Dangerous Territory - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie struggling with files at work and she runs into a cute guy; George. George tells her that they had met when they were kids. Their fathers know each other. He is Harlan’s son. Carrie now remembers him and his prank that he played on her; she ended up being on an oatmeal diet for a week and almost scratched her face off. George then invites Carrie to a party and she says no. Maggie is shocked and asks Carrie if there is something wrong with her. Mouse thinks that George is dumb because he has taken a gap year before starting college. But then that is still not a reason to say no.

Carrie tells them that she is very busy with her work, studies and also studying for her driver’s test; George could be a distraction. But her friends know that the real reason is Sebastian. Maggie then talks about Walt and her sex life. She tells them that the best way to get a guy’s attention is to show that they are unavailable. This is the only way Carrie can get Sebastian’s attention. Maggie also tells Mouse that maybe Seth did not like the sex they had and that could be the reason he took a break. Mouse is worried. Meanwhile, Tom is also worried because he has lost his wedding ring.

His friend tells him that it is time that he stopped wearing the ring and moved on. Mouse makes plans to spend time with Seth and “do it” since it has been two months. Seth tells her that sex isn’t everything and it doesn’t matter to him. Mouse isn’t convinced. Carrie takes her driving test and she clears the first part. She is very confident about the parallel parking. But just then she sees Sebastian kissing Donna. She loses focus and obviously fails the test. Tom realizes that she got distracted and tells her that she shouldn’t lose focus. Sebastian tells Carrie that he has been hanging out with Donna for a while. Carrie tells him that it is cool with her because she too is seeing someone.

She tells Sebastian that his name is George and his mother’s name is Kick. Later, Carry calls George and tells him that she can go to the party with him. Barbara helps Carrie to choose a dress for the party. She tells her that it is called the “Jewel Party” and it is one of the most talked about parties in town. Every woman is assigned a color; ruby, emerald or sapphire and Kick wears white and covers herself in rubies, emeralds and sapphires. George has asked Carrie to wear blue. Barbara is being nice to Carrie and Carrie wants to know why. Barbara tells her that in the beginning she thought that Carrie was just another kid who is using Harlan’s name to get an internship and improve her scores.

But she is glad that Carrie is a hard worker and she would like George to hang out with someone like her. Mouse, Maggie and Walt are at the diner and Mouse thinks that she doesn’t have a hot body and that is why maybe Seth might not enjoy sex with her. Donna and her friends arrive at the diner and the trio wonders why she is here; she never hangs out at the diner. Maggie tells her that this is their territory and tells Donna that she is not leaving. Mouse and Walt leave and Maggie waits back alone at the diner, trying to safeguard their territory. Tom tells Harlan that he learned from the jeweler that his wife lost her wedding ring three times. He is shocked.

Harlan tells him that this should make him happy. He then tells Tom that George is going to hang out with Carrie and he is happy about it. Mouse tells Walt that she thinks that she is bad with sex and asks him for help. Walt asks her to meet him after school. Tom is really distracted about losing his wedding ring and he ends up hitting a woman with his car. He apologizes. George arrives to pick up Carrie and he is wearing a tuxedo. George forgot to mention that it is a formal event. Carrie is now worried; she doesn’t want to go to a formal party wearing a knee length dress. But she fixes it and turns it into a formal gown. At the party, she learns that Kick has invited George’s ex to the party. She was in rehab and now Carrie fears that she is on someone else’s territory.

Blythe and her friend are very rude with Carrie. Walt shows mouse a video on sex. Mouse is surprised to know that what she is looking at is even physically possible. She is determined to master it; but she has just an hour left. The dinner doesn't go very well and Carrie ends up hiding in the bathroom. She calls Mouse. She tells Mouse that Kick did not like her. Mouse tells her to stop worrying about Kick and concentrate in George. Seth arrives and Mouse hangs up. They have great sex and Seth I surprised. He thinks that Mouse learned it from another guy. He tells her that he is relieved that she too had sex with someone else.

Mouse is shocked. Seth tells her that he too slept with two other women after they broke up. Kick tells George that Carrie is not the right match for him. Carrie is upset and leaves the party. George goes after her. He stops Carrie from leaving. Carrie tells him that she doesn’t fit into his world. George tells her that he is tired of his pretentious world and wants something real in life. Carrie is glad to hear this. Tom exchanges numbers with the woman he hit with his car. He realizes that he is ready to move on.

Seth is jealous that Mouse slept with another guy. He cannot take it. He feels that it is okay that he slept with other women because he is a guy. But he cannot tolerate the fact that Mouse slept with some other guy. He wants to know the guy’s name. Mouse tells him that his name is Walt! Seth swears that he is going to bash Walt’s face if he ever happens to meet him. Maggie and Donna are still fighting and Sebastian arrives at the diner. He convinces Donna to leave from there. Maggie realizes that Sebastian really likes Donna despite her being a bitch. Carrie won her territory; but she definitely lost the war.

Meanwhile, George brings Carrie back to the house and tells his mother that he is going out with Carrie. Kick begins to cry and tells her that she is lonely and she doesn’t want to lose her son. George goes in to get his coat. Carrie tells Kick that she could stop pretending. Kick tells her that this stunt always works. She really doesn’t want to lose her son. Carrie tells her that she knows about being alone. She tells Kick that she lost her mother to cancer. Kick realizes that she is Carrie Bradshaw; Grace’s daughter! George did not mention her last name. Kick and Grace were close friends and they used to hang out together. Their fathers worked in the same law firm. Tom wanted to move to the suburbs because he did not want to raise a family in the city.

Kick is really glad that she met Grace’s daughter. She lets the kids leave and have fun. The next day, at the diner, Mouse and Seth arrive and Mouse introduces him to Maggie and Walt. Seth is about to beat up Walt. Carrie arrives. Mouse then tells him that she did not sleep with Walt; she only saw a “how to” video with Walt. Seth is relieved and apologizes for being a jerk. Carrie realizes that a lot happened while she was away. Everyone is happy. Carrie gets her driving license and she teaches George to drive. The episode ends.