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The Cleveland Show

Seth MacFarlane     Creator33 Eps
Richard Appel     Creator33 Eps
Mike Henry (1)     Creator33 Eps
Richard Appel     Executive Producer32 Eps
Mike Henry (1)     Executive Producer32 Eps
Seth MacFarlane     Executive Producer32 Eps
Gabe Miller     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Jonathan Green (1)     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
John Viener     Co-Executive Producer1 Eps
Dave Jeser     Co-Executive Producer2 Eps
Matt Silverstein     Co-Executive Producer2 Eps
Kirker Butler     Co-Executive Producer18 Eps
Clarence Livingston     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Courtney Lilly     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Aaron Lee     Supervising Producer1 Eps
Jonathan Green (1)     Supervising Producer3 Eps
Gabe Miller     Supervising Producer3 Eps
Daniel Dratch     Producer1 Eps
Clarence Livingston     Producer3 Eps
Aseem Batra     Producer3 Eps
Kara Vallow     Producer27 Eps
Gabe Miller     Producer14 Eps
Jonathan Green (1)     Producer14 Eps
Travis Bowe     Co-Producer1 Eps
Jonathan Green (1)     Co-Producer1 Eps
Eli Dolleman     Co-Producer3 Eps
Courtney Lilly     Co-Producer3 Eps
Aseem Batra     Co-Producer14 Eps
Clarence Livingston     Co-Producer14 Eps
Raynelle Swilling     Consulting Producer13 Eps
Teri Schaffer     Consulting Producer13 Eps
Jonathan Jacobs     Consulting Producer (as John Jacobs)20 Eps
Aaron Miller (2)     Associate Producer8 Eps
Karin Perrotta     Associate Producer18 Eps
Kirk Benson     Editor19 Eps
Dennis R. McElroy     Editor1 Eps
Linda Lamontagne     Casting18 Eps
Ruth Lambert     Casting (C.S.A.)2 Eps
Robert McGee     Casting (C.S.A.)2 Eps
J. Lee     Staff Writer1 Eps
Chadd Gindin     Staff Writer3 Eps
Mehar Sethi     Staff Writer4 Eps
Justin Heimberg     Staff Writer14 Eps
Kevin Biggins     Staff Writer15 Eps
Travis Bowe     Staff Writer15 Eps
Walter Murphy     Music18 Eps
Stan Jones     Music Editor7 Eps
Leilah Behrmann     Production Coordinator6 Eps
Susy Campos     Production Coordinator7 Eps
Paul Mahotz     Assistant Editor1 Eps
Dennis R. McElroy     Assistant Editor17 Eps
Amy Reynolds     Post Production Supervisor19 Eps
J. Lee     Story Editor1 Eps
Angeli Millan     Story Editor1 Eps
Margee Magee     Story Editor1 Eps
Chadd Gindin     Story Editor1 Eps
Mehar Sethi     Story Editor1 Eps
Kevin Biggins     Story Editor3 Eps
Travis Bowe     Story Editor3 Eps
Julius Sharpe     Story Editor15 Eps
Aaron Lee     Story Editor15 Eps
Matthew Murray     Story Editor (as Matt Murray)13 Eps
Barry Vodos     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Eric Sanford     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Jeanette Moreno King     Storyboard Artist 
Michael Baylis     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
James Kim (1)     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Miyuki Hoshikawa     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Lenord Robinson     Storyboard Artist4 Eps
Jeff Mednikow     Storyboard Artist 
Kevin Pawlak     Storyboard Artist2 Eps
Paul Lee     Storyboard Artist3 Eps
Lisa Kim (2)     Storyboard Artist1 Eps
Stephen Ahn     Storyboard Artist (as Steve Ahn)3 Eps
Angela Mueller     Character Designer1 Eps
Keith Wong     Character Designer1 Eps
Hans Ranum     Character Designer3 Eps
Ashley J. Long     Character Designer1 Eps
Joe Healy     Character Designer3 Eps
Jim Feeley     Character Designer1 Eps
David P. Bonanno     Character Designer1 Eps
Stephen Silver     Character Designer7 Eps
Carlos Ortega     Character Designer16 Eps
David Colman     Character Designer14 Eps
Mickey Cassidy     Character Designer (as Mick Cassidy)1 Eps
Anthony Lioi     Supervising Director17 Eps
Albert Calleros     Supervising Director17 Eps
Caitlin Alexander     Production Manager2 Eps
Ani Cash     Production Manager 
Jeremy Olsen     Sound Editor4 Eps
Chadd Gindin     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Aaron Lee     Executive Story Editor3 Eps
Julius Sharpe     Executive Story Editor3 Eps
Kevin Biggins     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Travis Bowe     Executive Story Editor1 Eps
Matthew Murray     Executive Story Editor (as Matt Murray)5 Eps
Walter Murphy     Main Title Theme28 Eps
Melissa Aives     Casting Assistant12 Eps
Bob Newlan     Sound Supervisor8 Eps
Allie Crane     Assistant (to Kara Vallow)2 Eps
Jaydi Samuels     Assistant (to Seth MacFarlane)3 Eps
Pam Hyatt     Casting Associate12 Eps
Christi Webb     Casting Associate2 Eps
Eric Sanford     Assistant Director1 Eps
Max Martinez     Assistant Director1 Eps
Orlando Gumatay     Assistant Director1 Eps
Jim Shellhorn     Assistant Director3 Eps
Andre Nieves     Assistant Director1 Eps
Seung Cha     Assistant Director2 Eps
Chuck Austen     Assistant Director2 Eps
Brandi Young     Animation Producer20 Eps
Linda Lamontagne     Original Casting (C.S.A.)2 Eps
Marcelo Souza     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Jake Castorena     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Stephen Ahn     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Moon Stanley Choi     Storyboard Revisionist 
Young Chan Jeon     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Jeanette Moreno King     Storyboard Revisionist 
Eric Sanford     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Carol Datuin     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Janice Tolentino     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Clay Christman     Storyboard Revisionist3 Eps
Antony Mazzotta     Storyboard Revisionist2 Eps
Kurt Dumas     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Bruce B. Heller     Storyboard Revisionist15 Eps
Matt Sullivan     Storyboard Revisionist15 Eps
Lisa Kim (2)     Storyboard Revisionist2 Eps
Andre Nieves     Storyboard Revisionist7 Eps
Lenord Robinson     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Pablo Solis     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Frank Jen     Storyboard Revisionist2 Eps
Phil Hernandez     Storyboard Revisionist2 Eps
Orlando Gumatay     Storyboard Revisionist1 Eps
Dan Peck     Writing Assistant1 Eps
Ethan Banville     Writing Assistant3 Eps
Laura Hilker     Writing Assistant5 Eps
Steven Ross (1)     Writing Assistant10 Eps
Mehar Sethi     Writing Assistant9 Eps
George Igoe     Writing Assistant15 Eps
C. Brian Smith     Writing Assistant8 Eps
Shawn Ian Kerkhoff     Assistant Sound Editor2 Eps
Aaron Diecker     Assistant Sound Editor1 Eps
Liddane Sanders     Production Controller20 Eps
Lindsay Flinn     Assistant (to Kara Vallow)6 Eps
Leslie Reider     Assistant (to Kara Vallow)9 Eps
Alexandra Gaines     Assistant (to Mike Henry)18 Eps
Laura Hilker     Assistant (to Mike Henry)9 Eps
Freddy Hakimi     Assistant (to Richard Appel)17 Eps
Michael Gainey     Assistant (to Seth MacFarlane)3 Eps
A. Spencer Porter     Assistant (to Seth MacFarlane)11 Eps
Artie Johann     Assistant (to Seth MacFarlane)18 Eps
Patrick Henry (2)     Production Consultant19 Eps
Dominic Polcino     Storyboard Supervisor1 Eps
Jim Fitzpatrick (3)     Sound Re-recording Mixer8 Eps
Henry Montgomery     Animation Production Assistant26 Eps
Glenn Dion     Retake Director3 Eps
Max Martinez     Retake Director1 Eps
Ken Wong     Retake Director4 Eps
Tricia Garcia     Retake Director5 Eps
Jack Perkins (3)     Retake Director6 Eps
Steve Robertson     Retake Director 
Nathan Schafer     Audio Coordinator10 Eps
Carl Linton     Overseas Animation Supervisor8 Eps
Warning: The Cleveland Show guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Animation
Genre: Adult Cartoons | Comedy
Status: Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 27, 2009
Ended: May 19, 2013
Episode Order: 23
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