Siblings - Recap

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The episode begins with Rodrigo overseeing Cardinal Vesucci being stripped of all his titles and property. Vesucci gives Rodrigo a piece of his mind before walking out of his court. Cesare reminds Rodrigo that he is running out of cardinals, but he retorts that it’s important to get rid of the traitors. Before clearing out his office, Vesucci gathers all the important documents lying there and puts them in a bag, so he can take them with him. While Vesucci sets fire to all the remaining documents there, Cesare is busy telling Rodrigo what all is required if they are to strengthen the papal army.

Rodrigo says there isn’t enough money in the papal coffers to equip a whole army. Cesare tells him they have to find a way, adding that Caterina’s allies are increasing by the day. Cesare urges Rodrigo to give him command of the papal army, but Rodrigo isn’t ready to do that just yet. A page boy sees that Vesucci’s office is ablaze and raises an alarm. In his chamber, Rodrigo tells Cesare that he should pay Naples a visit and strengthen ties with them, so that it in turn helps strengthen the papal army.

The duo comes out of the chamber and Cesare immediately smells smoke, while guards and page boys are trying to save as many documents as they can from the fire. The fire is eventually contained, while Vesucci makes his way to someplace with the documents. At a marketplace, two men are busy dueling for money. Black Heart, Caterina’s man, is one amongst the crowd that is watching the duel. John Paulo Balioni, one of the swordsmen, eventually wins. After the duel, while he is walking away with the money, Balioni is stopped by Black Heart. He commends Balioni on his skill and Balioni in turn recognizes him as Caterina’s man. At the papal palace, Cesare is preparing for his journey to Naples, when Lucrezia arrives.

She reminds him that she wants Alfonso’s uncle, the King of Naples, to acknowledge her son as legitimate. Cesare assures her that he will do what is required to convince the king. In the marketplace, Black Heart and Balioni have a chat. He wants Balioni to consider aligning with Caterina. In Naples, outside the king’s castle, Cesare isn’t too pleased to see poor, malnourished citizens begging for food. He then enters the castle accompanied by Alfonso and Micheletto. The king of Naples welcomes Cesare and insists that he have dinner with him. At the papal palace, an ambassador from France arrives to pay his respects to the Pope. He in course of the conversation, mentions how the new King Louis XII’s wife, is the shame of France.

Rodrigo is intrigued on hearing this and tells the ambassador that they should later talk about this issue further, but in private. In Naples, while the king is busy bragging to Cesare on how enormous and impressive his army is, Micheletto looks through the armory. He isn’t too impressed by the rusted armors and rusted weapons that he sees there. After all other matters have been ironed out, Cesare brings up the matter of Lucrezia’s child’s legitimacy with the king. The king makes it abundantly clear that he will not be able to tolerate Lucrezia, keeping her bastard child with her after marriage. Cesare is really mad on hearing this and warns the king not to make a hasty decision because it could affect their alliance.

Cesare gives the king time to think about the issue till Lucrezia and Alfonso’s wedding day arrives. After the king walks out, Cesare angrily reprimands Alfonso for not speaking up in Lucrezia’s favor in front of his uncle. In a tavern, Black Heart meets one of his spies who, works as a papal guard. The man informs Heart that Rodrigo is preparing his army for a war. After returning to Rome, Cesare gives Lucrezia the news about how the king reacted, when asked to accept her child. She is distraught on hearing about the king’s reaction. Cesare consoles her, saying he will do whatever it takes, to make her happy. During their private meeting, the French ambassador reveals to Rodrigo and Cesare that the French queen is not only very ugly, but also barren.

After the ambassador has left, Rodrigo tells Cesare that the King of France wants his marriage annulled and he being the Pope is the only one who can do it. Cesare feels this could be a good opportunity for them to form an alliance with France. He adds that it would be much better than them forming an alliance with Naples. Cesare clearly wasn’t impressed with what he saw in Naples and lets Rodrigo know that. Rodrigo counters, that they could form an alliance with both Naples and France. He suggests that after Lucrezia’s marriage, that Cesare sail to France and grant the annulment on his (Rodrigo) behalf. Rodrigo says that Cesare not grant this annulment lightly and suggests that while in France, he find himself a bride.

He feels that if they have France as an ally, no one will mess with them because everyone fears the French. In the tavern, Black Heart is meeting with the members of the rival families and riling them against the Borgias. Despite their hatred, the families are reluctant to go to war against the papal army. In order to convince them, Heart shows them official documents commissioned by Cesare himself, which reveals that a papal army barely exists. At the papal palace, preparations for Lucrezia’s marriage, is underway.

In his chamber, Rodrigo is really mad upon learning from Cesare that the King of Naples has invited Caterina and her acolytes to the wedding. Cesare finds Lucrezia crying by herself, while making the wedding preparations. While consoling her, the two end up kissing each other. Soon enough, he realizes his mistake and quickly walks away. At the wedding, King Ferdinand of Naples arrives and a while later, Caterina Sforza arrives as well. Cesare and Rodrigo aren’t at all happy to see her, but are forced to pretend otherwise.

Alfonso goes into King Ferdinand’s room and reprimands him for inviting Caterina, saying he is crazy to invite Rodrigo’s sworn enemy to the wedding. Ferdinand in turn says that he did this, to let Rodrigo and Cesare know that he too has friends and can’t be pushed around. After the wedding, when no one’s looking, Cesare tries to intimidate Caterina, saying she took a huge risk coming to the wedding. Caterina is unperturbed and in fact, flirts around with Cesare, which angers him further. While everyone else is engrossed in the celebrations, Caterina has a talk with Black Heart. She tells him to promise anyone, who is willing to ally with her that, not only will they have their estates back, but the Borgia estates will be divided equally amongst them.

Lucrezia and Alfonso sneak into the empty dining room to consummate their marriage. As they are getting ready to have sex, Alfonso notices the seating arrangements marked on a wooden board. Alfonso sees a question mark against his name and realizes this is Cesare’s doing. He gets really mad, yelling he is nothing more than a question mark to her family and storms off.

Later, while Alfonso cries himself to sleep, Lucrezia sneaks into Cesare’s bedroom. After stripping off her clothes, she gets into bed with Cesare, who is shocked to see her there. Cesare pushes her away, saying this is not right, but she insists, arguing that only a Borgia can truly love and Borgia. In the end, Cesare too gives into the temptation and two begin making love. The episode ends at this point.