Past Is Prologue - Recap

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The episode begins with Kyle telling Riley that he is sorry for abandoning them and he did try coming back a lot of times; but he just didn’t know what to do. Riley slams the door right on his face but he stops her and asks her if he could see the kids. She says nothing and shuts the door. Next morning Lacey, Lynette and Evan barge into the house, and they are totally pissed at Kyle. Riley wants some peace and she leaves. Kyle walks in. even leaves saying that he needs to get to work. Kyle tells them that he owes an explanation to Riley first. Riley leaves home for work and Lacey assures her that she wouldn’t leave the kids alone with Kyle. Riley tells Georgia about Kyle’s return. Riley is furious and frustrated.

Georgia has a way to help her vent out her frustration. They go to the backyard and start smashing some old appliances with a baseball bat! And it felt really good!! At home, Lynette and Lacey can’t stand the fact that Kyle is in the house. They both vent out their anger on him and guess he does deserve it. He says that he is sorry. Georgia has a weird tingling sensation and she feels that something bad is going to happen. She tells Riley about her friend Clifton and that now she is on the authorities’ radar. Riley feels that she might only be imagining it; but Georgia tells her that she has been tipped about this. She feels that she needs to step back and leave town for a while. Georgia wants Riley to run the spa. She tells her that it is temporary and that she will be coming back. She tells Riley about the “Client List” and asks her to bury the book someplace that only she knows of.

Riley is scared. But Georgia assures her that she only wants Riley to be prepared. After all, it wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark! Next, Kyle meets Dale. Kyle wants to know what he can do to make Riley listen to him. But Dale points out that no one can make Riley do anything. He advises Kyle that he needs to do whatever it takes to convince Riley and tell her what exactly happened. Georgia tells the girls that Riley would be in charge of the spa while she is gone. Selena doesn’t seem to be happy with this decision. Riley meets her client, Earl, one of her favorites. But before she could start her massage, Earl is dead. Meanwhile, we see Kyle talking to the cop, Ray. Riley calls in one of the girls and tells her about Earl. They call his emergency contact number; his wife Ruth. They break the news to her. They are scared that the old lady might go into some kind of shock, but she is laughing and she tells them that this is the best news she has heard in 50 years.

Ruth tells Riley that she has a boyfriend. She is glad that earl is gone and now she can get married. She doesn’t want to stay with Earl and hurries to meet her boyfriend and give him the good news. Next, Taylor comes to meet Riley. She has brought her daughter with her. She thought that Riley might need some help to deal with the situation. Riley states that this is the first good thing that Taylor has ever done. Evan brings Riley some food as he knew that the last she would do today, is cook. Riley appreciates Evan’s concern. But he is not going to stay. The children tell Riley that they have a surprise for her; it is Kyle. They are excited that he is back. But Riley isn’t. They sit together to have a family dinner. Katie has made jelly sandwiches. Kyle tells her that they taste great, but he adds that peanut butter could make them even more delicious.

Just then expressions on their faces change. Katie is allergic to peanuts. But obviously, Kyle doesn’t know about it. Travis is upset and thinks this was a bad idea. He leaves. Riley goes behind him. Katie is cross with him. Next, Evan goes to meet Kyle at the motel. He is angry at his brother. Kyle tells him that he was so confused with the marriage and the kids that he just took off. But he was too scared to come back; more so because of shame. He knew that everyone would be angry at him and might hate him for abandoning his wife and kids. Evan tells him that they know about the drugs he took from his friend Maxine. He wants to know Kyle could leave him; his only family after their parent’s death. Evan is so furious at him that he wants to hurt Kyle badly.

But he doesn’t. He tells Kyle that he doesn’t respect him anymore. Next morning, lacey wakes up Riley. She wants to know whether she would get back with Kyle. Riley tells her about Evan and their kiss. Lacey is happy and wants to make sure that Riley is taking care of herself through all this. Next, Dee Ann is back at the spa. Riley has re-hired her. Selena doesn’t appreciate it and she tells Riley that her power is just temporary and that she cannot misuse it. But Riley tells her that at the moment Georgia isn’t around to support her and she needs to back off. Ray pays Riley a visit. He knows that she is running the spa. At home, Kyle tries to talk to Riley. Riley asks Lacey to take the kids away. Kyle tells her that he is sorry and that it wasn’t easy for him as well. Moreover he adds that she isn’t the easiest person to come back to. She is furious and starts hitting Kyle.

Lacey arrives and stops her. Kyle apologizes and tells her that he is the same guy she fell in love with; but she says that she isn’t the same anymore. Next, Evan and Riley are in the garden. Evan wants to know where they stand at the moment. Riley assures him that they are in a good place and Kyle’s return wouldn’t change anything. Kyle sees them together. Lynette arrives and tells them that she is going to stay there for a while. Kyle and Evan are about to get into a fight, but Riley stops them. Just then she gets a call. It is Georgia. There is some problem and Riley leaves telling the rest that she needs to get to the office for some work. She opens the door and the alarm sets off. She tries to punch in the code, but it doesn’t work. She takes the book containing “The Client List” and is about to leave. But Kyle is at the spa. He wants to talk to her when she was alone.

Riley asks him to leave but he wouldn’t. He tells her that he always loved her and that is the reason he left. He was misusing the pills and he knew that he was no good to his wife and kids. He says that he was in a dark place and that he needed some time to get out of there. He is fine now and he wants to set things straight. He wants her to know the reason he came back. He knows that she is in trouble. Riley is surprised to hear this. Just then they hear the police siren and Ray steps out of the car. Kyle wants to know if she is really in some sort of trouble. The episode ends at this point.