Read Before Use - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie’s voiceover telling us as to how we should read the labels on everything we buy; else we could face a lot of problems. She then moves on to tell us as to how Tom had labeled Sebastian “poison”. She tells her friends about her father’s take on dating Sebastian. Carrie then asks Maggie if she would feel awkward hanging out with Walt as they broke up. Maggie says that she has no issues; but her friends do know that she is a big drama queen. Carrie then decides to take some advice from Larissa; but after hearing about her life, Carrie feels that she has done nothing. Next, Tom is shopping for tampons and he meets a woman named Celia at the store.

She gives him her number just in case he wants “any help”. Carrie meets Sebastian at school and he wants to know what they are doing the next day. She then tells him that they could get something to eat. Carrie is still about her father telling her not to meet Sebastian. At home, she tells Tom that he is a great father. But then she also wants to know why he is not allowing her to meet Sebastian. Tom does not want to talk about it. Carrie wonders if Sebastian’s father is his client. Dorritt arrives saying that she is hungry and Tom tells her that he has got what she wanted. But she then is furious to learn that her father did not bring enough quantity to stalk the fridge. She storms out of the house saying that she is going to Audrey’s. Well, is she really going there? Dorritt is at a pet store where she likes a hamster.

Meanwhile, at home, Carrie sneaks into her father’s locker room where he keeps all his legal files and finds a file labeled S Kydd. She reads the file and is shocked. She then tells her friends that Sebastian was kicked out of her previous school for having sex with his history teacher. Mouse tells her that she should not date Sebastian. Later, they discuss about Mouse’s trip to NY to meet Seth. She tells them that it is not a date but only a casual meeting. Carrie tells her that she should dress like she is going on a date. At Maggie’s house, Mouse sees that Maggie is trying to get rid of things related to Walt. Well, that is going to take a lot of time. So they get to choose a dress for Mouse. But her clothes don’t fit her. They call Carrie for help. Carrie tells her that she can lend Mouse her blue dress.

But Maggie thinks that Carrie should wear it as she is meeting Sebastian. Carrie is not able to find that dress and so she goes to Dorritt’s closet top look for it. Inside a box, she finds a hamster! She screams!! Carrie confronts Dorriitt and Dorritt tells her that their mom was supposed to get her a hamster; but she couldn’t. Carrie feels bad. But on learning that Dorritt shop lifted a hamster, she tells her to return it. Dorritt is upset. Carrie tells her that’s he is going out. Dorritt knows that she is going to meet Sebastian. Well, she strikes a deal; if Carrie would let her keep the hamster, she would not tell their father that Carrie is meeting Sebastian. They have a deal! Carrie meets Sebastian at the park and they kiss. Carrie is smitten and she asks him where he learned to kiss like that.

He tells her that he had a teacher. Just then she is reminded of the file and she leaves. Later, Carrie and Mouse arrive at Manhattan and Seth arrives. They are about to hang out with Larissa. Larissa arrives and takes them to an art exhibit. But Carrie sis stunned when the actual show starts. A former porn star, now turned performance artist, is showing her vagina to every penny that is put in the box! Meanwhile at home, the hamster has escaped from its box and Dorritt tries to search for it. Maggie is still mourning over her breakup and she tears apart the huge teddy that Walt gifted her. Tom meets an old friend who wants to get Tom back into action! He takes Tom to a singles bar. At the art exhibit, Larissa tells Mouse to put a penny in the jar and see Monica’s, the porn star, vagina.

Mouse freaks out and runs away. Seth follows her. So now it is Carrie’s turn. She felt that it looked exactly similar to the one drawn in her biology textbook. Monica then calls Carrie on stage and tells her that she reminds her of when she was young. She then tells Carrie to take her throne and show the world her vagina! Carrie is petrified. But there is another Bradshaw who is a terrified position; Tom! He is blabbering in front of a woman. But he manages to get her number. Carrie is on the stage and she is terrified when the entire crowd cheers for her. She says that she cannot and runs away. Seth and Mouse are glad that they are out of that place. They go to get ice cream. Maggie arrives at Carrie’s place with her decapitated teddy. Dorritt agrees to fix it if Maggie finds the hamster.

Maggie agrees. Carrie reaches home. She has decided that she will see Sebastian. Seth tells Mouse that he has realized that he misses his girlfriend. Mouse is happy to hear him use that word. They kiss. Carrie tells her father about her decision. She tells him that she knows that Sebastian slept with his history teacher. She admits that she went through his files. Tom is furious. He tells her that it is illegal to go through his files. He says that Sebastian I having a bad influence on her and he knows that she was never like this before. He wonders if he could trust her again. He tells her that she is not the Carrie Bradshaw he knew. Tom then arrives in Dorritt’s room. He has found the hamster. He tells Dorritt that she is not allowed to keep animals in the house without consulting him.

He found the hamster chewing on stereo cords. She tells Tom that she is going to return the hamster to the store. She also adds that her mom had told her that she could have one; she finds it funny that it was stupid of her mother to trust her. Tom tells his daughter that her mother was not stupid. He tells her that she can keep the pet; but trying feeding it some food instead of stereo cord! Carrie meets Sebastian and tells him that she knows about his affair. He is shocked and wonders how she found out. She tells him that she read it in her father’s files. He finds this awkward as he did not even know that he had a lawyer. He finds all this snooping around too overwhelming.

He tells her that this thing between them would not work out. He leaves. At the pet store, Carrie tells her father that she is sorry for what she told him earlier that day. He tells her that no matter what he tells her in anger, he will always trust her. The episode ends.