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The French King - Recap

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The scene opens with Lucrezia putting an ointment on Giovanni’s leg to help with the pain. He says that Lucrezia has been nice to him and tells her that he will forgive the bad blood of the Borgia family. She holds back a sneer and carries on. He asks if she can ride out a wild stallion named Devil. She agrees. Meanwhile, Naples Ambassadors come up and offer the illegitimate daughter of the King, Sancia, and says that an Independent Naples would be in Rome’s best interests. He uncovers a painting of Sancia and Juan laughs and says that Joffre is only 13 years old and that Sancia is much too old. However, the Ambassador says that he had thought Juan was going to marry her. Juan gets up in arms about it and Rodrigo silences him and tells the Naples Ambassadors that they have to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Lucrezia talks to Paulo about how happy she is about her new husband being injured and they ride off into the forest. In Rome, Juan is mad and says that he will not marry a Duchesse of Squillace and Rodrigo says that Joffre can be the one to marry her and not him. Juan says that he will meet her to find if she is worthy of Joffre. Lucrezia and Paulo sit near a creek and Lucrezia says that Paulo is like Narcosis and she kisses the spring and then kisses Paulo. Ursula visits Cesare at his residence and she asks if she can call him by another name than Cardinal and he says that she can call him Cesare. She asks why she is there and Cesare says that he can love and desire her at the same time. They kiss. Meanwhile, Lucrezia and Paulo get “friendly” in the grass and Cesare and Ursula “get busy”.

Rodrigo talks to Juan about the desires that he wants from Naples and a reminder of the 200,000 ducats. Juan rides up and arrives in Naples. He meets with the King’s son, Alfonzo, and Sancia. She says that she is blessed for the marriage and she gets a little “friendly” under the table with Juan. Alfonzo says that they have enemies approaching and asks if Rome will protect them and tells Sancia to give Juan the tour. She takes him to the room where the dead men are poised in the position of the Last Supper and Sancia throws Juan against the table and they “get busy” right on the table. Back in Rome, Giulia is trying to “get busy” with Rodrigo and she says that Rodrigo is more impressed with Politics than with her. He shows how her body is political too. Naples is on the calf, Rome on the knee and France in her private area. He says that he is going to invade France right now and proceeds to “get busy”.

Della Rovere arrives in France and talk to the King Charles. He says that he wants them to invade Naples because of the papacy being in disgrace. Charles says that war is never a good thing and that he says that the Borgia Pope also could put the crown of Naples on his head too and that Della Rovere doesn’t have to. Meanwhile, Cesare and Ursula are in bed with one another and she says that her husband has been away for a week and Cesare suggests that her husband has abandoned her. However, Ursula doesn’t like the fact that Cesare is blasphemous and says that he frieghtens her sometimes. Back in France, Charles shows his secret weapon. It is a Cannon that shoots chained Cannonballs. They test it out and it destroys the props and building. Delle Rovere is impressed. Meanwhile, Paulo meets Lucrezia in her room and they “get busy”. Giovanni hears squeaking and gets up. However, the squeaking is one of the maids. Later, Joffre asks about his future wife and Juan tells him that she is ugly and mean. Vanozza and Cesare know something is going on. Juan tells Joffre that Sancia is beautiful and nice. Meanwhile at the Tiber river, cleaners find the body of the Baron, Ursula’s husband.

Della Rovere continues to dine with Charles and he says that what he wants him to do is going to be tough on his country of Rome and Della Rovere is a little scared of what he has started. Meanwhile, Juan talks to Vanozza when Theo comes in. He addresses Juan and Juan looses it and starts to beat him up for his insecurities on being the son of Theo or the Pope. Vanozza tells that the papacy has made Juan a different person. Cesare sits down next to Ursula, who is mourning. She tells that she betrayed her husband and now cannot look at herself anymore. Cesare tries to tell her that it is alright, but she is not persuaded and says that she is going to be a Nun somewhere. He says that wherever she goes, he will find her. Rodrigo meets with Juan about his attack on Theo and says that it is not his right to hit him. Juan admits that he was angry because there are rumors of Juan being the son of Theo and not of Rodrigo. He says that it doesn’t matter and that he is his son if he wants to be. Juan agrees to be calm.

The wedding is soon and Lucrezia comes in to see her father. He is happy that it is not a dream that she is there. Back in France, Delle Rovere says that they have to move now that the King of Naples is weak. Back in Rome, Lucrezia talks to Cesare and says that marriage was hard at first, but she has come to put up with it. She refuses to indulge him and asks about his love for Ursula. He says that she has joined a nunnery. Meanwhile, Ursula is getting her hair cut and the outfit of the nun put on. The wedding of Sancia and Joffre happens and Sancia looks over to Juan and smiles. Lucrezia says that she hates Sancia for being so beautiful and Cesare says that she has to hate herself as well. Lucrezia says that she has to hate her and lover her then. Cesare says that Naples is going to protect Rome as well as Rome protecting Naples.

Later, Joffre is on the bed and Sancia is talking to him from a distance because she is getting “busy” with Juan. He says that she needs to be “nice” to Joffre and she says that she can be as nice as she is with Juan as well with Joffre. She comes in and tells the Pages to leave the room while they “consummate” their marriage. She disrobes and Joffre looks nervous. At France, King Charles says that Delle Rovere will have his war, but it will be fought the French way. The episode ends.