Identity Crisis - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie’s voiceover telling us that the spring is the season for new beginnings and that she is waiting to finish school so that she can do a full time job at Interview. Walt tells her that he can meet her in the city for lunch. Carrie says that if Larissa liked her work, she would hire her as a full time assistant with a stipend. Carrie is super excited. Sebastian tells Carrie that he will miss her. He also tells her that his parents are planning on getting back together and hence they make him hang around with them.

Mouse arrives and tells them that she is the new team manager for the football team and they have the Regionals coming up. She tells them that she is using this job as an opportunity to display her entrepreneurial skills to Harvard. Maggie likes the ID Mouse made for herself, and she wants her to make a fake ID for her. Mouse refuses but Sebastian agrees to make one for her. Sebastian’s mother shows up at school and tells him that his father is angry at her because he thinks that she is trying to use him to make Lucas jealous. Carrie is astonished that his mother spoke to him about “doing it” with his father. She thinks that it a good thing that his family wants to get back together.

The next day, Carrie arrives at work and she is all excited. The phone rings and it is Andy’s assistant and the call is for Larissa. Carrie attends the call and takes down a message. She promises the assistant that Larissa will pick up the package from the boutique as soon as possible. Two hours have passed and Larissa hasn’t arrived at work and Carrie feels that she might not be able to keep up her promise. Benet asks her why she promised such a thing. He tells Carrie that Larissa’s field trip could last for days and everyone knows that. Carrie tells him that she didn’t know. She tells him that Andy wants the package delivered at a club. Benet tells her that if Andy gets mad, no one in Interview will be happy. Carrie is nervous and decides to “fix” the situation.

She goes to the boutique to collect the package and the lady refuses to hand it over to anyone else other than Larissa (even though she hasn’t seen Larissa). Carrie is left with no option and she pretends to be Larissa. She pulls it off rather well. The woman is convinced that Carrie is Larissa and she tells her that the packet hasn’t arrived yet. The woman tells Carrie that she could try their fall collection while she waits for the package. Carrie gladly agrees. Next, Tom joins meditation classes. Walt arrives at Interview for lunch and Benet tells him that she is running some errands. He asks Walt to have lunch with him.

Carrie calls Sebastian and tells him that she is thoroughly enjoying her “new identity”. Sebastian tells her that he has made Maggie’s new fake id. He is also annoyed by the fact that his parents are having sex and making disturbing noises. The woman from the boutique arrives and tells Carrie that she wants her clothes to feature on the front page of the Interview magazine and in return, Carrie could keep all the dresses she just tried. At school, Mouse calls in for a team meeting and points out the team’s strengths and weaknesses.

The meeting does not turn out really well because thanks to Mouse, two team members (who are best friends) end up fighting with each other. West asks the team to leave and tells Mouse that she cannot turn team members against each other. She explains that the competitive nature will force the team members to outdo each other and this will enhance the team’s performance. West tells her that she needs to fix the situation since the fight could be bad for the team. At the meditation class, Tom is having a difficult time concentrating because of a woman (a hot one) chewing gum. He cannot take it anymore and he tells the woman to stop it. The woman tells him that he is the only one getting disturbed and no one else is having trouble concentrating. She is right and Tom walks out of the session.

Next, Carrie calls Benet and explains the situation. He tells her to continue pretending to be Larissa, collect the package, take the clothes and get the hell out of there. A woman arrives with the package and she attacks Carrie aka Larissa. She is wild at Larissa because she knows that Larissa has been sleeping with her boyfriend. The woman from the boutique arrives and Carrie reveals her true identity. It is a mess, the clothes are ruined and Carrie has no clue how to handle the situation. She grabs Andy’s package and runs. Next, Tom runs into the “chewing gum lady” at the diner and they end up making out in the car. At school, Mouse learns from Donna that last year she ended up dating two players at the same time and turned them against each other.

Later she told them both what she was doing and once they had her as their common enemy, they patched up. Sebastian meets Maggie and hands her the fake id. She is happy. They are walking down the pavement and they see Tom making out in the car. They flee the scene. Carrie arrives at Interview and tells Benet what happened. She apologizes to Walt for forgetting about their lunch. Carrie is freaking out because she thinks that the package contains cocaine. Walt opens the package and takes out a wig. It is Andy’s wig. Benet tells her that Andy is very particular about his wig and he orders it from one particular guy (the guy who Larissa is sleeping with). Carrie is relieved. The three of them leave for the club to deliver the package to Andy.

They arrive at the address and find that it is a dress store. Carrie thinks that she must have written down the wrong address. At that moment, Andy hears music and realizes that they are at the right address. It is the secret travelling underground club that he has been hearing about and he is glad that he finally got to visit it. At the diner, Maggie and Sebastian decide that they will not tell Carrie about her father’s recent activity. Mouse tries to “fix” the situation and ends up getting fired. Next, Sebastian arrives home and his mother tells him that she had another fight with his father and that his father wants her to leave. Sebastian feels that it will be best for their family if she leaves. She admits that she is afraid of being alone, but she will do what is best for them. Sebastian assures her that he will always be there for her.

At the underground club, Carrie tries to get inside the club by posing as Larissa, but the guard knows Larissa in the “biblical sense” and he asks them to leave. Carrie makes one more attempt and this time she tells the guard that she is there to deliver Andy’s wig. The guard tells her that she could go in and hand over the wig or else he could ask Andy’s assistant to meet her outside. She goes with the latter option. The assistant arrives and he is impressed with Carrie’s diligence. Benet meets another guy at the store and begins talking to him. Walt looks slightly jealous and he leaves. Carrie can sense that something is bothering Walt and she asks him if it is Benet. He tells her that it was rude of Benet to stay back with that guy instead of coming with them. Walt tells her that he thinks about Benet all the time. He feels that it is wrong to be gay because people think so. Carrie tells him that there is nothing wrong about being gay; at least she doesn’t feel that way.

The next day, Mouse arrives at school and tells West that she wanted to get fired. She took some inspiration from Donna and gave the team a common enemy, to bring them together. West tells her that she is a nice person and he says that he is going to miss her. At the diner, Carrie tells Sebastian about her eventful day. She tells him that she feels that the summer job is a real possibility. She asks him what he has been up to. He decides not to tell her about her father and Carrie decides not to share Walt’s secret. At home, Tom decides to call Deb, his new girlfriend. It looks like he is ready to move on. The episode ends.