The Long and Winding Road Not Taken - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie and Sebastian kissing and it seems that Carrie cannot get enough. Later, she is at the diner with a lip burn and Maggie tells her that this happens due to “marathon kissing sessions”. Maggie wishes that the four of them could be together again like old times. Carrie wants that too for her birthday. Maggie tells her that her birthday is on Friday and that she will not be able to fix things with Walt by Friday. Carrie asks her to try. Donna has her heart set on a bag and it is sold. She asks her friends to get it for her at any cost.

Mouse meets a woman from Castlebury, who went to Harvard and they immediately becomes good friends. Mouse then shows her the trophy she won for the debate. The girl then looks at the other trophies displayed and notes that most of them are won by Thomas West. Thomas arrives and introduces himself to Stacey Ling and Mouse is jealous. Stacey is totally impressed by Thomas and he invites her to an event. Mouse tells them that she would like to go too. Maggie walks up to Walt and is about to apologize, when Walt tells her that he is sorry for whatever happened. He tells her that she cheated on him because she didn’t feel loved by him that way she wanted to be and he knows that. He tells her that it is not completely her fault. Maggie is pleasantly surprised to see that this conversation is not going the way she actually expected.

Tom tells Dorritt that he wants to do something special for Carrie on her birthday. He tells her that he is giving her a credit card. Dorritt is shocked and tells him that Carrie is not at all reliable and that she often lies to him. She points out that she is more reliable than Carrie is and she should be getting a credit card. Tom tells her that he will get her one when she turns 17. Dorritt is upset. Tom gives her some money to buy Carrie a gift, an album of her favorite music. At Interview, Larissa is happy and excited to see the Coach Duffle bag (the one that Donna wants). She then asks Benet about the book party on Friday. He tells her that it is shaping up well.

Larissa wants Carrie to come to party and Carrie tells her that she has plans to. Larissa tells her that it is the most important event of the year and nothing else can be more important than the party. Carrie does not tell Larissa about her birthday. At school, Carrie tells Sebastian about the party and he tells her that he would love to go with her. Donna walks up to Carrie and tells her that she wants the purse and that she will pay her price. Sebastian tells Donna that it is not going to happen and pulls Carrie out of there. Carrie thanks Sebastian for pulling her away from Donna.

At the diner, Mouse is relieved to hear that Carrie is working on Friday. Carrie definitely did not expect that reaction. Mouse tells her that she has to attend the spirit night on Friday with Stacey and West. Carrie tells them that she hasn’t told Larissa about her birthday. She says that she is happy that she could get to be with Sebastian, but she is also upset that he friends won’t be around. Maggie tells them that Walt wants to get back together. Walt arrives and tells the group that he is happy to be back and it is great to be “just friends” with Maggie. Carrie and Mouse don’t know what to say and Maggie is totally confused.

Dorritt is at the record store and she steals two records and hides it in her coat. She gets busted by the guy at the store and he manages to lock her up in a room. He tells her that he will be calling the cops and get her arrested. Later, the guy sets her free and tells her that he was only trying to teach her a lesson. He says that he did not call the cops because he likes her taste in music. Dorritt is pissed and she storms out of the store. She doesn’t take the record that she actually paid for. Sebastian arrives and tells Carrie that his mother wants to meet him on Friday. Carrie tells him that he should meet his mother and that she is okay with it. So, instead of Sebastian, she takes Walt with her to the party. Larissa tells Carrie that she will not be working at the door or checking coats at the party. Carrie is relieved. She asks Walt why he is still hanging out with Donna. Walt tells Carrie that he can talk to Donna and that she is not too bad.

At the event, Mouse tries to spend time with Stacey, but Stacey is more interested in West and tells Mouse that her chances of getting into Harvard are slim. She then goes with West and his friends. Tom asks Dorritt if she got Carrie her gift and Dorritt lies by saying yes. Tom knows that she is lying. Dorritt tells him that she did but she left it at the store. He wants her to go and get it. At the party, Walt sees Benet and slips out to avoid him. Larissa introduces Carrie to Trip Ramsey, a famous writer, who encourages new talent. Later, Walt walks up to Benet and tells him that he is sorry about the way he behaved at the Halloween party. Benet tells him that he too struggled during high school before he accepted the fact that he is gay. Carrie is talking to Ramsey and a group about the book she is writing. Ramsey likes the concept and wants to talk to her in person.

Sebastian arrives and Ramsey realizes that Carrie is busy. He tells Carrie that they could talk some other time and leaves. Later, Sebastian gulps down a couple of drinks and tells Carrie that he wants to go someplace quiet. Carrie goes to get her coat and tries to locate Ramsey, but she is unable to locate him. Dorritt goes to the record store to get the record. The guy at the store also gives Dorritt the records she was trying to steal. He tells her that she has pretty eyes and gives her tips on shop lifting! Sebastian is too drunk. Carrie tries to take him back home. She then sees Walt and Benet together and she begins to wonder about Walt. Benet tells Carrie that Ramsey is around and that she should talk to him about her book. Carrie wants to, but she knows that for the moment her big break will have to wait because Sebastian is too drunk and also a little upset.

At school, Mouse learns that she likes to manage things while trying to get the jocks together for a group photo. One of them suggests that she could be their team manager. Mouse is too excited about it and Maggie begins to wonder if Harvard is really what Mouse wants. Sebastian tells Carrie that his mother cancelled at the last moment because as usual “something came up”. Carrie knows that he is upset. They arrive at his place and Sebastian wants Carrie to stay back and she agrees. Just as they begin to kiss, the doorbell rings. It is Sebastian’s mother! Carrie tells him that he should be with his mother and she leaves. Dorritt and the guy at the book store spend some time together and the guy really likes Dorritt. He wants to kiss her and Dorritt lets him.

The next day, Tom hands over the credit card to Carrie and she is super excited. She goes to her sister’s room where she finds that Dorritt has made her a mixed tape with all of their mother’s favorite songs. Carrie is touched and hugs her little sister. She then asks Dorritt to join her and her friends for breakfast. At the diner, Donna is waiting for Carrie. Carrie called her there to give her the bag Donna wanted. She thanks Donna for being a good friend to Walt.

Maggie tells Walt that she is ready to get back together. Walt tells her that he will always love her, but just as a friend. They all gather at the table and Walt lights a candle on a cup cake. Carrie makes a wish and blows the candle. Sebastian joins them. The episode ends.