All About Eva - Recap

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Steven Linder drives through the desert to Bob's ranch. Steven gets out of his car and walks over to Bob, who holds a sick chicken. Steven says he is here because he had a revelation. He wants to make Eva his wife. Bob would be honored to perform the ceremony but Eva has been gone for about a week. Steven asks Bob why he didn't tell him about this and promises to find her.

Eva misses her bus and a man pulls up in his car and offers her a ride. She decided to take it and gets in the car. It drives away and it shows that it's a Texas license plate.

A mechanic tells Sonya that her car is ruined. She wants him to fix it even though buying a new one would be cheaper. Hank hears the conversation and tells Sonya that it's just a car and not her sister. Sonya spends a few more minutes with the car and asks the mechanic to get the tape out. She takes a dreamcatcher from the rear-view mirror. Hank says that the prosecutor can't get a hold of Marco and she says she can't either. Sonya misses him and Hank suggest that she just go and visit him.

Steven Linder shows Eva's photo to a bunch of women near where she worked. He finally finds a woman who knows who she is.

Marco wakes up in Gus' bed. He moves very slowly to answer the front door. It is Sonya and she has brought him some pastries. She tells him the preliminary hearing is Friday and the D.A. needs his testimony. Sonya thought there would be a funeral for Gus but Marco says no funeral. He has been drunk and asleep since the incident. She asks where Alma is but she has left Marco. He gets upset that she has come to visit and says a normal person would know better than to bother him like this. He says Sonya doesn't know him and she says they were partners. Marco disagrees with that and says they were just two people who worked on a case together.

Charlotte meets with Fausto and wants to give back his drugs that Ray took. Fausto says no refunds but she tells him that she stole it. Fausto asks Obregon if that's true. Obregon thought his cousin El Chino had taken it. Fausto says he is the worst accountant he has ever had. Charlotte asks to be partners with him. He doesn't usually have partners but she says he needs her because she is white, a U.S. citizen and owns the tunnel. She wants 15% to be partners. Fausto offers five kilos per week, they will meet, he will pay her, and they will get to know each other. He says that he's a nice guy and moves his hand up her thigh. He squeezes it and tells about the last man he killed.

Steven Linder is at the police department and asks to talk to Sonya when she walks by. He is there to report his bride missing. She has no family or friends other than Steven. Sonya says that during the bridge case she found burned clothes at his trailer. Sonya doesn't know that he didn't abduct her so she asks who he really is. The two of them travel to his trailer where he says he helps women to escape abusive husbands. He has medical supplies, food, and water so that his trailer is a safe place to rest for the women. He offers to let her look inside and she asks him to stand back. Inside the trailer Sonya finds the items he mentioned. Steven says that he'll burns their things so they can't be tracked. She asks why Steven does this and comments that it's strange. Steven called Eva his bride because he is bound to her, even if she doesn't know it yet. Steven asks Sonya to help him find Eva.

Adriana pushes Frye in a wheelchair outside of the hospital. When Frye fell off the bridge he was thinking that he didn't want to die. He says life is short and he has already wasted so much of his. Adriana is glad that he survived the fall.

Sonya explains Steven's situation to Hank. He says that they need someone in Juarez. Marco would be the perfect candidate but he doesn't want to work.

Eva enters a Juarez police station with a cop. The cop says she should file a report since she was locked up. He puts her in a cell and says it will just be for awhile.

Sonya searches out Marco in a bar. He is very drunk and unwilling to listen to her pleas for help in the Linder case. Sonya walks him out of the bar and Marco yells as they walk down the road back to Marco's house. Sonya says she wants to be partners still and asks Marco not to send her away. Marco allows her into his house. The two talk about Gus until Marco falls over in bed. Marco wakes up and asks why Tate gets to live.

The next morning, Sonya cooks breakfast for Marco, who has already opened a beer. When Sonya's sister died she stayed with Hank and his family. No matter how bad she felt she always had to face the day. Marco says that he is going to the station today to say hello. Sonya asks to come so that they can run Eva's name through the system.

Steven Linder puts up photos of Eva along a large wall plastered with missing person flyers. A nearby woman asks if Eva is missing and offers to show Steven where they can look for her. Steven follows the woman away.

At the police station in Juarez, Marco greets everyone in the office. Robles allows Sonya to run Eva's name through the system. Marco isn't yet ready to come back and Robles tells him to take his time. He says that if Tate were in Mexican custody they would make him pay. Sonya feels like something is up when there is no sign of Eva in the system.

Frye eats supper with Adriana's family and things get awkward when she gets in a fight with her mother. Adriana says she is an embarrassment to the family because she dates women. The mother slaps Adriana, who then leaves the house. This leaves Frye by himself with the family.

The Mexican police officer who was helping Eva brings her to a house where she is drugged and raped.

Marco meets with Hank in Juarez. Hank wants to talk to him about the preliminary hearing. The fact that Marco is awake and shaved is a good sign. Marco confesses that he is only happy for ten seconds when he wakes up, before he remembers what happened. Hank says Tate will go to jail with or without Marco's testimony. Hank thinks that speaking at the hearing will help Marco.

Adriana gets food from a truck with her sister Daniela. Adriana tries to explain that going to church won't change her from a lesbian, even if that's not what their mother says.

Outside the courthouse Sonya and Hank wait for Marco. They are glad he came and Sonya gives him a necklace back. Marco watches as Tate is led into the courthouse. The three of them enter together but Sonya worries about Marco.

The next day, Marco wakes up and makes his bed right away, just like Sonya suggested. There's a knock at the door and Celia comes in. She says she has had enough and can't keep quiet any more. Marco warns that she has to be very careful with what she knows. She tells him that she saw Eva, the girl they are looking for. She was at the police station yesterday and a cop took her away. Celia wants to help Eva and Marco says he will handle it.

Out in the desert, Linder pokes at the ground with a stick. There are a large group of people doing the same thing because this is where missing girls are known to be buried.