Destino - Recap

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Ray meets with Graciela in her car. She gives him his money and he asks if she is interested in buying assault rifles. Graciela tells him that her answer depends on how well he gives her oral sex.

Sonya studies stolen car reports as Marco wakes up. She decides to go to the station and look at the car again. Marco mulls over visiting Alma but Sonya says she won't let him back. Marco thinks of going to a hotel but Sonya says he is still welcome to stay.

Marco visits Alma at his old house. She accuses him of sleeping around with Sonya as well as Charlotte. He wants to be back with his family but Alma won't let him stay. She says that Gus is flunking school and Marco should talk to him.

At the police station, Sonya examines the sketch of the killer's eyes. She receives a phone call about the stolen car she is searching for, and finds that Jack Childress sold the car.

Ray swims in the pool at Charlotte's. She asks if he got the money and about anything else she said. Ray says he got the money and doesn't mention the gun deal or oral sex.

Sonya and Marco drive out to Jack Childress' place. They have a search warrant and open the door when no one answers it. Marco sees a large map on the wall and doesn't know what it is. There is a book written by Jack, The Dialects of North El Paso, sitting on a table. Marco opens a closet to find numerous guns and bulletproof vests. This is the man they are looking for.

Alma is in a hotel room with Kenneth Hastings. He suggests they wait until she is divorced but she says that's complicated. She kisses him and they have sex.

In Jack's bathroom, there are a lot of empty pill bottles in the medicine cabinet but it's a different story in the bathtub, which is filled with pills. Jack drives up to his house in a dirty truck when he sees the cop car. He backs out of his driveway and drives away. Inside, Marco finds a book that says Mexicans are extraterrestrials. Sonya finds evidence that he has been going to Mexico, and they wait for Hank to show up.

Steven Linder meets with a woman and asks if she has a job for him. She does and hands him a picture of a girl named Sara, her daughter. He thinks she wants him to take her to Bob but she just wants him to talk to her. Steven agrees to take the job.

Fausto Gulvan shops for a suit with a new girl of his. The girl looks like Sara, the one Steven is looking for. She wants to shop and he volunteers Obregon to go with her but she says he needs to stay and protect Fausto. As she gets out of sight of Fausto, Steven grabs her and says that her mother wants her to have a better life. She knocks him out and says she doesn't want to go. He says he is only trying to help her. The girl agrees to go right before Fausto's car pulls up. Sara tells Steven to run as she stops Fausto from shooting him.

Hank and Tim find an abandoned truck in the road. It is the same truck Jack Childress was driving earlier. Deputy Sheriff Manny Stokes join Hank and Tim in the search for Jack at a trailer park near the abandoned truck. Hank and Tim find a naked man high on bath salts listening to music. He says that Jack was there about ten minutes ago and he went to the north end of the park. They don't find him and Sonya suggests that they call his phone as a last resort.

Adriana shows Frye that the police are looking for Jack Childress. Frye tells Adriana to go without him because he is suffering from withdrawals and can't write anything.

Manny runs up to Marco and tells him about a daydream he had earlier about the case. As he explains his dream, Jack shoots him in the head with a sniper rifle. As they move the body, Jack fires more rounds but no one is hit. Sonya reaches him on the phone. She tells him that the SWAT team is on the way and this isn't the way to tell his story. Jack wants the truth to come out about the war on the border. Hank, Marco, and Tim break into the house where Jack was seen but they find nothing. Sonya turns around with her gun drawn to face Jack with his drawn as well. They both shoot at the same time. Sonya is hit in her bulletproof vest so she'll be okay. The other cops rush in to arrest Jack.

Back at the station, Sonya is unsure if Jack is the one who has planned all of this. He's insane and she doesn't think he would be capable of doing all this. Sonya asks Jack why he stayed at the trailer park and he says he was meant to kill the Mexican, Marco.

Charlotte delivers Cesar's salary and his cut of the bridge money at his house. He asks how long Ray will stay and if she trusts him. Charlotte says that she is partners with Cesar and if he has something to say then say it. He says Ray shouldn't deal with Graciela because when Karl dealt with her, he had a way to control her. Later, while they have sex, Charlotte asks Ray if she can trust him. He says of course she can.

Daniel Frye receives a phone call and has a seizure on the floor of his office. Meanwhile, Sonya looks at her gunshot wound before she clasps her hand around her neck.