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Tarot - Recap

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One Week Later

Vince is at a store when two robbers break in. They quickly spot him and order him to the floor, and Vince obliges. Once the turn their back on him, he pulls out his cape. When they turn around, Vince is gone. A gape strikes out of nowhere, slamming one thug into a case and knocking him out. The other one moves between the shelves to find Vince, and comes face to face with The Cape. The hero easily knocks him out and then goes to the counter. The owner insists that he take what he needs without pay. As Vince leaves, the owner asks who he is, and Vince says that he’s The Cape. The owner isn’t impressed with the name.


Vince contemplates Fleming’s ARK building.

At City Hall, Secretary of Prisons Patrick Portman informs the board that he won’t be voting to turn over control of the prisons to Peter Fleming.

At an apartment, a killer prepares a poison recipe and then tests it on a bird. It drops dead, and the killer smiles in satisfaction.

Dana is watching news stories on how her husband turned master criminal, and goes to check on Trip. He’s outside on the roof, and insists that The Cape is coming. Dana tells him to go to bed no matter what hopes he has for the masked hero to come, and he reluctantly goes.

As The Cape, Vince breaks into Fleming’s apartment and accesses his computer files, discovering that Portman is the killer’s next target. The alarm system wakes up Fleming, who goes to confront the intruder. Vince grabs him, but Fleming insists that he’s an honest businessman. Before Vince can do anything, Cain slips in and throws a knife into his chest, penetrating his breastplate. Fleming boasts that he let Vince get to close to him, and thought he’d be more fun. Cain describes the poisons that he used on the blade, and then moves in for the kill. Vince dives out the window, using his cape to break his fall. Orwell drives up and gets her into his car. As she starts to drive away, Cain arrives and rams his hand through the window. She catches a glimpse of his tattoo, the Tarot card The Tower, and drives away.

Max Malini

As she drives through the streets, Orwell berates Vince for not bringing her in. She realizes that he’s poisoned, and Vince tells her that Fleming is going after Portman. When she drives toward the hospital, Vince tells her to take him to Max at Trolley Park. Orwell drops him but off and quickly leaves before anyone can see her and identify her. Rollo and Raia get Vince to Max, who treats him with leeches and nightshade toxin to counter the effects of Cain’s poisons.

As they leave Vince to recover, he remembers when he and Dana first arrived in Palm City. She discovered an old coffee can and he explained that it contained his Commendation Medal of Valor. The rest of it is his personal belongings, which he couldn’t take on missions because they would compromise his identity. When she asks who he was on missions, Vince warns that it was someone she wouldn’t like.

In the present, Dana answers the door and meets with Marty and his wife. As they have drinks before supper, Marty tells her that they found bank accounts confirming that Vince was crooked, and called off security on the day the bomb went off. Trip listens from the hallway and cries.

Vince recovers from the poison and wakes up in Max’s office. He asks for the cape, but Max tells him to forget it. The ringmaster says he has the cape, and he won’t give it back to Vince. Max warns that Vince can’t afford to make mistakes, and he has to be cold and precise like Fleming. Vince demands the cape, but Max admits he was wrong to give it to him. He gives Vince three tickets and tells him to get his family, change their lives, and escape from Palm City. Vince refuses, insisting that he won’t set an example for his son by running from a fight. He plans to keep going until he takes back everything that Fleming took from him. As he walks out, Max chuckles.

Hunting Portman

Vince takes to the streets and finds a basement that he uses to set up his own personal lair. He scavenges equipment and puts together a board showing everything he knows about Fleming.

In his office, Fleming uses a computer-generated holographic chessboard to place the pieces representing The Cape, Cain, Portman, and many more.

As Portman leaves for the day, he passes a janitor: Cain, in disguise. As Cain draws a hidden knife and moves in, Orwell approaches Portman and claims to be a reporter. She quickly gets Portman into the elevator before Cain can get there.

Vince puts the final piece on his own board: a photo of Dana and Trip.

Trip answers the phone and talks to someone who asks for “Dana Thompson.” Dana takes the phone, and Trip angrily walks away, saying that Thompson isn’t her name. When she goes to see him in his room, Dana explains that she had to change her name. Trip feels that she’s erasing her name, and insists that his father is innocent because The Cape told him.

As Dana goes to bed that night, she remembers how they looked at Trip after he was born, and how Vince talked about the Faraday name, and how Faradays fought for what was good and right in Palm City. Vince wanted Trip to be proud of his name, and insisted that Faradays are fighters.

In his lair, Vince sets up a knife-throwing device and trains to catch blades. It doesn’t go well. Next, he builds up immunity to Cain’s poisons by taking small doses. Finally, he makes a crude mask, unaware that Max is watching him.

Faradays Are Fighters

Vince tracks down some of Fleming’s men in an alleyway and knocks them unconscious. The last one, Linus, refuse to talk, insisting that Fleming will kill him if he talks. Vince convinces him to talk by saying he’ll tell everyone that Linus talked regardless. Linus tells Vince to meet him later at a bar and runs off. Orwell arrives, knocking out a thug as she comes in, and shows him the Tower card that she saw on Cain’s arm. When Vince wonders what it means, Orwell explains that it signifies membership in TAROT, a secret society of killer. She asks where his cape is, but Vince blows off her question.

Later, Vince goes to The Bottoms and finds Linus at the bar. He says that Portman is the hit and it goes down the next night. He starts to choke, and Vince catches a glimpse of Cain walking out the door. Linus collapses, dead, and the other bar patrons die as well. Vince finds a Tower card on the bar along with a half-filled glass.

Portman is at his apartment, pouring himself a drink, when Vince arrives and warns him that the whiskey is poisoned. The prison secretary says that someone left him a Tower card, and that he’s dropping his resistance to Fleming’s takeover. Vince insists that he can’t let Fleming win, but Portman notes that he’s hiding behind a mask. When Vince insists that Portman has to stand up for what’s right, and that he’s not alone, Portman considers it.

The next day, Dana applies for a job as an assistant district attorney, having decided to use her married last name. Travis Hall, her would-be employer, tells her that the job has been filled and it has nothing to do with her name. Dana says that his office is understaffed and overworked, and she wants to make sure that the accused receive the trials that her husband never did. Travis, impressed, agrees to give her the job.

The Cape vs. Cain

Vince checks the files with Orwell, who confirms that Cain is Raimonde LeFleur, a former chef. He murdered all three of his wives and TAROT recruited him while he was in prison. Vince accesses the ARK police search engine using Marty’s password, and finds an address. He tells Orwell that he’ll go there while she watches Portman. As he signs off, Vince hears footsteps. A knife flashes out of the darkness and he easily catches it. Max, chuckling, comes in and gives Vince the cape. He notes the photo of Dana and Trip, and Vince explains that his family is his strength, not his weakness. Max wonders if Vince can keep his identity secret, and warns that Vince can never forget who is wearing the cape. Vince thanks him and leaves.

At the Oyster Bar restaurant, Portman meets with Fleming for supper. Orwell arrives, posing as a restaurant review blogger, and talks the maitre’d into giving her a table near Portman.

Vince breaks into Cain’s apartment but finds nothing but a mannequin. Cain is gone.

In the kitchen, Cain injects poison into Portman’s food.

As Orwell watches Portman, Cain arrives at her table, dressed as a cook. She sees the tattoo on his arm and realizes who it is.

At Cain’s apartment, Vince receives a text message from Orwell saying that the hit is going down.

Cain comments that Orwell looks familiar, and then invites her into the kitchen. She reluctantly goes with him as Portman’s meal is served. Once they’re alone, Cain tells Orwell that he recognizes her from city hall when she saved Portman. She tries to taser him, but he grabs a knife and attacks her. She tries to hold him off without success, and Cain draws his hidden knife. Vince arrives just in time and disarms the killer. Orwell grabs a uniform and runs off while Cain throws a knife at Vince. He catches it and throws it back, cutting Cain’s hand.

Orwell gets Portman’s meal away.

Cain and Vince struggle over the hot grille, and Vince finally slams the killer’s face down on it. Outside, Fleming hears Cain’s scream and goes to investigate. He finds the killer, tied up with burn marks on his face. The Cape is there, smiles at him, and disappears in a puff of smoke. Impressed, Fleming chuckles.

We Know the Man He Was

At the city meeting, Portman votes against Fleming’s control of the prisons.

Dana goes to see Trip on the roof. She tells him that no matter what people say, they can never take away their memories of Vince.

The Cape watches over Palm City from a tall building.