Caught - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie’s voiceover telling us how she is caught between Sebastian and George. George has decided to drive Carrie to work every day so that he could spend more time with her. Barbara is an hour and a half late; and she tells Carrie that she slept over at Paul’s place last night and had a “good” time. She sounds like an excited teenager. Later, Maggie tells Carrie that she should ask George out to the winter dance. Carries thinks that George might not like it. Mouse tells Carrie that she is bringing Seth and so Carrie should bring George along. Just then Donna arrives and thanks Carrie for taking in Sebastian on Thanksgiving.

At home, Tom is still struggling with his wife’s death. He checks his mail and sees two tickets for The Nutcracker in it. This is a tradition Grace and Dorritt would follow. Carrie thinks that Tom should take Dorritt this year. Tom is not sure; but when he tells Dorritt, she readily agrees. Maggie and Donna talk about the dance and Donna tries to make fun of Maggie because Walt is sick and hence Maggie will be alone at the dance. Larissa is planning for her next photo shoot. Carrie gives her a few suggestions and Larissa points out that Carrie has a good knack for writing. She then tells Carrie that she should work for her at the Interview Magazine. Carrie is glad to hear that. So now, Carrie seems to be caught between two worlds.

Maggie tells Carrie that she should take up Larissa’s internship offer, but Carrie thinks she would end up disappointing her father because he is the one who got her the job at the law firm. Just then Mouse arrives and she is upset that she got a B+. She has never gotten lower than an A. She realizes that she has made Seth her priority and that resulted in her low grades. Mouse thinks that they should spend less time talking about guys and spend more time thinking about their passing lives. They then tell Mouse about Carrie’s new offer and Mouse thinks that Carrie should discuss it with her father. Maggie thinks that Carrie should simply take up the job and not tell her father. She tells her that her father would never come to know what she is doing once she is in the city. Now, Carrie is caught between two friends’ opinions.

Carrie meets Sebastian in the hallway and she tells him that it is nice that Donna knows about the Thanksgiving dinner. Sebastian tells her that he told Donna because he didn’t want Carrie to be a part of a lie. He tells her that he will see her at the dance and leaves. Carrie now decides that she will not be going to the dance empty handed. She calls George. At home, Carrie tells Tom that she wants to talk to him about her job at the law firm. But before she could say anything further, Tom tells her that a lot of work was done to place her at the firm. Neither the firm, nor her college was sure that Carrie would be able to handle the job since there is too much pressure. Carrie feels guilty when she hears this and decides not to tell her father about the new offer. She then asks Tom if he always wanted to be a lawyer.

Tom tells her that he didn’t want to do anything else. He also states that he is happy that they are in the same profession. He feels that one day Carrie could become a great lawyer. He tells her that she was right about Sebastian. He feels that Sebastian is a decent kid, who simply made a mistake when he was young. Carrie is glad that her father changed his opinion about Sebastian. Just then Larissa calls and Carrie is shocked to receive her call. Larissa does not know that Carrie is in high school; she thinks that Carrie is a grown woman who works at the firm. Larissa tells her that she wants an answer by Monday. Next, Mouse talks to her teacher about her low grades. The teacher gives her an extra credits test; but Mouse needs to complete the test by 8pm and leave it in her office.

She is chaperoning the dance and so her office would be open. It looks like Mouse is going to have to miss the dance. Next, Carrie is getting dressed for the dance and Tom walks in with mail that arrived for her. Tom thinks that it is from the firm. But Carrie opens the mail and finds a magazine that Larissa sent. It has the caption that Carrie suggested. Carrie is really excited. At the dance, Maggie and Seth go to get drinks and Mouse sneaks out to complete the test. Later, Seth finds Mouse sitting in the hallway and struggling with her test. He joins her. Sebastian arrives with Donna and Carrie introduces George as her new boyfriend. Sebastian did not know that Carrie had a new boyfriend. Tom and Dorritt arrive for the show and Tom clearly has no clue about Dorritt’s likes and dislikes.

Tom falls asleep during the show. Maggie’s cop boyfriend arrives at the dance and they kiss. Seth and Mouse rush to the teacher’s office and they find that the door is locked. Mouse slips the paper through the door; but it lands under the teacher’s desk in a place where it would go unnoticed. Seth tries to open the lock with a bobby pin and the janitor arrives and stops them. On the dance floor, Carrie is dancing with George and Sebastian is staring at them. George goes to get drinks and Carrie asks him to stop staring. Sebastian wants to know why Carrie didn’t tell him about her new boyfriend. She tells him that what she does is none of his business. She then walks up to George and kisses him and tells him that they should go someplace else.

Sebastian is totally upset and Donna notices it. She is pissed. Mouse and Seth are now standing in front of her teacher and she refuses to take the test since Mouse was late turning it in. Dorritt is angry with her father for dozing off during the dance. He tells her that he stayed up three nights straight to work on a case, so that he could bring her for the dance. Dorritt feels bad for her father. She tells him that she does not know how to talk to him. She says that Carrie has him and she had her mother. This means that she is all alone now. Tom tries to comfort her; but she tells him that she is cool with being alone. Donna sees Maggie making out with her cop boyfriend. She then tells Maggie that’s he will keep her mouth shut if Maggie would keep Carrie away from Sebastian.

Meanwhile, George pressures Carrie to have sex, and Carrie breaks up with him. Maggie then tells Carrie about her affair with the cop and Carrie tells her that she should tell Walt about it. She feels that it is better if he hears it from her rather than Donna. Mouse thinks that they are losing focus and tells Seth that they should break up. Seth’s grades have been suffering as well. He reluctantly agrees. Next, we see that Carrie has finally made her decision; she walks into the office of the Interview Magazine. The episode ends.