Brownsized - Recap

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As Donna sleeps, Cleveland almost slips off to work before she awakes to avoid getting laid off. At Waterman Cable, Mr. Waterman announces that anyone volunteering to be laid off gets six months severance pay and Cleveland takes the offer. When he returns home and tells Donna, happy to have six months pay without working, she tells him of a long list of chores he can do while home. Reversing time, he keeps her from her list by simply pointing out he was laid off. As he pretends to search for a job, he takes the guys out. To satisfy the job search, he asks if people need help he is unqualified for and comes pretending to be tried from pounding the pavement. Donna tries to rally the family and takes a second job at the airport without telling Cleveland. Cleveland soon finds he is broke while hanging out with his friends and spots Donna working a third job. Cleveland tries to escape before being seen and is caught not out job hunting as promised but pretends to commit suicide since he can't find a job.

After Federline forgets his and Roberta's anniversary, she dumps him and Rallo sets out to fix her up with a black date but she turns down all of his candidates. At the grocery store, Roberta falls for Devon the clerk and has Rallo's approval. But when they almost get to watch Breaking Bad while he is over on a date, Rallo finds out that Devon is a strict disciplinarian when he sends all of the kids to bed. Things continue as Rallo gets stuck doing homework and the family tightens their belt due to Cleveland losing his job. Rallo enlists Junior's help in trying to get Federline back and finds he has given up his rap lifestyle as he feels he can't compete with Devon.

Standing out on a ledge, he threatens to jump and Donna asks for help. But the crowd wants him to jump to prove that the economy has driven people to kill themselves and Cleveland likes the attention. Cleveland and Junior with the help of Federline's dad help him regain his confidence to return to his true personality. Devon criticizes parents to Donna and Roberta's annoyance as Federline returns and points out that Devon is boring, resulting in Roberta falling into his arms and french kissing him. The guys try to talk Cleveland into coming off the ledge but he has let the attention go to his head. Mr. Waterman offers to give him back his job provided he gives back the money and reveals that Cleveland was fooling around the entire time he was job hunting. Cleveland tries to talk his way out of trouble but Donna goes up on the ledge and punches Cleveland off the ledge himself where he is luckily rescued by the fire department. Donna continues working for a time to pay off the money Cleveland got after suing her for punching him and uses it to pay his job back and cannot figure out why Mr. Waterman showed him his penis.