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The Beetle - Recap

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Kenneth Hasting relives the night his wife and child died in a car accident. Full of grief, he screams.

Capt. Robles yells at Marco to find the killer. If this killer isn't found both of them may soon be in a prison in Mexico City. Marco understands and says he will catch him. After the captain leaves, Marco tries to explain the affair he had with David Tate's wife to Sonya. Sonya worries that Marco may be in trouble if David has learned of the affair. Sonya suggests that maybe Marco wasn't killed because Tate is planning something else. Marco rushes off to protect his family.

Charlotte enters her barn to find Cesar, and is knocked to the ground by Graciela's bodyguard. Graciela threatens to cut Charlotte if she doesn't say where Ray is. Cesar shows up with a shotgun and shoots the bodyguard when he reaches for his gun. He then tells Graciela not to move or he will shoot her. Graciela pushes his gun to the side and says he is nothing but a servant. Charlotte takes this opportunity to shove a pitchfork into Graciela. She spits up blood and drops to the ground. Charlotte thanks Cesar and he says he had no choice., and she admits that she doesn't know what she will do now.

Marco drives with Sonya to his family's house. He worries because he can't get in contact with Alma or Gus. Meanwhile Gus runs into Zina, who he thought was still out of town. He received a text from her saying they would meet later but his friend says that it's from her old phone number. Gus excuses himself and walks away.

No one is home at Marco's house and he is starting to get frustrated. He makes a phone call and learns that Alma took the kids. Sonya asks about David Tate. Marco says that he was excellent at his job but everything changed after his family died in the car accident. She thinks that now Tate will be very careful not to make a mistake, but this just worries Marco more. Tate calls Marco and tells him his family is with him.

Steven Linder visits Bob at his ranch to talk to him. Steven tells Bob that he has murdered a man and hands Bob something that the man was carrying. It's a piece of human skin. While he was about to bury the body, a man took it from him. Bob thinks this is a good thing but Steven isn't sure.

Tate is at a park with Alma and her daughters. She asks him some questions about his family and he actually feels good to talk about it with her. Ever since he met her he hasn't had as much anger towards happy families that he sees. He hopes she never goes through the pain that he went through. Tate says they should get the girls some food before he shows them the surprise.

Back at Marco's, Gus arrives home confused about Marco's frantic behavior. Sonya asks Gus if he knows Kenneth Hasting and he says that he works at the university with Alma. Gus worries about his family but Marco must leave because they found Hasting's apartment.

Sonya and Marco meet Hank and Tim at Tate's apartment building. He had the whole thing rigged with explosives. Inside they find many pictures of Marco, dead women, and the border bridge. There is also a picture of a shack in the middle of nowhere.

Tate, with Alma and her daughters, shows up at the shack in the middle of nowhere. The surprise he spoke of is inside. Tate leads Alma inside with her eyes closed for the surprise. She begins to get scared because of his strange behavior. He places the surprise in her hands and tells her to hold it tight. She opens her eyes to find that it's a grenade. Tate leaves and locks them inside the house.

At the ranch, Bob brings Steven over to Eva and leaves them alone. Steven tells Eva that Hector is dead. She takes a moment to think it over and asks how. Steven killed him in self defense when he was attacked in his house.

Gus visits Marco at the police station and wants to tell him about Zina. He texted who he thought was Zina, details about the case. Gus admits that he also sent details about Gina to the person. They plan to use the phone against the killer. Gus texts that he wants to meet with "Zina."

Police surround the area where they are to meet. Tate spots Gus and notices him looking to his side. When he looks in the same direction he spots police on the roof of a nearby building. He gives a waiter some money and a note to give to Gus, who sits across the street on a bench. When the waiter hands him the note, police surround him and ask what he is doing. The waiter points in the direction Tate headed in but he is already gone. On the note given to Gus are GPS co-ordinates.

Alma tries unsuccessfully to kick a hole in the wall of the shack. She tells her daughters to hide in the corner and prays for their safety.

Hank and Marco rush to the GPS co-ordinates that lead to the shack. They open the door to find Alma holding the grenade. He tells her that on the count of three he will take and throw the grenade. Marco manages to dispose of the grenade safely and embraces Alma.

Cesar digs a hole for the two bodies and Charlotte helps him roll Graciela and her bodyguard into it. He shovels lime onto the bodies and say they should be gone in two weeks. Charlotte thanks him for saving her life.

Gus asks why Hasting would do this and what if he continues. Sonya says it doesn't make sense just as a truck t-bones their car. As they sit bleeding in an upside-down car, Tate cuts Gus out of his seat belt and drags him away. Sonya watches Tate put Gus in his car and the last thing she sees is his Texas license plate.