Endgame - Recap

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Déjà Vu

Orwell is in her white-painted room, sobbing and begging it to stop while ignoring her phone.

At home, Dana and Trip watch the news, which is broadcasting footage provided by Orwell showing the conspiracy between ARK and organized crime. In his lair, Vince is watching the same news program when Orwell comes in. He congratulates her but she ignores him and stares at the TV. She finally tells him that she’s suffering from migraines, but Vince demands answers. When Orwell wonders why he wants to know, he assures her that he’s her friend. She explains that the headaches come in waves, and that they’ll be over soon. They watch the footage, which shows Mick Reese paying off Scales at the latter’s warehouse and outlining the terms of his deal with ARK.

Fleming holds a press conference claiming that he knew nothing of the corruption within his organization. He asks the citizens of Palm City to let him conduct an internal investigation, and informs the press that his troops are preparing to make an arrest. Vince and Orwell watch from the crowd, and slip away as the press bombard Fleming with questions.

At home, Marty’s two children are watching the news and his wife Susan wonders why Marty isn’t at work. He tells her not to do his job, and she warns that job is tearing them up and suggests that he resign. Marty’s son C.J. sees a news van pull up outside and an ARK trooper comes to the window. Helicopters move in, shaking the house, and the troopers storm in and arrest Marty.

Art of the Deal

Later, Fleming comes to see Marty in his cell and tells him to take the fall. In return, Fleming will provide for Marty’s family. If Marty doesn’t take the deal, Fleming promises to kill anyone who tries to help him, including Susan, Leyla, and C.J, and make it appear that Marty committed suicide.

Vince and Orwell watch the broadcast of Marty being taken away, and Orwell figures that if they can get to Marty, they can get him to testify that Fleming is Chess. Orwell gets a call and learns that Marty has been assigned a public defender.

Dana comes to see Marty in his cell. He warns her to stay away and calls for the guard, but Dana insists that she’s the only friend that he has and that he’s being framed just like Vince. After a moment, Marty sits down with her and tells her to let it go. He insists that he has to protect his family, and that she can’t do anything to oppose Fleming. Dana says that she knows what it’s like to have a family tarred with the brush of an innocent father portrayed as a criminal, and she appeals to Marty as a family friend. She promises to stay with him and give him the chance that Vince never had. Marty agrees to think about it and Dana goes to work on bail.

Vince prepares to leave the lair, taking his cape with him. When Orwell warns that Dana is in trouble, Vince says that he knows and that he plans to be there to stand between her and Fleming.

Scales comes to the tailor’s shop where Fleming is having a suit measured. When Fleming notes that they’re in it together, Scales points out that he was the one being seen on the tape as the victim of a shakedown. The CEO warns that if he goes away, Scales won’t be able to hold his position as godfather of crime, and offers to buy him a suit. Fleming assures Scales that he has Marty in hand, but Dana might get him talking. He tells Scales to shut down without making her a martyr.

Travis meets with Dana and reminds her that he’s her boss. When she asks if he’s going to bar her from taking the case, Travis notes that Fleming’s lawyer will play on the fact that her husband was Chess. Dana asks Travis to be her co-council, and get Marty out of town to the Feds in return for witness protection. Travis says he’ll check with his contacts in the Department of Justice, and Dana leaves to take care of Trip.

As Dana goes to the parking lot, Travis gets a call from one of Fleming’s men, telling him to talk sense to Dana or they’ll break Trip’s legs. Meanwhile, two men attack Dana, but Vince intervenes as the Cape and takes them out. He warns her that Fleming won’t stop and she has to think of her son. As Dana insists that she is doing it because of her son, Travis arrives, armed with a stapler. The Cape blames him for leaving Dana unescorted, and Dana interrupts them to admit that she needs to be much more careful. Now she’s sure that Marty has to testify, and insists that it’s worth the risk. Vince and Travis both promise to be there for her, and Vince disappears in a puff of smoke.

In Broad Daylight

Susan comes to see Marty and asks if he was involved with Vince, and that’s why Dana is helping him. Marty says it isn’t, and Susan asks if Dana’s accusations at the party were true. He admits that he was, and that Fleming is involved. Marty admits that he turned a blind eye to Fleming’s activities, and that he’s doing it to protect her and their children. He explains that they’ll have to start over again if they make the deal with the Feds, but they’ll be together. Susan tells him that he has to stop Fleming no matter what it takes before he destroys another family, and promises to stand by her husband if he does the right thing. The guard arrives to inform Marty that he’s made bail, and Marty assumes that Dana is responsible.

Dana arrives at ARK headquarters along with the press. She gets inside and tells Marty that she didn’t post the bail. The ARK troopers take Marty and Susan out against Marty’s and Dana’s wishes, while Vince watches from the crowd. He checks with Orwell, who confirms that the person posting bail did so anonymously. They figure that it’s a setup, and Vince tells Orwell to get Marty’s children to safety. Donning the cape and mask, Vince prepares to help his friend. Meanwhile, two “reporters” pull out guns and advance on Marty. Vince stops them and the press captures him on film, while the female reporter escapes, removing her blonde wig. As the press takes pictures, Vince uses smoke bombs to escape with Dana, Marty, and Susan.

As ARK puts Palm City into lockdown, Vince takes Dana and the others to a magic shop that Max has “borrowed” from a friend. As Max shows Marty and Susan around under the eyes of an angry Rollo, Vince checks Dana’s belongings for any tracking devices. He finds a keychain with a picture of himself with his family, and asks where Trip is. She assures him that Trip is with her parents, while Vince destroys her cellphone so Fleming can’t track the GPS. Dana realizes that he’s angry at her, and asks why he’s doing it for her and Trip. Vince says that he’s not angry at her, and he’s working on a plan to get Marty out of Palm City.

Fleming is playing chess with his tailor and considering his plans. Scales arrives and Fleming explains that he wants him to deal with Marty and the Cape since he can’t trust his own people. The crime lord agrees in return for Fleming paying him from now on, and Fleming agrees.

The Hunt

ARK troopers led by Saxton turn over the Voyt household looking for clues, and Saxton finds Leyla’s toy cellphone holder.

Orwell brings Leyla and C.J. to the magic shop, and Leyla compliments Orwell on her boots. Orwell tells her to be tough and Leyla agrees. Orwell then tells Vince that ARK has set up checkpoints to seal in the city. Rollo suggests that they use a small freight train for the carnival to get the Voyts out of Palm City. Max warns that they have to get the Voyts through Trolley Park to the freight yard, and Vince tells them to put the plan in motion. Meanwhile, Marty asks to talk to Dana in private. Vince listens secretly as Marty tells Dana that Vince was innocent and he helped Fleming framed him. She slaps him, and Marty explains that he tried to stop him from leaving to check out the rail yard. Dana asks what her husband’s last words were, but Marty says he doesn’t know. Crying, Dana talks about how Trip had to watch his father die on TV, and how Marty let them destroy Vince’s name. Marty insists that he’s trying to protect Dana and Trip from Chess, and tells her that Fleming is Chess. He begs her to keep the news secret, and that Fleming will destroy anyone who knows.

Vince prepares to go in, but Max stops him and says that he understands. After a moment, Vince walks away to watch over the Voyts... unaware that ARK is tracking Leyla’s cellphone.

Secrets and Lies

That night, Orwell and Vince talk on the rooftop, and she warns him that if he tells Dana who he is, he’ll put his family at risk. He wonders if he can handle the pressure, but Orwell tells him that he’s just a few hours away from being able to go home. When Vince asks if she’s okay, Orwell admits that someone is watching her but she doesn’t know who. He asks to help her, but she tells him that there’s nothing anyone can do. As she walks away, Marty comes out and thanks Vince. He insists that he’s not evil like Fleming, and everything he does is for his family. He’s spent the months since reliving how he hoped to save Vince, but froze at the last moment. Marty figures that if Vince had been in his position, he would have saved him.

Scales meets with his men, who are torturing a shopkeeper for information on the Cape. The shopkeeper insists that he doesn’t know anything.

Vince finds Dana crying, and she asks who he is and why he cares. She figures that he’s lost someone to Fleming, and thanks him for giving Trip hope. Max interrupts to tell them that it’s time. As the Voyts prepare to leave, Leyla’s cellphone rings as one of her friends calls. They realize that their location has been compromised. Vince tells Max and Rollo to get Susan and her children to the freight yard, and Orwell to take Dana to Trip and wait for his call. He thanks Max for his help, and then goes with Marty.


ARK troopers arrive at the magic shop but find no way in. As they spread out to cover the perimeter, Max and Rollo get their charges out through a secret door and head the for the freight yard. Vince and Marty lead the troopers off into a nearby building, drawing fire. They run into the streets, and Marty knocks out a trooper, takes his gun, and opens fire on their pursuers.

Scales arrives at the magic shop and realizes where Max and Rollo have escaped to.

Marty and Vince get to the freight yard, but there’s no sign of the others. Marty wants to go find them, but Vince warns him to stay hidden until they know what they’re up against. The Voyts finally arrive and head for the train, but Scales steps out and prepares to shoot Vince. Marty throws himself in the way, taking the bullet for his friend. The ARK troopers arrive but Scales tells them to stay back. They arrest him and start searching for Marty and Vince.

At the train, Max tells Susan to stay on the train while he goes to find out what’s going on.

Vince gets Marty into hiding and tries to tend to his wound. The dying Marty tells him to get out, insisting he wants to do one thing right, but Vince refuses to leave his friend. He removes his mask and shows Marty that he didn’t kill his friend. Marty makes Vince promise to take care of his family and then dies.

Later, Fleming makes a press statement saying that Marty died as a criminal, and Scales is in custody thanks to ARK police work. He promises the press that it’s a new day in Palm City, and assures them that the Cape will be brought to justice.

Orwell brings Dana and Trip home and checks for bugs. Dana asks where she’s from, and Orwell claims that she’s a military brat that moved round a lot during her childhood. She notices a photo of Dana and Vince together, and says that it’s better not to have any warning of what happened, rather than to see it coming and being unable to change it. Orwell explains that she reads the ending of books first, and tells her that Vince loves her. She then wishes them luck and leaves.

At the carnival, Max pours Vietnamese snake wine for Vince and they choke down a glass together. Max tells his friend that nobody lives together, and drink a toast to Marty.