Lie with Me - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie and Sebastian looking into each other’s eyes. They can’t seem to stay away from each other. But looks like Donna is going to stir up some trouble! Tom’s decision of grounding his daughter’s seems to be like a good idea as Dorritt and Carrie are getting along well; for a change they are laughing and having fun! Sebastian calls Carrie and asks her save him from a traumatic dinner at the Country Club with his parents. But Carrie is grounded and so she cannot come. She tells him to stay out of trouble. But that might not be possible as Donna is having dinner at the Club with her family and she sees Sebastian.

Maggie is trying to get Walt to have sex with her; but Walt does not want to. He says that he wants their first time to be special. Donna’s and Sebastian’s families are having dinner together. Sebastian clearly doesn’t think much about country clubs. Donna offers to give him a tour of the club. Well, he agrees as it is better that sitting on the table with their parents. Mouse who is also dining there sees Donna and Sebastian leave the dining room. Mouse immediately calls Carrie and warns her. Carrie tells Mouse that she trusts him. And she doesn’t want Mouse to spy on him. At school, Carrie tells Sebastian that in two weeks her purse is going to be in the magazine. Sebastian tells her that she would be too busy for him with all the parties and openings. She then asks him about the evening at the club.

He tells her that it was eventful. She knows that it is not the whole truth. Just then Donna arrives and decides to tell the truth. She then hands Sebastian his coat that he had given her to keep her warm. Sebastian apologizes to Carrie for not telling her about meeting Donna. He tells her that he did meet Donna at the club and hung out; but nothing happened. He also admits to smoking pot. He tells her that he should have told her; and he assures her that he wouldn’t hide things from her. Carrie tells her friends that her being grounded could spoil her equation with Sebastian. Maggie tells Carrie that she should try to step things up with Sebastian before Donna makes her move. She then suggests that Carrie could invite Sebastian to the swim club. Carrie confronts her about lying that she had sex with Walt.

Maggie tells her that she lied because she was embarrassed. Walt and she have been dating for two years and they still haven’t had sex and when she heard Mouse talking about her sex life with her new boyfriend, Maggie lied about having sex. Tom notices that Carrie is a little off. She tells him that there is a lot going on at school. Carries then arrives at the firm where her boss is complaining that she has too much work and so is unable to go home and change into something sexy before the party. No wonder she doesn’t get laid! Carrie then calls Larissa. Larissa tells her that the shoot which was supposed to happen two weeks later, is today and so Carrie needs to reach the spot as soon as possible. Carrie knows that if she cannot make it to the shoot, then the glamorous life of Manhattan would disappear from her life.

This cannot happen. So she agrees to go to the shoot. Sebastian calls Carrie at work and asks her to accompany him to a concert this weekend. She agrees. But just then her boss arrives and so she hurriedly hangs up the call. She then makes up some plan which works well and Carrie manages to leave the office. But her boss tells her that she needs the work completed by the end of the day; else she wouldn’t be signing the sheet for her school credits. Walt arrives at school and Maggie tries to kiss him on the stairs. Walt tells her that she is smothering him; it makes her look desperate. Carrie arrives at the photo shoot of the interview magazine. Larissa is happy that she could make it.

But later Carrie tells her that she needs to get back to work. Larissa gives her a scarf as a token of appreciation. Carrie arrives at the firm and she is an hour and a half late. The boss is crossed and so Carrie gifts her the scarf to cool her down. The boss is happy but then she still tells Carrie that she needs to finish the assigned work or else she would not sign on the internship credits form. At school, Sebastian is still hanging out with Donna and Mouse doesn’t like that. Dorritt is at her friend’s house and her friend is surprised that Dorritt is getting well along with Carrie. Carrie tells Walt about the close call with Barbara, her boss. Walt tells her that he is ready to do what Maggie wants and that he is going to surprise her after school.

Mouse tells Carrie that Donna was being nice to her at school in front of Sebastian and this is worrisome. She tells Carrie to act fast. Carrie then goes to school and tells Sebastian to meet her at the swin club. But when she reaches the club, she finds Dorritt waiting for her. She totally forgot that she had made plans with her. She explains things to Dorritt and Dorritt leaves. Walt is waiting for Maggie but Maggie is making out with the cop she is having a secret affair with. But then she realizes that there is no real intimacy in their affair. It is purely physical. This does upset her a little. Dorritt reaches home and she is upset. Tome goes to talk to her. Carrie and Sebastian are in the pool ad they kiss.

But just then Tom arrives. He is about to take Carrie home when Sebastian arrives and apologizes to him. He then formally introduces himself to Tom. Tom is impressed with his hand shake. Tom also knows Sebastian’s father. Maggie returns home and finds Walt waiting for her. He tells her that all the while he waited for her, he realized that he does not love her. He had come here, ready to have sex; but as he stood there waiting for Maggie, he realized that this is not what he actually wants. He tells her that they should break up. But he will always be there for her. At home, Tom tells Carrie that she lied to him and now it is going to be difficult to trust her. She tells him that she would not do this again and she would never lie to him.

Her punishment is over and she can go out tonight. But Tom tells her that she cannot date Sebastian. He knows his family and so he wants Carrie to stay away from that boy. Carrie is shocked. Sebastian arrives at her place to take her to the concert; but she tells him that things are pretty bad at home and so she cannot come. He understands and leaves. Tom wants to know who Carrie was talking to. She tells him that it was a salesman.

Carrie then goes to Dorritt and apologizes to her for blowing her off. She tells her that she can make it up to her. She invites her to hang out with her friends and they could watch a movie together. Maggie arrives and declares the break up. They are sad for her. But they are also happy about the fact that they have each other to lean on….the episode ends.