Razer - Recap

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Gang Wars

Dana is bringing Trip home from school past the Palm City Public Library when gang members open fire on the ARK troopers on the street. She manages to get her son to cover as the two sides fire on each other, and then the gang members drive away.

Orwell is Not Watching

Later, Dana gives a statement to the ARK detective, and warns that they still have gunfire on their doorstep because ARK is corrupt. The officer warns her to be careful and tells her to go home. Vince, who has secretly watched the entire scene, walks up afterward and collects Trip’s discarded backpack.

That night, Fleming and his people meet with Scales, and the CEO warns that he doesn’t care about the city. However, he wants to maintain the perception that he keeps control of the city to maintain ARK’s image. Fleming offers Scales the outskirts while he controls the business district. As they talk, Chess’ voice echoes in Fleming’s head, insisting that “he” wants out. Scales isn’t intimidated, and Chess warns that Fleming is soft and should let Chess take over. Fleming demands an answer from Scales, and the gang lord agrees to the deal.

In his lair, Vince contemplates Trip’s paper and notes to Orwell that the gang war is right outside of his family’s apartment. Orwell is busy playing computer solitaire and is unimpressed, and Vince calls her on it. She finally gets up and leaves. Raia arrives, her hands covered in blood, and says that Rollo is badly hurt. Vince goes with her to the carnival, and Rollo explains that Scales has made a deal with ARK and is expanding his control into Trolley Park and the carnival. He’s called in the Razer, an Australian bomb maker and assassin, to take out Max. Ruvi doesn’t see the point of getting involved in a gang lord when they’re mere thieves, but Vince disagrees. The two almost come to blows before Max breaks them up, and Vince warns that they can’t walk away. Max says that they don’t get involved, and Vince tells him to move. As Vince leaves, Max says that they’re not leaving yet, and he’ll have to play the part of gang lord if that’s what it takes.

Fleming’s doctor, Samuel, checks on the CEO and notes that his blood pressure is higher than usual. Fleming warns that Chess is back, and that “he” is showing up unannounced. Chess is obsessed with The Cape, and wants the contest. Samuel suggests that he speak to Chess, but Fleming warns that Chess doesn’t like him. The doctor is undeterred.

Rollo gets up out of bed and warns Vince that without a top dog, the city will go up in flames. When Vince says that his target is Fleming, Rollo tells him that he has to wear The Cape for everyone, not just Trip. The circus enforcer says that he reads the comics, and The Cape would go after the gang members. Raia comes out to check on Rollo, and explains that no one knows what Razer really looks like, but he’s partially deaf and has a wooden leg. Scales is calling him in sight-unseen because he wants results. Vince gets an idea and tells them he needs a crash course in bomb making.

On the docks, Max meets with Scales and his gang lord ally, Tommy Mollinari, aka Pokerface because a bullet wound keeps him from blinking. Scales demands 20% of Max’s take in return for providing security, but Max refuses and disappears in a puff of smoke.

Orwell arrives late to set Vince up with a wiretap. He notes that she hasn’t blogged anything in four days, but she ignores him and puts on the wiretap. When Vince notes that she hasn’t slept and isn’t on her game, Orwell tells him to get out of her head or get another partner.

Ruvi is packing to leave and warns Max that he’s got no idea what he’s doing. Max says that he’s training Vince for a reason, but Ruvi wants his 5% of the last heist. When he refuses to listen, Max says the name Deveraux, and says that Vince can make it possible. Ruvi is interested, and Max asks him to stay a little longer. Vince arrives and says he has a gag to draw Scales’ attention away from Max. Max and Vince both look at Ruvi, who agrees.

Scales’ driver is bringing the facially scarred Razer in from the airport when Ruvi blocks there way, posing as a cab driver. While Rollo knocks out Razer, Ruvi hypnotizes the driver and convinces him to forget the entire incident... and to accept that Vince, wearing a scar like Razer’s, is the passenger he picked up at the airport.


Scales greets Vince, assuming he’s Razer, and tells Vince that Razer killed his kid sister when she was in Australia. Scales’ men draw their guns, but Vince snaps right back at him, calling his bluff. Impressed, Scales calls his men off and takes Vince to the improvised explosives lab that they’ve filled with the common components that Razer had requested to make his explosives.

The carnies lock up Razer in a circus cage. He watches Raia practice and flirts with her, and invites her to come closer. She refuses, but agrees to give him a piece of her gum, and Razer secretly smiles in triumphant.

Samuel tells Fleming that he’s going to attempt integration of Fleming and Chess. Fleming doesn’t believe it’s possible, but Samuel insists he only wants what’s best for Fleming. He steps out and Fleming takes a pair of chess piece contacts out of their container.

Scales’ man Kazzie watches over Vince until Scales calls him away. Once Vince is alone, Vince looks around.

When Samuel returns, he discovers that the Chess persona has taken over Fleming’s body. It threatens Samuel, who says that he can provide doors into Fleming’s mind that Chess doesn’t have. Samuel asks if Chess can keep a secret from Fleming.

The Cape Strike

Scales’ men are hijacking a load of cars when The Cape knocks two of them out. He leaves Kazzie conscious and gives him a message. Kazzie relays the message to Scales, that The Cape is still watching. Vince returns and watches from the lab as Scales wonders how The Cape learned of the crime an hour after he planned it. Pokerface calls to say that The Cape hit him as well and he wants a sit down. Fleming’s man Mick Reese arrives to collect Scales’ payment to ARK, while Vince captures it on a miniature camera. Reese lays out the entire arrangement and complains that Scales isn’t paying his proper dues, and Scales blames ARK for putting The Cape onto him. He sends Reese away before he does something violent.

Samuel tells Fleming that he convinced Chess not to appear again. Fleming doesn’t believe it, and Samuel insists that Fleming doesn’t need to split off his dark side. What he needs to do is sublimate it in a constructive way. Samuel tells Fleming to probe within himself and see if he can locate Chess, and Fleming admits that he can’t. As he leaves, Fleming warns Samuel to always be honest with him.

Kazzie returns to the lab and almost catches Vince with the camera. As Vince goes back to work, Kazzie notes that when Razer called from the airport, he told them to look for a man with scars on the left side of his face. However, Vince has scars on the right side. Vince tries to bluff and Kazzie backs down... for the moment.

Scales and Pokerface meet on the docks, and Pokerface figures he’d be better off dealing with the cops than ARK. One of Pokerface’s men, Lil Z, accuses Scales of having a snitch, and Pokerface tells him to get him Trolley Park and put an end to The Cape. As Scales goes, Pokerface has his man give him eye drops and then screams in pain. Down the street, Vince smiles and tosses a can of turpentine in a trash can.

Scales Smells a Rat

Back at the warehouse, Scales tells Razer to load up. He’s going to call a meet on Trolley Park, then use a charge to bring down the depot on Max. When Vince comments it’s not a bad scheme, Scales notes that he was the one who came up with it over the phone. Vince tries to bluff it out, and Scales calls Kazzie to the side.

Razer makes a bomb out of the gum and his hearing aid, blows the lock on the cage, and escapes before Ruvi can stop him.

Kazzie comes to get Vince and demands at gunpoint that he come down. Scales and his men are there, and Scales shows them a box in the middle of the table. He finally reveals that it contains a cake.

Rollo and Raia insists that they have to rescue Vince, but Ruvi says they owe him nothing and The Cape should save him. Max agrees with Ruvi, and says that The Cape should save Vince.

Scales gives a piece of cake to each of his men as a reward, until only Vince and Noodle are left. He says that the traitor will not get a piece of cake, and then reveals... the real Razer. Scales’ men quickly subdue Vince as he tries to escape.

The White Room

Max goes to his quarters and takes his old cape out of a chest.

Scales’ men take Vince to the shower room, and Scales beats him. When Vince offers to tell him what he wants to know, Scales beats him anyway. He invites Pokerface in to take his own revenge, and then demands to know where he can find The Cape. Scales wonders if Vince is The Cape and then orders Kazzie to get the acid. The lights go out and Max strikes from the shadows. Scales fires blindly into the darkness, killing several of Pokerface’s men. When the lights come up, both Max and Vince have vanished.

Max gets Vince back to his lair and advises him to get some rest. As Max goes, Vince promises that he won’t forget. He then downloads the footage from the camera and calls Orwell. When Vince tells her that he has the evidence they need, he’s unaware that she’s destroyed the furniture in her apartment and painted everything white.