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Games People Play - Recap

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The episode begins with Riley noticing that her son has been crying in bed. He wants to hear once again why his daddy left. She tries to explain that there were problems that he couldn’t solve, hence he had left. Her son feels that it is ‘quitting’ and he wished that his father hadn’t left. At the parlor, Derrick is Riley’s client for the hour. He is having some girl trouble. He is a rodeo cowboy. He tells her that things were going fine, until his girlfriend began laying some rules; she wants him to give up rodeo as she fears that he might get hurt. Next, Selena arrives to meet Evan at his work place. She tells him that she wants to get away for the weekend with him. But Evan tells her that he just started this new job and that he might not be able to stay away. She says she understands.

As she is about to leave, she runs into one of her ex-boyfriends and he tries to get close to her. She feels awkward as Evan is around and asks him to back off. Evan intervenes and tells the guy to stay off. The guy leaves and Selena leaves for work. Evan finds the whole thing strange. At the spa, someone has sent Dee Ann flowers. Riley goes to the salon, where she finds her mom and Lacey are busy looking at what Taylor is up to. Riley asks about Travis and her mom tells her that she doesn’t know where he is. Lynette tells her daughter that she is positive about the loan and her buying the salon. Just then they hear a flabbergasted Taylor declaring that Riley’s son was taking advantage of her daughter. Riley assures her that they weren’t doing anything wrong but Taylor tells her that she knows what she saw.

Taylor tells her that her daughter had her skirt up and Travis was looking at her. Riley tells her that kids get curious. But Taylor tells her that her kid wouldn’t do any such thing and blames it on Travis. Riley narrates this incident to her friends at spa. Taylor had also told her that Travis needed a strong male influence in his life. Georgia walks in and tells Riley that the girlfriend or the wife of one of her clients is here to meet Riley. It is Derrick’s girlfriend. She wants Riley to stop attending to Derrick. Riley tells her that she should stop laying rules and she should also let Derrick continue with the rodeo. Riley is harsh and the girlfriend leaves. Next, Evan comes to meet Selena at work. He tells her that he did not how to react when she asked him out.

She tells him that she realized that it was too soon for her to ask. Both of them are embarrassed. Selena takes him inside the spa for a quick tour. Evan and Selena bump into Riley. Riley is surprised and not too happy to see Evan. She wants him to go back home, telling him that Lynette is ordering pizza and the kids are waiting for their uncle. Evan leaves. Riley warns Selena to keep Evan out of the work place else she will make sure that Selena would greatly regret it. At home, Riley tries talking to Travis about what happened in the room; but Travis doesn’t want to talk about it. Evan arrives and Riley wants him to talk to Travis. Evan agrees and decides to take him fishing the next day. Riley tells Evan that he should have informed her that he would be bringing Selena for dinner the previous night.

He wants to know what is going on in between Selena and her. Riley says it is complicated and doesn’t discuss it further. She warns him to be careful around Selena. Lynette arrives with the pizza. Next, Derrick arrives at the spa and he tells her that his girlfriend has got herself a vibrator. He tells Riley that he misses his girlfriend and the little things about her and Riley asks him to fix the mess as soon as possible; else he would regret it. Next, while fishing, Travis tells Evan as to what exactly happened in the room. He wanted to play “dress up” with the girl and she agreed. He went into the room and pulled her dress up. He tells Evan that he finds women weird. He also says that he misses his father. Meanwhile, Lynette and Riley meet up with Richardson. Riley wants to help her mother with the salon.

Richardson tells her that would make her a partner of the salon and hence he will need to check her financial records. Lynette is happy. Riley is uncomfortable. She tells Richardson that she will get back to him. Meanwhile, Selena’s ex-boyfriend shows up again and there is a fight between Evan and him. Travis tells this to his mother. Riley is angry. Evan walks out without having dinner. Riley confronts Selena and tells her that she doesn’t know her anymore. She tells her about the fight that Evan had with her ex-boyfriend. Selena tells Riley that they should leave Evan’s decisions to him and try not to interfere. Riley tells Georgia about the loan issue. They then go to a pub. At the pub, Riley sees Derrick with his girlfriend. Derrick leaves the two women to talk and goes to ride the mechanical bull.

Riley tells his girlfriend about what happened with Kyle and how it affected his life when he had to stop doing what he loved the most. She needs to let Derrick be; else she could lose the man she loves. Just then Selena arrives at the pub. Riley doesn’t want to stay any longer. Georgia grants her a day off and lets her to stay home with her kids the next day. Derrick girlfriend comes up to Riley and thanks her for helping sort out their relationship. She has a gift for Riley and asks her to go home and open it. Next, Evan arrives and tells Riley about the conversation he had with Travis. She thanks Evan for his help. At the spa one of the girls tries to poke her nose into Dee Ann’s personal life. Dee Ann is angry and Georgia asks them to keep their voices down. Selena arrives and notices that the girls aren’t talking to her.

She realizes that it is because Riley told them that she is dating Evan. She tells the girls that at first it was something else; but now she has started liking Evan. Next, Riley arrives at the spa and tells Taylor that their children are perfectly normal. She gifts her, the vibrator and tells her that she needs to loosen up. Lacey tells Riley that there is some bad news from the bank. Lynette will not be able to outbid Taylor. Riley decides to cheer Lynette up. They meet Lynette. She wants to pretend that for one day the salon is hers. She talks about the way she would want to do up the salon. At home, Riley tidies up her house and sleeps with her daughter in her bed. The episode ends.