not to investigate as it could end up hurting Hope. Ridge is not happy with Brooke and his son for holding the press conference. Brooke is upset after Ridge leaves for a business trip to Paris without letting her know if he has forgiven her for her actions.
Director: Michael Stich

6029 :24x253 - Ep. #6029

­Taylor ends up going with Ridge on his trip to Paris to talk about the future of Taboo. After Stephanie discovers Eric drawing designs for Taboo, she tells him that the line is canceled and how Thomas ended up kissing Brooke. Hope and Oliver bond when they enjoy lunch together. Stephanie tells Brooke that she thinks her son will end his marriage to her when he returns from Paris.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 23, 1987
Episode Order: 198
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