The Great Unknown - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie dreaming about being back at Interview Magazine. She wakes up and realizes that it was only a dream. She is upset, but at least now she can meet Sebastian. At school, Carrie learns that she and Sebastian have a new nickname, “Kidshaw”. Carrie seems to like it. Mouse is busy with the Rubik’s cube and a new student, named West, solves it in a matter of seconds. Mouse is impressed. Tom is preparing for his tournament next week, and his new date helps him with the stretching exercises.

At home, Carrie is in tears. She tells Mouse that she is actually falling for Sebastian, and she now fears that she has something to lose. She fears that they could part ways, or that something terrible might happen to their relationship. Mouse tells her that she is thinking too much. Mouse is worried about West. She thinks West could be very intelligent, and this could be a problem for her. She needs to know if West is going to be competition.

The next day, Mouse goes to the office and offers to help arranging the files. She takes a peek into West’s file, and sees that he is an excellent student. In fact, he is No. 1 and Mouse is No. 2. She freaks out about it, but Carrie feels that West is an amazing combination of an excellent sportsman and an intelligent student.

They see Walt and Donna together, and Mouse is not at all happy about it. Carrie tells her that Walt was not too happy with Maggie; so, hopefully, this new relationship turns out better for him. Tom tells his daughter that he needs to take the car for the tournament. Carrie offers to drive him to the city, but Tom tells her that she will not because she is supposed to stay away from Manhattan. He tells the girls to spend their time at the library. Dorritt has to work on a school project, and Carrie has to look after her sister. Carrie feels that it is a pathetic way to spend time, but she goes along with it. Later, we see that, instead of staying at the library, the girls come back home.

Sebastian arrives. Dorritt goes to her room and tells Carrie that she should not be disturbed. Carrie is glad. Carrie and Sebastian make-out, but they are distracted by the loud music being played in Dorritt’s room. Carrie goes upstairs to yell at her sister, but she finds that Dorritt is not in her room. It looks like she ran out of the window. Carrie is nervous. She tries calling all of Dorritt’s friends, but no one knows where she is. Sebastian goes through Dorritt’s papers and finds out that Dorritt is obsessed about a band named “Sex Pistols”. Everything she has is on them. The date she chose for the project is 12th October 1978. He infers that she must have gone to the Chelsea Hotel. Every Sex Pistol fan goes to that hotel to be a part of the crime scene, where one of the band members killed his girlfriend.

Tom is with Harlan and he tells Harlan that the aerobics instructor, his date, did “service” him and he wants to repay her. Harlan finds that weird, and states that Tom has been out of this for a long time. Harlan tells him that Larissa can help him. Tom is skeptical to talk to Larissa because she was the woman who abducted his daughter but, later, he agrees to take some dating tips from her. Sebastian tells Carrie that he can drive her to the city. Carrie tells him that her father will kill her if he learns that she was in Manhattan. She thinks that all this is her fault. She feels that she shouldn’t have let Sebastian inside the house, because she got distracted.

Sebastian is shocked by the way Carrie is reacting. She tells him that she is going to take the train to the city, and she wants to go alone. Mouse challenges West to a competition. Carrie arrives at the Chelsea Hotel and calls out to Dorritt. She is surprised to see that Sebastian had already found her. Mouse is preparing for the Rubik’s cube competition, and Donna tries her best to persuade Walt to have sex. Walt tells her that he wants to take things slow. Despite that, Donna tries still to get him to have sex. Walt is watching a movie, and tells Donna that she is blocking the screen. Donna is furious, and thinks that Walt is not interested in girls.

Carrie and Dorritt have a talk. They open their hearts to each other and learn that they have got all this thinking from their mother. Dorritt tells her that she behaves the way she does because she knows that it could be taken away from her any moment, so wants to live each day to the fullest. Carrie agrees. Dorritt wants to take few more pictures, and Carrie says that she will wait for her in the car. Dorritt tells Carrie that Sebastian is a good guy. Tom talks to Larissa, who tells him that women today talk about sex and it is not a big deal. The topic then moves on to Carrie. Larissa tells Tom that he needs to let Carrie explore life and let her be what she wants to be. Tom thinks that Carrie is a kid, and that she doesn’t know anything about life and making a living. Larissa tells him that Carrie is a great writer. Larissa tells him that this is his moment, where he decides what kind of a father he wants to be.

At the cube off, Mouse wins and she is excited. Half an hour later, Mouse is still on a high and West tells her that no one else cares about the fact that she won. Mouse tells him that she is back to being No. 1. West tells her that he needs to leave, because he has to pick up his younger brother from school. Mouse learns that West is from a single parent household and a sportsman with excellent grades, while she is nothing more than an Asian math genius who has both her parents.

Walt and Donna have a talk. Donna is sure that something is not right. She asks Walt if he is gay. She tells him that he can trust her, because her older brother is gay. He is in LA and he is happy. Her father doesn’t know about this. Walt admits that he doesn’t know what he is. Carrie thanks Sebastian for not bailing out on her, despite her yelling at him. She then admits that she is terrified of the fact that she might lose him. Sebastian tells her that he is also scared that things might go wrong.

Tom arrives home and tells Carrie that she can pursue her dreams, and be what she wants to be. He also tells her that there are going to be rules, and he will watch her like a hawk. Carrie is happy. Next, we see that Carrie is back at the Interview Magazine. At school, everyone knows that Walt and Donna broke up and the rumors are that Donna couldn’t handle Walt’s “big size”. So, now Walt is back with his old friends (Carrie and Mouse) and they all go to class. For now, everyone is happy. The episode ends.