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Granddad's Fight - Recap

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In the beginning of this episode, Granddad and the boys are coming from the store. Outside, they see a truck swerving into the parking lot. The truck slams into Granddad's car. An elderly but loud man steps out of the car Huey explains the mans hateful past and tells his name is Stinkmeaner. The two men begin to argue. The argument elevates to a fight. Granddad attacks, his punch is dodged and Granddad trips. Stinkmeaner takes his cane and smashes it against Granddad's knee. The fight is over. On the ride home, Riley ridicules Granddad over the whooping he recently received. Granddad challenges Stinkmeaner to a rematch which allows Riley to set the scene and sell tickets. Now all he has to do is win. This doesn't seem easy as Huey tells Granddad that Stinkmeaner is most likely a blind swordsman. He says that he can sense Granddad's attacks and counter anything he does. He says that Granddad may be killed if he's not ready. Huey then trains Granddad to be able to survive his fight through various training exercises while being put down by Uncle Ruckus. The fight begins later that week at night. Riley sells tickets and the men come out. Stinkmeaner talks a lot of smack to Granddad and begins to move around. By the way he moves around, Huey notices something, Stinkmeaner just got lucky in the first fight. He's not a great swordsman at all! Granddad strikes first and doesn't quit. He battles with all his strength and Huey can't make him quit. With one final punch to the face, Granddad ends the fight, and Stinkmeaner's life. Just when the crowd, Riley, and Granddad are all freaking out, Huey reveals that he and Tom had gotten a fight license from the city. Granddad wouldn't be arrested. The next day the family visits the old mans burial ground and Granddad says a prayer followed by a smart remark from Riley. The episode ends.