The Cleveland Show

The Cleveland Show

From the twisted mind of Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad, and The Winner) comes The Cleveland Show.
The show will chronicle the life of Cleveland Brown, a hit character of Family Guy.

After his divorce from Loretta, he moves from Spooner Street in search of a better life in California.
Along the way he gets sidetracked in his hometown of Stoolbend, Virginia, where he runs into his old high school crush, Donna Tubbs.
When old feelings arise he asks Donna to marry him and he settles down with his 14 year old Cleveland Junior and her two kids, 5 year old Rallo and 16 year old Roberta.

His new life in Stoolbend revolves around his new family and old friends as well as his new friends and neighbors, Holt Richter, the rednecks Lester & Kendra Krinklesack and the family of bears, Tim & Arianna.

Episode Info

Prev: 4x22 -- Crazy Train (May/19/2013)

Cleveland is thrilled when Freight Train starts treating him with respect and but Donna believes he is suffering from a mental breakdown.

Meanwhile Rallo & Junior 'borrow' a mini-cherry picker when it's destined for demolition.

Mike Henry (1)Mike Henry (1)
voiced Cleveland Brown / Montclair “Rallo” Tubbs / Oliver Wilkerson / Coach Charles McFall / Mr. Armstrong / Arch
Seth MacFarlaneSeth MacFarlane
voiced Tim / Doctor Fist
Reagan Gomez-PrestonReagan Gomez-Preston
voiced Roberta Coretta Tubbs (Episodes 15+)
Reagan Gomez-PrestonReagan Gomez-Preston
voiced Roberta Coretta Tubbs (Episodes 15+)
Jason SudeikisJason Sudeikis
voiced Holt Ann Richter / Terry Kimple
Jason SudeikisJason Sudeikis
voiced Holt Ann Richter / Terry Kimple
Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington
voiced Arianna
Arianna HuffingtonArianna Huffington
voiced Arianna


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4x22: Crazy Train recap: Cleveland stops by his dad's house to find him working on his low rider. While helping out, he manages to pick the right tool and receives a thanks from his dad. The family is less than impressed until he also gets an invitation to go to the junkyard as well. Cleveland is further pleased when Freight Train invites him to the low rider show, leaving Donna suspicious and further behavior does nothing to dissuade her. When Cookie calls at night, they find Freight Train in a tree wearing peanut butter on his head and acting crazy, believing people are after him. Cleveland convinces him that he took care of the bad people and Freight Train tells him that he loves him... read more.

recap: As Rallo gives a nickname to the new kid in school, a lice outbreak at school results in Donna finding out Rallo is infested. When her attempts to pick them out fail, she is forced to cut off his afro. When he is forced to face his classmates, he tries to camouflage his bald head with a wig but fails and picks up the nickname “Mr. Peanut.” He tries appealing to Donna but doesn't get any sympathy. He tries a series of hats but also fails to deflect his classmates teasing. As he mopes, Junior's perkiness surprises him and he learns Junior's secret for deflecting the constant teasing using his imagination. After some early reluctance he gets the hang of things and imagines himself in a space battle. After bonding with Junior, Rallo admits that he'll miss their adventures when his hair grows back, but as he sleeps, Junior shaves his head in the night to keep him bald... read more.

4x19: Grave Danger recap: Rallo convinces Cleveland that his time of dying is near. While seeking comfort from the guys, Holt shows that he bought the guys and their families adjoining plots so they could all be together. The guys decide not to let the land wait for their passing and make it a hang out. While enjoying the view, Cleveland and his friends are paid to be mourners at a funeral. The guys soon expand their hang out to attending other funerals for free. Donna confronts Cleveland about his new hobby and believes it is creepy. She uses a cheap gift he gave her of a promise card, forbidding Cleveland from doing something stupid to get him to quit attending funerals. Later, Cleveland tells Donna that he has given up his latest hobby but surprises her with a romantic dinner at their plot over a casket. Cleveland convinces her that he wants her to look at the spot as a reminder of the good times with him... read more.

4x18: Squirt's Honor recap: Following a display of scout prowess, Donna admires the scouts' cleanliness and politeness while Rallo tosses insults. In return, Donna forces Rallo to sign up for the "Freedom Squirts" despite his hatred for their morals and sees the initiation fee as a scam. Junior assures him that after he gives it a try, he'll like it. When Junior gives a homeless man a candy bar, he reveals to Rallo that he bought candy to support a troubled-youth orchestra. Rallo decides it is also a scam, and after finding the seller, he finds his suspicions are correct. Cutting himself in, Rallo uses his scout uniform and cuteness to peddle the candy for is own cash. When Junior sees what he has done, he assumes the cash is for the scouts while Rallo cackles from knowing better. Junior surprises Rallo by taking him to the charity concert that was promised for buying the candy while Rallo knows better and Junior soon finds out the truth. Junior surprisingly accepts the scam to Rallo's surprise. But at the scout initiation, Junior denounces the work the scouts do as crap and quits, flinging his and the Squirt's merit badges into a bonfire.... read more.

4x17: The Fist and the Furious recap: Donna takes Cleveland to Dr. Fist for an exam and when they hit it off, Dr. Fist looks thoughtful when he leaves. Dr. Fist continues to keep calling Cleveland in to see him and the guys speculate that it is bad news. Suspecting he is dying, Cleveland starts to do stunts he always dreamed of until Dr. Fist confesses that he really needed a friend. He admits that he couldn't bring himself to ask because of his profession and Donna convinces Cleveland to take him out for a beer despite his reservations. Dr. Fist hits it off with the guys due to having money. When pushed by Cleveland to his past, he claims he lost his cell phone and his entire history. As he shares the medical secrets of passer-byes, Cleveland takes him to a surprise party of his old friends he located which turn out to be the mob which wants him dead... read more.
Recurring Guests

Aseem Batra as Various (84 eps)
John Viener as Kathleen Turner's Agent (69 eps)
Alec Sulkin as Unknown (60 eps)
Glenn Howerton as Ernie Krinklesac | Minister | Jesus Statue (59 eps)
Kevin Michael Richardson as Kid | Wife | Pilot (47 eps)
Jamie Kennedy as Federline Jones (47 eps)
Will Forte as Wally Farquhare (46 eps)
David Lynch as Gus (44 eps)
Mike Henry (1) as Filthy Nick (39 eps)
Craig Robinson as LeVar “Freight Train” Brown (32 eps)

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Type: Animation
Genres: Adult Cartoons, Comedy
Status: Ended
Airs: Sundays at 07:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 27, 2009
Ended: May 19, 2013
Episodes Order: 23
• O Show do Cleveland (Used In Brazil)
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