ID - Recap

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Charlotte and her friend have sex outside her house. She tells him to put pants on because she has something to show him. She brings him to the entrance of her tunnel to Mexico. Charlotte says that a crazy, psychotic bitch is at the other end. Her friend asks if Charlotte wants him to take care of her. Before she can answer him, Fausto Galvan and his henchman pass by, dragging the body of Hector.

In the Meadows' house, Marco Ruiz and Hank Wade examine the body of Peter Meadows. Marco points out that he was given a Columbian necktie. Sonya Cross questions Gina Meadows but she doesn't want to think about the murder. Her mother can not be found so she is brought to the police station.

A fake cop car was left at the scene of the crime. Dr. Meadows was a psychiatrist for a lot of cops so they suspect that maybe the murderer could be a cop. Sonya shows Gina photos of all of her father's patients but she doesn't see the murderer.

Daniel Frye is in his home emptying his liquor and pills into his sink and toilet. He breathes heavily as he looks in the mirror. When Adriana rings at the door, he lets her in. Frye shows Adriana the classified FBI files that he got from his source. He hasn't been contacted by the killer since Marco stole his phone. Adriana says the killer is making connections but neither Frye nor Adriana know what they are. They decide to go back to Juarez to investigate Cristina Fuentes.

Fausto tells some men that Hector died because he chased a woman across the bridge and did many stupid things there. Each man picks up a knife and walks towards Hector's body.

Marco's son Gus meets him at the police station and asks why he won't come home. Marco says it's between him and his wife, Alma. He asks Gus to watch over the family while he is away.

Adriana and Frye visit a morgue in Mexico to look for clues about Cristina Fuentes. Frye is too squeamish to look at any bodies so Adriana asks the man working if he knew Cristina. He didn't work that case but he says everyone who did has been transferred to another facility or is now dead.

Sonya and Marco are at a standstill with the Meadows case. Sonya thinks that the Columbian necktie may point to drugs but Marco already looked into it. Marco suggests that Sonya get Gina to like and trust her.

Marco visits Hank in his office: he wants to know about a file he found on one of Peter Meadows' patients. The file is on Hank, who shot a man who had raped and murdered a girl. The man lived but is brain-dead. That's not why he went to the doctor though: he went because he felt bad about what he had done to the dead girl's sister. He took away her chance at getting answers from the man. That girl was Sonya.

Charlotte brings her friend Ray to visit with Graciela and her lawyer. Charlotte doesn't want anything to do with the tunnel and transfers all responsibility to Ray. If Ray's information checks out, everything will work the same as it did with Karl.

Sonya tells Gina that a sketch artist is going to see her but she doesn't care. Marco tries to talk to Gina himself. He allows her to have a single cigarette as long as she doesn't tell Sonya.

Adriana walks with Frye through a dangerous area of Juarez. She says that Fausto tried to cover up part of the death house because his brother's body was also there. Adriana believes that Marco Ruiz helped to cover it up because he was the cop working the case. They come upon Hector's body, tied to a pole, with many knives in it. Adriana suggests the same thing could happen to them for asking questions. Adriana is afraid but wants to keep working the case.

Gina is describing the killer to the sketch artist but she's having trouble remembering. She yells at Sonya, who pressures her to remember details. Gina's mother shows up to take Gina home, but Sonya won't let her because the mother uses drugs. The mother thinks her husband was killed because he deals drugs.

Hank, Sonya, and Marco look over the whole case but can't find anything specific. The killings are both personal and political. They decide to go get burgers but Marco has business to take care of.

Alma talks to a colleague about Marco. He says things will get easier and kisses Alma. He apologizes but she says it's okay.

Hank, Sonya, and Gina go out to a restaurant to eat burgers. Gina asks about her mom and Hank says they found her and are going to help her get clean. Gina excuses herself to use the bathroom. Sonya tells Hank that Gina's mom won't get clean and Gina will be in social services until she is 18, just like Sonya was. Gina has been gone for a long time so Sonya looks for her. She busts open the bathroom door and discovers that Gina has run away. Hank and Sonya run out of the restaurant looking for her. Sonya hears a loud scream as she runs by a parking garage. Inside she finds Gina lying with a bloody stomach wound. She says the killer did it and at least she got the eyes right on the sketch. Gina dies and Hank tries to comfort Sonya.

Marco shows up at his home only for Alma to tell him to take his things and leave. Marco tries to apologize but Alma cuts him off and says she'll let him know when she wants to talk. Marco says he loves her as his wife closes the door in his face. He receives a phone call from Sonya about the death of Gina. No one knows except the mother, police, and FBI. Marco thinks that they are being monitored by the killer.

Adriana goes to a bar and meets with Frye, who is 51 hours sober. They think that the killer wants them to know that Marco Ruiz is a dirty cop.

Outside of Charlotte's house, Ray calls his friend Tim. Ray wants to get something started down and asks Tim to set him up with 50 to start. Tim says yes and he'll get back to him in a few days. After he hangs up, an ATF agent pats him on the back and says snitching suits him.

Outside of a mansion, Marco is patted down. He goes inside to see Fausto and to return his money. Fausto is surprised to see the money again. Marco has known Fausto a long time so he should know that he would never keep the money. Fausto asks if Marco is too good for the business their fathers started. Marco replies no, but they have taken different paths. Fausto tosses Marco a stack of bills as a reward. He says thanks but tosses it back to Fausto, who then tosses it into the fire and says money can't buy everything.

Sonya visits the psych ward where her sister's brain-dead killer is held. He draws multiple crayon pictures of a girl wearing a black mask. Sonya holds his hand and cries.