Season 28

6787 :28x01 - Ep. #6787

Rick and Brooke talk. Ridge manages to annoy Rick even more. Thorne returns home to help his daughter.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6788 :28x02 - Ep. #6788

Wyatt believes that Hope For The Future should debut a with a much more provocative line. Pam has some information to give to Liam.
Director: Michael Stich

6789 :28x03 - Ep. #6789

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Michael Stich

6791 :28x05 - Ep. #6791

There are a couple of unexpected visitors for Bill in the same evening. Hope gives Wyatt a private show.
Director: Michael Stich

6792 :28x06 - Ep. #6792

Quinn listens in as Brooke and Bill are talking. Liam realizes what Aly is planning on admitting.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6793 :28x07 - Ep. #6793

Ridge attempts to reassure Katie about their future. There are some surprise firings at Forrester Creations.

6794 :28x08 - Ep. #6794

Ridge attempts to replace Rick in the company boardroom. Brooke shares a massive secret with Eric.

6798 :28x12 - Ep. #6798

One couple share a passionate reunion. Katie receives some somber news from Brooke.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6801 :28x15 - Ep. #6801

Wyatt, Hope and Liam await some really important news. Bill learns what Quinn wants.

6802 :28x16 - Ep. #6802

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6803 :28x17 - Ep. #6803

Liam hijacks Wyatt's plans so that he can get a message to Hope. Brooke and Katie's rivalry increases.

6804 :28x18 - Ep. #6804

Karen attends a board meeting at the company. Quinn lets Liam know how she feels about his interference between Hope and Wyatt.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6805 :28x19 - Ep. #6805

Brooke attempts to help Bill regain control of his company. Donna finds herself in the middle of Katie and Brooke's feud.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6806 :28x20 - Ep. #6806

Aly is convinced to help Oliver with an underwater photo shoot. Justin attempts to regain Katie's trust. Karen, Brooke and Bill formulate a plan to get Bill his job back.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6807 :28x21 - Ep. #6807

A mother decides to intervene in her son's love life. Aly and Oliver become romantically involved.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6808 :28x22 - Ep. #6808

Liam has a proposition for Hope. Brooke tells her son about her plans to try and help Bill.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6810 :28x24 - Ep. #6810

Oliver is confronted by Maya about Aly. Wyatt tells his mother to let him fight his own battles.
Guest Stars: Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester | Winsor Harmon as Thorne Forrester

6811 :28x25 - Ep. #6811

Hope reveals her decision concerning Liam's ultimatum. A couple of mysterious people take advantage of a romantic setting.

6812 :28x26 - Ep. #6812

Aly agrees to keep Oliver's secret. Hope believes that the news she has will help to shape the future of her relationship with Wyatt.
Director: Michael Stich

6814 :28x28 - Ep. #6814

Liam manages to surprise Hope with a visit from Bob Barker. Oliver talks to a friend about his future plans for Aly.

6815 :28x29 - Ep. #6815

Brooke finds it hard to deal with her conscience. Liam and Hope find out more about the need for animal adoption.
Director: Michael Stich
Writer: Bradley Bell

6817 :28x31 - Ep. #6817

Hope and Liam show everyone their new kitten. Katie informs Ridge that she thought her vision for Spencer Publications was beginning to pay off.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6818 :28x32 - Ep. #6818

An interesting proposition is made to Liam by Quinn. Brooke receives an unexpected blow from her sister.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6820 :28x34 - Ep. #6820

Liam confronts Quinn before arguing with Wyatt. Aly becomes more upset about Taylor.
Director: Michael Stich

6823 :28x37 - Ep. #6823

Katie attempts to be a peacemaker. Oliver offers Thorne advise on how to deal with Aly's anger.

6824 :28x38 - Ep. #6824

Taylor remembers everything that happened the night Darla died. Bill reminds Ridge about something simple.

6825 :28x39 - Ep. #6825

Brooke quizzes Bill about Quinn. Thorne is surprised by what he sees between his daughter and Taylor.

6829 :28x43 - Ep. #6829

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Michael Stich

6832 :28x46 - Ep. #6832

Brooke and Bill's love evolves in Abu Dhabi. Quinn adds something to the jewelry designs she sends to Ridge.

6834 :28x48 - Ep. #6834

Bill makes plans for an unforgettable wedding day. Quinn reveals the details about her affair with Ridge.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6836 :28x50 - Ep. #6836

Brooke and Bill's wedding day gets underway. Quinn is confronted by Katie.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6837 :28x51 - Ep. #6837

Wyatt is concerned about the the effects of his mother's behavior on his life. Bill admits the truth to Brooke.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6839 :28x53 - Ep. #6839

Quinn attempts to defend herself against the accusations. Some uncertain news tests a couple of relationships.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6840 :28x54 - Ep. #6840

A father and a fiancée join a search. The friction between Spencer brothers reaches a head.

6843 :28x57 - Ep. #6843

Wyatt finds out that his mother is responsible for his recent loss. Carter warns Maya to stop interfering in Oliver and Aly's relationship.

6844 :28x58 - Ep. #6844

A marriage proposal is made. Oliver is confronted by Maya.

6846 :28x60 - Ep. #6846

A heartfelt plea about Wyatt is made by his mother to Hope. A mysterious man arrives in town.

6847 :28x61 - Ep. #6847

Brooke and Katie have to try and deal with a shocking reality regarding Ridge. Liam offers Wyatt a sympathetic ear to listen to.

6849 :28x63 - Ep. #6849

An update about Ridge is given to everyone at Forrester Creations. Justin is concerned that his recent actions will be revealed.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6850 :28x64 - Ep. #6850

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6852 :28x66 - Ep. #6852

Quinn needs Bill's help. Ridge talks to his family about his plans for the future.

6853 :28x67 - Ep. #6853

Quinn offers Deacon a partnership. Thorne wonders about Oliver's true intentions.
Director: Michael Stich

6854 :28x68 - Ep. #6854

Maya opens up to Oliver. Liam and Quinn's rivalry reaches a whole new level.
Director: Michael Stich

6855 :28x69 - Ep. #6855

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Michael Stich

6856 :28x70 - Ep. #6856

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6857 :28x71 - Ep. #6857

Maya finds herself in trouble with Caroline. Aly shows Oliver a secret part of her world.

6859 :28x73 - Ep. #6859

Oliver about Aly are confronted by Rick and Caroline. Liam is worried about his safety.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp
Writer: Rex M. Best

6860 :28x74 - Ep. #6860

Wyatt confronts his mother. Brooke receives the surprise of her life.
Director: Michael Stich

6863 :28x77 - Ep. #6863

Ridge wants to return to work. Wyatt takes a stand against Liam and Hope's relationship.

6865 :28x79 - Ep. #6865

Ridge is concerned that his impediment could have an impact on the company. Bill gets rid of all reminders of Katie's presidency at the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6867 :28x81 - Ep. #6867

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6868 :28x82 - Ep. #6868

Oliver finds himself in an uncomfortable predicament. Wyatt attempts to try and win Hope back.
Director: Michael Stich

6869 :28x83 - Ep. #6869

Ridge begins to work out what happened in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Darla talks to her daughter about her love life.
Director: Michael Stich

6871 :28x85 - Ep. #6871

Brooke finds herself caught between Ridge and Bill. Justin wants Alison's help in covering up the truth about Ridge's accident.

6872 :28x86 - Ep. #6872

Ridge is determined to find out the truth. Deacon wants to put things right with Brooke.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6875 :28x89 - Ep. #6875

Bill's trip to Catalina doesn't go to plan. Katie attempts to get her sister to listen to her.

6876 :28x90 - Ep. #6876

Ridge visits both Katie and Brooke. Deacon comes up with a plan to worm his way back into Brooke's life.
Director: Michael Stich

6877 :28x91 - Ep. #6877

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Michael Stich

6878 :28x92 - Ep. #6878

Bill attempts to get Brooke to agree to marry him. Liam is betrayed by somebody close to him.
Director: Michael Stich

6879 :28x93 - Ep. #6879

Brooke is confronted by Deacon. A press conference is called by Wyatt.

6882 :28x96 - Ep. #6882

Quinn is linked to Ricardo's death. The truth about Deacon's reason for returning is revealed.

6884 :28x98 - Ep. #6884

Ally and Ivy both play cupid for Liam. Wyatt's love life becomes even worse.

6885 :28x99 - Ep. #6885

Oliver and Ally enjoy some time on their own. Liam cones to a big decision.

6887 :28x101 - Ep. #6887

Liam has to make a life changing decision. Brooke and Deacon wait for news from their daughter. Wyatt watches as Hope waits for Liam to show up.

6892 :28x106 - Ep. #6892

Wyatt and Hope enjoy married life. Hope attempts to work out her feelings after returning home. Quinn attempts to convince Deacon that they should work together. Liam receives some advice from his father.

6893 :28x107 - Ep. #6893

An elaborate plan is put into motion by Quinn and Deacon. Ridge attempts to keep his secret.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6894 :28x108 - Ep. #6894

Quinn and Deacon discover some incriminating evidence. Bill remains determined get Brooke to agree to marry him.

6895 :28x109 - Ep. #6895

• No Summary (Add Here)

6896 :28x110 - Ep. #6896

Liam decides to tell Hope the truth about what happened in Paris. Deacon attempts to change Brooke's opinion of Bill.
Director: Michael Stich

6897 :28x111 - Ep. #6897

Ivy and Aly attempt to help Liam expose the truth to Hope. Bill is surprised by Brooke with news about Ridge.
Director: Michael Stich

6898 :28x112 - Ep. #6898

• No Summary (Add Here)

6900 :28x114 - Ep. #6900

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6901 :28x115 - Ep. #6901

The Forrester Creations team celebrate. Quinn and Deacon move forward with their plan.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6902 :28x116 - Ep. #6902

Hope wonders if something might be going on between Brooke and Deacon. Ridge's secret is kept by Katie.
Director: Michael Stich
Writer: Rex M. Best

6903 :28x117 - Ep. #6903

• No Summary (Add Here)
Director: Michael Stich

6905 :28x119 - Ep. #6905

Bill threatens to expose the truth about what Quinn has been up to. Ivy attempts to Liam that there is life after Hope. Liam and Hope talk.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6906 :28x120 - Ep. #6906

Katie tries to get Ridge to come clean. Maya has a plan to try and come between Caroline and Rick.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6907 :28x121 - Ep. #6907

Brooke and Katie attempt to sort out their differences. Maya makes a prediction about Rick's future.

6908 :28x122 - Ep. #6908

Maya finds out something that could help her win Rick back. Ivy is confronted by Hope.

6909 :28x123 - Ep. #6909

Wyatt and Liam clash. Charlie has something important on Quinn.

6910 :28x124 - Ep. #6910

Quinn is confronted with the truth by Liam in front of Wyatt. Hope opens up to her mother about Wyatt's vision of the future.

6911 :28x125 - Ep. #6911

Ivy realizes that her chance might have passed. Hope learns from Liam the truth about what happened in Paris.

6912 :28x126 - Ep. #6912

Bill fins Quinn turning to him for support. Quinn's meddling leaves Hope feeling shocked.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6913 :28x127 - Ep. #6913

Bill is accused of favoritism. Wyatt and Hope are both feeling stressed.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6915 :28x129 - Ep. #6915

A shocking confession is made by Hope to to Liam. News about what Quinn got up to in Paris spreads around Forrester Creations.

6916 :28x130 - Ep. #6916

Quinn is confronted by Ivy about putting her life in danger. Hope needs to make a difficult decision concerning the future.
Director: Michael Stich

6918 :28x132 - Ep. #6918

Liam finds out that Wyatt doesn't know about recent developments in his marriage. Maya attempts to put some doubts into Rick's mind.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6919 :28x133 - Ep. #6919

Maya moves on to her next victim. Bill receives some news he hopes will help him to win Brooke back.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6920 :28x134 - Ep. #6920

Brooke has to choose between Deacon and Bill. Quinn wants her son not to cut her out of his life.

6921 :28x135 - Ep. #6921

Brooke talks to Eric about her concerns about a future with Bill. Quinn and Deacon end up sharing a kiss.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6922 :28x136 - Ep. #6922

Katie nearly experiences a great loss. Wyatt hears a confession from Hope.

6923 :28x137 - Ep. #6923

Katie is surprised by Brooke's news. The Forrester family are surprised by an unexpected visitor as John Forrester shows up.

6924 :28x138 - Ep. #6924

Ivy is surprised by news about Pam's party. Bill refuses to allow Brooke to say goodbye.

6925 :28x139 - Ep. #6925

Quinn is furious with Hope after finding out about her plans for the future. Liam is quizzed about his intentions toward Ivy.

6926 :28x140 - Ep. #6926

Rick sees Caroline and Ridge sharing a close moment. Maya makes a new ally as she continues to try and break up Caroline and Rick.

6927 :28x141 - Ep. #6927

Kattie attempts to second guess in which way her life is heading. Rick's feud with Ridge gets worse.

6928 :28x142 - Ep. #6928

Justin offers Bill some advise. Rick tells Eric about Ridge's secret.

6929 :28x143 - Ep. #6929

An announcement about Forrester Creations is made by Eric. Bill and Katie discuss their past.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6930 :28x144 - Ep. #6930

Ridge and Eric clash over who should run Forrester Creations. Caroline finds it hard to deal with some unexpected emotions.

6931 :28x145 - Ep. #6931

Aly and Hope talk about Hope's decision to stay with Wyatt. Caroline quizzes Ridge.
Director: Deveney Kelly

6932 :28x146 - Ep. #6932

Quinn attempts to find her way back into her son's life. Hope and Liam run into one another.
Director: Michael Stich

6935 :28x149 - Ep. #6935

Ridge has a realization. Hope and Wyatt discover something new about Quinn and Deacon.
Director: Michael Stich
Writer: Bradley Bell

6937 :28x151 - Ep. #6937

Ridge omits some crucial information as he talks with Katie. Carter attempts to stop Maya from ruining Caroline and Rick's marriage.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6938 :28x152 - Ep. #6938

Everybody at Forrester Creations awaits Eric's decision on who will run the company. Rick thinks that he and Caroline will be in charge of the company.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6939 :28x153 - Ep. #6939

Some unlucky events occur following Eric's announcement. Katie reveals to her sister Ridge's plan.
Director: Cynthia J. Popp

6940 :28x154 - Ep. #6940

Chaos follows Maya's revelation involving Ridge and Caroline's relationship. Ridge is forced to defend recent actions and lies to Eric.

6941 :28x155 - Ep. #6941

Maya takes advantage of the situation to try and get what she wants. Caroline wants Ridge to prove that his intentions are true.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6942 :28x156 - Ep. #6942

• No Summary (Add Here)

6943 :28x157 - Ep. #6943

Caroline realizes the extent of the damage done to her marriage. Donny Thompson invites Liam to a Halloween party.

6944 :28x158 - Ep. #6944

Eric talks to Rick about his future at Forrester Creations. Ivy and Liam's romance blossoms.

6946 :28x160 - Ep. #6946

Rick decides on a staff change at Forrester Creations.

6947 :28x161 - Ep. #6947

Taylor comes to see Aly. Hope she sees her unborn child for the first time. Quinn ends up joining her son and Hope for their doctor's appointment.

6948 :28x162 - Ep. #6948

Ivy invites Liam along on her business trip to Amsterdam but he feels hesitant, knowing that Hope and Wyatt will be going as well.

6949 :28x163 - Ep. #6949

Ivy, Liam, Hope and Wyatt leave for the Netherlands.

6950 :28x164 - Ep. #6950

Wyatt is forced into action to make sure his relationship with Hope remains strong. Deacon offers Quinn some advise. Hope needs some more time.

6951 :28x165 - Ep. #6951

Quinn tries to enlist Bill's help with her latest scheme. Ivy and Hope fall out

6952 :28x166 - Ep. #6952

Eric receives an unexpected visitor. Hope and Ivy take part in the photo shoot.

6953 :28x167 - Ep. #6953

Hope feels jealous. Deacon starts to realize that Wyatt isn't as different from Quinn as he thought.

6954 :28x168 - Ep. #6954

Caroline attempts to convince Rick not to give up on their marriage. Hope find out about Wyatt's plotting regarding Ivy and Liam.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6955 :28x169 - Ep. #6955

Upset about Liam and Ivy's relationship, Hope wants to end the trip early. Rick attempts to get rid of the pain Caroline and Ridge caused him.

6956 :28x170 - Ep. #6956

• No Summary (Add Here)
Writer: Bradley Bell

6957 :28x171 - Ep. #6957

Rick is confronted by his wife about relying on his emotions instead of his head. Bill is furious after learning about Caroline and Ridge.

6958 :28x172 - Ep. #6958

Gloria Bardwell shows up from Genoa City at the fashion show with more than clothes on her mind. Bill attempts to defend for his family's honor.

6959 :28x173 - Ep. #6959

The success of Ridge and Caroline's line upsets Rick. Carter offers an alternate way to plan for the future for Maya.

6960 :28x174 - Ep. #6960

Caroline has to decide whether to get back together with Rick. Katie confronts Ridge about their future together.

6961 :28x175 - Ep. #6961

Katie thanks Bill. Rick makes plans to make sure that he retains his seat as CEO of the company.

6962 :28x176 - Ep. #6962

The Forrester, Logan and Spencer families come together at the Forrester Mansion for a Thanksgiving filled with food, forgiveness and gratitude.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6964 :28x178 - Ep. #6964

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6965 :28x179 - Ep. #6965

Quinn's eavesdropping causes her to find out what people truly think of her. Caroline clashes with Maya as she attempts to get her marriage back on track.

6966 :28x180 - Ep. #6966

• No Summary (Add Here)
Writer: Bradley Bell

6969 :28x183 - Ep. #6969

• No Summary (Add Here)

6970 :28x184 - Ep. #6970

Some new information ruins Deacon's relationship with Quinn, the Forrester and Logan family join forces.

6971 :28x185 - Ep. #6971

• No Summary (Add Here)

6972 :28x186 - Ep. #6972

A grand gesture is made to Katie by Bill. Hope and Liam's relationship reaches a defining moment.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6973 :28x187 - Ep. #6973

Quinn is taunted by Bill. Rick manages to be convincing during a meeting. Maya is shocked by her surprise.

6974 :28x188 - Ep. #6974

A move is made by Rick. Bill wants a chance. Katie manages to surprise Ridge.

6975 :28x189 - Ep. #6975

Ridge quizzes Katie. Justin works out what Bill wants. Rick and Maya attempt to put on a show.

6976 :28x190 - Ep. #6976

Caroline waits for Rick to show up. Bill hopes for a reunion. Ivy is shocked by what she sees.

6977 :28x191 - Ep. #6977

Rick is confronted by Ivy. Ridge ends up opening up to Carter.

6978 :28x192 - Ep. #6978

Maya tells Othello about the future she would like. Carter needs a woman. Maya is confronted by Ivy.

6979 :28x193 - Ep. #6979

• No Summary (Add Here)

6980 :28x194 - Ep. #6980

Eric, Rick, Maya, Carter, Aly, Othello, and Ivy help the homeless over Christmas by serving them meals.

6981 :28x195 - Ep. #6981

A heartfelt appeal is made by Caroline. Maya daydreams about the future. Wyatt comes face-to-face with his mother.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6982 :28x196 - Ep. #6982

• No Summary (Add Here)

6984 :28x198 - Ep. #6984

Rick has some exciting news for Maya. Carter shows Ridge the papers. Ivy and Liam see in the new year together.

6985 :28x199 - Ep. #6985

The paperwork is signed by Eric. Ridge is involved in an argument. An announcement is made by Rick.

6986 :28x200 - Ep. #6986

Everybody at Forrester Creations is shocked by the news that Rick is planning to run the company with Maya. Caroline and Rick argue. Ivy is concerned that she could be on the receiving end of a worrying plan.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6987 :28x201 - Ep. #6987

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6988 :28x202 - Ep. #6988

Ridge is not happy with Eric after he defends Rick. Maya makes plans for Ivy and Aly to be removed from the Forrester mansion.
Writer: Bradley Bell

6990 :28x204 - Ep. #6990

Caroline tries once again. Maya enjoys coming out on top. Ivy and Rick clash.

6991 :28x205 - Ep. #6991

Ridge learns from Pam about the picture. Ridge confronts Rick.

6993 :28x207 - Ep. #6993

Ivy, Aly, and Carter wonder about Rick's true feelings, Maya wants some answers from Rick. Caroline is comforted by Ridge.

6994 :28x208 - Ep. #6994

Maya asks Rick some questions about the future. Aly and Ivy talk about Rick and Caroline. Caroline and Ridge decide to move forward.

6995 :28x209 - Ep. #6995

Rick and Ridge clash. Maya defends Rick,. Caroline says nice things about Ridge.

6996 :28x210 - Ep. #6996

• No Summary (Add Here)

6997 :28x211 - Ep. #6997

• No Summary (Add Here)

6998 :28x212 - Ep. #6998

Liam attempts to defend Caroline and Ivy. Katie sees a softer side to Bill.

7001 :28x215 - Ep. #7001

• No Summary (Add Here)

7002 :28x216 - Ep. #7002

Maya is concerned that Brooke's return could cause problems for her and Rick. Caroline receives a sign about which choices she should make.

7003 :28x217 - Ep. #7003

• No Summary (Add Here)

7004 :28x218 - Ep. #7004

• No Summary (Add Here)

7005 :28x219 - Ep. #7005

Caroline is determined to tell Brooke her own version of events. Liam tries to reach out to Steffy to help him and Bill secure a secret business acquisition.

7006 :28x220 - Ep. #7006

Brooke's declaration concerning Ridge has an unsettling effect on Caroline. Liam and Steffy remember the past that they shared.

7007 :28x221 - Ep. #7007

• No Summary (Add Here)

7008 :28x222 - Ep. #7008

• No Summary (Add Here)

7009 :28x223 - Ep. #7009

• No Summary (Add Here)

7010 :28x224 - Ep. #7010

Ridge and Caroline's connection continues to grow after she poses for his painting. Brooke turns to Deacon for comfort and informs him what she has planned for Caroline.

7011 :28x225 - Ep. #7011

Ridge offers Caroline a different approach towards moving forward with her life. Steffy is surprised by Liam's reaction after she shows her vulnerable side.
Writer: Bradley Bell

7012 :28x226 - Ep. #7012

Brooke informs her sister how she intends to win Ridge back. Wyatt attempts to convince Rick to allow him to return to work at Forrester Creations.

7013 :28x227 - Ep. #7013

Brooke is surprised by a confession that Ridge makes. Quinn wants to know exactly where Deacon's loyalties lie.

7014 :28x228 - Ep. #7014

Brooke wonders what her future holds after so many missed opportunities and she also reflects on former loves. Steffy goes to see Rick only to discover that Forrester Creations has completely changed.
Writer: Bradley Bell

7015 :28x229 - Ep. #7015

Wyatt is surprised by how Valentine's Day is playing out, and who he is spending it with. Steffy tells Ivy what her true intentions are. Deacon attempts to reassure Brooke.

7016 :28x230 - Ep. #7016

Rick and Maya end up having a laugh at somebody else's expense. Donna wonders if her sister is over Bill. Brooke is not sure whether she should help Katie after she asks for a huge favor.

7017 :28x231 - Ep. #7017

Brooke ends up getting some support from an unexpected person as she gets ready for a tough day. Caroline and Ridge appear together in public as a couple for the first time at Bill and Katie's wedding.

7018 :28x232 - Ep. #7018

Bill and Katie enjoy their reunion with their closest family and friends. Quinn does not understand why Deacon continues to be involved in Brooke's life.

7020 :28x234 - Ep. #7020

• No Summary (Add Here)

7021 :28x235 - Ep. #7021

Rick says sorry. Liam makes his position very clear to Steffy. Ivy wants Steffy to leave. Ridge is determined to take Rick down.

7022 :28x236 - Ep. #7022

• No Summary (Add Here)

7023 :28x237 - Ep. #7023

Maya is pleased with Rick's token of his fondness for her. Steffy and Ridge talk about working with the Spencers to overthrow Rick.

7026 :28x240 - Ep. #7026

Quinn learns from Brooke where she stands. Ivy and Steffy butt clash. Quinn and Deacon talk about Brooke. Liam talks about Forrester Creations with Ridge. Steffy makes it be known that she is offering a package deal.

7027 :28x241 - Ep. #7027

Steffy is determined to pursue a future with Liam. Rick and Maya talk about Aly's future at Forrester Creations with her.

7030 :28x244 - Ep. #7030

Deacon's news regarding Quinn doesn't go down well with Brooke. Maya feels suspicious of Nicole.

7035 :28x249 - Ep. #7035

Rick thinks about the end of his marriage to Caroline.

7036 :28x250 - Ep. #7036

• No Summary (Add Here)

7037 :28x251 - Ep. #7037

Brooke finds it hard not to have a drink. Pam secretly watches Maya.

7038 :28x252 - Ep. #7038

• No Summary (Add Here)
Writer: Bradley Bell