Vendetta - Recap

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Daniel Frye snorts cocaine in a strip club, six years in the past. He is extremely high with a rich friend of his. The rich friend, Santi Jr., leaves to go buy drugs in Mexico but Frye can't go with him because his passport is in his missing pants.

In the present, Hank and Sonya continue to interrogate Jack. They ask about the girls who have been murdered. He says that a lot of the evidence against him isn't his or had been stolen from him. Sonya asks why he didn't just kill Marco when he had the chance in the warehouse. Jack complains that his head hurts and he can't answer any more questions.

Marco shows up at his house and greets Gus. He asks if Gus is proud of him for catching the murderer. Gus says that what happened between his mother and Marco is happening again, but this time with Alma. Marco is there for his son now though and tells him they can talk about anything and would like if they talked more.

Hank tells Sonya that Jack is just a raving madman. Sonya asks Jack about the people who stole from him and if anyone stole his notebooks. He says the feds hauled off his things and didn't bring some of them back. His key notes are missing.

Tampa Tim shows up at Ray's with an ice cream truck full of guns. Ray asks if Tampa Tim will bring them to Mexico too but Tim says this is as far as he will go.

Sonya investigates old case files and finds David Tate's name associated with Ralph Gedman. She tells Marco that they have a new person of interest. Sonya thinks Jack is being set up by a federal agent, David Bates, that had previously teamed up with Gedman. He was also a patient of Peter Meadows. Marco says he worked with David Tate in a task force and he's been dead for awhile.

In Frye's office, Adriana asks Frye how he feels after recovering from his seizure. He gives her a ticket to a party for the opening of a library in Mexico. He can't go because if he does he'll drink.

Sonya wants to make sure Tate is dead. Marco tells her he was at the funeral, but it was closed-casket. The evidence points to a possibility of David Tate's body not actually being his.

Charlotte arrives home to find Tim in her backyard. Ray said he can stay in the pool house but Charlotte isn't too happy with that. Meanwhile Ray is bringing the guns to Mexico himself. Ray shows up at Graciela's and she hands him a bag of money. He asks if he has to give oral sex again and she tells him to get out.

Steven Linder sees Eva in his house. He doesn't know why she is there but she says it's to repay a debt. Linder keeps thinking of Fausto's laughing face. It turns out to just be a dream. Linder goes into work and tells his boss, Darcy, that he needs to take a few days off.

Sonya meets with one David Tate's friends, Liz. She doesn't want to talk ill about the dead but says David had a lot of problems.

Tim Cooper and Hank are back at Jack's house because they found a dead body buried under a cement slab. Sonya doesn't think this is the murderer's work. She still thinks that it is a set-up involving David Tate. Tim goes too far when he says there should be a limit to how much they indulge Sonya, their village idiot savant.

Adriana's family is happy that she is getting dressed up to go out. They hope she sees Santiago Sol, a very rich Mexican man. Adriana says that Santiago's top engineer is the one killing girls, but her mother says that it's just gossip.

Gus shows up at the police station and looks for his dad. Instead he finds Sonya, who says she doesn't want Gus to send her any more gifts. Sonya tells Gus that she is not good with people and can't get close to them.

Alma attends the library's grand opening with her co-worker Kenneth. They agree that what they shared the other day was more than just a one-night stand. Inside the party, Santi Jr. meets with Adriana. He asks how he knows her and she says they have Frye as a common friend. He denies knowing him and asks Adriana if she wants to leave the party with him. She refuses him and he walks away.

Charlotte is waiting outside the tunnel for Ray to return. She tells him that she wants to be legit and not have him run any shady deals. Charlotte also asks him to kick Tampa Tim out of the pool house. On the other side of the border, one of Graciela's men shows her that each gun they bought is being tracked by a transmitter.

At the police station, Sonya shows her discovery to Marco. David Tate is still alive and going by the name of Kenneth Hastings, the man that Alma has been seeing.

Kenneth dances with Alma at the library party. Alma tells him that she is pregnant but he still likes her and wants to take her home. He tells her to meet him outside in five minutes and runs off. Kenneth enters the bathroom shortly after Santi Jr. and asks if he recognizes him. Santi doesn't know him so Kenneth tells him that in 2007 he hit and ran from an accident that killed his family. Santi took everything he had so Kenneth slits Santi's throat. Kenneth leaves a bloody handprint on the mirror.

At the scene of Santi's murder, Capitan Robles tells Hank that his men will take care of it. He says that they already have a man arrested. Marco leans in for a closer look at the body and is reminded of the time he had an affair with David Tate's wife. He stands up and vomits all over. Sonya yells at him not to contaminate the crime scene. Marco explains everything to her outside. He was still seeing Tate's wife when she died in a hit and run. Sonya says that Marco is the man who crossed the bridge.

Kenneth Hastings asks Alma if she is tired and drives her back to his place.