Season 25

6030 :25x01 - Ep. #6030

­Taylor tells Ridge that he should have listened to her when she had concerns about the Taboo line when it first started. Amber tells her mother why she thinks Bill gave her the house. Liam agrees to have dinner with Amber and she decides to invite Hope so that she can see Liam's future is with her. Katie hears her husband admitting to Steffy that he was thinking about committing murder.­
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore

6031 :25x02 - Ep. #6031

­Katie wants Bill to tell her the truth. Oliver is invited by Amber to her dinner party. After Bill admits the truth to her, Katie i upset that he confided in Steffy instead of her. Hope learns from Oliver that he still cares for her and that he will wait until she is ready. Steffy confronts her brother about his feelings for Brooke. Thomas ends up quizzing his sister about her feelings for Bill.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6032 :25x03 - Ep. #6032

Hope and Liam end up sharing a secret kiss. After walking out on Bill following their argument, Katie turns to an old friend for a place to stay. Hope can't deal with Amber and Liam talking about the baby. Steffy offers Bill her support.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6033 :25x04 - Ep. #6033

Ridge tells Taylor that he is going to do something about Brooke and their son. Stephanie tells Brooke that she wishes that she has never trusted her. Whip is concerned when he finds out from Taylor that she is in Paris with Ridge. Brooke tries to convince Ridge not to give up on their marriage after arriving in Paris.
Director: Michael Stich

6034 :25x05 - Ep. #6034

Thomas calls his mother wanting her to stop her campaign against Brooke. Brooke tries to convince Ridge that Taylor is trying to get him to leave her so that Taylor can win him back again. Steffy thinks that her brother cares more about Brooke than he is letting on. Steffy thinks her brother is dating other women to hide his real feelings.Brooke, Taylor and Stephanie are surprised by Ridge about the way he responds to the questions being asked about his and Brooke's marriage.­
Director: Michael Stich

6035 :25x06 - Ep. #6035

Katie ends up admitting to Donna that she is not sure if she stay married to Bill because of all of the secrets he kept hidden from her. Bill refuses to allow Katie to talk badly about his wife. Katie is furious after finding Bill alone with Steffy. Amber and Liam have the first ultrasound performed on the baby. Oliver suggests to Hope that when she is ready to move on from Liam that they give their relationship another go.­
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary | Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Deveney Kelly

6036 :25x07 - Ep. #6036

Liam quizzes Amber about who Carl is. Carl warns Amber that he wants the money she owes him whilst Thomas is on the telephone making a call. Liam promises Amber that the child she is expecting will have it's father in it's life. As Bill and Katie argue, Steffy watches them through a window.Steffy follows Katie after she leaves and calls Bill to let him know that Katie is will Nick after she shows up at his boat. Thomas thinks that his father is trying to get back at him after he announces that he has decide to restructure Taboo and cut it's budget.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Deveney Kelly

6037 :25x08 - Ep. #6037

Bill heads to Nick's boat following Steffy's telephone call. Katie thanks Nick for listening. Liam attempts to cheer up Hope and they end up sharing a close moment. Amber attempts to seduce Liam.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6038 :25x09 - Ep. #6038

Nick refuses to leave Katie alone while Bill is so angry and warns him to stay away. Katie tells her husband that she is not ready to come home with him at the moment. After Bill leaves Steffy follows him. Amber tries to get Liam to open up as she tries to seduce him. Ridge tells his son that even though some of his designs are good they are not good enough. Broke is disappointed by Ridge's lack of support for Thomas.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6039 :25x10 - Ep. #6039

Liam starts to give into Amber's advances after she ups the anti. Oliver tries to convince Hope that she could be happy with him again. Thomas tells Brooke that he believes that his father feels threatened by him. Brooke attempts to defend Ridge. Oliver receives a call from Amber who lets him know that she and Liam have slept together. Oliver lets Hope know that something has happened between Amber and Liam.­
Director: Michael Stich

6040 :25x11 - Ep. #6040

Hope has a daydream in which Liam pays her a visit, says sorry, and asks for forgiveness so that they can move forward as a couple. Liam tells Amber that making love to her was a mistake as he isn't ready for a relationship with her. Tawny tells her daughter that time is running out and she has to make Liam fall in love with her. Liam sees Oliver and Hope partially undressed after showing up at Oliver's place. Oliver slams the door in Liam’s face after telling him to go back to Amber and her unborn child.­
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6041 :25x12 - Ep. #6041

Steffy encourages Oliver to continue to pursue Hope after he tells her about their date. Hope talks to her mother. Bill is not happy when his son tells him that he slept with Amber and that Hope found out. Brooke attempts to convince her daughter to give her relationship with Oliver another chance. Liam thinks his father shouldn't give up on his marriage to Katie. Amber pays Oliver a visit to find out how things are going between him and Hope.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6042 :25x13 - Ep. #6042

Bill refuses to try and repair his marriage to Katie whilst she is associated with Nick. Amber encourages Oliver to sleep with Hope. Thomas believes that his sister and Bill are sleeping together. Katie wants Bill to deal with his anger problems.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6043 :25x14 - Ep. #6043

Donna attempts to persuade her sister to leave Bill for good. After Tawny suggests that Hope and Amber put their past behind them and become friends, Hope is surprised. Brooke reveals to Ridge that Liam slept with Amber. Steffy thinks that Bill should end his marriage to Katie.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6044 :25x15 - Ep. #6044

Steffy is warned by Brooke to stay away from Katie’s husband. Steffy tells Brooke to stop giving her brother mixed signals. After Thomas goes behind his back again and presents new designs for the women’s Taboo line, Ridge is not happy. Eric ends up intervening after Ridge reminds Thomas that the line has been canceled. Eric and Ridge end up clashing.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Ciara Hanna as Summer | Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6045 :25x16 - Ep. #6045

Dayzee meets one of her rivals for Thomas’ affection and things become tense. Liam is confronted by Hope about sleeping with Amber. They end up sharing a fianl kiss goodbye after she informs him she is moving on with her life with Oliver. Ridge ends up giving his son 5% of the company.
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Michael Stich

6046 :25x17 - Ep. #6046

In an effort to get Stephanie on his side, Thomas asks his sister to support his fight against Ridge to create a women’s Taboo line. Thomas learns from his sister that she is in love with Bill. Liam attempts to offer his father advice on how to win Katie back. Katie ends up admitting to her sisters the real reason why she left Bill.
Director: Michael Stich

6047 :25x18 - Ep. #6047

Bill receives an interesting offer from Steffy. Katie asks Bill once again to get help for his anger issues. Brooke and Donna share their concerns with Katie about Bill. Bill attempts to convince Katoe to come back home. Steffy's plans shock Thomas.

6048 :25x19 - Ep. #6048

Steffy continues to try and seduce Bill whilst telling him why she is better for him than Katie. Nick is under pressure to explain why he has a bruise on his face and the reasons as to whty he and Aggie have split up. Katie asks Taylor to counsel her and Bill after telling her that Bill hit Nick. Justin and Donna end up realizing that they are on different sides in Bill and Katie's differences.

6049 :25x20 - Ep. #6049

Oliver learns from Hope that she has decided to give their relationship another chance and that she has forgiven him for what happened with her mother. Oliver is certain that he can make Hope forget about Liam. Thorne is frustrated that Thomas and Steffy are part owners of Forrester Creations before him. Everyone learns from Ridge that the women’s Taboo line is back on and that Thomas and Brooke will fly to Australia to make the announcement over there.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6050 :25x21 - Ep. #6050

Taylor talks to Ridge about her concerns about their son and Brooke going to Australia together. Bill talks to Justin about the state of his marriage. Brooke sees Dayzee, Madison and Summer, all at different times, kissing Thomas goodbye. Steffy lets her father know that she would like a prominent position within the company like her brother. Bill and Katie have their first therapy session together.­
Guest Stars: Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Deveney Kelly

6051 :25x22 - Ep. #6051

Stephanie learns from Steffy that she has feelings for a married man. Stephanie ends up quizzing her granddaughter if she is the reason why Bill and Katie have separated. Bill accuses Katie of being the one who causes the problems in their marriage because she always walks out as they attend their first therapy session. Katie ends up telling Taylor about Bill's plan to murder Amber. Brooke and Thomas leave on their trip to Australia.

Director: Michael Stich

6052 :25x23 - Ep. #6052

Steffy attempts to reassure Bill that she is here for him. Taylor starts to believe that her daughter could be causing the problem in Bill's marriage. Brooke and Thomas run into some problems on their trip.
Director: Michael Stich

6053 :25x24 - Ep. #6053

Ridge attempts to find a way to help his Brooke and Thomas. Justin learns about Bill's failed couples’ therapy session and how he walked out on Katie. Taylor and Steffy are shocked after hearing what has happened to Thomas and Brooke. Steffy turns to Bill for support. Everyone attempts to shield RJ from discovering a devastating truth.­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6054 :25x25 - Ep. #6054

Bill and Katie become emotionally closer because of the current crisis. Experts are hired by Ridge to help him find the missing plane. The Logan family wait together for news from from Ridge. Hope ends up turning to Liam for support and attempts to pretend that their problems in the past never happened. The Forrester and Logan families receive some bad news from Nick.­
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6055 :25x26 - Ep. #6055

Ridge and Taylor end up becoming closer than ever. Steffy’s feelings for Bill increase.­

6056 :25x27 - Ep. #6056

Nick ends up lending his services to Ridge and hopes that he can help stop a potential disaster. Bill wants Steffy's help in his efforts to get a handle on the situation. Dayzee talks to Stephanie about her feelings for Thomas and her fears.­
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

6057 :25x28 - Ep. #6057

Ridge and Nick put theor past hostilities aside as they look for Brooke. Stephen and Pam join the rest of the family as they wait for news. Pam ends up offering Donna some martial advice. Taylor is scared that she could be reliving the worst day of her life. Ridge, Nick and Bill up their efforts.­
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6058 :25x29 - Ep. #6058

Steffy remembers how she lost her sister as Nick and Ridge search for her brother and Broke. Stephen attempts to keep everyone calm as they wait for news. Whip feels jealous as he thinks about all of the time Taylor is spending with Ridge. The chance of finding Brooke and Thomas alive become more and more remote.­
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6059 :25x30 - Ep. #6059

The search for Brooke and Thomas is called off by the search and rescue team but Ridge refuses to give up and begins his own search. Nick has to break the bad news about the search to the Logan and Forrester families. Bill tries to buy more time from his sources that are helping him look for Brooke and Thomas.­
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

6060 :25x31 - Ep. #6060

The Logan and Forrester families come together as they wait for more news. Ridge and Taylor start their own search for their son and Brooke. Donna ends up being comforted by Pam. Bill and Steffy end up exchanging loving looks with another as they continue with the search.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

6061 :25x32 - Ep. #6061

The Logan and Forrester families receive new information about the search. Katie ends up having a change of heart about her marriage. Bill and Steffy talk about the future after having declared how they both feel about each other. Oliver tries to make sure that there is no further intimacy between Hope and Liam.­
Director: Michael Stich

6062 :25x33 - Ep. #6062

Jackie and Owen end up expressing their undying love for each other after talking about the Brooke and Thomas situation. Katie thanks Nick for his help in looking for Brooke and Thomas. Steffy looks Bill know that now she knows how he really feels about him she won't give up on him. Bill is surprised when Steffy admits she would like be his wife.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

6063 :25x34 - Ep. #6063

Brooke is reunited with her son who is unaware of the ordeal she has been through. Whip continues to feel jealous about the amount of time his wife has spent with Ridge. Tawny talks to her daughter about her visit with Hope.­
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6064 :25x35 - Ep. #6064

Amber is given advice by her mother about how to use the baby as an emotional hook so that she keeps Liam for good. Brooke finds it hard to convey to her family about what she and Thomas went through on the island. Dayzee learns from Steffy what her brother was asking for after being rescued. Ridge makes an announcement about his son's new role at Forrester Creations. Bill and Katie end up having very different outlooks on their marriage.­
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6065 :25x36 - Ep. #6065

Amber attempts to guilt Liam. Hopes turns to her mother for advise. Steffy quizzes her brother about what really happened on the island with Brooke. Tawny puts a new plan into motion. Liam ends up offering Hope a solution to the current situation that they are in.­
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6066 :25x37 - Ep. #6066

Amber learns from Liam that he and Hope are trying to fix their relationship. Oliver is upset that Hope is still not able to commit to a future with him. Taylor admits to Stephanie that she enjoyed spending so much time with Ridge. A press conference is set up for Thomas and Brooke to talk about the new Taboo women’s line.­
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore | Ciara Hanna as Summer
Director: Michael Stich

6067 :25x38 - Ep. #6067

Brooke finds herself not able to hold it together during the press conference. Brooke is confronted by Taylor about her odd behavior. Liam is surprised after receiving text messages from Hope indicating that she changed her mind about them having a future together.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore | Ciara Hanna as Summer

6068 :25x39 - Ep. #6068

Ridge wants Dayzee to help his son deal with what happened on the island by getting him to open up to her. Brooke has flashbacks about what happened between her and Thomas as she is quizzed by Taylor. Tawny continues to send text messages to Liam pretending they are from Hope. Liam ends up reconsidering moving in with Amber after becoming frustrated by the text messages.­
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6069 :25x40 - Ep. #6069

Whip is upset after Taylor is unresponsive when he makes an advance on her and she then later mistakenly refers to Ridge as still being her husband. Dayzee surprises Thomas with a romantic meal where she asks him to open up to her about what happened on the island. Brooke wants Ridge to promise her that he’ll love her forever after she feels guilty about what happened on the island.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

6070 :25x41 - Ep. #6070

Steffy is quizzed by her brother about what has been going on between her and Bill and she ends up admitting that she told Bill about how she really feels about him. Katie admits to her sisters that her relationship with Bill has been strained since she moved back in with him. Bill admits to Justin how he feels about Steffy and about how he distrusts Katie since their therapy session.­
Guest Stars: Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani
Director: Deveney Kelly

6071 :25x42 - Ep. #6071

Stephanie war with Brooke is back on because she is hiding from Ridge what happened on the island with Thomas. Taylor discovers something that Thomas has secretly brought home from the island. Steffy lets Bill know that she won't give up trying until they are together.
Director: Michael Stich

6072 :25x43 - Ep. #6072

Ridge wants Brooke to open up about what happened on the island. Theberries from the island are taken by Thomas to a laboratory to find out if there could be possible side affects and long-term concerns by eating them. Taylor ends up suffering wth some hallucinations after eating some of the island berries by mistake. Whip misreads what is going on with his wife and plays along, not knowing that she is having a flash back to a moment she once shared with Ridge. ­
Director: Michael Stich

6073 :25x44 - Ep. #6073

Taylor ends up being rushed to the hospital after eating the berries that Thomas brought back from the island. As Brooke is about to tell Ridge about what happened on the island they are interrupted by Stephanie. Whip blames Thomas for what has happened to Taylor. Taylor ends up telling Ridge about her hallucinations of him.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

6074 :25x45 - Ep. #6074

Thomas remembers good past times as he watches his father dote over his mother at the hospital. Stephanie suspicions are aroused after she hears Thomas calling Brooke. Taylor talks to her daughter how things could of been if her and Ridge had stayed together. Brooke reassures Ridge that the berries didn't have the same effect on her on the island. Thomas is made an offer from Stephanie that he can’t refuse after he admits the truth to her about what happened on the island with Brooke.

6075 :25x46 - Ep. #6075

Ridge isn't sure how Brooke can be so certain that she didn’t have the same reaction to the berries as what Taylor has just had. Stephanie wants Thomas to lie about what happened on the island in exchange for a step up the ladder at Forrester Creations. When Taylor closes him out as he tries to comfort her Whip is upset. Thomas tells Ridge and Brooke what he remembers about what happened on the island.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6076 :25x47 - Ep. #6076

Stephanie is determined to make sure that her son and Taylor get back together. Thomas is able to put on the performance of his life as he says what happened between him and Brooke on the island. Brooke denies anything happened between herself and Thomas. Whip ends up making a decision about his marriage.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6077 :25x48 - Ep. #6077

As Stephanie reminds Thomas of the deal they have made, he feels guilty. Stephanie tells Taylor there is a chance that she could win Ridge back. Ridge isn't sure what to believe.

6078 :25x49 - Ep. #6078

Stephanie doesn't want Ridge ever getting back together with Brooke again. Taylor believes that Brooke deliberately seduced her son and she thinks about taking it to court. Thomas continues to fight with the guilt he feels.

6079 :25x50 - Ep. #6079

Taylor lets both Ridge and their son know that she knows what happened on the island. Following his break up with Taylor, Whip turns to his fellow workers for support. Thomas has his first run in with his father since saying what happened on the island. Taylor is urged by Stephanie to reveal to Ridge how she truly feels about him. Stephanie gives Thomas a good reason to continue with his lie about what happened.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

6080 :25x51 - Ep. #6080

Stephanie reminds Thomas that his lie will make sure that his parents get back together. Thomas tells his mother that he was to blame for everything that happened on the island. Steffy tries to find out from her father why he has broken up with Brooke. Stephanie and Eric disagree about who Ridge should be with. Ridge and Taylor remember happy times they have shared together in the past.­
Director: Deveney Kelly

6081 :25x52 - Ep. #6081

Ridge and Brooke end up finally talking. Thomas and Stephanie are quizzed by Steffy. Hope and Liam discuss the mysterious text messages.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6082 :25x53 - Ep. #6082

Steffy ends up coming down quite hard on Brooke. Brooke wonders what Ridge is going to do next. Liam is furious with Tawny and Amber for the text messaging fiasco. Thomas and Stephanie talk about what they are going to do next.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6083 :25x54 - Ep. #6083

Liam and Hope discuss how they will stop Amber from ruining ther lives again. Ridge learns from Taylor that she has been thinking about him a lot recently. Dr. Warwick attempts to help Brooke. Ridge finds it hard to deal with his feelings for Brooke.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6084 :25x55 - Ep. #6084

Whip attempts to keep himself busy at work to stop himself thinking about his failed marriage to Taylor. Bill discovers that Steffy is hoping to host The Catwalk. Hope believes that Thomas is lying about what happened with her mother on the island. Thomas ends up turning to Dayzee.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6085 :25x56 - Ep. #6085

As Hope attempts to discover out the truth about what really happened her suspicions about Thomas increase. Stephanie attempts to distract Hope from discovering the truth. Katie tells Steffy that she knows what she is up to. Stephanie tells Brooke that she keep their friendship if she agrees to divorce Ridge.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6086 :25x57 - Ep. #6086

Dayzee talks to Marcus about Thomas. Thomas is quizzed again by Brooke about his memories of the island. Stephanie wants Nick to reunite with Brooke. Stephanie attempts to keep an eye on Thomas.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6087 :25x58 - Ep. #6087

Brooke ends up making an important announcement about her work at Forrester Creations. She then decides to start a charity foundation in honor of Stephanie. Whip thinks having Brooke and Nick back together as a couple again is a good idea.
Director: Michael Stich

6088 :25x59 - Ep. #6088

After Brooke tells Stephanie that she wants to follow a path of redemption and change her life they share a close moment. Stephanie feels a bit guilty for what she is doing to Brooke. Ridge stays quiet after his father questions him about his feelings about Brooke’s big announcement. After Marcus pays a visit it makes Amber think if he could possibly be the father of her unborn baby.­

Director: Michael Stich

6089 :25x60 - Ep. #6089

Carl is recruited by Amber to perform another paternity test on her unborn child. Amber attempts to get some DNA samples from Marcus. Stephanie attempts to convince Nick to be there for Brooke. Bill gives his son some advice on how to deal with Amber and Tawny. Brooke asks her daughter for forgiveness for being such a bad mother and role model.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret
Director: Deveney Kelly

6090 :25x61 - Ep. #6090

Oliver turns to Brooke for some advice. Justin talks to his son about him taking his surname. As Carl performs the paternity test, Amber feels a contraction.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret
Director: Deveney Kelly

6091 :25x62 - Ep. #6091

Whip and Oliver talk about their respective failed love lives. Amber is desperate to discover exactly who the father of her unborn child really is. Lima learns that Amber has gone into labor.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6092 :25x63 - Ep. #6092

Amber starts to become concerned after the paternity results are delayed. Hope is taken on a trip out of town by Oliver as Liam looks after Amber. Brooke wants to have a talk with Taylor.
Guest Stars: Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6093 :25x64 - Ep. #6093

Liam attempts to find Hope to tell her about the baby news as she thinks about getting married to Oliver. Marcus ends up finding himself in quite a bit of trouble. Katie and Bill agree to move forward with their lives.
Guest Stars: Jacqueline Hahn as Dr. Caspary | Sean Whalen as Carl Ferret | Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6094 :25x65 - Ep. #6094

Amber decides to try and change her life after everything that has happened and become a much better person. Oliver ends up revealing a little bit too much to Hope and Liam. Amber attempts to come up with a name for the baby.
Guest Stars: Andrea Evans as Tawny Moore
Director: Michael Stich

6095 :25x66 - Ep. #6095

After Brooke wants Ridge to move on with his life without her being part of it, he is surprised. Taylor fills Stephanie in on everything that has been happening. Stephanie works out that Thomas is struggling with the guilt he is feeling.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6096 :25x67 - Ep. #6096

Thomas' actions continue to make his sister feel suspicious. Steffy and Brooke learn about their parents getting back together. Brooke talks to her sisters and they offer her their full support.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6097 :25x68 - Ep. #6097

Bill ends up discovering a way to use Hope to his advantage for an article. Stephanie attempts to offer Marcus some advise. Some rules are set by Taylor for Ridge. Brooke's sisters fail to understand why she has made some of her decisions recently.

6098 :25x69 - Ep. #6098

Thorne quizzes his brother about why and Brooke have split up. Hope thinks her mother is making a mistake giving up on Ridge. Taylor thanks Stephanie for helping to get her and Ridge back together. Hope shares her theory about Thomas’ part in Brooke and Ridge’s breakup with Steffy after she gloats about her parents getting back together. Brooke and Ridge end up sharing an emotional goodbye.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6099 :25x70 - Ep. #6099

Amber realizes that her days in the cliff house are over after Bill and Liam pay her a visit. Bill offers Liam the house to live in. Brooke begins to work on her charitable foundation with Nick, Dayzee, Jackie and Stephanie's help. Stephanie feels guilty after Brooke makes an admission.­­­
Director: Deveney Kelly

6100 :25x71 - Ep. #6100

Taylor talks to Ridge about their future together. Eric is determined to discover what is bothering Stephanie. Hope and Liam are looking forward to the future together. Dayzee attempts to find out why is Thomas acting so oddly.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6101 :25x72 - Ep. #6101

Stephanie finds herself in a difficult position. Amber ends up feeling uncomfortable around Marcus' family. Thomas attempts to tell Dayzee what he did to get his parents back together. Liam and Hope talk about taking the next step in their relationship.
Director: Michael Stich

6102 :25x73 - Ep. #6102

Stephanie finds it hard to deal with her feelings for Taylor and Brooke. Thomas is urged by Dayzee to do the right thing. Bill is determined to discover the truth about what has caused Ridge and Brooke's marital problems. Stephanie finds out that someone knows about her and Thomas's lies.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6103 :25x74 - Ep. #6103

Eric whats to why Ridge is in a such hurry to get married to Taylor. Stephanie wants Thomas not to say anything. Brooke is is offered full support from her family.

6104 :25x75 - Ep. #6104

Ridge pays Brooke and RJ a visit as he prepares to get married to Taylor. Ridge is given a gift from Brooke to remember their relationship. Both Hope and Dayzee attempt to convince Thomas and Stephanie to be honest about what really happened on the island. Steffy is happy to have got one over the the Logan family.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester

6105 :25x76 - Ep. #6105

The guest begin to show up for Ridge and Taylor's wedding. Brooke receives a visit from Hope and Liam so that she won't be on her own. Brooke and Hope talk about Thomas Stephanie and Thomas are both racked with guilt.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6106 :25x77 - Ep. #6106

Stephen attempts to offer Brooke his support. Dayzee and Steffy end up making peace. Brooke hopes that she will be able to move on with her life.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6107 :25x78 - Ep. #6107

After telling Stephen that she needs some time on her own, Brooke later causes him concern by disappearing. Dayzee is quizzed by Steffy about Stephanie and Thomas's secret.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan | Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6108 :25x79 - Ep. #6108

Taylor does not beleive that Stephanie feels bad about what she did to her son. As Thomas tries to justify his actions, Dayzee listens to what he has to say. Brooke is shocked after learning that Thomas lied about everything.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

6109 :25x80 - Ep. #6109

Thomas has to face Brooke after all the lies he has told. Eric is shocked that Stephanie knew the truth all along. Thorne tells his father exactly what he thinks of their family. Stephanie goes to see Brooke with the intention of trying making amends for her actions.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6110 :25x81 - Ep. #6110

Hope is pleased after she finds out that she was right about Thomas all along. Stephanie tries to explain her actions to a furious Brooke. Thorne and Felicia wonder what future their parents now have together.
Guest Stars: Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester | Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6111 :25x82 - Ep. #6111

Steffy finds out the full extent of her brother's lies. Katie fills Bill in on what happened at Ridge and Taylor's wedding ceremony. Eric comes up with a way for his wife to put right everything that she has done.
Director: Michael Stich

6112 :25x83 - Ep. #6112

Steffy attempts to convince her father to reconsider his decision. Bill wants Steffy to meet him at the house in Malibu. Steffy is upset as she drives there. Ridge wants to find his daughter right away.
Director: Michael Stich

6113 :25x84 - Ep. #6113

Steffy and Bill end up establishing their true feelings for one another. Bill believes that Steffy should let things go with her father. Bill and Steffy are discovered together.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6114 :25x85 - Ep. #6114

Liam demands some answers. After Ridge picks up his things from her house, Taylor becomes upset. Steffy hold her brother responsible for everything that has happened. Hope clashes with Thomas.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6115 :25x86 - Ep. #6115

Both Brooke and Ridge are happy at being back together. Taylor receives an offer from Bill. Steffy and Hope end up arguing about Ridge. Stephanie continues to try and make amends.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6116 :25x87 - Ep. #6116

Taylor has something to tell her son about Stephanie's stock. Ridge has an opinion about Stephanie's shares in the company. Bill goes to Steffy's room with her.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6117 :25x88 - Ep. #6117

Taylor discovers something shocking about her daughter. Karen Spencer shows up in town. Katie is working on a surprise. Stephanie makes an appeal to Brooke once again.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

6118 :25x89 - Ep. #6118

Bill ends up admitting to his son that he was with Steffy before renewing his vows. Taylor shares with her daughter her reservations about Bill. When Bill doesn't call her, Steffy wonders why.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

6119 :25x90 - Ep. #6119

Thomas lets his sister know exactly what he thinks about Bill and they end up arguing. Taylor finds herself in the middle of her arguing children. Everyone at the vow renewal is glued to what's going on.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan

6120 :25x91 - Ep. #6120

Nick is surprised when he pays his mother and Owen a visit. Bill informs Steffy what happenedafter he got home to Katie. Taylor wants her daughter to end things with Bill.

6121 :25x92 - Ep. #6121

Katie is in love with Bill motre than she ever has been. Liam feels bad after listening to what Katie is saying. Taylor tries to make Bill see what he is doing to Katie. After getting a new place, Steffy ends up meeting Bill there and he gives her a gift.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6122 :25x93 - Ep. #6122

Bill and Steffy grow even closer. Taylor decides to tell Katie about Bill and her daughter's relationship. Liam attempts to stop Taylor from telling Katie about Bill's affair. Liam's attempts to warn his father end up being ignored.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6123 :25x94 - Ep. #6123

Amber ends up realizing that the way she feels toward Marcus has changed. Bill learns from Steffy that she has some concerns. Katie finds out that Taylor saw Bill and Steffy together. Katie's reaction is not what Bill was expecting.
Director: Michael Stich

6124 :25x95 - Ep. #6124

Liam and Steffy clash over her affair with his father. Katie ends up in the hospital. Bill feels guilty about what has happened.
Director: Michael Stich

6125 :25x96 - Ep. #6125

Steffy boasts to Oliver about her and Bill's relationship. Katie's sisters find out the events that caused her to her being hospitalized. As Bill sits a vigil by his wife's hospital bed, he has an epiphany.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6126 :25x97 - Ep. #6126

There is some good news for Katie from her doctors. Bill tries to reassure Brooke and Donna. Steffy learns from Bill about Katie being in hospital.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6127 :25x98 - Ep. #6127

Ridge is not happy when Taylor informs him about Bill and their daughter's relationship. Katie and Steffy clash. Brooke is furious after she finds out that Taylor knew about the affair for ages.

6128 :25x99 - Ep. #6128

Bill has to make a difficult choice. Ridge says sorry to his daughter. Brooke and Taylor fail to agree about Bill and his women.

6129 :25x100 - Ep. #6129

Steffy isn't impressed by what Hope has to say. Nick wants Owen and mother to get their own place. Hope tries to find out from Liam about Bill and Steffy. Bill explains to Steffy how things are going to be.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6130 :25x101 - Ep. #6130

Jackie attempts to discover the identity of the person who bought her loft. Katie feels confident that she and Bill have a future together. Steffy attempts to make Bill change his mind.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6131 :25x102 - Ep. #6131

Liam talks to his father about the situation he is in. Steffy and Hope end up going head-to-head. Ridge offers his daughter his full support.

6132 :25x103 - Ep. #6132

Nick receives a tempting offer from Bill. Oliver acts as Steffy's sounding board. Hope doesn't have any sympathy for Steffy. Brooke and Ridge end up at odds over Steffy and Bill.

6133 :25x104 - Ep. #6133

Taylor and Ridge yalk about their daughter. Liam ends up discovering Steffy in her loft following an incident. Liam attempts to talk to Steffy about moving on with her life.
Director: Michael Stich

6134 :25x105 - Ep. #6134

Steffy informs her mother that she's seeing Liam in a whole new light. Liam tells Hope about what happened with Steffy. Jackie and Owen learn about Nick's dealings with Bill.
Director: Michael Stich

6135 :25x106 - Ep. #6135

Bill doesn't want Liam having anything to do with Steffy. Steffy informs Hope about the new bond she has with Liam. Brooke is concerned about her daughter.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6136 :25x107 - Ep. #6136

Hope asks Steffy to leave Liam alone. Dayzee and Marcus discuss their relationship. Ridge talks to his daughter about pursuing Liam. Hope considers sacrificing her morals to keep her boyfriend.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6137 :25x108 - Ep. #6137

Hope's newest fashion collection is shown for the first time. Steffy attempts to intimidate Hope. Brooke talks to Taylor about Steffy trying to become between her daughter and Liam.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6138 :25x109 - Ep. #6138

Liam asks Hope to marry him as everyone at the fashion show watches on. Steffy is upset at seeing Liam proposing to Hope. Marcus manages to impress both Eric and Dayzee by handling all the media at the fashion show.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Jaime Taite as Hillary
Director: Michael Stich

6139 :25x110 - Ep. #6139

Hope tells her mother something she wasn't expecting. Ridge questions Liam about his sudden needs to get married and lets him know how Steffy is feeling. Amber wants to focus on her and Marcus being a family with Rosie and wants Dayzee out of the way.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6140 :25x111 - Ep. #6140

Oliver and Steffy talk about different relationship issues and Hope. Brooke and Ridge talk about Liam and Hope. Liam and Hope makes plans for a romantic evening together.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6141 :25x112 - Ep. #6141

Steffy shows up at Brooke's house with presents but then ends up arguing with Brooke. Hope and Liam's night doesn't go to plan.

6142 :25x113 - Ep. #6142

Taylor and Ridge talk about their daughter. Brooke ends up getting the blame for her daughter's issues. Steffy attempts to convince Liam to end things with Hope as Oliver listens in.

6143 :25x114 - Ep. #6143

Brooke talks to Ridge about her daughter's decision. Steffy is confrnted by Hope at Bikini. Liam is told by Steffy that things dont have to be this way.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6144 :25x115 - Ep. #6144

Ridge surprises Hope with a trip to Paris to promote Hope For The Future. Steffy talks to her mother about Hope and Liam's engagement. Liam isn't impressed with the wedding date that Hope comes up with.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6145 :25x116 - Ep. #6145

Brooke attempts to talk her daughter out of going on the trip to Paris. Donna and Katie offer to keep a close eye on Steffy while Hope is away. Liam shares his concerns about waiting until after marriage to make love to Hope.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6146 :25x117 - Ep. #6146

Steffy is determined to use the opportunity she has now that Hope is out of town. Bill receives an interesting proposal from Ridge. Nick wants tp know more about Bill's interest in Jackie M. Bill finds out that Steffy is interested in his son.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6147 :25x118 - Ep. #6147

Eric creates a design of a wedding dress as a surprise for Hope. Hope lets the media know that she has decided to remain a virgin until after she's married. Steffy's sexy lingerie pictures effect Liam.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6148 :25x119 - Ep. #6148

Hope believes that waiting until she is married to have sex is the right choice for her. Steffy is determined to make the most of her time with Liam. Jackie feels depressed about her age but Owen manages to make her feel better. Justin meets up with a friend from his past who knew the Logan family.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6149 :25x120 - Ep. #6149

Taylor receives a psychic reading. Stephanie wants to gain forgiveness from Taylor. Amber turns to Justin and Donna for help. Amber ends up opening up to Marcus.
Director: Michael Stich

6150 :25x121 - Ep. #6150

Amber wants Marcus to give them a chance. Taylor talks to her daughter about her psychic reading. Ridge lets Brooke know he feels bad about the way he treated Taylor and his children. Jackie wonders why her son is concerned about Taylor.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Lelani Llorette Zackary as Lelani
Director: Michael Stich

6151 :25x122 - Ep. #6151

Taylor's psychic reading looks like it is about to come true. Stephanie wants to sort things out with Brooke. Thomas talks things through with his father. Jackie wants her son to find somebody new to love.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6152 :25x123 - Ep. #6152

Steffy's not pleased after Hope ends up back in Liam's arms. Thomas and Thorne talk about their positions at the company. Thomas ends up making an appeal to Brooke. Taylor is offered some advice.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6153 :25x124 - Ep. #6153

Steffy's lingerie line is criticized by Hope. Ridge feels like he is stuck in the middle of his daughter and Hope's disagreement. Taylor wants to help her family. Steffy is suspicious about her mother's new man.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6154 :25x125 - Ep. #6154

Steffy believes that Liam deserves better than what Hope is offering him. Bill is worried sbout his son. Liam shares his worries with his father.
Director: Michael Stich

6155 :25x126 - Ep. #6155

Steffy and Bill come up a scheme together. Liam shares with Hope about what he's been thinking. Hope finds herself on the hot seat during a press conference.
Director: Michael Stich

6156 :25x127 - Ep. #6156

Steffy needs Liam to do her a favor. Justin and Bill put their detective skills to the test. Hope is concerned about her relationship with Liam.
Director: Michael Stich

6157 :25x128 - Ep. #6157

As family members watch, Ridge confronts his brother. Thorne's actions please Steffy and Thomas. Ridge needs Taylor to do a favor for him.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6158 :25x129 - Ep. #6158

Steffy and Hope clash over morals. Hope wants a truce. Steffy is thanked by Bill. Steffy has some plans involving Liam. Something really bad happens after Ridge and Thorne argue.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6159 :25x130 - Ep. #6159

Brooke discovers that Taylor is seeing somebody new. Thomas finds out about his sister's plan for Liam. Katie and Bill are at odds about Liam's love life. Liam wants to bring forward the wedding day.

6160 :25x131 - Ep. #6160

Hope calls a company meeting. Bill is frustrated by his son. Steffy lets Liam know that she's unhappy. Hope worries how Liam is going to react after she is given some news.

6161 :25x132 - Ep. #6161

Eric and Brooke are pleased that Rick has returned to town. Katie issues a warning to Steffy. Rick meets Liam. Billy attempts to change his son's mind.
Director: Michael Stich

6162 :25x133 - Ep. #6162

Liam has his bachelor party. Steffy has something to say to Katie in return. Marcus and Rick find things akward between them. Bill makes a secret phone call about Liam's wedding plans.
Director: Michael Stich

6163 :25x134 - Ep. #6163

Hope discovers that Liam has another side to him. Liam receives a surprising telephone call. Ridge and Brooke talk about the possibility of becoming grandparents in the future. Bill learns from his wife how she feels regarding Steffy.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6164 :25x135 - Ep. #6164

Rick is there for Steffy. Steffy finds out about Liam's telephone call. Liam ends up turning to Steffy.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6165 :25x136 - Ep. #6165

Steffy gives Liam the chance to change his mind. Hope turns to her mother for some advise. Taylor receives some unexpected information. Brooke and Taylor talk about Steffy.
Director: Michael Stich

6166 :25x137 - Ep. #6166

Brooke and Taylor argue. Steffy wants Hope to back off. Liam is sufffering with some doubts. Bill thinks that Liam and Steffy should go on a trip.
Director: Michael Stich

6167 :25x138 - Ep. #6167

Bill and Steffy work to try and achieve their goal. Hope attempts to get to Liam before he leaves. Ridge finds himself stuck in the middle. Hope finds out how Bill really feels.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6168 :25x139 - Ep. #6168

Accusations toward Bill are made by Hope. Katie learns exactly what's been going on. Ridge attempts to stay neutral. Steffy and Liam arrive in Aspen.

6169 :25x140 - Ep. #6169

There is romantic between Liam and Steffy in Aspen. Rick tries to help Hope look for Liam. Katie tells Bill exactly what she thinks of his interference.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6170 :25x141 - Ep. #6170

Steffy finds out that Hope is on her way to Aspen. Rickattempts to get a message to Liam. Brooke and Katie are determoned to break up Steffy and Liam. Some favors are called in by Bill.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6171 :25x142 - Ep. #6171

Steffy attempts to make sure that Hope can't got hold of Liam. Steffy is helped by Bill. Rick tries to help Hope. Brooke and Taylor clash over their daughters.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6172 :25x143 - Ep. #6172

Bill and Justin like the plan that they have come up with. Katie wonders why Bill woould want to see Liam with Steffy. Taylor attempts to make Brooke see that Steffy has real feelings for Liam.

6173 :25x144 - Ep. #6173

Brooke and Ridge wonder what is going on with Liam and their daughters in Aspen.
Director: Michael Stich

6174 :25x145 - Ep. #6174

Eric surprises Stephanie with a celebration dinner following receiving the test results. Ridge and Brooke can not agree about the situation between Liam and their daughters.
Director: Michael Stich

6175 :25x146 - Ep. #6175

Steffy informs her mother about what she has been up to but is afraid to tell her father. Eric's gift ends up being rejected. Brooke isn't pleased after Ridge fails to agree with her opinion.

6176 :25x147 - Ep. #6176

Katie's opinion on Steffy is not the same as Bill's and she makes it clear. Brooke believes that Bill was involved in what happened with Steffy, Liam and her daughter.

6177 :25x148 - Ep. #6177

Bridget returns home from Hawaii. Nick wonders what his mother is up to. Steffy is confronted by Brooke. Bridget ends up making an admission to her father and brother.
Guest Stars: Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6178 :25x149 - Ep. #6178

Jackie gives Owen some news after he returns home from a trip. Bridget spends some time with Nick.
Guest Stars: Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6179 :25x150 - Ep. #6179

Hope receives some help from a Hope For the Future model. An engagement is announced. Steffy informs Bill that Brooke is suspicious. Hope is determined to find out the truth.
Guest Stars: Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6180 :25x151 - Ep. #6180

Thomas's sudden change of attitude surprises his sister. Stephen makes plans for a romantic honeymoon. Stephanie thinks about her marriage to Eric.
Guest Stars: Patrick Duffy as Stephen Logan
Director: Michael Stich

6181 :25x152 - Ep. #6181

Hope talks to Liam. Brooke manages to upset Ridge. Marcus becomes the new publicist for Hope For The Future.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6182 :25x153 - Ep. #6182

Brooke attempts to convince both Taylor and Ridge that Bill and Steffy were plotting together. Steffy has to try sand defrnd her name after Liam questions her with Hope there too.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6183 :25x154 - Ep. #6183

Brooke and Nick spend some time alone together. Thorne has plans for the company. Taylor is not sure about siding with Thorne against Ridge.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6184 :25x155 - Ep. #6184

Amber and Rick remember the past that they once shared together. Thorne and Ridge clash. Taylor comes to a decision.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6185 :25x156 - Ep. #6185

The Bikini Bar gets ready for the Halloween celebrations. Thorne thinks about his run-ins with his brother. Brooke and Ridge see Eric meeting with Jackie.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6186 :25x157 - Ep. #6186

Thorne ends up receiving comfort from an unexpected person. Nick is worried about his mother. Eric looks back on his relationship with Stephanie. Thorne ends up making a difficult decision.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6187 :25x158 - Ep. #6187

Taylor and Brooke end up managing to agree about something. Dayzee and Marcus look to the future. Amber's actions make Broke suspicious. Eric attempts to romance Stephanie.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6188 :25x159 - Ep. #6188

Eric ends up turning to a longtime friend for support. Things progress between Marcus and Dayzee. Jackie is unable to keep the secret that she's spent time with somebody else other than Owen.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6189 :25x160 - Ep. #6189

As Ridge and Eric talks, Jackie overhears them. The Logan women offer support for Hope. Thomas gives Hope some encouraging news. Ridge shares his concerns with his mother.

6190 :25x161 - Ep. #6190

Steffy makes an admission to her mother after turning to her for some advise. Ridge wants Brooke to back off his daughter. Liam is questioned by Hope about his marriage.

6191 :25x162 - Ep. #6191

Following her confession, there are some serious consequences for Steffy. Hope ends up realizing that Thomas is on her side. Taylor and Thorne talk about their relationship.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6192 :25x163 - Ep. #6192

Rick receives an offer from Amber. Liam feels like he is pulled in two different directions. Steffy is concerned about her marriage.

Director: Michael Stich

6193 :25x164 - Ep. #6193

Brooke is left feeling surprised after finding out the latest details about her daughter's love life. A shocking confession is made by Liam. Steffy attempts to defend her actions to Liam. Steffy encourages her brother's interest in Hope.

6194 :25x165 - Ep. #6194

Thomas and Steffy work together to make sure that Hope and Liam stay apart. Brooke turns to her sister for help. Hope talks to Liam. Liam receives a request from Steffy.

6195 :25x166 - Ep. #6195

Different veterans are honored at Dayzee's cafe. Katie is surprised after she finds out that Liam already knows the truth.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6196 :25x167 - Ep. #6196

Hope and Thomas share a close moment together. Katie ends up arguing with Steffy about what she has been doing and Liam finds himself stuck in the middle. Ridge and Brooke disagree about Thomas and Hope.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6197 :25x168 - Ep. #6197

Nick and Bill attempt to get Jackie to agree to the merging of Spencer Publications and Jackie M. Stephanie is worried sbout her sister. Pam ends up turning on Stephanie. Nick receives an unexpected offer from somebody.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6198 :25x169 - Ep. #6198

Jackie and Stephanie are at odds with each other. Ridge talks to his son hoping to make things better. There is a surprise for Nick in the steam room. Nick and Jackie learn about the situation Pam finds herself in.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6199 :25x170 - Ep. #6199

Nick is not sure about becoming involved in Jackie's plan. Hope and Liam's talk is interrupted when Ridge shows up. Steffy is confronted by Brooke about what she did in Aspen.

6200 :25x171 - Ep. #6200

Nick makes a deal with Pam. Hope is conforted by Thomas. Ridge attempts to put a poositive spin on everything for Brooke's sake. Steffy and Thomas talk about their respeective relationships with Liam and Hope.

6201 :25x172 - Ep. #6201

Stephanie is blamed for her sister's problems. The memory of Sally Spectra spurs Jackie on. Ridge decides to try and bring Hope and Steffy together over Thanksgivings.
Director: Michael Stich

6202 :25x173 - Ep. #6202

After Taylor shows up as Thorne's date for Thanksgiving dinner at the Forrester house, everyone is left feeling surprised. Steffy has to decide whether to have Thanksgiving with Katie or Hope. Stephanie hopes to be able to sort things out with Taylor over Thanksgiving.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6203 :25x174 - Ep. #6203

Ridge puts his plan into action to reunite his family. Taylor and Brooke end up realizing that their daughters are now acting the same way they used to in the past. The tension between Rick and Thomas increases.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6204 :25x175 - Ep. #6204

Donna and Justin have some news for Brooke and Katie. Rick comes a career decision. Nick receives a call from Brooke. Jackie continues to try and manipulate Pam.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6205 :25x176 - Ep. #6205

Nick takes an interest in somebody who has recently become single. Steffy and Bill are caught together by Katie. Bill and Steffy end up setting some boundaries. Pam hears a lie from Jackie.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6206 :25x177 - Ep. #6206

Dayzee's friend Beverly meets the Forrester family. Stephanie gives Katie some advise. Brooke is not happy to find out about the problems in Katie and Bill's marriage from Liam.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6207 :25x178 - Ep. #6207

As the Forresters go over their designs for the fashion show, they are secretly watched. Steffy, Bill, and Katie end up arguing. Beverly receives a tempting opportunity.

6208 :25x179 - Ep. #6208

Katie makes an admission to Liam as she becimes more frustrated with Bill. Thomas surprises Hope. Brooke wants her daughter to slow things down with Thomas and fight to win Liam back.

6209 :25x180 - Ep. #6209

Pam attempts to help a friend by working undercover. Katie gives Liam a warning about Steffy. Jackie attempts to think like how Sally Spectra would of while creating the new fashion line.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester
Director: Michael Stich

6210 :25x181 - Ep. #6210

Nick takes somebody out on his boat. Hope and Stephanie quiz Beverly. Pam wants Jackie to give her a guarantee. Jackie has a work based talk with Owen.

6211 :25x182 - Ep. #6211

Jackie is concerned about what her son tells her. Pam thinks about the past before announcing her decision. Owen hears Jackie and Pam talking.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6212 :25x183 - Ep. #6212

Bridget shows up at Forrester Creations. Nick and Jackie introduce their new fashion line. Owen is worried about Bridget seeing Jackie M's new designs.
Guest Stars: Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6213 :25x184 - Ep. #6213

Jackie and Stephanie clash. Eric, Ridge, Brooke, and Hope attempt to work out the identity of the person who betrayed them. Nick wants Pam to stay on at the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6214 :25x185 - Ep. #6214

After being accused of stealing, Beverly runs out of Forrester Creations. Ridge, who is upset over the theft, gets support from Brooke. Pam is worried about being found out.

6215 :25x186 - Ep. #6215

tephanie and Hope find Beverly at Pathways and learn about the the issues she has had to face. Jackie learns from Pam a secret from her past. Dayzee attempts to reassure Beverly.

6216 :25x187 - Ep. #6216

Hope, Dayzee, and Stephanie meet the people who live with Beverly. Beverly's roommates open up about their lives.

6217 :25x188 - Ep. #6217

Jackie's confession surprises Eric. Bill wants to go on a family holiday to Mexico. Stephanie offers Hope some advise. Liam and Katie are honest with each other.

6218 :25x189 - Ep. #6218

Ridge demands that Liam not let Steffy down. Justin is ready to move on. Thomas learns what Brooke really thinks. Steffy and Katie clash.

6219 :25x190 - Ep. #6219

Donna learns from her sister about Nick and Jackie getting their hands on Forrester Creation designs. Stephanie asks Beverly to forgive her. Eric is worried about the company.

6220 :25x191 - Ep. #6220

Jackie and Nick are surprised after Pam decorates their house for Christmas. Katie thinks thats Donna should not give up on Nick.
Director: Gary Donatelli

6221 :25x192 - Ep. #6221

Donna finds herself on the receiving end of one of Pam's jokes. Liam receives some advise from Rick. Marcus attemptts to help Thomas win over Hope. Jackie warns her son that his involvement with Donna will cause them problems.

6222 :25x193 - Ep. #6222

Thomas asks Hope to travel with him over Christmas. Hiope is offered some advise from Rick about Liam. The Spencer family look forward to Christmas being together.

6223 :25x194 - Ep. #6223

With Pam not being around, the Logan sisters are faced with the prospect of cooking Christmas dinner at the Forrester house. The connection between Thomas and Hope grows.

Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Lesli Kay as Felicia Forrester
Director: Deveney Kelly

6224 :25x195 - Ep. #6224

Taylor attempts to get Brooke to support Hope being with Thomas. Liam and Steffy have no clue that they are staying at the same hotel as Hope and Thomas in Cabo San Lucas. Thomas comes to a conclusion about Brooke not approving of him being with her daughter.

6225 :25x196 - Ep. #6225

Beverly gets to know more aout Rick at work. Beverly is warned by Amber to back off Rick. Steffy and Thomas attempt to stop Liam and Hope from discovering that they are all staying at the same resort.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6226 :25x197 - Ep. #6226

Beverly refusing to give into Amber's threats. Rick believes that Hope belongs with Liam. Thomas helps his sister but tells her that he won't do anything manipulative to Hope.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6227 :25x198 - Ep. #6227

Bill and Katie fall out about Steffy, Hope, and Liam. Liam wonders why Steffy keeps vanishing to. Steffy arranges some romance for Hope and her brother.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6228 :25x199 - Ep. #6228

Steffy asks Bill for help with her plan. Bill asks Alison for help. Thomas wants press ahead with Hope.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6229 :25x200 - Ep. #6229

Thomas's marriage proposal gets a reaction from Hope. Bill attempts to cause a distraction for Liam. Steffy finds herself having to use a back-up plan.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6230 :25x201 - Ep. #6230

Katie and Liam both find out a discovery about Bill and Steffy that leves them feeling stunned. The different goings on in Mexico leave Ridge feeling conflicted.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6231 :25x202 - Ep. #6231

Liam sees Hope withThomas. Steffy is involved in a serious fall. Katie makes an accusation to Bill. Brooke is concerned about what could be going on in Mexico.

6232 :25x203 - Ep. #6232

Steffy's accident causes Ridge, Taylor, and Bill to make their way to Cabo. Liam feels bad about what has happened. Katie and Brooke attempt to deal with reporters back home.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6233 :25x204 - Ep. #6233

Liam has pressure put on him by both his father and Thomas. Action is taken by Bill to keep his family intact.

6234 :25x205 - Ep. #6234

Liam finds himself being stuck between a rock and a hard place after his father's latest bit of deception. Ridge isn't pleased after he he sees Hope and Liam sharing a close moment. Hope finds out the truth about how Steffy and Thomas worked together to keep her and Liam away from each other.

6235 :25x206 - Ep. #6235

Brooke and Donna talk about Nick. As Beverly talks about her connection with Rick, Dayzee listens in. Nick sings a song to Donna as the open mic night. Amber organizes a surprise for Rick.

6236 :25x207 - Ep. #6236

Rick has some concerns regarding Amber's business ideas. Pam quizzes Jackie about her son. Owen opens up to Jackie and tells her he misses her and wants to stop their divorce. Jackie and Owen end up kissing. Ridge isn't pleased.

6237 :25x208 - Ep. #6237

Stephanie, Brooke, and Eric view Rick's presentation. Jackie and Owen reflect back on their marriage and the time they spent together. Owen explains to Jackie why his future is with her. Hope and Liam wants some answers from Thomas.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6238 :25x209 - Ep. #6238

Bill wants Dr. Ramon Montgomery to help Steffy. Katie is has some suspicions about Steffy's diagnosis. Brooke finds out from her daughter about what happened in Cabo. Liam wants his father to stop interfering in his marriage.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6239 :25x210 - Ep. #6239

Justin is filled in by Bill about Steffy. Ridge has some concerns regarding Rick's new designs. Brooke hears an admission from Liam. Amber wants to know how Rick got on with the sketches.

6240 :25x211 - Ep. #6240

Pam gets the chance to appear on the game show Let's Make A Deal. Pam manages to get Nick to agree to go on the show with her. Rick and Amber share another kiss. Jackie is concerned that Pam could stop helping the company.

6241 :25x212 - Ep. #6241

Pam and Nick appear on the game show. Rick wants his mother to keep a secret. Katie wants to discover the truth.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6242 :25x213 - Ep. #6242

Bill begins to fell uncomfortable with his wife's quest. Nick attempts to sort things out with Donna. Bill is defended by his son.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6243 :25x214 - Ep. #6243

Katie and Bill end up being involved in a confrontation after she manages to get the answers she was looking for. Beverly offers Hope some advise. Justin hears an admission from Bill regarding Cabo.

6244 :25x215 - Ep. #6244

Bill is confronted by his wife about the MRI scam. Thomas attempts to try and talk to Hope, who is feeling quite low. Steffy and Liam await the results of her MRI.

6245 :25x216 - Ep. #6245

Bill catches his son and Steffy unaware. A surprising announcement is made by Hope. Katie attempts to undermine her husbands plan to keep her quiet. Brooke talks to her daughter.

6246 :25x217 - Ep. #6246

Brooke offers her daughter some advise. Someone's betrayal ends up being exposed which affects bother Liam's relationships with Steffy and Bill. Hope ends up changing her mind.

6247 :25x218 - Ep. #6247

Following a realization, Steffy ends up turning her back on a former ally. A couple are reunited.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6248 :25x219 - Ep. #6248

Justin’s help is needed by Bill to help him deal a PR crisis at the company. Steffy explains her side of events to her family. Hope clashes with Bill.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6249 :25x220 - Ep. #6249

Liam has to come to a decision about what to do about his marriage to Steffy. Bill gives his views about who Liam should choose. Steffy is furious with Bill.
Director: Michael Stich

6250 :25x221 - Ep. #6250

Liam is surprised when Katie suddenly changes her point of view about Steffy. Steffy and Ridge talk about her marriage. Hope and Steffy discuss the difficult position that Liam is in.
Director: Michael Stich

6251 :25x222 - Ep. #6251

Hope and Katie talk about Bill. Amber working at Forrester Creations causes friction between Rick and Ridge. Bill attempts to fix things with his son.

6252 :25x223 - Ep. #6252

Liam's relationship with his father gets worse. Steffy and Hope talk to their mothers about what's been happening. Brooke and Taylor end up arguing about who Liam should choose.

6253 :25x224 - Ep. #6253

Brooke supports her daughter as they await Liam's decision. Taylor and Ridge talk about their daughter’s insecurities. Liam finally comes to a decision.

6254 :25x225 - Ep. #6254

Hope, Liam, and Steffy all look forward to moving on with their lives following Liam's decision. Ridge and Brooke wait for news from Hope and Steffy. Brooke and Ridge agree to support the girls whatever the outcome is.

6255 :25x226 - Ep. #6255

Liam is quizzed by Taylor. Hope and Steffy's run in leaves one of them feeling bad.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6256 :25x227 - Ep. #6256

Liam finds himself in the hot seat with Rick regarding his intentions toward his sister. Brooke feels like both Ridge and Taylor are against her. Steffy's news surprises Liam.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6257 :25x228 - Ep. #6257

Hope holds a press conference to release some big news. Liam feels like he can't win whatever he he does.
Director: Michael Stich

6258 :25x229 - Ep. #6258

Rick ends up making his sister a promise that he will look out for her future happiness. Ridge's latest plan is to make sure that drama in the family is kept to a minimum.
Director: Michael Stich

6259 :25x230 - Ep. #6259

Taylor and Thorne's Valentine Day plans end up not going quite to plan. Hope and Steffy are involved in another fight.
Director: Michael Stich

6260 :25x231 - Ep. #6260

Ridge gives Hope and Liam some disturbing news. Rick continues with his quest to to look out for Hope. Steffy gets a surprise Valentine's Day gift from Liam.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6261 :25x232 - Ep. #6261

Rick and Katie come up with a plan that could help Hope. Ridge makes some changes at Forrester Creations. Ridge's authority at the company is blocked by Ridge.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6262 :25x233 - Ep. #6262

Stephanie and Eric aren't happy with the changes Ridge has made. Liam sets some limits with his relationship with his father. Rick is determined to make sure that his sister's dreams come true.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6263 :25x234 - Ep. #6263

Bill attempts to win Liam's trust again. Steffy ends up finding a new reason to fight with Brooke.
Guest Stars: Tara Lynne Barr as Christine Johnson
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6264 :25x235 - Ep. #6264

Steffy's current behavior reminds Brooke of her own past actions.
Director: Michael Stich

6265 :25x236 - Ep. #6265

Steffy manages to get Rick do what she wants. Hope and Steffy have another argument.
Director: Michael Stich

6266 :25x237 - Ep. #6266

Brooke and Katie manage to get Ridge and bBill to go along with their plan. Liam and Hope find it hard to fight temptation.

6267 :25x238 - Ep. #6267

Ridge and Bill end up arguing over dinner. Brooke and Liam tell Hope what they each think.

6268 :25x239 - Ep. #6268

Hope looks forward to getting help from her brother. Bill attempts to connect with his son again.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6269 :25x240 - Ep. #6269

Amber remembers the past she shared with Rick. Steffy is surprised to see Rick who attempts to make her see that her marriage too Liam is over. Amber sees Rick hugging Steffy. Amber tells Steffy to keep her hands off Rick. Steffy tells Amber that she isn't interested in Rick and that Liam is the only man for her. Stephanie attempts to convince Liam to stay married to Steffy.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6270 :25x241 - Ep. #6270

Bridget and Owen show up and tell Brooke and Eric that they both realize that Owen should be with the women that he loves, Jackie. Nick and Jackie talk about Owen. Katie gives Hope some surprising advise. Bridget shows up to see Jackie and tells her that Owen should be with her. Owen then shows up and tells Jackie that he is coming home to her.
Guest Stars: Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester

6271 :25x242 - Ep. #6271

Bridget continues to insist to Jackie that Owen should be with her. Owen tells Jackie that they are never going to be seperated again after they get back together. Hope comes to a decision about her relationship with Liam.
Guest Stars: Ashley Jones as Bridget Forrester

6272 :25x243 - Ep. #6272

Brooke and Stephanie's truce come to an end following a disagreement about the Steffy, Liam and Hope situation.
Director: Michael Stich

6273 :25x244 - Ep. #6273

Steffy challenges Liam. Hope makes plans for a romantic evening with Liam.
Director: Michael Stich

6274 :25x245 - Ep. #6274

Hope begins getting ready the settings for a romantic time with Liam. Steffy tells Brooke the truth.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6275 :25x246 - Ep. #6275

Taylor and Stephanie talk about their very different opinions while discussing Steffy. Hope prepares a night of passion with Liam.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6276 :25x247 - Ep. #6276

A marraige proposal is made. Stephanie and Eric receive a visit from Gladys. Hope tells her mother about the night she spent with Liam.

6277 :25x248 - Ep. #6277

Stephanie and Eric are married again. Liam and Hope tell Bill and Brooke about the details of their romantic evening together. Liam wears the sword necklace again.

6278 :25x249 - Ep. #6278

Hope talks to a sex therapist about her reasons for staying a virgin so long. A moment between Steffy and Liam is interrupted by Bill.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6279 :25x250 - Ep. #6279

Hope does not want her mother telling anybody what she heard in her session. Bill ends up going to extreme levels to stop Steffy from giving Liam an annulment. Liam and Hope attempt to get intimate once again.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6280 :25x251 - Ep. #6280

Both Ridge and Brooke attempt to talk Steffy out of her plans. Hope finds it hard to deal with her emotions about taking the next step in her relationship with Liam.
Director: Michael Stich

6281 :25x252 - Ep. #6281

Bill attempts to persuade Liam ionce again not to divorce Steffy. Brooke learns how her daugter is dealing with her intimacy issues. Liam doesn't enjoy hurting Steffy's feelings. Taylor and Brooke clash about the drama between their respective daughters.
Director: Michael Stich

6282 :25x253 - Ep. #6282

Hope ends up opeing up to Stacy about how Brooke's sexual behavior in the past has left a lasting effect on her. Ridge and Brooke learn about Stephanie and Eric getting married again. Liam talks to Katie and Bill about the night he and Hope spent together.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6283 :25x254 - Ep. #6283

Brooke tells her sister about the issues Hope is having with Liam. Hope is surprised after she is confronted by a disappointed fan. Marcus wants his family and friends to join him in a special moment with Dayzee.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6284 :25x255 - Ep. #6284

Brooke ends up being defensive after Stephanie begins asking the wrong questions. Liam and Hope talk about hiding their relationship from the media until his divorce is finalized. Marcus and Dayzee spend some special time together.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Soaps
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: March 23, 1987
Episode Order: 198
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