The Purge - Recap

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The episode begins and Rodrigo is busy taunting Cesare for being carless enough to let Della Rovere escape. Rodrigo says he has lost faith in everyone including god after all that’s happened. He also hasn’t gotten over the fact that the cardinals were waiting around his bed like vultures for him to die. He as a result wants to teach each one of them a lesson. In abandoned old ruins somewhere, Caterina’s cousin, who is only known as the Black Heart, meets the members of the families that hate the Borgias. He suggests they all join hands to take down the Borgias. They seem to like the idea and agree.

Rodrigo, who has already foreseen this alliance, which he knows will be headed by Caterina, tells Cesare about it. Each of these rival families is headed by a cardinal. Rodrigo asks Cesare to deal with the families, while he decides to deal with the cardinals personally. In the night, Cesare and Micheletto, catch up with the member of the Vitali family, one of the rival families of the Borgias. In his bedroom, Rodrigo is frustrated because he is finding it difficult to get it up. Giulia consoles him, saying this happens to every man at some point or the other.

Rodrigo wonders if this is happening because he is growing old, but she dismisses his worry, saying he is the most vigorous man she has ever known. At a gambling den, Cesare and Micheletto arrive to meet the Ossinis, another rival family of the Borgias. Cardinal Ossini assures Cesare that his loyalties lie with the Pope, but Cesar knows well that he is lying. While napping in the palace grounds, Rodrigo sees a nightmare in which he is unable to save a little Juan from falling into a bottomless pit. He wakes up with a start and sees Cesare standing in front of him. Cesare confirms Rodrigo’s doubts that all the great Roman families have decided to align against the Borgias by joining Caterina.

Rodrigo concludes that time for revenge has arrived and decides to implicate the cardinals of all these families in the conspiracy to murder him and his family. Cesare suggests that they also pin Juan’s murder on these cardinals. Rodrigo likes the idea and pats him on the back for it. Rodrigo decides to begin the inquisition with Cardinal Sforza, who according to Rodrigo is closest to Caterina. Rodrigo has a talk with Cardinal Sforza, who pleads his innocence, saying he has disowned his family and is like an orphan. He assures Rodrigo that his loyalties lie with the Borgias. Rodrigo counters that if he wants to prove his loyalty he will have to find the ones who are guilty.

He tells Cardinal Sforza to carry out the inquisition, saying he wants to purge the Vatican of all those, who even think of rearing their heads against him. Rodrigo orders him to begin with De Luca and instructs Sforza on the measures he should adopt in order to break De Luca if he resists. At her bedroom, Alfonso and Lucrezia have a talk and he reveals to her that he is a virgin. He says he has taken an oath to remain a virgin till he gets married, so he tells Lucrezia that he can’t sleep with her until he marries her. Lucrezia seems disappointed on hearing this, but says nothing.

After telling Vanozza about his sexual problems, Rodrigo tells her, how he doesn’t want to be the Pope anymore if he can’t keep his family safe. He imagines how simple and enjoyable life would be if he gave up the papacy and retired to the quite countryside to see his grandchildren grow. The next day, Cardinal Sforza tells De Luca that he will have to take the fall for plotting Rodrigo and his family’s murder. He says the only way De Luca can save himself is to shift the blame onto the cardinals of the rival families. De Luca feels it would be immoral to do that without proof and although Sforza agrees with him, he says they have no other option.

In order to persuade De Luca to do his bidding, Sforza brings him to a dungeon, where De Luca sees other prisoners being tortured. Cardinal Sforza leaves him there and walks out, while a large man carries De Luca, who is pleading for mercy, to one of the torture chambers. At Lucrezia’s bedroom, Alfonso arrives and says he has received a letter from Ferdinand, his uncle and the king of Naples. In the letter Ferdinand has expressed his disquiet about the legitimacy of Lucrezia’s child. Alfonso, who thinks his uncle is wrong and has taken a liking to the baby, tells Lucrezia he will talk to Cesare about this because he feels Cesare might be able to resolve the issue.

Lucrezia volunteers to talk to Cesare by herself, saying she has a way with her brother and can easily get him to do her bidding. At the dungeon, Micheletto tries persuading De Luca to lie, saying he doesn’t have any other choice if he wants to get out. After Lucrezia tells Cesare about the letter, he assures her that he will have a talk with Ferdinand and put to rest all his worries. He adds if that doesn’t work he has other ways of convincing Ferdinand. Lucrezia thanks her bother for his reassurance, after which they kiss and flirt around a bit. At the dungeon, Sforza arrives to meet De Luca, who after his stint there, has decided to comply with Sforza’s demand.

After entering Lucrezia’s bedroom, Cesare is embarrassed to see her lying naked on the bed and immediately proceeds to leave. She asks him to stop and come to her instead. He nervously walks towards her and she begins seducing him, saying she is feeling unloved because of this oath Alfonso has taken. He tries to resist, but is clearly drawn to his sister. They are about to take it to the next level, when a servant knocks on the door and Cesare hurriedly walks out. At the court being presided over by Rodrigo, where all the cardinals are present, De Luca as instructed names the cardinals of all the rival families as conspirators.

The accused cardinals all vehemently protest, but to no avail. After stripping them of their titles and their properties, Rodrigo exiles all of them for life. At Vanozza’s room, Giulia arrives for some consultation. After a talk with Vanozza she concludes that Rodrigo is probably bored of her (Giulia), just like he got bored of Vanozza. She feels its time for her exit, so she tells Vanozza that she wants a palace to retire to and also wants that her bother be made a cardinal. After Vanozza conveys Giulia’s demands to Rodrigo, she and he flirt around a bit and it turns out, his vigor has returned. Rodrigo admits he feels safe back in her arms and kisses her.

After relinquishing all his possessions and his title, Cardinal Ossini begs to confess privately to Rodrigo all his sins and Rodrigo grants his request. The two are left alone in a room and while pretending to confess, Ossini removes a knife hidden in his robes and attacks Rodrigo with it. Rodrigo fends off his attack, but Ossini again lunges at him with the knife.

Outside, oblivious to all that is happening inside, Cesare and the other cardinals are witnessing the tainted cardinals relinquishing their possessions. While inside, Rodrigo manages to overpower Ossini and stabs Ossini with his own knife. Cesare goes in to check why the confession is taking so long and is shocked to see Ossini lying dead on the floor and his father’s robe stained in blood. The episode ends at this point.