Endgame - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie’s voiceover telling us how her mother used to love Thanksgiving and how she used to make it the most perfect day by cooking amazing food. Carrie wants to continue the tradition and wants to make it the perfect day for her family. She is making out with George; but her mind is busy thinking about the menu. Next, Carrie learns from Walt that Sebastian is spending Thanksgiving with his mother. She then tells her friends that she wants to cook the perfect meal for Thanksgiving. They are shocked to hear that. Carrie then tells them that she will let her grandmother do most of the cooking and she will only assist her.

She wants this day to be perfect; it is the first Thanksgiving after her mother passed away. Carrie arrives home with the groceries and Tom tells her that there was a storm in Florida and all the flights are cancelled. He tells her that her grandparents cannot come for Thanksgiving. He also tells her that he has invited Harlan and George for dinner and that they can order food. Carrie tells him that she will cook. Dorritt doesn’t like that idea. Carrie tells her father that she will follow her mother’s recipes and she will manage to cook the dinner. Carrie is all worked up about George coming home and she hides her Hello Kitty collection and some other stuff she doesn’t want George to see; she wants him to think that she is cool.

Dorritt arrives and tells Carrie to stop acting all grown up; it is annoying. Carrie tells Dorritt to behave normally and not embarrass her in front of the guests. Maggie is going to spend Thanksgiving with Walt and his family and her cop boyfriend arrives at her place. Maggie’s brother invited him for drinks. But despite that Maggie leaves to meet Walt. Next, Carrie is about to begin cooking when she sees that all of her mother’s recipes are ruined. She also is not able to find the cookbooks. She asks Dorritt if she remembers any of the recipes and she says no. Dorritt seems to be enjoying Carrie’s plight. Carrie then calls Mouse for help. Mouse arrives with a whole pile of cook books.

George and Harlan arrive and Carrie greets them. She then takes George on a tour of her house. They go into her bedroom and they kiss. George tells her that he wanted to kiss her since the time he saw her in the apron. Dorritt arrives and tells Carrie that Mouse needs her in the kitchen. She offers to keep George company. Carrie doesn’t like the sound of it. At Walt’s house, Maggie is feeling totally out of place. Walt’s mother asks her about her plans after high school and Maggie hasn’t decided on which college she wants to go to. This doesn’t sit well with Walt’s mother. Mouse and Carrie have no idea how to cook the turkey. But at the moment that is not Carrie’s main problem.

She is totally worried to see that Dorritt is bonding with George and she fears that Dorritt would tell him some of the most hideous things about Carrie. But Mouse tells her that she shouldn’t be worrying about that. She tells Carrie that the turkey she bought is too big and doesn’t fit in the oven. Carrie manages to make it fit inside. Tom and Harlan are enjoying the game and George is getting bored. He excuses himself. Harlan tells Tom that the turkey smells good and that it has been a long time since he has had homemade food. Meanwhile, Sebastian learns that his mother bailed out on him. She flew away to spend time with her boyfriend. He decides to stay home, watch the game and order pizza.

After food, Maggie is clearing the table and Walt notices that she is pissed. She tells him that she does not like the fact that he cannot stand up to his parents and tell them that he wants to go a college of his choice and not theirs. But Walt tells her that Dartmouth has been very important to his father and he doesn’t want to hurt his parents. Maggie feels bad about the fact that no one in her life is thinking about her future; including herself. She tells Walt that she was serious that she would follow him to college. Walt had laughed at her because he always knew that Maggie was very sure about herself (unlike him) and he wants her to do what she likes. Carrie is tired of the fact that Dorritt is trying to ruin her “perfect Thanksgiving”.

She finds Dorritt smoking pot in the backyard. She yells at Dorritt and she learns that Dorritt was the one who ruined the recipes and hid the cookbooks. She now realizes that Dorritt was not trying to torture her; spending a Thanksgiving without her mother was a torture for Dorritt. Carrie feels bad for her sister. She goes to the room and tries to get Dorritt out. But she refuses to come out. George arrives and asks if everything is alright. He tells her that the holidays always brought out the worst in his family; somebody or the other would always blow up. Mouse arrives and she is a mess. Mouse tells George that Harlan said that she looked like the oriental maid. She then tells Carrie that there is smoke coming out of the oven.

Everyone is in the kitchen and Tom asks Carrie what she did. Carrie is upset and she loses her cool on her father. She tells him that she was trying to have a perfect day just like her mother used to. She also tells Tom that he did not even care to help or check on it while she was handling everything on her own. She is about to tell about Dorritt smoking pot; but she stops. The oven blows up. The power goes out as well. Dorritt thanks her sister for not telling her father that she was smoking pot. She then tells Carrie that she missed her mother a lot and that hearing Carrie yell at the oven, reminded her of their mother and that freaked her out.

She says that she wanted to forget this day; that is why she ruined the recipes and got stoned. Dorritt then tells her sister that their mother hated Thanksgiving because she had to do all the cooking and she couldn’t handle all the stress and Tom would be busy watching the game. Carrie is surprised to learn this. Tom is upset about the fact that he did not fulfill his responsibility of keeping the family going on. He feels the he should have been the one doing things to make Thanksgiving perfect for his family. Maggie’s cop boyfriend tries to make out with her; but she asks him to leave. Carrie feels bad that she was not able to make the day perfect. George tells her that it is alright and that his holidays have been far worse than this one.

He kisses her and leaves. Maggie arrives and the three friends talk about the events of the day. Just then someone knocks at the door; it is Sebastian. Sebastian and Carrie talk and Sebastian wonders if they could go back in time and change things and start things over. But Carrie tells him that they cannot. He is about to leave and Carrie asks him if he wants to stay and have dinner with them. Tom comes out and Carrie asks him if Sebastian could join them.

Tom agrees because he feels that no one should be alone on Thanksgiving. Carrie tells Tom that calling Sebastian wasn’t a part of her plan. Tom tells her that he trusts her judgment. He also tells her that he is taking over the food department. They go inside. Everyone looks happy and they all have dinner together. The episode ends.