Hush Hush - Recap

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The episode begins with Tom dropping off Carrie at the law firm. We then see that Carrie quietly walks out of the building once her father drives off and gets into a cab. She is going to her new job at Interview Magazine. Carrie’s voiceover tells us that her job at Interview Magazine almost made her forget about her boy troubles, but she still cannot stop thinking about Sebastian. At school, Mouse tries to avoid Sebastian and Sebastian confronts her. Mouse doesn’t like the fact that Sebastian is with Donna. Sebastian tells her that he is figuring out a way to break up with Donna. Mouse is shocked.

She thinks Sebastian wants to be with Carrie and so she tells him that Carrie had broken up with George. Maggie gathers some courage to tell Walt about Simon, the cop she was having sex with. She wants to tell Walt before he hears it from Donna. Just as she is about to tell Walt, Mouse arrives with the latest news. Maggie is now worried that Donna might end up telling Walt her secret. Sebastian tells Donna that he wants to break up. She is fine with it because she too thinks that “it” was fizzling off. She tells him that she wants to keep it a secret until the lock-in on Saturday and she wants to tell everyone that she is the one who broke up with him.

Sebastian is totally fine with it. Harlan convinces Tom to go on a double date with him. Tom asks Harlan how Carrie is doing at work and Harlan tells him that she is doing well. Both of them don’t know that Carrie is not in the office. At the magazine, Carrie poses for the camera and she is wearing a stunning pair of shoes because the photo session is for the shoes. Larissa invites Carrie to the Limelight and Carrie decides to skip the lock-in. Larissa tells Carrie that she can wear those shoes to the Limelight. At home, she shows her new shoes to her friends. She then tells them that she will be going to the Limelight instead of the lock-in.

Maggie seconds the idea, but Mouse thinks that Carrie should go to the lock-in because they wanted to attend this function since they were freshmen. Carrie tells them that the entire staff will be going to the Limelight and that makes it sort of official. Moreover she has the perfect cover to stay out the whole night. Tom walks into Carrie’s room and tells her that he will be going out with Harlan for steaks. At school, Carrie tells Maggie that she wants a grand gesture from Sebastian which can sweep her off her feet. Walt is in-charge of the movies for the lock-in and he tells Donna that he has managed to get her favorite movie, Rocky III.

Donna thinks that it was really sweet of him and she hopes that Maggie realizes how special Walt is. At the diner, Mouse and Maggie taunt Sebastian for not breaking up with Donna. He tells them that they broke up but Donna wants it to be hush-hush until the lock-in. Mouse and Maggie are happy. They tell him that if he wants to win back Carrie, he needs to make a HUGE gesture. Sebastian tries to call Carrie, but Carrie doesn’t pick up. Sebastian then tells Mouse and Maggie that he is going to the Limelight to hunt for Carrie. He asks them to come along. The girls find that this is really romantic and also a really grand gesture. Maggie tells them that she cannot go with them because she has to talk to Walt.

Carrie arrives at the Limelight and her colleague welcomes her. She tells him that it feels like she has entered heaven. Carrie’s colleague realizes that Carrie is having some boy troubles and he tells her that they should find some new guys to fall in trouble with. Carrie kind of likes that idea. At the lock-in, Donna declares that’s she broke up with Sebastian and she has another guy in mind and she tells her friends that she wants their help to get him. Later, the friends tell Walt that the movie projector has broken and they want him to fix it. Walt goes with them to check on the projector.

Tom and Harlan are with their dates at a restaurant and Harlan’s date seems to be someone who is only after the money. On the other hand, Tom is really surprised that his date is not at all bad. They seem to get along really well. At the club, a guy hits on Carrie and Larissa encourages Carrie to spend time with him. He orders a Cosmopolitan for her and Carrie likes the drink. Sebastian and Mouse are on their way to the Limelight and they are stuck in traffic. Mouse is getting really tense. They finally arrive at the Limelight. Harlan tells Tom that his date is totally into him and that he needs to make a move. Tom likes his date and so they decide to take it to the next step. They go to the Limelight!

Carrie is dancing on the stage and she sees her father dancing with his date. Tom also sees Carrie. Carrie realizes that her secret is out and in a big way! Tom is furious and tells Carrie that they are going home. Larissa steps in and tries to protect Carrie. Tom tells Larissa that he is Carrie’s father and that Carrie is just 16. Larissa is excited to hear this because she is happy that she has a young, hot intern working for her. Larissa then tells Tom that she is Carrie’s boss. Harlan tells her that he is Carrie’s boss. Everything is a mess and Carrie is unable to explain herself.

At the lock-in, Donna tells Walt about Maggie’s affair and Walt is upset. He breaks up with Maggie. Maggie tries to explain, but he doesn’t want to listen. Maggie walks out of the lock-in. Walt is sitting alone and Donna arrives. She tells him that Sebastian dumped her and that she is feeling some sort of a pain that doesn’t seem to go away. She thinks that there is something wrong with her. Walt assures her that she is just perfect and he kisses her. Sebastian and Mouse are disappointed that they did not find Carrie. Moreover, Sebastian’s car gets towed. Tom tells Carrie that she is never going to see New York again.

Carrie is upset. At home, Mouse tells her about Sebastian’s grand gesture and Carrie is happy to hear about that. Mouse wants to know if Carrie would go out with Sebastian. Carrie tells her that she needs to have a talk with her father first. Carrie talks to Tom and tells him that she loved her job at Interview because it helped her express herself.

She tells him that she wants to be a writer. Tom thinks that she is just a kid and cannot be sure of what she wants for herself. Carrie tells him that he can stop her from going to Manhattan and Interview, but he can never stop her from “wanting” that life. Next, Maggie arrives home and tells Carrie that Donna told Walt about her affair. Walt agrees to be Donna’s boyfriend. Carrie is at the diner, writing in her diary and Sebastian joins her at the table. The episode ends.