Dice - Recap

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Ten years ago at a research facility outside of Palm City, young savant Tracey Jarrod is in a mockup of her bedroom pondering a pair of dice. She is able to calculate their weight and precision, and rolls them repeatedly. Each time she is able to roll what she wants. Fleming and Tracey’s father, Henry, watch her on a monitor and Henry explains to his investor that she can break down her world in terms of quantum mechanics. Essentially she can see the future. The girl knows that they’re looking up at them. Henry explains that they’re mapping her brain so they can come up with a major breakthrough. Fleming insists on meeting with her, and Henry takes him to see Tracey. Fleming says that she’s a clever girl, and Tracey says that he’s the one who is going to kill Henry... and then she is going to kill him.


Fleming speaks to an audience about predicting the future, and introduces a computer system named T.R.A.C.E. He explains that he can use it to predict stocks, and demonstrates by buying a million shares in a Chinese stock. As Fleming boasts that he can use T.R.A.C.E. to fight crime, his stocks double. He shows his audience the handheld system. As he talks, he’s unaware that Tracey, now an adult, is in the audience watching him. When the audience gets up to applaud, she’s the only one who remains seated.

Our Fate is Fixed

At home, Dana and Trip are having supper, and she suggests that they check out the new comic book. Vince watches from a nearby rooftop as Trip asks to be excused. He looks at Dana for a moment, then leaves via the rooftops and goes to his lair. On the desk is a note from Orwell with a file. The note says it’s what he asked for, and that he owes her. Inside are files on all of the Carnival of Crime members.

At the carnival, the members are looking over the files and then burning them. Max thanks Vince for holding up his side of the deal by getting their files, but Vince isn’t thrilled. As he watches his own file burn, Vince insists that he’s different because he was innocent. Max tells him that he can use the cape to find his way home now that his life has been turned upside down, but Vince explains that he watched his family suffer in his absence, and it was random chance that he saw Orwell’s e-mail that sent him to the rail yard. Max wonders what he does now, and Vince says that he can work as a cop. As they talk, he remembers how when he left that fateful night, Trip was waiting for him to finish their game of Monopoly. Trip said that if he rolled a 10, he could go, but rolls a 10.

Fleming is hosting a charity casino. Tracey arrives and surveys the tables, calculating the probabilities. As she moves to a table, Fleming notices her and sees her whisper “five.” Fleming rolls the dice and gets a five. She predicts his next roll a second time, and then comes to stand beside him. He asks if he knows her, and Tracey ducks the question, telling him to roll the dice. Fleming misses on the next roll, but she hands him the dice and tells him the magic word to say is “Dice.” When he looks away for a moment, Tracey slips away. Fleming rolls the dice, and gets the 6 that he needs. However, the dice heat up and explode.

God is the Dice

Later, Fleming’s doctor examines him for injuries. He notes that Fleming has taken on a lot for an industrialist, but says that he’s in no position to judge. The doctor then asks if they’ve had any visits from their “old friend.” Fleming insists that they haven’t, and says that everything is under control. The doctor tells Fleming that he’s fine, and Fleming says that he met a woman. Marty comes in with a picture of Tracey, and suggests Fleming cancel the T.R.A.C.E. launch party. Fleming, fascinated by his would-be killer, says that Marty needs to track her down and the launch party will proceed as planned.

Vince and Orwell examine footage from the casino and confirm that Tracey was able to predict the movements of the security guards so she could gain entrance. Vince recognizes her and connects her to the death of Henry Jerrod, one of Chess’ first murder victims. He goes through the files and finds a photo of Tracey. She didn’t give the investigating officers anything, and Orwell figures she was out for revenge. Vince admires her for her efforts, and Orwell angrily points out that Tracey knows Fleming is Chess. However, if she succeeds in killing Fleming, the one man who can clear Vince’s name is dead.

Vince and Orwell break into Tracey’s apartment and find the words “God is the Dice” written on a mirror. There are articles on T.R.A.C.E. and Fleming, and Orwell realizes that it uses brain patterning software to predict the future. She explains that T.R.A.C.E. could identify Vince as the Cape. Tracey comes in and takes Orwell hostage, and wonders if they’re with ARK. Vince tries to get through to her, but she knocks Orwell aside, opens fire, and ducks out the door.


Tracey ducks into the boiler room and turns up the pressure. Vince follows her and she draws a gun on him, insisting that Fleming must die. Vince says that he can’t let it happen, and she tells him that she has visions of the future, visions of beautiful numbers that Fleming is turning ugly. She refuses to believe that Vince can bring Fleming to justice. The steam valves go off and Tracey says that it’s a shame that they can’t work together, but Vince is a blind spot in her calculations and she can’t “see” him. The ARK troopers arrive and arrest her as Vince fades back and goes to the apartment. Orwell has looked at Tracey’s notes and realizes that she plans to kill Fleming at the Violin Restaurant at 1 p.m., and her capture is a set up. Vince leaves to stop her.

The ARK troopers bring Tracey to the Violin Restaurant to meet with Fleming. As she’s brought in, she analyzes the surroundings. She asks for her compact and uses it to blind the bartender, and then roll a coin across the floor when Fleming is distracted by the commotion. As they talk, Vince arrives on the rooftop, and the coin rolls across the floor and into the kitchen. A bus boy picks it up, knocking a mop onto a water faucet.

In the restaurant, Tracey hints that she knows Fleming is Chess, and then tells him who she is. Fleming admits that he killed Henry, and asks how they can get past that.

The water from the faucet flows onto the electric wiring.

Tracey says that she wants the T.R.A.C.E. technology. Fleming immediately hands it over, but says it’s not the only one, and it goes into mass production within 48 hours. He figures she’s looking for a weakness, but Tracey tells him that she already knows what Fleming’s weakness is. Vince bursts in and pulls Fleming out of the way just as the chandelier shorts out and crashes on the spot where the industrialist was sitting. Tracey has already escaped, and Vince slips out as the ARK troopers arrive.


Back at Vince’s lair, Orwell reviews security footage and finds Tracey on a rooftop across from the ARK building. Vince figures that she’s going to blow the lab. Orwell confirms that Fleming is throwing a party for his investors in two days, and Vince figures that Orwell can go in disguise. When she warns that security will be airtight, Vince gets an idea. He goes to see Max and asks him to train him in tightrope watching. Max insists that it can’t be done, but Ruvi and Raia suggests something... experimental. Ruvi hypnotizes Vince into focusing entirely on the task of tightrope walking while thinking he’s walking to his kitchen. Vince wonders what happens if he wakes up in the middle of the walk, and Ruvi warns that it won’t be pleasant. Next Raia trains him in the actual physical skill, while Rollo shakes the platform. Vince falls the first time, but they return to training.

Tri is reading a Cape comic when Dana comes in and offers to read with him. He puts the comic away and goes to bed, and Dana wishes him goodnight.

Two days pass, and Vince goes to an adjoining rooftop to fire a line across to the ARK building.

There Are No Accidents

As Vince walks across the gap, Fleming greets his guests. In the lobby, Orwell tasers the security guard unconscious and accesses the security cameras. She spots Tracey and warns Vince, who notes that Tracey doesn’t need to smuggle in any weapons. He tells Orwell to look for anomalies in the building systems, and then snaps out of his trance. He falls and manages to snag the tightrope with his cape. Vince’s balance pole drops to the street below and the ARK troopers notice.

Tracey confronts Fleming, who invites her to join him. She admits that he’s special, a dark prince, but refuses his offer. Tonight, she plans to destroy Fleming, T.R.A.C.E., and ARK, and tells him that her plan is already underway.

Orwell spots a massive gas leak in the elevator and warns Vince that Tracey is using it as a bomb.

Fleming tells Tracey that she’s an experiment gone wrong, and that her father was the one who destroyed her life. He walks away and calls the crowd together to prepare the activation of the mass production line. He hits the remote and the lights flicker.

The elevator proceeds upward toward the penthouse.

Vince tries to pull himself back up onto the tightrope.

Fleming warns Tracey that he will destroy her, but she turns and leaves, telling him goodbye. She takes out a cigarette lighter and prepares to light it as the elevator arrives. However, Vince arrives and disarms her using his cape. He tells her to leave, while Orwell warns Vince to leave. He tells the guests to get out, while Fleming sends his men to find Tracey. He then thanks Vince, saying that he would just recreate T.R.A.C.E. from the files. Vince smiles in satisfaction, and then throws the lit lighter into the elevator. He grabs Fleming and throws him down the stairs as the laboratory explodes, destroying the files.

Orwell finds Tracey on the stairs and quickly subdues her, handcuffing her to the rails.

Dana is in her room, crying, when Trip comes in and asks her to read with him. She admits that she isn’t as good as his dad, but he asks her to try. The two of them read together.

In his office, Fleming looks out over the city when he hears footsteps behind him. There is no sign of anyone, but his “old friend” has left a chessboard on his desk. Fleming sits down, smiling, and prepares to make the first move.

Vince is exercising in his lair, frustrated that he had to save Fleming twice. He asks Max if what happened is meant to be, but Max says that he already knows the answer. As they talks, he remembers Rollo reporting the explosion at the rail yard to him. After telling Rollo to bring Vince to him, Max looks at an ancient scroll and then contemplates the cloak, saying that there are no accidents.