Goggles and Hicks - Recap

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Goggles & Hicks

Henry Tyson flees through the Afghanistan wilderness, unaware that in New York City, the man known as Goggles is tracking him by overhead satellite. He directs his partner, Hicks, to where Tyson is hiding. A single shot rings out and Tyson falls over, dead. A half mile away, Hicks emerges from camouflage and tosses a Tarot card on the ground.

A month later, Fleming drives out of Palm City and meets with Goggles, who has driven there in his van. After identifying himself with a Tarot card, Fleming asks to see Hicks, but Goggles warns that Hicks kills everyone he meets. Fleming gives Goggles a Cape comic book and says that he wants the assassins to kill the man pretending to be the superhero. Goggles is intrigued, but warns Fleming that they only kill when the time is right, and they can’t be rushed. Fleming offers to pay them double if they dispose of The Cape within 24 hours, and Goggles agrees.

Cape’s Day Off

Vince wakes up on a Saturday morning, his body bruised from the previous night’s crime fighting. He remembers a Saturday morning when he and Dana started to take a day off to have a second child, only for Trip to interrupt them. He goes to the carnival and interrupts Ruvi, who is complaining to Max about how Vince is interfering in their criminal activities. Raia realizes that Vince has broken ribs and offers him a rubdown, but Max tells her to get back to work. He suggests that Vince take a day off, warning that he’s only human, not a superhero, and that his body won’t be able to take the stress for long unless he takes time to heal.

Goggles and Hicks arrive in Palm City and decide to lure out The Cape by using Scales.

When Vince returns to his lair, Orwell tells him that Scales wants a meeting with The Cape to betray Fleming. She confirms that the IP address belongs to Scales, and Vince goes to the church to meet with Scales. Scales and his goon are impatient and suspect a trap. They’re unaware that Hicks is hiding behind the pipe organ. He secretly fires a tracking bug at Vince, but hits the cape, which blocks the shot. Scales realizes that the meeting is a set-up and suspects Vince, and sends his goon to attack him. After a brief fight, Scales and his man leave, and Hicks manages to shoot the injured Vince in the shoulder.


Vince and Orwell meet at a diner and she confirms that the message came from Scales. Meanwhile, Hicks watches them, and Goggles watches them via the hidden camera in Hicks’ hat. Vince asks Orwell what she did on Saturdays before she became Orwell, and she insists that she’s always been Orwell. When she asks what he would be doing, Vince describes how he’d be spending a day doing normal things and going on a date with Dana. He tells Orwell to take a day off, but she insists that they’re at war. Vince tells her that much of war is his boredom, and he’s going to enjoy some boredom.

At home, Dana catches a newscast about Fleming appointing Marty Voyt the Chief of Police. Disgusted, Dana turns off the TV and discovers that Trip is refusing to go to baseball practice. She tells him that he’s going whether he wants to or not so that he can make some friends.

Goggles and Hicks use the tracking device on Vince to monitor him as he goes to a house in the suburbs. They record his physical stats and then store all of the information on a flash drive, which they place in a drawer with similar flash drives of all of their victims.

Vince goes to secretly watch Trip play baseball. Goggles watches the game via an overhead satellite and determines that Vince Faraday owned the house in the suburbs. He and Hicks bring up their photo of Vince at the diner and confirm that he’s Vince Faraday. They decide that it’s time and Hicks prepares a small drone unit, a “bumblebee.”

At the park, Vince watches Dana and Trip leave after practice is over. He then meets Orwell at the park, and she tells him that someone as good as her faked the email from Scales. Vince figures there’s nothing they can do until their enemy makes the next move, and he plans to relax. Hicks sends the drone at them and fires its mounted gun at them. Vince’s cape deflects the bullets, and they run into a pedestrian tunnel, which blocks the signals to the drone. Once they’ve regrouped, Vince and Orwell run out in different directions. Hicks sends the drone after Vince and corners him in an alleyway, but Vince smashes the drone using the cape. Orwell arrives to try and track the signal, while Goggles uses a satellite to keep tabs on them.

Darkness Falls

That night, Dana goes into Trip’s room and finds him setting up a camera to capture The Cape on video when he comes to visit. She tells him that she’s going to Marty’s celebration party and will be back later. Once she goes, the boy living in the apartment below, Jerry Blander, pokes his head up and looks at Trip’s camera. He explains that his family just moved to Palm City and he’s fascinated by the strange and the supernatural. Trip explains that he’s hoping to get video of The Cape, and Jerry is impressed that his new friend knows a superhero.

Orwell tracks the signal from the drone and Goggles realizes that she’s found them.

At the party, Dana congratulates Marty and then points out that he’s the only one who knew about the homeless man who told her about Vince at the rail yard. When Dana points out that she only told Marty about the man, and ARK troopers took him and the other homeless people shortly thereafter, Marty insists that they talk about it later. She realizes that he’s involved and demands answers. When Susan comes over, Dana accuses her husband of not doing what he can to clear Vince’s name, and the Voyts ask Dana to leave.

Goggles decides to even the odds and turns on an EMP generator that blacks out the city. Vince and Orwell realize what’s going on and that the assassins are coming after them.

The Quiet Ones

Vince and Orwell take refuge in a theater and Orwell figures that the killers planted a tracking device on Vince. Vince tells her what he did on his day off and asks Orwell about her parents, and she lies, claiming that her mother died young and her father left when she was 12. Vince realizes that she’s not telling the truth.

In the van, Goggles places the flash drive on a chain around Hicks’ neck, while Hicks dons black makeup and night goggles, and pulls out a knife.

Trip and Jerry eat the ice cream in the freezer before it melts due to the power outage, and Jerry explains that their father just left his family one day, and hasn’t been seen since. He insists that he’s moved on, and Trip says that he’s doing so as well with his father.

As Orwell checks Vince for bugs, she explains that her father used to take her to dance lessons when she was a child, and would stay to watch her. She finds the bug and removes it, and Hicks opens fire.

Divide and Conquer

Vince manages to close in on Hicks and hits him repeatedly. Goggles tries to monitor the fight via the camera on Hicks, and finally turns the city’s power back on. Blinded, Hicks falls over the theater balcony but manages to get away. Vince and Orwell go to the van and start to drive away with the helpless wheelchair-bound Goggles. Hicks catches up to them and hangs on to the top of the van, but Orwell manages to throw him clear. Vince prepares to take care of Goggles, ending their problem.

Dana comes home and finds Trip and his new friend Jerry moaning in pain from all the ice cream they ate. Trip introduces Jerry as his new friend, pleasing his mother.

The next day, Hicks meets with Fleming and gives him a single thread from The Cape’s cape. He starts to give Fleming the flash drive, but Fleming angrily says that they’ve failed and that he’s firing them. He tells Hicks to warn his masters in Tarot that he won’t be calling upon their services again.

Orwell and Vince meet at the diner, and Hicks tracks them down. He asks where Goggles is, warning that Vince is only alive because Fleming fired them. Hicks informs them that he and his brother have a code, and offers to keep Vince’s secret if he’ll tell him where Goggles is. Vince refuses, and Hicks warns him that he knows who he is and who he can strike at to injure him. Orwell finally gives in first and admits that Goggles is in prison. Vince tells Hicks to get out of town and never come back, or he’ll kill him. Unimpressed, Hicks leaves.

At the carnival, Vince arrives and Max asks him how his day off went. Vince admits that he’s had better days.