Old Friends - Recap

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Gus asks Tate where he is taking him and why. Tate points out that Gus is about how old his son would have been if he was alive. If he was alive, everything would have been different. Caleb died because of the sins of the mother and Gus will die for the sins of the father.

As Sonya is loaded into an ambulance, she tells Marco that Tate took his son and recites his license plate number. Hank promises Marco that they will find Gus.

Adriana returns to her office to find Frye drinking. He confesses that he ended up with the bomb in his car because he helped kill David Tate's wife and child. Six years ago he hung out with Santi Sol Jr. and when he went across the bridge, he hit that woman's car and ran from the crash. Instead of reporting it he accepted a big job from Santi's father. Adriana tells Frye that he can change but he doubts it. When Adriana offers to go with him to an AA meeting, Frye realizes that she may be his only friend.

Tate takes Gus out of the back of the car and tasers him. He opens the trunk of his car.

Marco arrives home and tells Alma there is still no news of Gus. Alma asks why Tate is targeting them and Marco admits that he slept with Tate's wife. It was before he was with Alma but she is still disgusted he would do that to his best friend.

A doctor tells Sonya she is lucky to be alive after the crash. Sonya wants to leave the hospital even though everyone tells her she should stay. Sonya believes Gus is still alive because Tate will draw it out in order to make Marco suffer.

At the AA meeting, Frye has a hard time taking it seriously. Adriana slaps him and he stops joking around. He doesn't understand how they can stay sober. Whenever he tries to stay sober, he messes it up and starts drinking again. He agrees to give sobriety a shot. Outside in the parking lot, Frye drinks a cup of coffee. Tate walks up and injects a needle into Frye's neck. He places Frye in his car and drives off while Adriana looks on.

Tim Cooper looks through evidence and tells Marco that they will find out what Tate's plan is. Sonya feels like it is her fault Gus was taken, but Marco reassures her that there was nothing she could do. Hank asks Marco if he needs some rest or to step away from the case. Sonya interrupts to tell them that police have found the car in a cemetery. Marco drives Sonya there but Gus is nowhere to be found. Marco runs to a nearby grave and digs it up. Sonya says that Gus isn't there and that Tate is just playing a game with him.

At the Courthouse, Charlotte stresses out because her late husband gave most of his belongings to his daughter, Kate. All that she has left is the property and house.

Adriana shows up at the police station to inform Hank of Frye's kidnapping. She says that Frye helped cover up the hit and run that killed Tate's family.

Gus is tied up in a tub with only a light. The tub is slowly filling with water.

Sonya and Marco visit a nursing home to talk to Tate's uncle. The elderly man says Tate is his father so they can't trust him. Marco feels bad about Gus and has difficulty finding the strength to continue searching. They enter the house that belongs to Tate's uncle. They don't find anything inside though. Out in the garage, they find a freezer that was used to keep Cristina Fuentes' legs. Tate calls Marco and taunts him. He says that Gus is still alive for now and wants to talk with Marco. The only way Tate will meet with Marco is if he goes alone and leaves Sonya at the house. Marco leaves and Sonya goes inside to take her painkillers.

Out in the desert, Tampa Tim meets with Ray and Charlotte. He asks them where the money is and Ray pulls a gun out. Ray orders Tim to his knees and Charlotte tells him that they found the transmitters. She asks what part of the government he is working for and he says he's with the ATF. Charlotte tells Ray to shoot him, even though they had only planned on scaring him. Charlotte takes the gun herself and kills Tim.

Marco drives to the meeting with Tate while being taunted over the phone. Tate tells Marco the location of their meeting after he talks about having sex with Alma.

Sonya returns to the police station without Marco. She is in a lot of pain and Kitty forces her to eat some food so that she can regain her strength.

Marco meets with Tate and chokes him. He lets go and Tate says that he also took Frye. Tate is doing all of this because Marco took his wife from him. Marco gets in the car and Tate drives away. Meanwhile the tub that Gus is in, continues to fill with water.