Kiss Yesterday Goodbye - Recap

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The episode begins with Carrie, Mouse, and Maggie talking about Carrie’s recent breakup. Carrie’s friends tell her that she and Sebastian were great together and the worst part is that, they broke up right before prom. Mouse tells them that her parents don’t know about West, and she would like to keep it that way. She tells them that their Chinese heritage is more important to them than Harvard. They don’t want her to date any guy who is not Chinese. So, the three friends decide to go to the prom with each other. Simon, the cop Maggie had an affair with, walks in to the diner with his fiancée. He introduces his fiancée to Maggie. It is an awkward moment.

At home, Tom is leaving for the gym and Carrie wonders why he is wearing cologne to the gym. He tells her that he doesn’t want to smell of sweat while working out. Later, Tom is at Deb’s and it looks like they have had great sex. Deb thinks that they should tell their children that they are dating. Tom tells her that his kids lost their mother less than a year ago, so it might be too soon for them to accept this.

At Interview, Larissa is preparing to go to Kyoto to learn to be a geisha. She tells Carrie to keep an eye on everyone while she is gone. Since the current receptionist is on leave, Carrie will be working as a full time receptionist at Interview. Larissa reminds her that she will not be paid for this job. Larissa also tells her that, while she is in Kyoto, she should move to her loft. Carrie tells her that her father might not allow her to. Later, Carrie arrives home and is surprised to find Sebastian and Miller at her place. Sebastian knows Miller from school and tells her that Miller is older than him. Dorritt and Miller go to Dorritt’s room. Sebastian and Carrie talk about how they feel for each other. Carrie tells him that she loves him so much that her heart hurts. They kiss.

Upstairs, Dorritt is trying to rush things because she wants to get it over with. Miller stops her. He knows that Dorritt is afraid that the “first time” might hurt her. He tells her that it won’t and even if it does, she wouldn’t feel bad about it. He assures her that their first time would be special. He suggests that they should wait. At school, Walt tells Maggie that he wants to go to the prom with her. Maggie is happy. She tells Carrie that it is great that she and Sebastian got back together. She feels that Sebastian is a great guy and he always wants to protect her. Carrie wants to know what it is that Sebastian is protecting her from. Maggie is left with no option and she tells her about the day when she and Sebastian saw her father on a date.

Carrie is upset and she confronts Sebastian. Sebastian tells her that he knew she would get upset when she heard that her father was making out in the car like some horny teenager. Carrie is devastated. Maggie had told her that it was just a date. This leads to an argument between Sebastian and Carrie, and Carrie tells him that they come from two different worlds. She says she is sorry and leaves. Carrie meets Maggie in the hallway and gets angry at her. Maggie tries to apologize, but Carrie walks away. Sebastian walks out of the classroom and he, too, is upset with Maggie. He accuses her of deliberately trying to sabotage his relationship with Carrie because she is jealous. Maggie is hurt. She admits that there is something wrong with her, but she says that she would never try to hurt Carrie.

Sebastian feels bad for her and tells her that there is nothing wrong with her. He says that Walt would have never loved her, in the real way, because he does not like girls. Maggie is furious. She storms into the diner and confronts Walt. She realizes that Carrie knew about Walt all along, and she is furious at her too. She feels that they were trying to make fun of her by hiding it from her. She tells Walt that it was not right to make her feel miserable about herself. Walt tries to explain, but she leaves.

At home, Carrie is getting dressed for Larissa’s going away party. Tom arrives and tells her that he is going to the gym. Carrie says that she will be staying over at Larissa’s, with Walt, to help Larissa pack. Tom is fine with it. Carrie tells her father that his gym is eating a lot into the family time. She reminds him that his kids need him.

Miller has set up a perfect setting for their first time. He has decorated the room with candles and the bed with rose petals. Dorritt is overwhelmed and she is in tears. Miller thinks that she is not ready for it. She explains that she hasn’t cried since her mother’s death because she never felt anything. She adds that today, after a long time, she felt a lot of things and she couldn’t handle it. That is why she cried. She says that she is absolutely ready for her first time. Sebastian and Maggie run into each other at the bar. They have a drink together and end up kissing each other. Carrie talks to Larissa and Larissa makes her realize that Sebastian is the right guy for her. Carrie thanks Larissa and leaves.

Later, she arrives at Sebastian’s house and he is surprised to see her. He is about to tell her about him kissing Maggie, but she doesn’t want to hear anything. She tells him that she loves him and being with him is the only thing that matters to her. She wants to have sex with him, but he tells her that he wants to simply lie down with her in his arms. Tom tells Deb that he thinks Carrie knows about them. Miller and Dorritt are fast asleep in each other’s arms. Mouse arrives at the diner and tells West that she told her parents about him. West is shocked. She tells him that she will have to face their wrath when she reaches home but, for now, she only wants to be with him. West is happy. The next day, Carrie arrives home and there is no one at home. Maggie arrives and tells her that she kissed Sebastian.

Carrie is upset and breaks off their friendship. Dorritt arrives home and she sees that Carrie is upset. She realizes that she broke up with Sebastian. They talk about Miller and Carrie tells her sister to be very careful. She is glad to see that Dorritt is happy. In NY, Walt is with Benet and tries to kiss him. Benet tells Walt that he doesn’t want to take advantage of him and will wait until he turns 18. Next, Mouse introduces West to her parents. Maggie is back in the police car, making out with Simon.

Carrie talks to her father and tells her that she knows about his “gym membership” and she wants him to continue with it. She says that his daughters want him to be happy and want him to have a life. She says that she is not ready to “meet the gym”, yet. She tells him about staying at Larissa’s loft during the summer. Tom tells her that he will think about it. Next, Carrie is at Larissa’s loft with Walt and she is happy that she was able to move in. Carrie is now ready for her new life. The episode ends.