Death on a Pale Horse - Recap

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The scene opens with a French general talking to Della Rovere about their plan of attack and he tells that Italy will be deafened by the sound of cannons. Meanwhile, Juan is “getting busy” with Joffrey’s wife, Sancia. She looks out the window and says that her husband plays with feathers and lacks Juan’s “vigor”. He says that he needs to call on him when she is in need. Lucrezia and Cesare walk through the courtyard and Lucrezia tells him that she is going to have to return to her husband. Cesare says that Lucrezia would be happier if she was chained to their castle. He says that he can tell that she is unhappy. She tells that the Giovanni had an accident and now he can’t partake in neither hunting nor duties of a husband. Cesare says that it is a happy accident and she says that it is until he recovers. Cesare says that he won’t forgive Giovanni for anything and Lucrezia asks him to remind her of her reasoning of the arrangement. Later, Lucrezia rides home with a sad look on her face.

Cesare goes to the nunnery where Ursula, who is now Sister Martha, lives. He asks why she is at the very coven that he resides over and she tells that she didn’t know. She tells that no man can touch her now. She tells that he delivered her to the coven and is at peace. She tells that she has been given some insight what is in Cesare’s heart and tells him to leave. She rings her bell and Cesare leaves. Cesare goes into Rodrigo’s office and asks what he wants. Rodrigo tells that the French are marching on to Milan. Cesare says that Rome is a long ways away. Cesare says that Florence will do nothing if the territories are not invaded. He says that they are going to quite possibly have to fight for their survival. Meanwhile, Lucrezia meet with Paulo in the forest. She tells that Giovanni will walk soon and Paulo says that they can love in secret. She tells that young lovers are always doomed. They kiss in the rain. Lucrezia gets in and Francesca tells that she needs to dry off. Giovanni walks in and says that she is wet. He says that she needs to be dry and says that he will not be wet again. He tells Francesca that he wants to talk to Paulo tomorrow.

Cesare talks to Cardinal Sforza and he says that he is sorry to hear that his cousin didn’t stick to his vows of not following the Pope. Cesare warns that Sforza better stay with the Pope and that Giovanni should as well. That night, Lucrzia asks why Giovanni wants to talk to Paulo and he says that he needs to ride again. He also says that he is ready to do his “marital duties” again. Later, Lucrezia pours water on the floor and gets into the bed. He comes in and says that she needs to give him an heir. He walks over and slips on the water and hurts his leg again. Meanwhile, Rodrigo goes into where Giulia and asks if she wants to “get busy”. However, it is that time of the month and Rodrigo is denied. The next day, the French King and his forces arrive at Lucca and a rider comes out and says that they will open the gates, but want to discuss terms. King Charles shoots their walls with their cannons instead and takes Lucca by force. They kill women and children and Cardinal Della Rovere sees the prediction of the Fiar come true. Later that night, King Charles asks Della Rovere why he is not eating. He says that it is hard to muster an appetite. King Charles tells him that he will dine with them. He tells that they will conquer everything. Della Rovere asks to ride ahead to try to convince the terms before. They tell that Florence will have to pay and give them hostages of the Florentine family.

In Florence, the Friar talks to a crowd and Della Rovere arrives there. In Naples, the King dies. Cesare goes into Rodrigo’s office to find him praying. Cesare says that the King of Naples has died and the throne of Naples is free. Rodrigo says that they are to gather up forces and tells that Juan is to lead the forces. Cesare offers himself to lead the armies, but Rodrigo says that they need him where he is. Rodrigo says that they are going to excommunicate Florence if they allow French forces to go through. Rodrigo tells that they are going to stay where they are and says that they are about to be tested and they are either with them or against them. He says that they need an agreement and Cardinal Sforza tells that it would be unwise to excommunicate the forces because the invasion is going to proceed and they have to adjust themselves to new realities.

At Giovanni’s, he tells that Lucrezia is lucky that she is not a Borgia anymore. He says that the forces of France are one their way to Rome and that Rodrigo’s days are numbered. She tells that the Sforza families will not be dishonorable and Giovanni says that Borgias are swine and that if Florence allows France through, the Sforza armies will be with them. Lucrezia gets overwhelmed and Francesca leads her away. Rodrigo says that they can’t trust anyone and Giulia tells that he can trust her. Rodrigo asks her to travel to Lucrezia to find out what she Lucrezia knows. Della Rovere talks to the families and Macavelli tell Della Rovere that the terms are steep, but the King tells that they will accept the terms. Macavelli tells that they surrendered Florence and Macavelli asks if it was Della Rovere’s idea for doing this. He says that it was not. The French forces arrive and Macavelli is not happy of surrendering. He tells King Charles that they need him to have their lances pointed backwards as a symbol of King Charles’ resourcefulness.

Meanwhile, Giulia arrives in Lucrezia’s place and Paulo helps her to her feet. Giulia walks in and meets with Katarina and Giovanni talking. Giulia tells that she is there to see Lucrezia and Katarina asks Giulia if Rodrigo will bring bloodshed upon their heads. Giulia tells that Rodrigo will not give up his place as Pope. Katarina says that they are going to stay where they are and won’t help Rodrigo in his fight. Rodrigo goes and visits Brother Raphael. He tells that he will be a simple priest and unburden his soul. Rodrigo talks to Raphael and tells that he has been distant from his original cause and Raphael says that he doesn’t need to change the world, just to lead great lives. Rodrigo tells that French Charles is to depose him from the throne. Raphael says that Rodrigo has a duty to fulfill. He tells that he needs to clean his soul. Giulia goes to Lucrezia and she says that Gem is in her dreams still. She tells Giulia that she is vomiting in the morning and she is not feeling good. Giulia asks if Giovanni visits her bed and says that Lucrezia and her need to leave the castle and asks if there are any friends. She tells her that Francesca and Paulo are her friends. Giulia tells that Lucrezia is not sick, she is pregnant. The episode ends.