The Cold Hard Truth - Recap

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The episode begins with Riley all bothered by the heat wave. She gets her air-conditioning fixed but is informed by the repairman that, she would need to pay $800 for the repairs. Lacey tells Riley she could give cash even if the man doesn’t accept credit cards. Lacey knows Riley has the money as she stumbled upon her secret stash the last week. Riley is shocked to hear Lacey say this. Riley then lies about the money to Lacey telling her she inherited the money from an uncle. Later in school Riley meets up with Mark. Mark asks Riley out on a play-date with the kids. Meanwhile, Dale is shown telling Evan that Lacey can’t save any money and yet she wants to have a baby. Dale says he needs to save some money before he and Lacey can have a baby.

Dale also proposes to Evan that he should think of dating Riley, as he already seems to like her. Meanwhile, a customer called Nathan comes into the spa and Riley proceeds to service him. Nathan then asks Riley after a regular massage, if she would provide some extras. Just the fire alarm sounds, and Georgia comes in and informs the two that they have to clear the place. After Nathan leaves, Georgia tells Riley that he was a cop. Georgia later tells all the girls to act with caution and be on the alert. It in other words means that, the girls for the time being would be offering any extras. Consequently it is shown that the clients of the spa aren’t too impressed with the girls going all legit. In turn the girls are also not making many tips, thanks to them not giving any extras. Meanwhile, Lacey is also like Riley trying to save some money, form her tips.

Meanwhile, Georgia tells a man about the client, who she is sure, was a cop. He tells the man to check it out, just to be safe. She in fact gives him a veiled threat that she isn’t too pleased with a cop paying her a visit, and if there is a raid on her spa, she wants to be the first one to know about it. Meanwhile, Mark Riley and their kids are on the play date. Meanwhile, a client of Selena’s tries to play on her greed by offering her a lot of money for extras. Meanwhile, Mark and Riley are slowly getting close to each other. Riley stops Mark at the last moment, just as they are about to kiss. She tells him that she isn’t looking to get involved at the moment. Meanwhile, the girls at work discuss how little they are earning thanks to Gloria’s new edict. Meanwhile, the girls observe Selena’s clients walking out all happy, and put two and two together.

Meanwhile, Mark drops by to meet Riley and sees Evan at her house. The two share a few cold vibes and then part ways. Meanwhile, Lacey asks Dale why someone would not put their money in the bank and instead stash away the money at home. Dale says that the money could possibly be illegal, and earned from prostitution or drugs. Lacey then questions Evan who just comes in about his uncle who died recently and left Riley some money. Evan is completely unaware of what Lacey is talking about. Lacey then immediately leaves home, much to Dale’s surprise. Meanwhile, Georgia informs Riley about a car sitting in the parking lot for the past 2 hours. She assumes it’s a cop. Riley recognizes the car and leaves to deal with it. Sitting inside the care is Lacey, waiting for some answers. Riley then admits to Lacey that the spa is somewhat of a whorehouse. Lacey is shocked to hear this.

Riley defends herself by saying she isn’t having sex with anyone. Lacey is disgusted by the whole thing, and tells a teary eyed Riley to get out of the car. Later, Riley tells Georgia and the girls what just happened. Later at home Lacey gives Riley a cold shoulder and a cold stare. Meanwhile, Evan tells Dale about the doctor Riley is seeing. Evan feels he doesn’t have a chance against a doctor. Dale encourages him to not give up this easily, and fight for Riley. Dale asks Evan to tell Riley how he really feels, before it’s too late. Lacey tells Riley when they are alone, that what she is doing is illegal and that she could get arrested. Riley tries explaining to Lacey that she can’t pay all the bills without resorting to something of the sort she is doing. Riley then tells Lacey that she is not ashamed of what she is doing.

Lacey then tells Riley that if she isn’t ashamed she should come out and tell everybody about her line of work. Linette comes in and seeing the cold vibes between the two girls, asks Lacey o spill the beans, just as Riley leaves the house in a huff. Later, Linette confronts Riley about what she is doing with her life, but it turns out Lacey hasn’t told her the truth , and has just told her about Riley not giving Mark a chance to be a part of her life. Linette then goes on to encourage Riley by telling her that she isn’t the same woman she was 6 months before, but is not much more confident and independent. Meanwhile, Dale comes in and tells Lacey that he knows why she is in a bad mood. He assumes it’s about the whole baby issue. He tells Lacey he wanted to save up a decent sum of money before starting a family, because he like his father doesn’t want to be a bitter man, who always cribbed about not having enough to go around.

But now he feels he doesn’t want to procrastinate anymore and tells Lacey that he wants to do it. He tells Lacey “let’s have a baby”. Meanwhile, Evan comes in to talk to Riley about his feeling, and while he is fumbling with words, Riley assumes he wants money and asks him how much he needs. Evan is agitated by her assumption, and leaves in a huff. He tells Riley to check her freezer before he leaves. Inside she sees an ice cream and a note from Mark and smiles; Evan sees this and leaves in dismay. Later, Lacey comes to meet Riley at work. She is there to give Riley the good news that Dale wants to have a baby. She then gives Riley an envelope containing all her tip money from the salon.

She wants Riley to take the money and quit her job. She then tells Lacey that she might find it hard to believe but she likes her job. She tells Lacey that she listens to the guys who are her customers and helps them with their problems. Lacey isn’t ok with the whole thing but somehow decides to accept things as they are. Later, Riley gets pulled over for speeding by the same cop who had come to the spa earlier. He recognizes Riley from the spa. He lets her off with a warning, and also tells her that he would hate to see a nice girl like her get into trouble. The episode ends at this point.