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Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie’s voiceover telling us that she always believed that she truly belonged to Manhattan. But then she wakes up realizing that it was nothing but a dream. She introduces herself as Carrie Bradshaw who lives in Connecticut. Carrie wakes up in the morning and frantically goes through her belongings. She then marches in to her sister’s room and asks for her mother’s purse. Dorritt tells her that she did not take it. Carrie goes through Dorritt’s stuff and finds pot. She tells her that she will tell their father about the pot. A cat fight ensues and the father breaks it up.

He asks them to get dressed for school. The voiceover then tells us that they had lost their mother three months ago and hence this chaos. Later, Tom tells Carrie that she is the older one and Dorritt is a difficult to deal with. But he adds that their mom would want them to get along. She tells him that Dorritt took the purse. Tom is having a tough time raising them. Carrie tells him that the purse is important to her as she needs a piece of her mother to be with her. Tom has an idea; he takes her to her mother’s closet; the place they had been forbidden to enter. Tom lets Carrie have her mother’s sunglasses. Carrie reaches school and finds eyes rolling at her; as if she was some freak who lost her mother. She then meets Donna, her nemesis and her “fake pity” doesn’t really help her situation.

Carrie then meets her best friends Mouse, Maggie and Walt. Maggie and Walt are dating and Maggie tells Carrie about the new, rich kid in school; Sebastian. Well, Sebastian arrives and all the girls’ jaws drop. Sebastian walks up to Carrie and tells Carrie that he is sorry for her loss. Maggie and Mouse are shocked and Maggie tells Carrie that she has a lot of explaining to do. Carrie tells her that she met Sebastian at the swim club. Mouse tells them that she met a guy named Seth and she has been dying to tell them. Mouse then tells them that she had sex with Seth and it was quite painful. Just then Maggie blurts out that it wasn’t the same with her and Walt. The other two are shocked. Maggie doesn’t want them to say a word about this to Walt or anyone else.

They tell Carrie that they should go on a triple date and she should ask Sebastian out. Later, Carrie finds Sebastian sitting on a bench. She tells him that she comes to this place to get away from her thoughts. He tells her that his mother left the house for a tennis instructor. Carrie them remembers the time when she met Sebastian last year at the club and how she kissed him; her first kiss. But Sebastian tells her that his parents are putting up a pool in his house and so he would not be coming to the club. Carrie never saw him after that; until today. Carrie is about to ask Sebastian out when she sees her father in the hallway. Last time he came to school was to announce that her mother lost consciousness and she doesn’t have time. This time, Carrie faints.

Later, Tom tells her that he has arranged for an internship for her in his friend’s law form in Manhattan; for school credits. Carrie is excited. Carrie goes to Dorritt and asks for the purse. She then finds it hidden in a teddy bear; but it has nail polish on it. Carrie is pissed. Dorritt is pissed with her as she had everything that belonged to her mother and that their mother always favored her. Carrie then decides to redo the purse by splattering some more nail polish on it and writes her name on it on Pink. She is now ready. Tom drops off Carrie to firm and Carrie is all excited. But someone bumps into her and her stockings get ripped off. However, the woman from the office shows her the cubicle and explains her job to her. Later, Carrie goes to a department store to get a pair of stockings. She is dazzled by the store.

Just then a woman lunges at Carrie’s purse; and a startled Carrie pushes her away. The woman then introduces herself as Larissa Laughlin, a style editor from Interview magazine. Larissa is a free spirited woman and Carrie is completely awed by her. Llarissa walks out of the store wearing a dress she did not pay for. She tells Carrie that she does this for the thrill and not because she is poor. She asks Carrie to meet her at seven. Carrie tells Mouse what happened. Mouse tells her that Sebastian called for her number as he wanted to ask Carrie out to the dance. Carrie is excited. Just then her boss arrives and brings in a dress that just came for her. Carrie is surprised and she sees that it is a dress from Larissa. She has sent a hot dress for a hot evening. The boss then tells Carrie that she needs t o pick her son up from soccer and so Carrie will have to make it to the train on her own.

But she makes Carrie promise that she would take a cab to the station. Carrie promises. She takes a cab; but not to go to the dance; but to meet Larissa and enter a world that was a stark contrast to where she came from. Carrie tries to call her dad but she gets no answer. Mouse tries to reach Seth but she is unable to reach him. Carrie loses track of time and it is almost midnight. She races for the last train. Carrie is on her way back; realizing that after tonight she would never be the same again. Walt picks up Carrie from the station and Carrie tells him about what happened. He then tells her that Donna was with Sebastian at the dance. They then see Sebastian and Donna in the car. Sebastian tells Carrie that it isn’t what it looks like; but Carrie tells him that he should leave. She fells vulnerable and powerful at the same time. Walt walks her home and he tells her that he doesn’t think that Maggie is the right girl for him. He also says that he said a no to her for sex. Carrie is confused.

But then she reaches home and finds cops at her doorstep. She feels that her father called the cops because she got late. But he tells her that Dorritt is missing. Tom is furious. Dorritt arrives and she is drunk. She tells Carrie that she doesn’t need to worry about her as she is not her mother. Carrie tells her that she is tired worrying about her and for once she just wants to be her sister and not worry about her. Tom has a heart to heart with Carrie and he tells her how tough their mother was with them and now it is up to him to take up her role. But that would mean that he would have to admit that she is no more around. So, Tom tells Carrie that she would not go out for the next two week for being an hour late from her curfew time. Carrie agrees with a smile. Later, Mouse arrives.

She tells Carrie that Seth broke up with her. Tom decides to pack up his wife’s belongings. Dorritt gets to keep her mother’s dress and Carrie decides to keep her blank diaries. Maggie is dating some cop; it is a secret affair. Carrie sits down to pen down her thoughts; it is tough, but is it also a new beginning. The episode ends.