Day of Ashes - Recap

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The episode begins with Rodrigo telling the cardinals that God has spoken to them through the latest tragedy that has befallen the church. He then proceeds to wash the feet of one of the devotees who have come to seek his blessings. Giuliano sees this but thinks Rodrigo is only putting up an act. Meanwhile, then friar is rousing the crowds. He converts an aristocratic woman into a nun, by chopping off her locks and asking her to renounce her wealth. She then commits to bringing down the pope. The Medici who are a part of the crowd, are then beaten up by the crowds and driven away. Meanwhile, Giuliano explains to the young priest, who has volunteered to assassinate the pope by poisoning him, the effects of Cantarella.

He then tells the young priest to trust him and try a small dose of the poison, which shall only help him get stronger, just like it did with Giuliano himself. The young priest after consuming the poison falls onto a bed and begins to have seizures. Cesare in the meanwhile, comes in and confesses to Rodrigo that, he is guilty of the sin of murder and lust. He then reveals to Rodrigo how he killed Giovanni and slept with Katarina. He also tells Rodrigo that Katarina has not accepted his offer. Rodrigo is worried that Cesare by his act has brought war upon Rome. He tells Cesare that his sister needs to marry in order to form an alliance, to aid them during war. Later, Rodrigo shocks the cardinals by telling them all to join him in his fast. Meanwhile, Cardinal Sforza meets up with the friar. Cardinal Sforza offers the friar a position in the consistory in Rome. The friar turns it down saying “no man can put a price on salvation”.

Meanwhile, Cesare comes in and tells Lucrezia that he has fulfilled his promised to her of killing Giovanni. Rodrigo then comes in and tells Lucrezia about her need to marry, in order to form an alliance. Lucrezia is outraged by the idea and refuses to marry. Rodrigo in turn makes it amply clear that it’s his wish that she marry. Rodrigo then questions Vanozza about what she has said to Lucrezia about marriage. Vanozza assures Rodrigo that she has said nothing. Rodrigo then tells Vanozza about how Cesare killed Giovanni. He then explains to her that this has made Florie the enemy of Rome, and hence Lucrezia’s marriage would help Rome form an alliance which would help resist any retribution. He wants Vanozza to convince Lucrezia to marry. He wants Lucrezia to marry the nephew of the doge of Venice; as the doge is a man of great power and influence.

Meanwhile, Cesare meets up with Machiavelli. Machiavelli tells Cesare that the Medici want sanctuary in Rome, as they at the moment do not feel safe anywhere else. He also informs Cesare that much of the church’s money that was kept with the Medici, have disappeared. Cesare asks him to provide more insight into the matter. Meanwhile, Vanozza comes in to convince an adamant Lucrezia of marriage. She then manages to partly convince Lucrezia for marriage. Meanwhile, the young priest is back to his senses, and is being nursed by Giuliano. Meanwhile, Cardinal Sforza meets with Rodrigo and warns him of a new order that has formed in Florence. He then tells Rodrigo how the friar virtually controls the city of Florence.

Cardinal Sforza tells Rodrigo that the friar has visions of angels. Rodrigo in turn says, that could give him a reason to excommunicate the friar on the charges of heresy. Meanwhile, Lucrezia and the girls scare the cardinals by wanting to check the books of public works, to look over the allocation of funds, and the amount that has been embezzled by the cardinals. The cardinals then take it up with Cardinal Sforza, so he can tell Rodrigo about it. He in turn tells the cardinals to wait until Easter, as the Pope is in penance, at this point in time. Meanwhile, Rodrigo charges Cesare with silencing the friar. He wants Cesare to travel to Florence and ban him from preaching, and if the friar doesn’t agree, then charge him with heresy, and excommunicate him.

Rodrigo knows all this shall not help, but it would then give him an excuse to burn the friar. Later, Machiavelli reveals to Cesare about the destination to where Medici gold is being transported secretly. He then tells Cesare to look for wagons pretending to be carrying alum ore. He warns him to not be fooled by appearances, telling him that the wagons shall surely contain gold. He also hands Cesare the details and a map detailing the journey of the wagons. Cesare then tells Micheletto about the gold, and sends him to secure it, along with revealing his intentions of ultimately leading the papal army to him. Meanwhile, Vanozza tells Lucrezia to meet the nephew of the doge of Venice, and see how she likes him.

The two then proceed to meet the nephew of the doge. Lucrezia then looks from the shadows, as Vanozza talks to the nephew of the doge, who has brought a dog as a gift for Lucrezia. Rodrigo comes in, and Lucrezia tells him that “it’s a no to both the man and the dog”. Meanwhile, Cesare briefs Micheletto’s men about their mission. Meanwhile, Lucrezia and the girls receive the gold from the cardinals, for helping the poor. Meanwhile, Piero de Medici tells Rodrigo that his funds are in safe hands and are being moved to a secure location. Piero is here to meet Rodrigo so he can remain protected from the friar. He tells Piero that Cesare has been sent to silence the friar. Rodrigo also voices his wish to Piero that, the Vatican wants to enter banking. Cesare in the meanwhile conveys Rodrigo’s message to the friar. As expected by Rodrigo the friar not only rejects Rodrigo’s order, but he humiliates Cesare and sends him packing.

Cesare warns him of dire consequences before he leaves, telling him that he is “standing too close to the fire”. Meanwhile, Giuliano is giving the young priest some more Cantarella, to raise his level of resistance to the poison. Meanwhile, Micheletto and his men attack the wagons as planned. Hidden inside the wagons are soldiers, all of whom Cesare and his men manage to kill. Then much to his and his men’s delight, he finds the gold. Meanwhile, Vanozza tells Lucrezia to quickly choose a suitor for herself and be done with. Lucrezia then sees one of the suitors and seems to be impressed with him.

Meanwhile, Cesare tells Rodrigo that the friar is defiant. He then gifts Rodrigo with all the Medici gold he has recently pillaged, and which would help them in the Forlie campaign. Rodrigo on the other hand tells Cesare that he needs him by his side, and also tells him that Juan is coming back, possibly a changed man. He tells Cesare to welcome Juan back with open arms. Cesare isn’t too happy to hear all of this and tells Rodrigo to welcome Juan on his behalf. The episode ends.