Life Of Riley - Recap

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The episode begins with Riley massaging her new client. Well, he has a few more minutes left, and Riley knows just how to turn up the heat in the room. Next, Kendra wants to know about places she could go to for a romantic date. She asks Riley and Selena. She tells them that she is eloping with her boyfriend Bobby. Just then Georgia walks in. she tells Riley to tell the girls about the previous night’s incident. Riley tells the girls that one of her clients who is a cop, asked her to pull up on the side of the road while she was driving back home. He is the same undercover cop and he has an idea about what’s happening at the spa. Georgia tells the girls that they need to be careful. She assures them that she is there for them and that they too should look out for each other. At the Salon, Lynette notices that Lacey is upset about something and she asks Lacey to step outside for a talk.

Lacy tells her that Riley has told her one of her secrets and that she cannot share it as it would break Riley’s trust. But she also adds that she hates secrets. Next, Riley is attending to one of her clients Jeffrey. She “dresses” up and appears in front of him; but he suddenly jumps of the bed and tells her that he cannot go through with this. He tells her that he likes a girl from his building and that he is not sure about how to behave when they bump into each other. He tells her that he thought that a visit to the spa might just help him overcome his inhibitions. Riley is glad to help. They go out on a date. It is to help him get comfortable with the girl he likes, Jan. he tells her that every time he is nervous, he ends up saying something stupid. Riley tells Jeffery that a woman requires undivided attention from a man and that she needs to know that she is cared for.

Just then Mark passes by their table. Riley looks uncomfortable and Jeffery tells Mark that he is Riley’s date. Mark finds the whole thing a little weird but Jeff handles the situation very well. Mark leaves. Next, Georgia is angry with Riley as she met one of her clients off site. And it was Selena is the one who told her about Jeffery. Riley tells her that they only went for coffee as he had some issues with dating and she was only trying to help. Nothing else happened. Georgia tells Riley that it is against rules to meet any client off site and she doesn’t want her to repeat the mistake. Next, Evan calls Riley and tells her that Beau has employed him. He knows that she is not too fond of Beau. But Riley says that she is happy that he got a job. But she tells him that he owes them a treat. At the massage parlor, Riley hears some moans coming out of room four. She checks with Kendra and learns that Selena is in the room.

Meanwhile, Taylor arrives at the salon and Lynette is feeling uncomfortable. She asks Lacy; but Lacy doesn’t know the reason for Taylor arriving at the salon unannounced. Meanwhile, Riley confronts Selena. She tells her that she is not supposed to do what she is doing. Selena tells her that she did nothing wrong and that it is none of Riley’s business to interfere in her business. Georgia walks in and tells the girls to lower their volumes. Selena tells Riley that her life was a lot better before she came to the spa. Next, Taylor tells Lynette that she is buying the salon. She tells them that beau has told her that he wants to sell the place. Taylor tells Lacy and Lynette that she is feeling bad for them and that they could stay and work for her. She leaves. Lynette tells Lacy that if Taylor is buying the salon, then she will not be able to work in it. Next, Riley speaks to Evan.

He tells her that he is out with Beau and Taylor and that his job is confirmed. Georgia is leaving for the day and she tells Riley that the cop, who stopped her the previous night, is a drunkard and that he is sent away to rehab. Georgia also tells her that she and Selena need to iron out their problems. Riley decides to hang around in the spa for a while, for some alone time. Next, Selena meets Evan at the bar. He introduces Selena to Taylor. At home, riley tells her mom that she is sorry to hear about the salon. Just then Lacy arrives. During the conversation, Lacy tells Riley that on the barbeque night, Kyle had told her that he will be leaving Riley. Lacy tells riley that she then thought that it was just the beer talking and so she hadn’t told her anything about it. Riley is upset and she asks both of them to leave.

Just then Mark arrives but Riley shuts the door on his face saying that she is sorry. Next day, Riley goes to the salon and reconciles with her best friend. Lynette knew that the girls could never stay mad at each other. Next, Jeffery arrives at the spa to thank Riley. He has finally managed to get a date with Jan. He thanks her for all her help. But before leaving he asks her one last question: Are your breasts real? She laughs and tells him that they are; but she warns him that he shouldn’t ask Jan that question! Next, Riley tells Selena that she is not going to quit her job as she needs to make a living for her family. Selena tells her that there is something going on between Taylor and Evan and tells her about the previous night where both of them were cozying up. Next, Kendra tells Riley that every time she talks to Bobby about the marriage, he keeps changing his mind.

She is scared that if they are having so many disagreements before marriage; she wonders what would happen after wards. Riley tells her that she should take some time off the entire marriage thing and give it a nice thought. And for any advice, Riley is always around. Riley then thinks about one of the incidents from her past, where she and Kyle have another fight about spending money and Kyle walks out on her. She then calls Evan and asks her to come and get her as her water broke and she needs to go to the hospital. Next, at home, Lynette tells Riley that she had gone to the bank to get a loan. She wants to buy the salon. Riley tells her mother that she will always support her. Just then Mark arrives and tells her that he is not giving up on her.

He wants to take her out on a date; nothing complicated. Riley happily agrees. Next, riley and Lynette meet Evan for dinner. He is bringing along a date but she is late. Riley tells Evan that he need not worry about her and the kids and that she will take care of herself and her kids. Just then Evan’s date walks in; Selena. The episode ends at this point.