The Lich (2) - Recap

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To Have and To Hold

Jamie, the girl known as Orwell, is having her wedding dress fitted as her two bridesmaids assure her that everything will be perfect. Her phone rings, but she can’t find it.

Conrad and Netta administer an IV drip to Orwell to keep her unconscious, and her phone rings. Vince is calling from the parade warehouse, and Conrad answers it to tell him that Orwell is his now. When Vince threatens the captive Holloway, Marty warns him to back off and Holloway refuses to answer their questions. Vince warns Marty that the Lich has a hostage and then leaves. He goes to the lair and lifts Holloway’s fingerprint, and then uses Orwell’s equipment and Marty’s password to confirm that the prisoner is Preston Holloway, who has been reported dead.

Marty takes Holloway to ARK headquarters and reveals that they know about him, and he ran the Orchard Sanitarium or 25 years. The chief of police warns that they have him tied to the chemical weapons, but they need to know who he works for. Holloway insists that everyone is sheep, blindly following each other to slaughter, and that The Lich is their shepherd.

Vince brings up the files on Holloway and learns that Conrad was Holloway’s patient at the Orchard Sanitarium.

For Richer or For Poorer

Conrad sits down next to the paralyzed Orwell, dressed in a wedding gown and seated in a wheelchair, and explains that he gave her a sedative to keep her from twitching. He calls in Netta, who dismisses Orwell’s beauty. After sending his nurse away, Conrad says that he realized that Orwell got him when she said she was also an orphan, and asks her to forgive him for pulling off his mask. Conrad feigns hearing Orwell asking him to marry her, and he asks if she’ll be loyal to him.

Orwell finds herself sitting on a beautiful lawn with her fiancé, Vince. She sees a white door and asks where it leads, but Vince doesn’t see it. He wonders if she’s getting cold feet, and she assures him that she isn’t. Orwell goes to investigate the door.

Conrad promises Orwell that in 24 hours, they’ll be husband and wife. Now that he has the record of birth, he can inherit his millions. Conrad shows her a paralytic that produces fatal seizures in 70% of its victims, and turns the rest into mindless servants.

Vince takes Rollo and Max to Orchard Sanitarium. They spot Orwell’s car and realize The Lich has been there for decades. They go inside and hear Orwell’s cell phone vibrating on the landing. Vince picks it up and Conrad tell him that he disobeyed his orders and must pay the price. Drugged mental patients lunge out of the hallways and attack the trio, but are quickly defeated. They find Conrad’s room and Orwell’s fake identification, but The Lich has already left. Vince realizes that Holloway is his only lead, and he has to get into ARK HQ to talk to the man. He tells Max that he has a friend in the public defender’s office that he’ll have to go to.

In his secret lair, Conrad shares supper with the paralyzed Orwell, and snaps at Netta when she fails to put lilies on the table. Netta assures him that she loves him, but he’s not convinced. As they talk, Orwell manages to move a single finger. Once Conrad leaves, Netta tells Orwell that she’s the one who had to take care of Conrad all these years, and that she’ll bury Conrad’s new wife soon enough.

Conrad leaves the basement through a cellar door, goes into the fields outside the old Chandler Estate, and picks flowers by moonlight.

In Sickness and In Health

Vince goes to see Trip and says that he needs his help to get Dana. Trip finally convinces her to come along, and she’s shocked to see a mysterious man who has been stalking her son. Dana is upset and tells Vince to get away, until he demonstrates his powers. He appears behind them and informs Dana that The Lich has his friend held hostage, and he needs Dana to get him in to see Holloway. When she hesitates, Vince points out that she knows in her gut that it’s true. As she makes a call to Travis, Trip apologizes for his mother but says she’s usually pretty cool, and Vince agrees.

Dana and Vince meet with Travis in a parking garage, and Vince explains that he’s trying to stop an attack on Palm City using a neurotoxin. He wants Travis to get him access to the interrogation room. Travis initially refuses, but Dana convinces him to help them.

Orwell continues to struggle against the drug being fed into her system. Conrad puts a record on and places the flowers in her hand, and then picks her up and dances with her. He tells Orwell that he doesn’t like Vince, and “hears” her say that she doesn’t as well.

Vince and Orwell dance, and Vince assures her that he’s there for her. She picks up a knife and cuts herself, but feels no pain. Realizing she’s in a dreamscape, she nonetheless dances with him.

Forsaking All Others

Travis gets Vince into ARK HQ and warns that he only has fifteen minutes. He tells Vince to use standard police procedure, and that he’ll be watching. Vince slips into the cell and demands answers, and hypnotizes Preston to convince him he wants to join The Lich’s operation. When that doesn’t work, Vince asks what happened to Preston’s wife and daughter. Holloway says that he tried to free them, but when that didn’t work, he killed and buried them. The Lich told him that they didn’t believe and they would never rise, and now The Lich is coming home to where belongs. Vince thanks Dana through the mirror and then leaves just ahead of the guard’s arrival.

Netta offers to help Conrad dress for his wedding. He tells her that once he’s married, there’ll be no place for her with the newlyweds, and she has to leave after the wedding.

You May Now Kiss the Bride

Orwell tries to pull out the IV without success, and whispers to herself to wake up.

On the day of her wedding, Orwell’s father, Peter Fleming, arrives. He says that he’s there to give her away, and says that Orwell can’t run from her genes. Fleming promises that no matter who she marries, she’ll always belong to him, and that her mother is where she’s always been. The white door appears nearby and Orwell approaches it, but Fleming tells her that it’s time and leads her into the chapel.

Conrad has one of his patients, a minister pronounces their vows and Orwell says Vince’s name. Her abductor accuses Orwell of betraying him and says that from now on, he is only The Lich. The villain tells Orwell that it’s time to jump into a grave for him.

Vince, Max, and Rollo go to the Chandler estate and break into the basement. However, one of the guards manages to lock them in, and they have no choice but to go ahead.

The Lich receives word of the intruders and tells Netta to drug Orwell with the near-fatal paralytic, while he deals with their visitors. Netta starts to put a gag in her mouth.

Vince offers Orwell some cake and refers to her as Jamie. Orwell realizes that he doesn’t know her real name, and goes to the door.

The trio finds the room where Conrad was raised in squalor. Conrad arrives to confront them.

Til Death Do Us Part

The Lich attacks Vince, while his henchmen go after Rollo and Max. They quickly dispose of their opponents, but The Lich demonstrates that due to his condition, he can’t feel Vince’s blows.

Netta prepares to administer the drug to Orwell. Orwell wakes up, grabs the syringe, and plunges it into Netta’s neck. As she starts to leave, Orwell collapses.

Vince brings a cabinet down on The Lich, immobilizing him. He runs to find Orwell, who is lying on the floor. She’s still not sure if he’s a hallucination, and asks if he was there all along. Vince picks her up and carries her out.

Dana comes home and admits to Trip that he was right. She asks for his forgiveness, and Trip says that he will if she orders pizza and tells him everything that happened. Dana gives in and admits that The Cape is cool.

At the Carnival, Max gives Orwell a cure for the drug, and Vince is there at her bedside. He assures her that The Lich is safe in prison, and admits he was worried about her. Orwell asks if she said anything, but Vince doesn’t know what she means. Since Conrad owns the dock properties, even from jail, Fleming can’t buy up the property. Max asks for an introduction and Orwell tells Max that she’s the famous blogger. The circus ringleader welcomes her to the Carnival of Crime and leaves. Vince tucks her in and goes, and Orwell notices a white door standing by itself, moving toward her.