Cowboy Up - Recap

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The episode begins and Riley brings Lynette home from the hospital. Except for some minor injuries, Lynette is fine and says she hit a tree because she was texting Dick, her new boyfriend, while driving. Riley gets a call from the hospital and is told Lynette’s insurance has lapsed, so Lynette will have to pay a huge sum to cover the medical expenses she has incurred because of the accident. Riley gets a suggestion from her friend Taylor that she should have some hot men working at her spa because women would then line up for a massage. Riley finds this idea intriguing and discusses it with Nikki and Selena. They think it’s a good idea, so Riley decides to set up a few interviews.

In prison, Riley tells Kyle that she gave Van Der Meyer the money and he kept it, but refused to drop the case. She says she doesn’t have any money for his bail because of this, but tells him she will figure something out. In the night at home, Evan arrives and Riley sees he is all banged up. She asks him about it, but he is reluctant to reveal anything, so in anger she tells him to get out. The next day, Riley talks to Lacey about Evan and says that she is worried about him. Riley tells her to talk to Dale and make sure Evan is fine. At the spa, Riley begins interviewing the male masseurs.

Georgia pays a visit to the spa and tells Riley she doesn’t agree with her new business plan because unlike men, women are more difficult to please and are more complicated. Riley tells her that she is the one running the spa now and so Georgia should leave the decision to her. She assures Georgia that she knows what she is doing. Lacey manages to persuade Dale to reveal what Evan has been up to. Next, Riley and Lacey arrive at a rodeo and see that Evan is one of the participants. Riley is horrified to see him taking a nasty fall while riding an enraged bull.

Afterwards, he is handed a cash prize and a medal. Riley reprimands Evan for risking his life, but he hands her the money and says he did all of this for her. He tells her to use the money for Kyle’s bail. She refuses to accept the money, which hurts Evan and he walks away. Riley talks to the cowboy who attended to Evan’s injuries and tells him to come to her spa, if he needs a new job and a change of scenery. At home, Riley and Lynette talks about Dick and Lynette tells her that he wants to take her out, but she is apprehensive after what happened with Garrett. Riley says that he seems like a nice guy and tells her to give Dick a chance.

At Dale’s, he and Evan discuss about Kyle and Dale asks him why he is so hell bent on getting Kyle out of jail. Evan says he wants him and Kyle to have a level playing field, when Riley has to choose between them. Dale warns Evan that Kyle will not give up Riley that easily, so he better watch out. The cowboy from the rodeo arrives at the spa for an interview and gives Riley a massage, which she loves. Tom, one of Riley’s clients, arrives for a massage and Nikki tells him that his appointment is next week. Tom refuses to believe that and creates a ruckus. Riley and the cowboy come out and Tom addresses her as Mary.

The cowboy orders Tom to calm down, Riley hugs him and he immediately snaps out of this state of mind he was in. He is baffled to see Riley standing in front of him and runs out before Riley can ask him any questions. The cowboy tells Riley that Tom has PTSD, which he figured out because he has seen a lot of his friends, who have served in the army suffer from it. He tells her that he figured out Tom was a vet from the tattoo on his arm and reveals he too was a vet. Riley is really impressed with everything about the guy and hires him. In the night at home, Evan arrives and tells Riley, Lynette, Dale and Lacey that he had applied to be a cop and has been called for an interview tomorrow.

Riley is worried, but pretends she is happy for Evan because he tells her that this is something he has always wanted. After everyone leaves, Lacey and Riley discuss this issue. Riley feels there is no point worrying because Evan hasn’t even gotten in yet. They notice that Evan has left behind the money he won at the rodeo, on Riley’s kitchen counter. Instead of getting angry, Riley only smiles on seeing it. The next day, at work, Riley is surprised to see that Georgia got herself a massage from Derek, the cowboy. Georgia tells her she really enjoyed the massage and concedes that she was wrong in criticizing Riley’s business plan.

Riley calls Tom to the spa and he arrives with flowers as an apology. He tells her about his traumatic experience of being shot while he was in the army. When he returned home, Mary, his girlfriend, said he had changed and left him, which is when the episodes began. Riley suggests he see a professional, but he is initially resistant to the idea. She eventually talks him into it, saying everyone needs help at some time or the other. Riley visits Evan and he tells her he did well in the interview, but didn’t make the cut because he has a family member (Kyle) in jail.

Riley talks to Taylor about the issue and begs her to help because she knows the police chief. Taylor is happy to oblige. In prison, Riley gives Kyle the news that he can make bail because Evan has arranged for the money. Kyle isn’t happy to hear this and says that Evan didn’t do this for him, so he won’t accept his money. He brings up the night he saw Evan and Riley together, but she ends the discussion, saying she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kyle persists, asking her if there is something going on between her and Evan. She doesn’t give him an answer and instead tells him that he has no other option but to take Evan’s money, if he wants to get out of jail. He ponders over it for a while and eventually tells Riley to pay the bail.

In the night at home, Evan arrives with a smile on his face because he has been accepted into the police academy. Evan knows Riley had something to do with him being selected and asks her about it, but she says nothing and simply tells him that she is happy for him. The episode ends at this point.