Fright Night - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie’s voiceover telling us that high school is a scary thing as it is difficult to avoid your exes in such a small place. Walt tells Carrie that he too was very careful around the corners as he thought that Maggie would be waiting for him to throw something at him. But looks like Maggie handled it well. It is Halloween party and this time it is sad as Walt and Maggie are not together. Walt and Carrie decide to go for the party together in town. But just then they run into Sebastian and Carrie tells Sebastian that it was rude of him as he did not invite her to his party. He tells her that it would be awkward.

Later, Carrie is with her friends and she is surprised that Sebastian is renting out the entire diner for his party. The girls think that Sebastian is a jerk and it is a good thing that Carrie is not dating him. Walt feels bad for Sebastian as Carrie snooped through his files. But anyways, Carrie and Walt are going to a party in the town and she has a costume to die for! She is dressed as a Princess and Walt as a Prince. Actually, Diana and Charles! Tom is glad that Carrie is partying. Dorritt arrives and Tom wants her to be a part of the pictures he is clicking. But she thinks that Halloween is for losers and she will be staying home. But Carrie tells Tom that she knows that look and tells Tom to check her closet.

Tom finds lots of toilet paper and some liquid. She tells him that it is not hers. Tom tells her that she is staying in for the night. Walt and Carrie arrive at the party. At the party, they meet Benet Wilcox, who is a reputed columnist. They then meet Larissa who tells them that Charles and Di’s was a marriage of convenience. Carrie is shocked to hear the story. She is totally into their romance and Larissa is surprised to learn that. She then tells them that she will show them around. But before that she gives them some pills; ecstasy. She tells them that they are illegal but mandatory for the party. Walt swallows his pill but Carrie throws it on the floor.

Walt is feeling nice that he took the pill as he likes the party better. Carrie finds Wilcox really hot and she tells Walt that she wants to go look for him. Maggie and Mouse are getting ready to go to Sebastian’s party. Mouse doesn’t like the idea but Maggie says that they need to go as they need to know what Sebastian is up to. Mouse agrees. Sebastian gives them a warm welcome. At the NY party, Carrie gets talking to Wilcox. Larissa is really high and Carrie wants to get her something to drink. Wilcox agrees to keep an eye on Walt. Larissa tells Carrie that she had more than one pill and also LSD. Carrie is shocked. Larissa is feeling really hot. She also feels bad as there is no one other than her who could help Larissa.

Larissa heads off to the roof as she wants to fly; she is going to jump off the roof. At home, Dorritt eats away all the candies kept for the trick or treaters. Tom is angry that she ate it all. She tells him that he only bought two bags and that is not enough. She is watching a horror movie and Tom wants to watch it with her. But she tells him to leave and take care of the trick or treaters. She can take care of herself. The scariest thing about Halloween for Tom was that he could not get through to his daughter. At NY, Carrie manages to put Larissa on bed. They talk about their lives and Carrie feels that Larissa’s life is fabulous as she doesn’t have to care about anyone or anything.

But Larissa tells her that it is exhausting being fabulous. Carrie feels that everything she admired about the city and Larissa, was making Larissa miserable. Walt is amazed by Ny and Wilcox tells him that this city is so cramped that even their private stuff becomes public. Later, Wilcox kisses Walt. Walt is taken aback. He tells Wilcox that he is not gay. Wilcox tells him that he is not judging him; he kissed him because he thought Walt wanted him to. Walt tells him that he has a girlfriend and he is not a “fag” like Wilcox. He runs away. Carrie is still with Larissa. She manages to put her to sleep and then leaves to go to Wilcox. At Sebastian’s party, Mouse is playing Pac man and Sebastian joins her.

They then get talking and he tells her how his parents never give him any attention. Mouse thinks that Sebastian is rich enough to buy off anything; but he tells her that he could not buy love. Mouse tells him that she does not like what he did to her friend. He then takes out a joint and lights it. At first Mouse is shocked that he is smoking up in public; but later she too takes a puff. Just then a cop walks him. Next, Wilcox tells Carrie that Walt ran off. Carrie is shocked that his friend is high and running around in the city! They come into the room where Larissa is sleeping and they find a man groping her. Carrie drives him away. She then tells Wilcox to look after Larissa while she goes and finds Walt.

She warns Wilcox to stay away from Larissa and Wilcox tells her that Larissa is not his types. Carries realizes that Wilcox is gay. At Sebastian’s par4ty, we see that the cop who walks in is the guy who Maggie was sleeping around with. She takes him to the washroom and tries having some fun. But he tells her to stay away as no one can learn about their relationship. He tells her that she is underage and he could lose his job or even go to jail for having sex with her. He tells her that he needs to be practical. Maggie is pissed and she tells him to leave the party alone. But he says that he cannot as he is a cop and there is underage drinking happening here.

She reminds him that nothing stopped him from screwing her; so it would be best if he quietly leaves. At home, Dorritt is terrified after watching the horror movie and is having some trouble sleeping. Next, Carrie finds Walt sitting on the pavement. He looks all lost and confused. Carrie tells him that it could be because of the drugs that he might not be feeling like himself. But to Walt, it seems that he did really find himself. They go home.

When Carrie reaches home, she finds Sebastian standing at her doorstep. He has brought a totally stoned Mouse with him. He tells Carrie that Mouse is really high and so he could not take her home to her parents. So he brought her here. Carrie finds this very thoughtful and thanks him. He leaves. Carrie realizes that Sebastian is not all that selfish. Walt arrives at Maggie’s and kisses her. The episode ends.