When a Man (or a Freight Train) Loves His Cookie - Recap

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When Freight Train misses their anniversary, Cookie is left in tears. Cleveland tries to spark things by giving Freight Train tickets to take Cookie to a George Clinton concert but Cookie hits it off with George and leaves Freight Train to go on the road with George and the band. Freight Train intends to follow to catch up with them but Cookie is online on Cleveland's laptop and tells Freight Train that she is leaving him for good. Freight Train puts on a fake funeral to end his relationship and pretends to celebrate his freedom but Cleveland finds his dad actually misses Cookie. Freight Train at first refuses to beg for Cookie but Cleveland convinces him not to give up and they decide to track her down with the guy's help. Tim mauls George and the band and the guys take their place where Freight Train opens up to Cookie onstage during a song. During his song, he calls every woman he ever dated and cancels their relationship. Cookie is smitten with the show of sincerity and returns to Freight Train.

While on a trip to an office supply store, Rallo is bored but Junior is excited to pretend to be an executive at an office display but finds out the display has been sold. Junior decides to hide in the set and finds himself pretending to be a real executive at an insurance agency. Faking his way through a meeting, he actually sparks an idea and is rewarded with his own parking space. But when the president wants him to make an appearance at a company picnic, Junior has to find a family to pose with thanks to the story he concocted. He gets Roberta and Rallo to pose as his family but a family spat in front of the boss does not look good for Junior but his boss actually understands and is supportive. Junior comes clean but the President still thinks he is better than the current employees and offers him a job in the future. Junior asks for and gets to keep his desk until then.