The Wolf and the Lamb - Recap

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The episode begins with Lucrezia being consoled by Rodrigo for the humiliation she had to go through. In the night, while immersed in a bathtub with Gonzaga’s wife, Rodrigo tells her that she has to leave him and go back to her husband. She is reluctant, but Rodrigo tells her that he can’t afford a scandal; hence she has no other choice. Caterina has a talk with the members of all the rival families of Italy, who hate the Borgias, asking them to join forces with her. They decide to hold off on giving her an answer till Cesare returns from France, so they can gauge, what he has been up to.

In the papal palace, after Rodrigo and Gonzaga’s wife have sex, Rodrigo goes off to sleep. She then walks out of the bedroom and enters the room, where Lucrezia’s child is kept. She is about to pick up the child, when she hears the nursemaid enter and quickly hides. The nursemaid takes the child for a bath, while Gonzaga’s wife sneaks out of the room unnoticed. In France, Cesare has a talk with Machiavelli, who gives Cesare some sound advice, before he proceeds to meet the king. In Naples, Lucrezia and Micheletto arrive with their cavalcade. She is missing her son; Micheletto assures her that she will find a way to convince Ferdinand to allow her to bring her son to Naples.

She arrives outside the palace and is welcomed by Alfonso and Ferdinand. At the papal palace, Rodrigo is stunned upon learning from Gonzaga’s wife that she is pregnant with his child. She tells him that Gonzaga knows about the child and even wanted it killed, which is why she doesn’t want to return to him. In France, after introducing himself to the French king and queen, Cesare is asked a number of questions by the queen. She even plays around with Cesare, introducing him to a number of young women gathered in the court. She knows he is looking for a French bride. The French king is clearly not comfortable with the queen’s behavior. At the papal palace, Rodrigo suggests to Gonzaga’s wife, that she spend the days of her pregnancy in a convent. She refuses outright, saying she will spend the days of her pregnancy in his chambers.

In Naples, during a feast being hosted by Ferdinand, Lucrezia publicly announces that she has a son and that he should be accepted into the royal family. Ferdinand publicly replies to her, saying her son is a bastard; hence there is no question of accepting him as a part of the family. In France, Cesare has a talk with the King’s right hand man. Cesare tells him that in return for granting the king an annulment, he wants the French army’s backing for a military campaign in Italy. During a ballroom dance, Cesare is introduced by the queen to a prospective bride, who she feels will be perfect for him. Cesare and the woman seem to get along really well. While dancing and flirting with her, Cesare also tells her the things he expects of a bride.

In Naples, while hunting for wild boars in the woods, Lucrezia, who isn’t particularly interested in the hunt, comes across an old peasant woman looking for herbs. The woman shows Lucrezia an herb that could instantly kill a man and Lucrezia looks intrigued. At the papal palace, after examining Gonzaga’s wife, a doctor tells Rodrigo that she isn’t pregnant. Rodrigo concludes that she is then deranged. The doctor agrees with Rodrigo, but adds that she has lost her sanity because she was with child and the child was cut from her womb in a barbaric fashion. He says that her womb is horribly scarred for life and she can never have a child, which has unhinged her.

The doctor tells Rodrigo that rest, tranquility and prayer are the only things that will help her now. In Naples, while Alfonso, Ferdinand and their acolytes are engrossed in frolicking, Lucrezia hints to Micheletto that she will ensure Ferdinand’s death once her son is a little older. She apparently hopes that someday her son can take over the throne of Naples. In France, while hunting birds, the King of France has a talk with Cesare.

After weighing all options, the king agrees to Cesare’s demand in return for him being given the annulment. The queen isn’t happy with the news of the annulment and not only does she give Cesare a piece of her mind, but in anger also slaps him around a bit. The woman Cesare had flirted and danced with, witnesses the whole incident with a smile on her face. After the queen storms off, Cesare and the woman have a talk. During their conversation, the woman says she is ready to marry him and the two of them kiss. In Naples, Lucrezia walks into the woods in search of the deadly herb that the old peasant woman had shown her. She finds it, when Micheletto arrives there. He figures out who the herb is for and advices Lucrezia against going ahead with the plan, asking her to bide her time. Lucrezia complies and throws away the herb. At the papal palace, Rodrigo sends away Gonzaga’s wife with a couple of nuns.

She tries to protest, but is dragged away. She conceals a knife in her robes, while all this is happening and neither Rodrigo nor the nuns notice this. In France, while having sex, Cesare tells his future bride, what the terms of their marriage will be. She readily agrees to all of them. At the papal palace, while being lead away by the nuns, Bianca, Gonzaga’s wife, suddenly makes a run for it and locks herself in one of rooms of the palace. Rodrigo breaks into the room and sees that Bianca has slashed her throat with the knife she had hidden. Bianca collapses in his arms and passes away. Cardinal Sforza enters a while later and tells Rodrigo that he will handle the situation.

Rodrigo is too distraught to react. In France, Cesare and the French woman of his choice are bound in holy matrimony. Later, the two proceed to consummate their marriage. In Rome, Cardinal Sforza makes sure that Bianca’s body is found where Gonzaga’s staying. Gonzaga is stunned and baffled as to how the dead body of his wife landed up in a bathtub in his lodgings. In France, Cesare readies to leave with a part of the French army and with French artillery.

In Naples, Micheletto during a hunt manages to kill Ferdinand without anyone being the wiser. He does so by pushing Ferdinand into a pool of Lampreys, when no one’s around. At the palace, Micheletto tells Lucrezia how Ferdinand died, and adds that she can now decide on her own if she should bring her son to Naples. Lucrezia realizes what Micheletto is saying is true and seems happy. The episode ends at this point.