Acting Up - Recap

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The episode begins at Travis’ soccer game. Riley is at the game with Evan. Mark is also at the game for his son Zack. Lacy finds mark hot. Mark reminds Riley that she still owes him a date. She agrees. Evan doesn’t look too happy about it. For some reason, Riley is trying to avoid Evan. Next, at the salon, Taylor announces few changes and they don’t go down well with Lynette. She tells her that the things she wants to change don’t need to be changed. But Taylor tells her that she is growing this business and she wants to get in new clients and hence the changes are required. At the spa, Dee Anne gets into an argument with Ray and Riley interrupts asking Ray to leave. Ray tells Dee that this isn’t over and leaves. Riley notices that Dee is upset.

She wants to know what the issue is. She wants to help Dee. Dee tells her that Ray and she have been seeing each other for some time and now she is scared. She tells Riley that ray is in the City Council and he knows everyone in town. Riley tells her that they need to inform Georgia as it is the only way to handle this mess. Georgia tells the girls that they cannot keep breaking the rules as it could b dangerous. She fires Dee. Riley is upset that Dee lost her job because of her. She is at the salon discussing this with lacy, when Taylor arrives and taunts Lynette about her working style. Lynette cannot stand it and she quits. She asks Lacy to leave with her, but Lacy tells her that she can’t. At the spa, Kendra introduces Riley to Luke, the new yoga instructor and her close friend. But it seems that Riley and Luke know each other; Riley used to babysit Luke.

Luke wants to catch up with Riley and asks her out for coffee, but she tells him that she is busy. Meanwhile, Georgia meets up with one of the officers and tells him about Ray. He tells her that he can handle Ray. But she says that she could do that and she only wanted him to know what she is up to. He assures her that she could turn to him for help whenever she wanted to. Next, Luke is Riley’s net client. He tells her that since she did not have few minutes to catch up, he thought this to be the best way to catch up. But Riley knows that there is more to this appointment that just catching up. Luke tells her that he is in love with Kendra but here she is eloping with Bobby he wants Riley to help him. Riley asks him to tell Kendra about the way he feels but he fears that by doing that he could also lose his best friend. At home, Riley and Evan have a small disagreement and Evan decides that he is going to keep his distance.

He leaves. Mark arrives to pick up Riley for the date. Katie doesn’t like Mark and she expresses it clearly. They arrive at the Country Club. But surprisingly, she meets Evan at the Club. It was Selena’s idea to crash on Riley’s date. Mark asks the two to join them. But Selena is definitely not polite. She tells Mark that she wants to join the club as well and Mark tells her that she needs to speak with Bob. Evan doesn’t like the whole situation and decides to leave. Selena doesn’t appreciate him ditching her. But he leaves. Mark tells Riley that Selena would never get the membership as she is not the “club material”. Riley takes offense to his outlook and leaves. She finds Evan at the open bar and they decide to entertain themselves while they are still at the club. At home, Lacy calls out to the kids but Katie seems to be missing. Lacy finds a note in Katie’s room: Back Soon Mommy; Love Katie.

Lacy calls Riley and asks her to get back home and tells her that Katie is gone. They reach home. The police is looking all over for Katie. Riley and Evan decide to go out and search for Katie. Meanwhile, Georgia meets Ray. She tells him that he messed around with one of her girls and it is not good. She also informs him that she fired Dee. Ray tells her that he knows people and the advantages of being in power. Georgia tells him that she has made a lot of powerful friends over the years. Ray is angry and he tells her that now onwards the clock has started ticking. Riley and Evan are searching for Katie. Taylor arrives and wants to talk to Lynette; but when she learns that Katie is missing, she offers to help. Riley is in tears and Evan assures her that they will find Katie. He tells her that she has been upset about not doing well at soccer.

Riley knows where they could find Katie; at the soccer ground. They find her and take her back home. Riley asks her daughter the reasoning for leaving. Katie tells her mother that she does not want Zack’s father, Mark to be teaching her. Riley says that Mark was only trying to help. She tells Riley that he father was supposed to teach HER. Riley doesn’t know what to say. She asks her daughter never to run out her again. She puts Katie to sleep. Evan comes to talk to Riley. Riley apologizes to Evan for being rude to him. She knows that h only wanted her to stay relaxed and she behaved wrongly. He says it is okay and that she need not fear about anything as he will never go away and will always be around. Riley is relieved. They kiss. Evan leaves. The next day, Lynette goes to that salon to collect her scissors. Taylor asks her to stay. She is ready to listen to Lynette’s demands.

Lynette wants every alternate Saturdays off and extended lunch, so that she can run errands. Taylor is glad that Lynette is back. So is Lacy. Lynette is happy that they managed to sort out their differences. At the spa, Riley tells Luke to tell Kendra about how he feels. He thanks Riley for all her help. Next, Georgia talks to Cliff and he tells her that this time he cannot help her and that she is on her own this time. He disconnects the call. Ray tells him that he did the right thing and that he will have his promotion considered. Ray tells Cliff that this is the best for both of them and that it is time that Georgia is put in her place. Cliff agrees. Kendra tells Riley that it was wrong of her to plant ideas in Luke’s head.

Kendra considers Luke as her best friend, the one who she calls when she is upset or is in trouble. Riley tells her that it is not true and Luke is more than a friend to her. She points out to Kendra that if she wanted to marry Bobby then she would have by now. Kendra admits that she is confused. At night, Evan calls Riley and tells her that they need to talk about last night and that he is coming over. She tells him that it is late and that they will definitely talk about the kiss in person. She disconnects the call and thinks about the kiss. Just then the doorbell rings. She is surprised that Evan came despite her telling him not to. But she is happy as well. She opens the door. It is Kyle. The episode ends at this point.